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Harry 0:00
Oh, we’re all good now we’re walking. James, what’s going on guys?

James 0:05
We’re here with a special episode of the after hours podcast. We have probably one of the most badass options traders out there something that we’ve been excited to talk to so thanks for coming on my man we really appreciate it.

Sang Lucci 0:20
I appreciate you guys having me.

How Did You Get Started in Trading Options?

Alex 0:22
So my question is Lucci a lot of people know you as the badass options trader who moves millions and millions worth of size, but I don’t think a lot of people know about how you got started. Know you were flipping early on. And then you went into the prop trading world. So can you give us a quick intro on how Yes.

Sang Lucci 0:39
Yeah, man, I started. Men, I had my I had my daughter when I was 2020 or 21. I think it was 20. But it was just, you know, it was a wake up call man. It was a wake up is a wake up call. Of course you have a you know, you have a daughter at a at a very early age. Again, I mean, it’s a girl too. So, you know, I was I was flipping as you were saying, right, just buying and selling tickets, which by the way, that hustle is still alive and booming after COVID You know, so COVID now is ending and everybody’s paying ridiculous money. I don’t know if you’ve seen what happened to the to the tics. As soon as Messi got as soon as Messi got signed to Miami. I don’t know if you saw I don’t know if you saw something crazy way more than that, way more than that. It was an absolutely ridiculous Taylor Swift to and everything. So the money is coming back to the market. So I was always a flipper, in college and everything. And I had my daughter and I went to get a real job. This is my only real job that I ever had. And real job kind of related to my degree in college, right? My degree in college was finance, which they didn’t teach you anything about finance. In reality, it was just all corporate theory kind of stuff. And you know, you never really got to apply any of it to so I ended up doing financial analysis at at this medical company called Fresenius medical care. And I was there for like nine months. And during the nine months that I was there, the PlayStation threes came out, I think it was the three of the four. And I made like full I made 40 grand flipping that and my salary at the at that company was like 40 grand to I made that shit in a weekend and I was like, What the fuck am I doing it this horrible place looking at the same spreadsheet every day, I was just I gotta get the hell out of here. And I go online, I go on Craigslist, you guys remember freaking Craigslist. And there was a there’s a job posting there for like an equities trader. It was 100% comp 100% Commission kind of thing. And I walk into the office. It was a prop trading firm in New Hampshire and Salem, New Hampshire. And I’ll never forget this the first day I walk in. I mean, it’s 25 Kids, the oldest kid there was probably like 26 There’s one kid in the office he made like 15 grand and bought everybody peds. I’m just sitting there like what the fuck is going on here. Everybody had like two monitors. And everybody was just watching level two. And you know, it was just such a weird vibe. And I was just like, huh, this looks this feels like home to me, you know? So I sat there for like a year trying to figure out what the hell was going on. I didn’t know what was going on. And then you don’t really get much help at these platforms from back in the day. There’s no there’s not much education. You just kind of learn by doing which by the way, is the best education one could argue that is the best education. And that’s it man after that. I just, I knew it was there. I knew that money was there because you see it every day. You see it every day, every trader who who is breaking even or trying to make money like you know the money is there. That’s why you keep coming back every single day. You can’t you can’t avoid it. It’s right there. I mean, we just saw Tesla go up 15 freakin points. I go to lunch. I go to lunch today. It was trading 264 We go to lunch, I come back and market starting to come back up and it runs a friggin 10 points into the close those options alone on the weeklies, there’s a double right there, you know, so the money’s there all day, you just got to figure out how to grab it. And then how to keep it right. So those are the two difficult parts. So it took me about a year and a half to kind of figure out how things are kind of moving and then 2008 happened the crash happened and I’m I’m like a kid in a candy store man. I’m just sure I’m just coming in every day short Goldman Sachs short JP Morris short everything. And I’m just printing money every single day. So So you know, it took a while. It took a while to figure things out. And then it takes a while for you to figure out what your style is and what you’re good at and like what kind of markets you trade well, better than others. You know, so that’s kind of the short story of it.

The Wild Wild West of Prop Trading Days

Alex 4:53
Back in these prop trading days. This guy that made 15 grand you know, pizza cost probably 100 bucks. So what do you do at the restaurant? Have you seen probably trading days it was kind of like the Wild Wild West, you know? So like, Are there any crazy things you saw whether it be partying fun this battle?

