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Morning guys Alex

What is a slow market?

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so we’re gonna say these are the stocks to bounce needs only stocks to bounce we put some orders in as I do this and we forbid get in here guys in a market small calves is slow down good or bad slow down I think slow market is actually are in my pain guys easier to trade in the sense of if you focus just on your niche and stick to your discipline there’s not many stocks that can surprise you. So if you’re a short seller, you want a hot action mortgage no you don’t those are the ones that Black Swans your ass right so if you’re a short seller in my opinion, I like slow markets because the ones that break down keep breaking down and the ones that pop up doesn’t Black Swan you. So when I was young, I wanted to be in the action. I want all the stocks want to trade 25 stocks same time. And that’s how you screw up. Okay, nowadays, I just want to stress free days with no traps, no zombies, none of that right guys. So those are considered slow markets because the long bias traders are saying, oh, nothing’s moving. Nothing’s moving. Everything’s tanking. That’s good for shorts. So where shorts get killed are black swans, but black swans. They’re not black dude. They they are basically every day. There’s a Black Swan. If you lose, you call it a Black Swan, but I see black swans everywhere. Sometimes it’s there are less white swans that are black swans. How many markets have you been in that you’ve seen where everything just goes crazy? Everything’s a Black Swan. And those are the most dangerous types of markets for short sellers, guys. So things are slow. I mean, I mean, five out of six stocks money. I mean, things are breaking down today. They’re not popping up and don’t do crazy crazy stuff. And that’s a perfect market for a short seller guys. So it’s actually opposite we think, okay. These young kids are the slowest little nothing’s moving on. But they’re not short sellers. If there’s, if they’re professional, short sellers, you want a slow kind of slower market. You still want stuff to move, obviously you want to Denmark and Denmark, it makes no money for Long’s and shorts. But for shorts, if you want to play it safe. The hot mark is where you blow up. Those are the blocks one mark is okay.

Member Appreciation Program (MAP)

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So let’s wait a little bit and we’ll talk about the map. We’ll bring Alex on your on Alex. Let’s wait couple minutes whenever we come here. So we will talk about the map we started this map is called a member appreciation program when we launched like four and a half years ago, so we’ve been doing this pretty much every quarter, where every half a year, I think it’s been a little more than quarters time. But we try to do it like at least three times a year. Okay, Alex, bring it on top of the map. So members helping members guys, you don’t have to be a great that the whole point of starting MICC is for us to help other people. And the way you help other people. It’s not just through me or Alex or whoever the mentors are. It’s basically other members or helping other members. Because you know why? There there are 1000 steps between starting as a beginner to getting to a professional level. Okay, and so everybody has different stages in their trading career. So you don’t have to be mentored by Bill Belichick to learn to throw a football, right, Bill budge may not be good at football, but he’s good at managing the whole team. And so they have offensive coaches that teach you how to play so they actually have coaches for quarterbacks and specific positions right guys, so you don’t need double check. So that’s why you have members helping members because each member has something to evaluate to give because they’ve been there before. And so we like to appreciate and give appreciation and give thanks, and and tell the world that hey, this you Thank you. Thank you for helping other people. So let’s bring on Alex

Bao 5:01
Okay, there you go. Hey, hey, what’s up? You in? Sunny area? Florida. How you doing? Are you by the window? Show everybody where are you?

Alex 5:14
I want to show a little bit because I don’t want people to find me. But yeah. A little bit of a view here in Florida. Yeah, just show the water. I don’t need to show your neighbor. They’ll fight you. Yeah. So what’s up, man, let’s talk about the MAP.

Alex 5:26
So like Bao was saying we started something called a member appreciation program. This was started probably in the early days of MIC. And the reason why we started is because we want to reward members who are helping other members the most. Our community is built on the fact that you know, people come in not knowing anything about trading. And then once they kind of figure out how to trade we’d like to send the elevator back down and help all those other people are struggling because when we first started, no one was there to help us. So we created a community of just people helping people and every quarter every half year, we do the math, which is the member appreciation program. So what I’m going to do now is I’m going to show a screenshot and read off everyone’s names that won the member appreciation program

Bao 6:12
show what we we’ve been given out so we began like very unique award. We do the same T shirts every every time. Are we changing it up?

