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If you are brand new, know nothing about stocks, start from here, Joe Kelly’s basics series:

Trading Basics

Platforms, how to place orders, etc:

Ep 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 9, 12, 17, 23, 25, 33, 38, 41, 51, 54, 55


MIC Process

Trading a Repeatable Process Weekly  Recap with James Freedlender

MIC Process Challenge with James Freedlender

Trading Your Process Through a Draw Down with James Freedlender

Finding Your Process and Sticking to it with James Freedlender

CETX Trade Recap a Process Explained How to Bounce Back After Multiple Losing Days with Tom Diesel

Bao Instagram Live 12/03/2019

NSYS Trade Recap and Planning Process with Tom Diesel

MIC Process Technical Analysis New Member Must-Watch Trading Basics ep, 41

The  Daily Trading Process Explained in Detail ep. 7

Tips To Survive a Slow Market Cycle – My Daily Trading Process

The Process – Extended Version – Trading Basics ep.33

NSPR Trade Recap – Short Trade Process with Aloha Trader

1000 Member Milestone Giveaway – What Is My Daily Trading Process -Trade Recaps NSPR, ABIO

Secrets to Consistency – Focus on the Process – MIC Aug 17, One Year Anniversary Event Sneak Peek

Finding MIC Classic Setups in a Slow Market ep.1

How Bao Does His Stock Research – Dilution 11/19/2018


How to draw lines

How to Draw Your Lines

PTGX Low Hanging Fruit Determining Which Lines to Use

Inner vs Outter Lines – Applying Risk Reward Calculator – Trading Basics ep. 9

Trusting Your Lines – ATOS, AXSM Daily Recap 01/09/2019



How To Use VWAP in Trading with Tom Diesel

XNET Live Trade Recap – Long Over VWAP with Aloha Trader

Float Rotation – VWAP Reclaim Teleport Candle – XSPA, TFA, ep.5

SAEX Trade Recap – Long Above VWAP – Aloha Trader


MIC Proprietary Trading Strategies

Low Hanging Fruit (LHF)

Low Hanging Fruit Fantasy Orders, Lines, Process Trading Fish Academy 2

Sell the News – Setup UAVS, CAPR – Low Hanging Fruit Explained, Risk Management

How to Grow a Small Account with 2 Setups – Low Hanging Fruit Deathline Explained with Tom Diesel

Low Hanging Fruit of the Day – PSTI, AKER, YGYI, DPW, MBRX apt Video Watch List 04/08/2020

Scaling Into Low Hanging Fruit with James Freedlender

How to Top-Tick Low Hanging Fruit – PHUN, XBIO, GBTC, NERV, VVPR, TFA ep. 4

Slow Trading Days, Smaller Size, Algos, Low Hanging Fruit Strategy

Low Hanging Fruit, Trigger Orders, Sizing Strategy, Trading Basics ep.18

Secrets Explained, Low Hanging Fruit Pattern Day 2, Shorting

Daily Recap 10/31/2018, Low Hanging Fruit Explained

Daily Recap, Low Hanging Fruit, Continuation Plays 09/10/2018


The Death Candle

The Death Candle Tosh’s Day Trader Q&A Webinar Week 31


First Red Day (FRD)

2-3k ACB First Red Day Setup  Explained with Bao, Zach Member Testimonial

Tech, e-com Flash Crash, First Red Day Setup, SHOP Failed Momentum Large Cap Trading Webinar

Sector Plays, Size, First Red Day, Sympathy Plays, Trader Clinic ep.2


RAD First Red Day Setup Trade Recap with Aloha Trader

ICI Trade Recap, First Red Day Setup with Aloha Trader


1st Bounce (Long Strategy)