Sang Lucci 5:06
I mean I remember this was this was still back in the day, right? These were all New York guys. So there’s still had that they still had that vibe to them, right. So I remember I remember coming in one day and they’d be friggin they’d be strippers in there. You know, everybody, you know, a bunch of people had a good day or something like that they, you know, everybody would go out, you know, so there was a lot of, yeah, there was a lot of that, obviously, it wasn’t as excessive. I mean, you know, we weren’t popping a lot of pins or whatever the hell that dude was doing. By the way, I met I met him too. After he got out. I met him too, in New York. And, you know, you you realize where all those stories came from, you really see where all those stories came from. And then after living in New York, I lived in New York for for good five years, running a hedge fund and running a shop right down on Wall Street, we would meet a lot of we would meet up with a lot of HFT guys, a lot of the back office guys, a lot of the freakin brokers that were there because they loved my options flow, right. Some of the some of the brokers were having their whole salaries off of my off of my off of my executions. So they would always it was still that time, they would always take us out to dinner, or they would take us out to dinner once a month, man, fanciest restaurants down in the city, you know, so that shit still existed? Now, you don’t see that stuff anymore? You don’t you don’t you really don’t see that stuff anymore. We’re all this woke culture shit. Nobody wants to do that kind of stuff. And whatever. What would you say?

Harry 6:33
What would you say is like the thing that like, kind of like separated you from the pack? You know, you start off in this like prop firm. You know, there’s like 20 guys like, and you’re probably the most successful person coming out of that, you know? So like, definitely. So like, what do you think?

Learning How to Go Long Trading

Sang Lucci 6:49
You know, it’s a great question. It’s a great question. I asked myself this question, because it was, you know, you’re always thinking why you write because at the end of the day, you have that you’d have that thing swirling around in your in your head, like, Am I really that special? Like, no, you know, you ain’t that special? You know what I mean? But what is it about? What is it about that person that makes them the one versus versus everybody else in that office, there was 40. Guys, right. And they had they were 95% Short traders, by the way. So they would, in the error before the change the uptick rule. And again, I don’t know if you want to give it a preface, Alex here on the uptick rule. But the uptick rule basically just states that you can’t show you can only short on the uptake, which meant if if Tesla’s trading to 7574, right now, you can’t just hit a bid and just get in and short something, you got to sit there on the offer, and a tick higher, right. So if the last tick is 74, you got to sit, you want to put your short at 75. And hope somebody buys you out. Right? You know what I mean? That’s the only way you can get short. Now, imagine a world where everybody on the street had to play by the rule. And then all the prop shops had a tool to bypass the uptick rule, right. So that’s how 90 foot 95% of their trades were all shorts because all they were doing, were looking for aggressive shorts that were sitting on the offer that had to sit on the uptick. And they had a bypass and they would beat the shit out of a small capital illiquid stock, get the short to step down and then cover right into the short, right but now imagine 40 Guys in an office doing that shit on a 10,000 or 20,000 Share stepper. And the whole office has 50,000 50,000 shares, they smoke it down a point. Now everybody’s got to get out. Right. And the first schmuck in the office, Whoever hits that button first. He’s getting thrown out the window. Man, he’s getting thrown out the window because as soon as that short disappears, the whole thing runs back up two points, not a whole office fuck. So that was the game that these guys played before the uptick rule got got changed. And I think I was the only one who learned how to go long stocking at office until only one to learn how to go long ship. Because I saw the writing on the wall. I was like yo, y’all. This number one the tool to use it was so expensive to use. It was like it was like some of these hard to borrow locates where you see like 300% 400% or something like that. It was it was you had to pay to use this thing. So if you were gonna pull it out, you bid a bid, you know, there was a cost to it. There was a there was a cost to it, and you had to pay that cost no matter what. And, you know, I kind of saw the writing on the wall. So I kind of figured out all right, let’s figure out how to go long stuff too. And I don’t know, man, I was just hungrier than everybody else, man. I think that’s the answer to your question, man. I was just fucking hungrier than everybody else.

Alex 9:40
How old were you back then?

Sang Lucci 9:41
I was 23 24? Maybe two? Yeah. 24 at the time. And bro. I spent four hours a night for hours to five hours a night I would print out the trades from the head traders. And I would go back on the tape. I’d be like alright, you know, why did why did they get in? Why did they get out and I Do that for four hours every single night. I did that for a year straight. I got to the office at six, and I left at 10 o’clock. I didn’t fucking talk to anybody. I came home, I went to sleep and then went back to work, bro. So I knew the kid too. And I had a kid too. You know what I mean? So I don’t know, man, I think I was just hungrier than everybody else, bro. I think.

James 10:22
Yeah, I think the question is something that’s I think, obviously about you were born a hustler. And I think that you were kind of born to figure shit, you’re gonna figure it out no matter what,

Sang Lucci 10:32
you know, you just tinker because you know, the game is there. You know, there’s a game right in front of you. You just got to figure it out.