Alex 6:20
Yeah, so it’s the same T shirts is a special custom member appreciation t shirt with their MIC username on there. So we have shot split letter soysauce Ruta traverse Hooper X, Brian Chuck Blackhawk, Rebecca irresponsibly, long trade Archer co Axia. John Joe Angel, Nick 77, l Mac F toast math. Irvin Denver Colton, Phil Diddy Hawk, semi, Steve Rob Diego Paul, MBT J. Fusion, John Stuart, Scott Holly, Godspeed and Tom Connor. This is about 36 members, we select this round, this is the most we’ve ever done. Alright, here

Bao 7:05
are the things if you did not get one doesn’t mean that you didn’t help anybody is there’s a couple of reasons. Okay, first of all, we don’t like to give repeat. Otherwise, it’s the same guys. I help that gal on this list. That’s gonna win again. Next. Next list, right, guys? So we’re trying to keep it fair. If you want it in the prior one. Don’t feel badly to give it to you. It’s because you already want it. And if you

Alex 7:28
feel like if you feel like there’s someone that deserves so much send me a DM and I will run it through the moderators. And we might have a special edition on there.

Bao 7:37
We also wanted to keep it to 20 people just like every time we had them always doubling it. So I because a lot of people we met this person, other person too. So it’s really cool. Did you have a shirt that has your name on it? So it’s up the sleeve too.

Alex 7:49
I’m in Florida. Let me see if I have one the map shirts of Florida. I don’t know if I brought it here. I think

Bao 7:55
actually, I don’t have because it’s pretty cool. It’s like it’s a customized shirt that you only get because you know you help the community. And you have your name on the sleeve. So something that you can wear to the meetup. That’s a really cool way of just saying gratulations thank you all of our there’s a lot of work, Matt to send these things out. It’s not just it’s not the money, guys. It’s the labor that went that goes into doing all this. It’s just us giving appreciation back out.

Alex 8:21
Yeah, I don’t have it with me here. I have it back home in Jersey, but

Bao 8:24
someone can pose a photo and they can show it. But it’s pretty cool. Okay, someone posted on the main training chat.

Alex 8:32
Let me put it up. But that’s that’s pretty much it, guys. So what we like to do is we like to reward people that really, really help our members. And again, this is something like if you see every single person on the list, you’ve probably seen them in MIC providing value you have Shunk providing the news, Ruda, the discipline workshop, Hooper X and all the webinars irresponsive. Like there’s, these people are participating, these people are helping, and this is just a small gesture of our appreciation for them helping the community because again, when we first started, there was no one to really help us bow and I were kind of doing this together, right? We were just bouncing ideas off each other, we were helping each other. And once we had a community of people that were really, you know, serious about trading, our culture was to send the elevator back down, and here we are, even as the leaders send the elevator back down and helping the members.

Bao 9:24
Yep. And, you know, we kept this tradition guys, for geez, four years now. Our fifth anniversary is coming up, it’s gonna be a big one, guys. Keep that in mind. And in August, somewhere August or September, we’re gonna do our fifth annual meet up. There’s got to be big. So and we’ve been doing this and so thank you, everybody that has helped other people. We really appreciate you if you didn’t get one, which is because you probably got one already. Or you have not spoken up. We have not heard it because I only have two eyes. Alex’s only has two eyes. And so if you if you want to nominate someone send it in, don’t be part of that. Also, also in the other sort of discipline workshop, we they, Steve has also given out T shirts, right?

Alex 10:12
So I actually have this workshop t shirt here. So yeah,

Bao 10:17
that was pretty cool. So someone in NYC is reading this, can you post your map shirt guys to the main trading channel so that Alex can show it.