1st VWAP Bounce with Harry Hoss

First Baounce Part 3, Using the First  Baounce More Effectively with Harry Hoss

First Bounce Long Strategy Explained, APRN Short Squeeze, Market Crash 2020

First Bounce Setup Summer Trading Level Up in Trading, Audience Q&A

First Bounce Strategy Part 2 – Examples with Harry Hoss

First Bounce Strategy – What to Look for with Harry Hoss

First Bounce Strategy on XBIO, Fomo Trading 8/13/2018

Secrets Revealed, First Bounce Strategy, A Modern Rock Trademark



13-6k Week TLSA Deathline Setup Explained, Truth About Forex Signals

How to Spot a Deathline Trap with Tom Diesel

How to Trade Stress Free, Deathline, First Resistance, Outer Lines

MIC Pprocess During Market Panic, Deathline, Low Hanging Fruit, TFA

TLSA Deathline, Creating my Video Watch List, PSTI, AKER, MBRX, TLSA, BORR 04/09/2020

How to Grow a Small Account with 2 Setups, Low Hanging Fruit, Deathline Explained with Tom Diesel

18 Years of Trading, The Mental Side of Trading Explained, Deathline Setup

DPW, Deathline and VWAP Stuff 08/28/2019

APOP Live Trade, 1st Resistance, Deathline, Trading Basics ep. 36

Live Trade RKDA Failed Deathline, Failed Stop Loss – Trading Basics, ep. 35

SINT 3.30 Deathline From 08/15/2019

Choosing the Right Deathline, Proper Risk, GENE, BLIN,  Trading Basics ep. 22

Trading Developing Criteria for Deathline – Trading Basics ep. 19



Scalping 101 – Introduction with Tom Diesel

Scalping 101 – MIC Strategy Webinar ep. 32

Scalping – How to Increase Your Win Rate in the Stock Market

Defensive Trading, Recycling Shares, Continuation Trade, Scalping Day Trading Strategies

Slow Trading Days, Bear Market, Max Size Rule, Scalping, Trading Fish Academy 2


Risk Management

How to Short Bounces, Proper Risk Management, Investing in Your Education, Tosh’s Q&A Webinar

State of the Market in 2020, Risk Management, Power of Consistency, Many More

Patience, Risk Management, CPAH Trade Recap, MIC Strategy Webinar ep, 45

Stuff Moves, Risk Management with James Freedlender

CETX Trade Recap,Trading a Small Account, Proper Risk Management, Stop Orders

What is Risk Management in Trading with Tom Diesel

Last Instagram, Live Crazy Low  Float Runners, Controlling Your Ego, Risk Management Part 1

MLNT Trade Recap, Risk Management New Rule, Trader Psychology

Secrets Revealed: 30% Rule in Trading, Risk Management

Trading Basics Episode 3 with Joe Kelly

Risk Control, Sizing Stops, Trading Basics episode 6

Daily Recap, Risk Management Discussed


Zombie Rule

How to Trade, Zombie Reversal Time with Tom Diesel

Why You Need to Respect the Zombie Rule 02/12/2020 Watch List – AIM, REXN, BRN, TRXC

How to Spot Zombie Move Early, First Baounce – MRIN, INPX, AGEN Daily Recap 12/20/2018

How to go Long During Zombie Times VWAP Reclaim Pattern with Harry Hoss

Trading Zombies, Long Offerings, TENX, TNXP, 12/07/2018

BLIN Zombie Move 10:30am  from 08/15/2019

Daily Recap 09/27/2018 Zombies – ACHB, IGC



Position sizing/risk 

Position Sizing, Free Calculators Trading Basics episode 8


Scaling Calculator

New Scaling Calculator, Trading Basics ep. 31



Inner vs Outer Lines, Applying Risk Reward Calculator, Trading Basic, episode 9


How to grow a small account

The Single Best Pattern for Small Accounts to Trade

Current Small Cap Sentiment, How to Grow a Small Account in 2020, Pump  & Dumps

How to Grow a Small Account with 2 Setups, Low Hanging Fruit, Deathline Explained with Tom Diesel

How to grow a Small Day Trading Account, Risk Reward  Explained Part  2 with Tom Diesel

How to Grow a Small Account in 2020, Day Trading 3 Secrets Every Beginner Must Learn

Alex’s Small Account Challenge Explained

How to Grow a Small Account in 2020, Day Trading Penny Stocks

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