James 10:38
Was it hard for you being this much of like a hustler? And someone like this while having a kid at home? Did it put pressure because you seem like someone who seizes opportunity quick. And you’re going to take advantage like a big trade or anything like that? Was it hard knowing you had a kid at home? And it’s obviously it’s money. There’s money on the line? So

Sang Lucci 10:54
yeah, man, I think the pressure but I think that pressure, and again, God bless the people that I had around me, right. I mean, my daughter’s mother is a freakin soldier man, that the woman will take care of everybody without bitching and complaining. The woman is amazing, you know what I mean? So so props to her props to my, one of my really good friends who still great friend to this day, he, he was going through a divorce at the same time, that I was like, trying to figure this shit out. And do this. He was he was miserable. And, you know, he let me stay in his crib for free, bro. He let me stay in his crib for free so I didn’t have to pay rent. You know, I wasn’t living with my with my daughter’s mother at the time. And there was so much pressure on my, from my father to perform to because he had lost he had lost, you know, all his cash during the crash. And, you know, he was about to retire. And again, like he was like, at that moment in time. Like he was like a real pissed off old man who who did not. He didn’t hit on some of the bets that he was trying to make in his life. And and at that late stage, you know, you’re 59 you’re about to retire. You’re 60 years old, you don’t have you can’t you know, you ain’t 20 years old anymore. You ain’t 30 years old. You can’t manifest a new freakin life you can have don’t get me wrong, you can anything you know, you really want to do something, okay, fine. But this dude was on his last bits, you know, he couldn’t manifest the energy anymore to go to work and play the game anymore. So all that pressure, I think helped. I think it helped. Because it was less like, you only have this one shot, you got this shot, you know, this, you know, this money is here. You just have to, you just have to sit here and figure this shit out and just twiddle your fucking thumbs until you can figure this shit out. And I think that helped. I think it helped.

James 12:49
Were you always pushing like the size you do? Not obviously now. But were you quick to jump into sizing the way you do?

Advice to Other Traders

Sang Lucci 12:55
Definitely, I think I’ve always, you know what man in trading, and in life too, is like people will be like, you know, you need to do you know, you need to do XY and Z, cut your size down, do this, do that, you know, try this strategy, try that or whatever you have to, you still have to admit Who the fuck you are. And you still have to admit to yourself and to have a you know, and to more, more or less just to yourself, who you are in trading, and how your emotions how your specific emotional makeup expresses itself, in the trading rooms, you know, and not in the trading chat rooms, but in your trading in your strategy, because it’s built into your strategy. Because who you are, is going to be a reflection of your strategy as well. You know what I’m saying, and I’ve been this way since I fucking started. But then there’s so many periods in time, where you fight yourself and you fight who you are. And then you just turn your wheels, you know what I mean? You just You just sit there and spin your wheels, because the whole time you’re fighting who you are. And maybe you don’t have the account size anymore to do what you need to do. But there’s a lot of internal conflict between, you know, in any traders life. And, you know, it all really comes down to not admitting who you are or trying to run away from who you are. And that’s where I’ve found I’ve had the most have had the most issues. That’s where I’ve had periods of you know, losses, of course two years where I’m not making any money. You know, you’re trying to you try and change something that is innately you, you know, I’m saying so you’re going to push up on that resistance all the time every day more or less. And, you know, it’s people say like, okay, you know, you have to change these things, you have to change these things. But do you really do you really? Do you really need to, you know what I mean? How much do we really change? You know, how much have I really changed since 24. As as a trader, I was literally like this at 24. So how much have I really fucking changed? And how much have I tried to in those 15 years of trading? You know what I mean to come to have the same damn conclusion and be like Yo, you Lucci, man you got to do what Lucci does that you have to, you have to you can’t fight. So So yeah, man, I’ve been that dude, bro. I’ve been that dude since.

Alex 15:12
Yeah, that’s crazy. And what people don’t realize is to move size is really freaking tough bro. It’s the options world is different because it’s you know, you have the flow coming in you have, they might be swiping here swiping their program here program there. But what a lot of people don’t understand is some of the biggest lessons come from the biggest losses. So you’re known for some pretty sick wins. But in terms of losses, is there something that you’ve learned from your biggest loss that has carried on to help mold you into a better trader?

Learning to Listen to Your Intuition

Sang Lucci 15:44
Yeah, man, it’s it’s awareness of what’s happening internally, right. So there’s an instinct, once you have enough losses, and once your body feels enough of those losses, and enough of that pain, it already knows it already. It already knows, right? So when that loss comes, or when it’s about to come, the instinct starts to move, your body already starts to move, it’s already sending you those signals, is like, Yo, motherfucker, you better get the hell out of the way this shits coming, this shit is coming with or without you. It’s coming. So the awareness of your of the internal shift that’s happening in your mind, your stomach, your heart, all this all this stuff. There’s this weird tics, man, that it becomes more metaphysical than it is about trading. You know, because I’ll put the size on for anything, I’ll put the size on for anything. And then immediately, after just reading and everything like that, you’ll know you’ll know if you’re right or wrong. Or you’ll know if you’re a little bit too early, a little bit too late. You’ll know these things, your body knows these things, too. And it’s just learning more how to listen to it, how to listen to it all the time how to listen to it. But the problem is, is that life tends to tends to put you in a place where you can’t listen to it, or you’re half a step late. Or it brings other bullshit to the equation. So life will tell you yo you need, you know, you need $2 million on this trade because we got to pay for this damn project that we just started up in wherever the fuck we start, you know, we got to pay for this real estate project, we got to pay for this cannabis thing. We got to pay for all kinds of operations that you have this different businesses that I’ll go ahead and try to get off the ground, life will tend to throw you these curveballs. Or let’s say you’re going through a shitty breakup and you’re just you’re just off man, you just off man. You know, life will tend to get you away from that instinct, and get you away from you know, the true feel of it all. And then you start overthinking now you’re just overthinking. And now you no matter what you do, you’re gonna fuck it up. So those that’s what it’s taught me the most, the pain has taught me how to be way more aware of it, and to be able to see it coming. And that way, that way, even that fraction of a second that I own back is enough to save me from, you know, an outsize loss is gonna put me on my ask.