Alex 10:28
We have this discipline t shirt. For people that are participating in the discipline workshop, it shows that your process is more important than your profits. And we actually have a special not released yet new discipline workshop shirt that’s coming out hopefully next month.

Bao 10:45
Well, it’s pretty cool. He talked about this one. I really liked that concept, man, is because it’s focusing on on the on the process, because that’s the what’s what makes you money consistency over time, not just one off wins.

Alex 10:57
Yep. So let me show you a little bit of the discipline workshop. So the way that we judge ourselves in the discipline workshop is not based on the profit that we made. It’s based on if we stuck to our plan, or if we did not stick to our plan. And there’s no you know, room for jealousy, there’s no room for emotions, all we’re doing, we’re not bragging or showing off numbers. We’re basically showing if we followed our plan or not. So basically, this discipline workshop was created to help members who are struggling with discipline, improve their discipline by focusing more on the process and the routine, rather than the profits that come along.

Bao 11:32
That’s awesome. That’s awesome. So how do they get into the discipline workshop?

A Revolutionary Way to Educate Traders

Alex 11:37
So this discipline workshop, all they have to do is they just have to click on the discipline workshop? If not, if they have no access to it, just send us a DM we currently have nearly 1000 people in the discipline workshop themselves.

Bao 11:49
I have seen the results, man. Steven, thank you for man, Jay, thank you, James and Tom, and everybody else is helping to help facilitate that. It’s, I think it’s a revolutionary way to educate. Because what happens is that people really, it’s embarrassing sometimes to post a loss is embarrassing to post when you really have to, let’s say with your $100 win. Um, that’s pretty huge, right? I mean, when I was starting trading $100 a day, it’s huge. But then you’re looking at other people post a million dollars, and you’re like, oh, shit, you know. And so the discipline workshop is there to help you. Not with showing off your size, but to show that you follow the process. Because the blueprint of making $1,000 a day $10,000 A day guys. It’s a blueprint for that starts with $100 consistently starts with you being consistently profitable. Following your process following your plan, do you have a right Entry Exit risk management. So if you get that down, basically those are like the mechanics for an athlete right? Before Tom Brady was able to throw, you know, hundreds of touchdowns, he needed to know how to hold and grip the football, he needs to know situational awareness where to throw the ball, things like that. So he’s not being he’s not being graded on his own a touchdown. He’s being graded on his mechanics is he doing three steps back and he has the right angle of release, things like that. So if you translate that to trading, we are not rewarding someone for making a lot of money, we are basically rewarding them for the mechanics because once you get the mechanics and the fundamentals down, you can now treat anything you want. Because the process of the discipline is there.

Alex 13:29
Correct. And this is a shirt design guys. It’s the map member appreciation with the lines, the candles and then your custom user name on there. All right,

How to Join the Club

Bao 13:36
if they want to join, maybe we should give some special today says we’ll do the math because I think this is one more shot not many people outside of MIC know this. Steven is running this so I mean, Steven or Tosh is also so so how do they get there? Maybe we give a globe today only deal, Alex What do you think

Alex 13:57
the best thing is for everyone to go to mind investing club.com/webinar To watch the free webinar and then there’s a little bit of a discount at the end of that. Can you

Bao 14:06
can you walk us through the website real quick just real quick because I’m sure there’s a lot of people watching here that that doesn’t even know about this and they’re gonna watch it again

Alex 14:12
on the replay. Yeah, so if you go to our website, my investment club.com All you have to do is click on this watch free one hour training and if you stay till the end, you’ll get a really big discount to join. I guess you released the secret of the discount. And as you guys know all of our broker statements are on the website. So if you go to the View brokerage statements, you can see all of the brokerage statements that we have here.

