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At My Investing Club, you will receive real trading education from real traders. Bao Nguyen has been a daytrader for more than two decades, when the stock market was still quoting in fractions. He has mentored many to become consistently profitable traders, and even multi-millionaires. Just a few years ago, Alex Temiz was a struggling trader, who sold the rims of his car for $2,000 to fund his last trading account.  Since working and learning from Bao, Alex has made seven figures as a day trader. Now it’s YOUR turn to learn the same strategies!

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Paper trading eliminates costly mistakes while you’re getting familiar and building confidence with your trading platform and tools. It also allows you to test your strategies and setups without comitting your cash upfront. Every new trader should start by paper trading for at least 30 days as if it were a funded account before taking the next step. Period. Get a FREE paper trading account and start now.


4 – Risk Management

Now that you’re confident with your trading platform, tools and are continuing to study MIC’s educational content and video library, you can take the next step if you’re feeling ready. Start trading your account with very small size, no more than 100 shares per trade until you have proven your consistency and risk management skills. Don’t rush this process or try to take shortcuts.  Each of these steps is part of a solid foundation that needs to be built carefully!


Trading Education from REAL traders

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5 – Find Your Niche

Finding your niche is the key to finding consistency. There’s many trading styles and time frames out there. Successful traders know that discipline, preparation and a well developed trading system are the essential components to discover your niche and stick with it. This step should be mastered before scaling up.

6 – Slowly Scale Up

Like everything else trading-related, scaling up is both an art and science. Scaling up needs to be done gradually and carefully. Many new traders will make the mistake of scaling up too fast or too big before completing the previous steps. This is almost a guaranteed way to realize big losses and eventually wipe out trading accounts. Don’t make this mistake! Trading is a marathon, not a sprint, take your time and protect your capital. Slow and steady wins this race. 

7 – Trader Tax Planning

Trading has tax implications and for this reason, it should be treated like a business. Simply put, improper Tax Planning can chew up a huge percentage of your profits. Get your taxes done right, to set you up for the next step. After all, it makes no sense to work so hard to leave money on the table when it’s tax time! 

8 – Give Back

We started MIC because we believe in always giving back and what makes our members succeed is the open and friendly culture we have where every members helps other members. We encourage you to give back, share and teach less experienced traders. 

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Today I’ve decided to upgrade to Lifetime! I’ve been in MIC for couple months and it’s been amazing. It’s a hell of a bargain at this price. Just Sent the email asking for the upgrade. Super Thankful.

Jorge Zavala

I’ve been trying to learn about trading for 3 years and joining MIC was the best choice I made. I used to cringe at some of the people who ran the services I was subscribed to before. MIC is chill and legit.


I didn’t even think twice about staying because I knew there was plenty to keep learning here and you can lose $180 so quickly in the markets, it’s really a no-brainer to keep learning from the pros!

Michael Davis

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