Harry 18:04
What do you do to kind of like maintain that Zen, you know, because like just talking about it, like, it’s very easy, but like, stay in that fucking mental like, zone that you’re talking about. Even when I’m thinking about I’m like, damn, this is very difficult.

Do We Really Have Enough?

Sang Lucci 18:19
Like it is powerlessly. Honestly, if you really break it down for the majority of people, it’s impossible. Let’s just put it that let’s just put it out that way. It’s impossible. Okay. What I tried to do, and again, is just have good daily, my morning routines are just everything. They’re everything. But by the way, even if you have a great morning routine, where by the way, I’m for them, four o’clock in the morning, I’m up, I do yoga for an hour, I get to the office, I change, I hit the beach, I play beach tennis for about an hour, hour and a half, right? So I’m sweating. I haven’t eaten anything, right, I’m still just running on fumes from, from from yesterday, I haven’t eaten shit, I’m just drinking water. But by the time eight o’clock comes around, 730 comes around after that morning. Even if I fucking lose, I can’t lose, bro. Even if I lose, I can’t lose. I already had the best day in the world. You know, I’m on the beach at 730 The most the sun’s coming up. That’s the you know, it’s 75 degrees, 80 degrees. And I’m playing a sport that I love. I absolutely love and if I wasn’t trading, or I wasn’t doing anything like that, I’d be able to beat for eight hours a day anyway. So once I can get that out of the way, you can’t you can’t touch me. You know, it doesn’t matter what you bring to me. I already had a great day, you know, now now to his point, how difficult it is, you know, market turns on market turns on you got your brains gotta go your brains gotta go now it’s got to analyze all this stuff. Right? We got it. We got all our morning prep. You know, you got eight names that you might be sitting there watching. And now you’re in the shit right now you’re in the now you’re in the battlefield. And you’re just kind of moving around names. You’re moving around names, you’re moving around names. You’re just you’re just plugging around trying to find out was working. And that process. By the time you’re it’s 10 3011 o’clock, I’m fucking exhausted, bro. I’m exhausted and 11 o’clock, I’m fucking exhausted. So I got to eat, I have to eat. And then after then you get the itis from the eating, and you can’t produce that same energy that you had from 930 to 11 o’clock, there’s no way I can. It’s never happened for me. But there’s still game to be played right? I mean, this this afternoon moves all over the place. So, you know, I definitely take it a little bit easier in the afternoon and everything. And you know, if I have a bad day, bro, I’ve had so many of them, it just doesn’t matter anymore. It really doesn’t. It doesn’t you get to a point where it’s it really is just numbers as much as difficult as it is for somebody to internalize that right now for a lot of your your viewers who might be listening to this as difficult it is for you to internalize that. It’s true. It’s true, you get to a point where it doesn’t matter because you already have your life you have the shit that you have in your life. You’ve made enough right and I’m talking you know for a trader who has been in the game for as long as Alex him and myself. You know, we have enough shit we’re fine. Enough dude, is it ever enough is the problem that it is it is it always is. It always has been even when I was starting out like I always was fine. You know what I mean? When we look at the bigs, you got to look at the big picture of this thing. Are we eating? You know, do I have a roof over my head? You know, can I enjoy the fruits of life? Can I go to the beach? Can I play some tennis? Can I take a trip every once in a while? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. What the fuck else you know what I mean? And of course all the wants and desires. That’s what keeps us that’s what keeps us coming back. But that’s what keeps the pain coming to because we suffer for our desires we suffer for the next million that we want to make the 2 million that we want to make we got to put in some work I have to put in some work mentally to figure out how I’m going to connect with this market with whatever the hell is going on with however janky this frickin market is or whatever the you know whatever new market we’re looking at you have to study you have to you have to figure things out you have to slowly adapt over time you know and then be there when the cash is there you got to fucking be there man. So that’s that’s work that is work that has pain and suffering. And we do it because we want we want we want more it is what it is I want more you know so that’s a whole nother conversation Alex me and you can can go to war and greed and human emotion.

Alex 22:25
I haave plenty of Money I have a beautiful car beautiful house beautiful girl. I got everything that I want bro. But for some stupid ass reason. It is never enough for some stupid reason. I’m still pushing size of some reason I’m still getting stuck. For some reason I just can’t control myself and I can’t help myself. Maybe because of some I’m young. Maybe it’s because I want more for myself. Maybe it’s because I’m just sick in the head. I really don’t know.