Bao 14:37
That’s awesome, man. Any questions guys, let’s let’s stop here. Let’s Let’s everybody give a just clap. I mean, I can’t really clap on online guys, but I want to do my high fives to all the guys that that got math guys. I appreciate you guys man. I love you guys helping other people. There is no way that we could ever do this without I mean army, an army mean two armies, five armies of people helping each other out. I mean, this is not just this is MIC has been bigger than just me or Alex or any individual person. I mean, that’s it. This is pretty much so self rank community now. I mean, that’s the beauty of it. So I mean,

Alex 15:16
and aside from all this fun to I mean, we educate daily bows in the room every single day. I’m in the room every single day.

Miami Meetup on Saturday, February 4, 2023

Alex 15:23
And but what was your topic today was scaling. Right? I

Bao 15:26
think when we get back to talk about the meetup, I forgot the meetup. The big meetup coming this weekend.

Alex 15:30
We have a meetup this Saturday in Miami, I will be there Steven will be there. The success trailer guys will be there. It’s going to be at a place called North Italia. So what I’m gonna do is I’ll put it in the description of this video, all the information, it’s free to join members, non members. We’re not going to sell you a timeshare. We’re not doing anything. This is just your opportunity to meet and network with other professional traders.

Bao 15:53
This is this Saturday in Miami, guys. What time again, when I post all the information. I’ll put all in the description. Yep. And that’s a great, great way to meet up with. I can’t be there. Alex will be there. That’ll be nice. Because I mean, yeah. So thanks, man. I’ll get somebody on and we’ll talk about education. But I think map meetup and Alex is going to be that guy. So go Come join the legend. The goat over in Miami, man.

Alex 16:23
I’ll see you guys in Miami. Thanks, Alex later.

Bao 16:27
Looking good man. looking happy. Ali’s looking happy man. I love that he’s smiling. He’s he’s first time he’s not stressed out. I don’t know why what’s going on in Miami? It must be the weather. I mean, Alex, Alex, man, you look happy, man. I love it. Man. I love you, bro. Okay, anybody have questions? Guys. Let’s bring someone on. We want to talk about scaling. Let me take a look at my my positions real quickly. So any questions, guys, any questions on the meetup? Any questions on the map? Am I see? You hate me? You don’t like me? You love me what? Anything you want, guys. Any questions? Anybody want to come on? Let’s have someone come on and ask questions. I want to talk about scaling. But well, I can say that for MIC members in there. That’s not a problem. I can talk about anything you want. Raise your hand who wants to come on guys. It’s been a while since I brought someone on. Maybe I want to come and bring someone on again. Every week now is pretty fun to meet people around the world. We don’t know what the annual events going to be. Guys. We’re going to focus on the Miami meetup this Saturday first?

How do you know when the top is set?

Bao 17:40
How do you know when the top is set? Who wants Come on? Okay, we have videos on our YouTube channel free is the same my Investing Club Investing Club. You subscribe when you know that? It’s the top is actually you? We don’t really know 100%. Right, guys, we so what technical analysis is is is a pretty much is a roadmap of what happened prior in the past. So So stocks that have no history of trading are very difficult, because you don’t know where the top is. The top is usually based upon where people where supply overwhelms demand. Okay, so technically, that’s the answer, where supply overwhelms the demand where there’s more inventory than there is demand. But that begs the question, What the hell is supply? What else demand? How do I even know how much supply or demand is there? So knowing what a top is, it’s not it’s not just as simple as a one word answer one sentence answer. It’s a combination of that to figure out what the flow is. You have to figure out if there’s a prior history but the simple answer is we always come back to one drawing the lines guys draw the lives as simple as that I don’t use EMA I’ll use anything you can add on and layer on more indicators as I go along. But the point is this don’t as you start do not overwhelm yourself with too many these holy grail bullshit. I call it the bullshit indicators right people trying to layer on because they don’t know what the fuck they’re doing. So what you do is the simplest thing is this, pull up a chart, look at one year and just start drawing straight lines across all of the peaks of the spice and that is pretty much where there is more supply than there is demand. Because if there is more supply than there is demand it will go down a lot of people misuse the supply demand bullshit is basically support and resistance. Keep it simple, stupid guys. So poor air resistance. Okay, I don’t like to use the word supply and demand is because you know why? I don’t know what the hell the supply is there. What did they start to sell their offering their shelves, their ATMs the day That Lucien, you know, and so you’re misusing it. So whoever is teaching you, this is supply zone demand zone. It’s, it’s a fancy way for them to say I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing. I’m just using these fancy words to try to bullshit you to people that that know what I’m doing the if someone’s overcomplicating stuff, they really don’t know what the fuck they’re doing to be honest, it’s basically support and resistance. Okay?

Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS)

Bao 20:27
You know what the pliers, you can guess you can look at filings. But how would you have a fucking note that’s a supply zone, unless you’re a fucking Insider. So keep it simple, stupid, because if you could leave that in the supply zone, then you’re going to short all your money be overly convicted, because Oh, I see a filing, the filing says that they have a show. Just because they have a show doesn’t mean that they have to sell. That’s my point. That’s why you fucked up. That’s what over conviction, because of the fact that you read a fucking filing that you think is a supply zone, that you’re going to put all your money and assume that that stock is going to sell off. No, if they really want to sell off the stock, what they do is they would blow out all of you idiot early shorts, and then walk down after only they blow everybody out of the water, they trap all along, that thing’s gonna keep on going. And then they sell, sell, sell, sell. And then what happens is the shorts get blown out, they’re fucking done. That short, squeezes the stock up, which creates a FOMO hype for the long to get trapped. So both shorts need to get trapped, Long’s need to get fucking back, back held casing all the way up. And then they walk down, they still sell but they started spiking up, they go down, because you want their goal is to sell paper. If that is a true supply type of move. That’s what they do. They’re not going to sit around and let you fucking draw a line. So that’s why I use the word some resistance and support. Because we don’t know for supply and overly conviction based upon filings is how people blow the fuck up. Okay, these guys, this is called that’s what I call the amateur shorts. Let’s we let the amateur shorts bloke first. And then you get that extra seconds there spike. And that’s when you can start to add to your short sell. But Long’s need to be careful because what happens is this, you get that first thing up and then start to go down, down, down down and you expect it about some of these stocks will never bounce the whole day. It’s called an all day theater. So knowing that, how do you scale? Well, what I do is very simple. Keep it simple, stupid, okay, based upon historical charts, draw the line. And that that line, which you think is the supply zone is its actual resistance line. And so when things are resistant, that you want to, you want to trade with the it’s kind of like counter intuitive. So I don’t want to be buying at the resistance to be honest, unless it breaks way over the resistance they’ll buy, you wait for confirmation, but you short or you sell a short, it’s just a sell you sell at the resistance line you buy the sport as it is as simple as that, guys. Simple does not mean easy. Okay? Because what happens is, it breaks all the time it traps because that’s what we have videos on how to take properly taking stop loss, or how to scale all that stuff. So that we can I can’t really go into this because it takes way too long, guys. So in a nutshell, someone asked me, How do you know the top? You see, it’s not just one thing, you have to understand it’s a layering effects. There’s technical analysis. First of all, you have to know the fundamentals of the company fundamentals been just just a short, very slow, float all that stuff, and then the filings, and then the technical analysis and ended the time zombie and all that, right. So there’s a lot of nuances that go out to this guy. So I want to bore the crap on anybody, but I’m gonna bring someone on if they want to come on before we end this video. So I’ll keep this very short. So if you want to come want to come on, just raise your hand. I’ll bring it on. Otherwise, we will see you later on in Miami, which I won’t be there. But I’ll be here in the chat room helping everybody. So any questions guys? My My. My Twitter always has my charts. And so you all should I mean, we are fully transparent on that. I’m the only guy that post charts every single day guys. And I supposed to speed on every day. All right, I guess we’re cool notes. I will keep it short. Sweet. Thank you map winners. We’ll see you in Miami. Free Web. There’s a gold out webinar out today the secret sauce on how to get into MSP at a discount. We’ll see you guys bye. Bye bye. They’ll see you. I’ll see you online. Congratulations. Map


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