Sang Lucci 22:55
And that is a choice, man. It’s a choice, you know, we can go down this rabbit hole all you want. This is what I do. This is this is literally what I do. And this is what you know people pay me to, to talk about because it’s it’s such a big deal, you know, the human emotion of it. And people want to walk around and, and act like it a and act like it’s all easy and act like they got solutions for everything or whatever. But me and you we’re sitting here right now, having the same existential problem. And we have that same issue every single day those thoughts are going on in your head and in my head every single day, you can’t escape them. It’s part of who we are as part of our emotional makeup. And it expresses itself in the markets as well. We know these markets are super emotional. These moves are super emotional, and people still want to deny how much of an impact our emotions have on everything our decisions, or the way that we live our lives how happy we are how miserable we are all of that shit. This is all this is. This is all I talk about.

Alex 23:59
So this is why why is it so that I have a Green Day I am kissing my girlfriend. I’m like, baby I love you brought to dinner. I have a red day. I’m like, No, don’t talk to me. It’s not even a matter of fact, if I make 100 grand in the day, never feels as as emotionally powerful as losing even 10 grand on a day. If I lose 10 grand on the day, it makes me feel disgusted. It makes me feel like a horrible person and makes me feel like sick in my stomach. And then I make that hundo and I’m just like, do I really even need it

Sang Lucci 24:37
Alex Alex has gotten to a place where he’s miserable either way, you know you got it. You got to come to Costa Rica man. Well, let’s do somebody wants to go something like that. Yeah, I mean, I’ve really been I’ve really been

Alex 24:48
trying to dig deep and find that solution and I don’t know what that root of the problem is.

Sang Lucci 24:52
It’s not it has nothing to do with the market and it’s it has everything to do with like if you take work take all the material take every anything out of the equation completely, and then figure out who you are after that after you after you delete all of that stuff, then you start to figure out, you know, who you actually are after. And besides all that shit, the money, the material, all that stuff, like, Who are you really what makes you happy? Once you start there, then you can start, then you can start really building that framework for for a much more stress free, happy sort of lifestyle. So regardless, you already know, if you make the 100. If you lose the 10, it will mean nothing. So you have to look for that elsewhere. You know what I mean? That money that meaning in that purpose has to come from from from elsewhere. And again, I’m not, you know, I’m not telling you to do a damn thing over here, Alex, I’m just, I’m just gonna, I’m just giving you my story. You’re telling me I’m just giving you my story of how of how I went about it. Because bro, when I came to Puerto Rico, and I knew I was going to hit it, you know how you have that feeling that you have, you have that feeling where you’re just like, yo, it’s coming some something that something is about to hit, and I’m in the best mental state. I’m like, in the zone. So so I knew it was coming. And you know, in one month, I had a friggin huge $2 million month, and I didn’t feel shit out. I didn’t feel shit. And I was just I remember looking at my girl just being like, What the fuck? Is this? Really? You know what I mean? Like You I moved my whole life, to get to this point, I did it. I did. You know, and you’re telling me I’m not gonna feel anything. So it just, it just threw me for

Sensitized to Risk

Alex 26:37
sensitized. It’s the air once it ties to the money, so much. So that is completely irrelevant, which is a good thing and a bad thing. It’s a very good thing. Because it allows you to put on the tremendous amount of risks without really giving a fuck, that’s the benefit of it. That’s the benefit. The worst part about it is that it also creates so much more risk for you that you do not need, that leads to more potential headaches, because like you said, if you have a loss, it may lead to you making emotionally bad decisions on those future trades. Absolutely. Think about it logically, to prevent those future bad decisions. So long as you just size down, I just show up and probably make like, if I give you an example, you could probably with your eyes closed, make 2000 3000 hours a day, and eyes closed like this.

Sang Lucci 27:27
I love that you said that at least because the kids the kids that are sitting next to me some of the can I call them all kids, by the way, they’re not actually kids, but I call them all kids. They sit next to me and they watch me make fucking 20 grand in my sleep, bro. I’m not even I’m like on YouTube. I’m like on YouTube looking around, man. And there’s 20 You know, there’s 20 grand and gains right there. I don’t even I don’t even flinch, bro, I don’t even flinch. But it’s just like you said, bro, just like you said, is nothing bro. It doesn’t even mean anything to me, which is a horrible thing to say at the same time. But it’s real, it’s real. That is a real emotion that I feel on a daily basis.

Alex 28:02
And the problem is that once you get to that level, the problem is that you can’t go back, you can’t go back, you try to who if I tell you Lucci, every single day, no matter what you’re gonna make three 4k a day, you’re gonna be like, that’s, that’s probably gonna make you miserable, right? It’s not going to make you miserable in terms of you’re not going to be rich, you’re gonna have plenty money. Problem is that there’s something deep in us. And I think there’s something deep and a lot of traders, the ones that kind of surpass a certain boundary, that we’re kind of crazy, bro, we’re kind of crazy. We may not look it, we may not act it. But there’s something inside here. That is just it’s like a primitive survival attack attack attack, at least in me that I just can’t control. But I can’t control sometimes. Yeah,

Sang Lucci 28:46
I have learned to accept it. And the shitty part is, is that and again, we as traders, like I mean, you guys are all do you guys all trade by yourself? You will trade at your houses. Yeah, right. So in that kind of environment, you’re in the zone, you’re in your world, nobody can take you out of this world. If you trade around other folks, you know, and if you trade an office, like me, for example, everybody’s trying to help each other to progress, right? Like I have a goal of hitting 10 20 million, you know, the kids here have a goal of you know, 100k 200k You know, we had a guy over here that was trading a $30 million friggin account, he was trying to hit 100 million, you know, so everybody’s on their own path, right? But if you do it in a space where you’re kind of sharing all this kind of stuff, there’s an interesting value that that happens right on on top of it. However, the other side of it is, they’ll watch me be up 100 grand 200 grand not take the prize. And then and then have a 10 grand day, you know what I’m saying? And or they’ll watch me have a string of 10 grand 20 grand days, and then I’ll put on some serious sighs because I see something I like and then lose a frickin half a million dollars, you know? So, you know, there’s something to be said about all Have it but you are who you are again. Now if we go back to the same shit, we are who we are, man, I don’t I’m not a 10 grand a day trader. So why am I trying to force myself into that fucking peg man just because what for the good of for the good of who you know. So at the end of the day I am who I am and I push the size because I see it, I push the game because I see it. And if it’s there, I’m getting paid, and I can use that money to help a lot of other people, I can use that money also to help more, of course to help myself. You know, so that’s how I rationalize.

Harry 30:34
So I think you kind of talked about, like, you know, you see the eight tickers gap up on your screen, and you’re analyzing the information and you’re talking about, you know, paying yourself and being able to hit it. What is that, that you’re hitting? You know, like, what are your kind of like, typical go to setups? Or like, is it in the tape? Or like, is it resistance or support? Or like, what are you looking for, you

What Are You Looking For in Options and Equity?

Sang Lucci 30:54
know, every everything is taped for me. And it’s a lot of options based tape. And then and then equities based tape. So I’m looking at level twos of options and, and of the equity as well. So for example, like if we’re looking at this Tesla, like we have a gap down in the market today. And Tesla was up four points. It went red, I think, well, at some point in the morning, and immediately, it’s right back, it was right back to 264. This was this was at 11 o’clock. So you knew that thing had some relative, you knew that thing had some relative strength, then I’m looking at the tape. What do I see, I see, I see some guy buying for next week, $300 calls, and I see him buy $2 million worth of this shit. And I’m like, why? What the fuck, as soon as I see that some guy two weeks out the next couple of weeks out, buys the 300 and puts a mill down on it. And then some guys out buy in January for the next year. And is there Brian? 10 mil of this shit. And I’m like, no, these guys know. And I’m like, and in my head, I’m like, this is gonna happen again. Because on a dead market, like like, like, like today, more or less, they’ll pick one or two names, and they’ll fucking run them. And Tesla was that Tesla was just that one today. So I sat I sat there, I started looking at the options. I’m like, Dude, if this thing blows 250-260-5266 Forget about it, bro. And boom, you know, even if you catch 234 points out of that, it’s so fucking great. Obviously, if you catch the 10, you know, I’m making a million bucks. But you know, it, that’s what I’m looking for, I’m looking for signs of, of just something going down, you know. So for example, on the UPS, Ts and all those super bought up, Ark names, the affirm the UPS, T the unity, all those names pulled back today. And if you looked at the tape on every single one of those names, somebody was just gotten stalked the whole day, somebody was just taking profits the whole freaking day. And they chose those names, affirms the UPS, t’s and all that and all that nonsense, the CVMA, the Carvana has all that shit that went from, you know, eight bucks to $24 over the last couple of months. You know, they took profits on those names, too. So I’m looking for like, big picture tape ideas, where I know there’s going to be an outsized move in something, and I know it’s going to be worth it for me to hop in the option. Because if you don’t have a decent move, you’re gonna buy an option. And no matter what you’re going to sell it for breakeven or you’re going to lose on the time premium and everything like that, like most people who go long options, they will always lose money, it will always, always lose money, because most of the time varying shit to do. There’s not, there’s there’s nothing to do most of the time. And most of the names that you’re looking at, you need, you need something

Harry 33:44
going down is what I’m hearing

Sang Lucci 33:48
on down. So either somebody’s on the wrong side of something, and there’s enough people on the wrong side of it. And everybody’s just gonna get hosed. In video, you know, there was there’s a lot of shorts that got trapped in this thing every single day, you see shorts get trapped in a video every single day and they cook them, they cook them throughout the afternoon. And then the thing comes back to highs you know, you need some kind of catalyst, you need some kind of juice, if you ain’t got that. It’s stupid to play options, and it’s the right play is to sell the options. So that’s what most days I’m selling a lot of options I’m selling you know, 60 70% of the trees that are making I’m just selling shit. So I sold puts on Tesla and I sold puts on a video of course, because even if I’m not a part of it, let’s say I didn’t catch the 10 points, I can sell the puts and scrape that premium all day. I can do that I can at least do that. Because I know Tesla and get a tank in my face so I can sell some out of the money books and watch them go to zero by that by the time Friday comes around. So those are kind of my those are kind of my games, man. You know, I’m always writing I’m always writing and if there’s somewhere to shoot, and if there’s some you know, if there’s some shit going down I’ll take a shot.

What Does Guns Blazing Look Like?

James 34:59
I think Something that’s cool about listening to you is one, you’re incredibly like Zen and you have this like great internal reflection, like you’re able to, like analyze, like Alex’s even emotions and hearing it and just like, I’m sitting here, I’m usually not quiet, but I’m listening to this and I feel like I’m at church. It’s amazing. But I, on the other side of that Zen guy, there’s also a freaking monster. I, when I first got into trading, I used to listen to one of your old interviews and you had said, it’s patiently waiting until your market and then it’s all guns blazing. Yeah, man. So for you, what does that look like when your market hits? What changes in your demeanor and your actions as a trader? Yeah, man,

Sang Lucci 35:37
it’s range man, it’s range and we all got standing desks up in here so so boom, all all stand the desk up, and I’m ready you know what I mean? I’m ready I’m jumping around I’m there’s tons of energy. And I’m, you know, I’m ready to express it through the market. So So guns blazing my market is when there’s panic when people are fucking panicking, you know, when people are panicking for a bid, and they can’t get a bid, because there’s nobody buying and that market is always is always when I’m, I turn into a complete monster, man. And just the adrenaline alone, that’s it’ll last you for 48 hours, 72 hours, however long you need it, man, however long you need it. And that adrenaline alone, man, well, because once you’re once what you’ve been waiting for is come around. So for me, in this case, I’m waiting for this market to finally just come back around and we get 100 point moves down on Nvidia or, you know, whatever these pull backs that on Tesla, or things like that, you know, something that I can really sink my teeth into Netflix, you know, things that can really short but the panic won’t, the panic doesn’t happen. It happens once or twice a year. You know what I’m saying? So you’re patiently waiting for a year, most people can’t even do that. You can’t sit there and wait. But you know, most people just just get bored, right? And then they over trade. And then there’s accounts blown. More accounts are blown off for overtrading by the way, then one or two bad trades, right. More accounts are blown off over trading. And most people just sit there and over trade every day, myself included.

Alex 37:08
Yep. Yep, that makes sense. I mean, just to kind of shift gears a little bit. I don’t know if you know this or not. But in 2018, I actually joined the steam room to get a little bit of options knowledge. So I want to talk to you about how you started the steam room how you met Wall Street, Jesus and what you guys are doing with steam room?

The Importance of Options Flow

Sang Lucci 37:24
Yeah, man. Steamer was a is a really cool place. And I invested a good a good chunk of change in there to kind of build my own world so to speak, right? Because I was always on Saturday satisfied with the chat room experience for most especially this discord. I don’t know, do I use discord? Do we use Slack? We use Slack and slack is much cleaner man, Discord is a fucking shit show, man, it is such a shit show. I don’t even know how to run these things. And I always had problems customizing where like I wanted to customize my own room because I wanted to add so much data in there like, like now the future of the steam room is going to be so much of our biometric data, it’s going to be your trading data as well just sink right into the room. You know, a lot of the analysis that Wall Street Jesus does, I’ll talk about how I met him in a second. But a lot of the analysis that he does some of the new tools that we create, we just put it all into the room, and then have an open API. So even the customers can kind of just do whatever the hell they want with the data, as well. So that’s going to be like the future of it. Because you know, again, as an options trader, number one, everybody needs flow. We happen to be the first ones in the door. When you know, for options flow, Wall Street, Jesus was one of the first ones who was doing this, and he’s a dude, he’s dude from Long Island man. He’s a dude from Long Island. He lives in fucking Long Island and calls himself Wall Street. Jesus obviously doesn’t show anybody who the hell he is, you know, so for us to just even come across him. I remember we’ve been you know, we’ve been at you know, down in New York, this guy was a broker, he was a broker. And you know, he he would always follow you know, those reports or whatever when you as your broker, you got to advise your clients here to buy X y&z So he would always follow these reports and try to figure out what to put his clients in. And he was a he was a gambler, too, his father was a was a horse track. You know, he was the handle on the horses all the time. So he was a degenerate at the same time as well, just pushing out free information. And, you know, he kind of started looking at the options flow to figure out how to scalp equities. And he just put the he started putting that shit out there for free. And when we came across him, you know, he probably had like, 30,000 followers or something like that. He didn’t have a room. He didn’t have anything. And we were like, Yo, just come on board with us. And we’ll build this whole system behind you, right? We’ll actually build by the data, build the tech around you. And you know, and then and then push it all through this class. For. So, you know, he’s kind of the OG of it. And, and now that we’re in this conversation about options flow, there’s so much there’s so much shit. There’s so much trash platforms out there pushing options flow, and they don’t realize that trillions of dollars gets traded in the options market every day, if you looked at all of it, you’d be fucking miserable, you’d be the worst trader on the planet, you’d be it’s, it doesn’t even give you any value to look at every single order that hits by and every single order that hits Tesla, it’s the same thing as reading a level two on tape. If you read time and sales on Tesla, and you try to make sense of every transaction that comes out on Tesla, what the fuck is that gonna do for anybody, you know what I mean? Let alone for you making any money. So you need a filter, you need a filter, you need somebody to tell you what, so what’s an aggressive bet, how that bet is actually being a how that order is actually hitting the tape, why it’s aggressive, you need all that stuff. And people right now are just selling flow platforms, and the other wars platforms, they are the fucking worst platforms, and they won’t help anybody out. And a lot of them look for unusual options activity. And that shit, that shit again, is next to useless as well. So it has to come with context. And the same thing that I use for tape, it has to come with a theory, it has to come with context. So you know, so that’s how we linked up a Wall Street Jesus connected at all and for the future of the Steam Room is just going to be a lot more data, a lot more data. And I can’t wait to do the biometric stuff as well. Because if we can get to a point where, okay, I can tell your heart rate is going crazy. I can see what your eyes are looking at on your screen. Maybe I know you’re watching a YouTube video while you have $100,000. Like while you’re down $100,000 which, which tells me you’re escaping, you know, what you need to handle here on your screen, you know, what kinds of influences and what kinds of data can we cook up? That can tell us you know, that can that can even predict. If we’re about to take a 30% drawdown or 40% drawdown or you know, whatever you don’t you don’t know. And also right now, I think with this with this AI stuff, that’s all coming out with these platforms now that we’re all coming out with the technology is slowly getting there, to the point where we might be able to, to have sort of controls in place for our own emotions, you know, we might be able to save ourselves from ourselves. I think that’s our biggest risk is traders, you yourself are the biggest risk to yourself and your emotional state. And if we find more ways to help, you know, traders with that, I think that’s going to be the next generation of trading products.

How to Deal With Stress and Anxiety

Alex 42:44
Yeah, that sounds awesome, man, because that makes last, something I learned from Brett Steen Barger back in the day was being use. If you’re stressed in a position, chances are that you are either too big in the position or you don’t have a plant. So whenever you feel that internal stress, and you that’s your trigger to say, Wait a second, let me just double check. Let me see if I have everything in place. That’s kind of like what you’re talking about the biometrics if you feel your heart rate going up, if you feel whatever that make that happens, then you’ll be able to kind of adapt that. That’s really awesome.

Sang Lucci 43:18
Yeah. Yeah. So that’s, that’s gonna be the future. That’s some of the stuff that I’m working on right now. Cool.

Alex 43:22
And also one more thing that that’s really awesome that I like to see is you do the YouTube stream in the morning, and it is I actually have it on the side while I’m in the morning. Yeah, my favorite days, your bed checked up on the ukar. Question, bro makes me lose it every single time I started doing that stream. And was that honestly,

Sang Lucci 43:44
honestly, it’s always like, it’s always like the advent of creativity for me after I’ve kind of gone stale for a while like I was, I remember being big on Instagram for a little bit. And, you know, and then I just get tired of these things. Because just pushing content. Do you guys like pushing content? I mean, Alex, I’ve seen you push a lot more content these days. I see you a lot now on the YouTube short, so I know you up in there. I know. I know you’re doing something with Oh, do you enjoy it? Or does it? Does it feel like?

Focus On Quality Rather Than Quantity

Alex 44:15
let me let me let me tie on it. So I’ve been I was making weekly content every single Monday for like four and a half years, every single Monday without a doubt I’d make a YouTube video or make some type of content. And it was fun because I was doing it live at first where I got to interact with the chat I get to talk to people. And after certain amount of time, I was like, You know what, like, if I’m stuck in a trade because I did it religiously at 11am No matter what 11am every single Monday, no matter what there’ll be some times I’d be stuck in a trade or if there’d be a big opportunity. I’d be like, You know what, like, it makes more sense to focus on the opportunity than to make the YouTube video so and then eventually what happens is like we the education that we give, there’s no SEXY Girls, there’s no flashy cars, so no one watches it right so after half years I’m just making continent continent content of peep that teaching people ways how to make millions of dollars eventually hard stops MAX SIZE stopping cutting off your trading after certain period making sure that you don’t think you have a plan all the proper information that we want to get people to succeed maybe 1000 People watch me 1000 People want and then in my head I’m like, You know what, bro like, enough is enough after four and a half years doing the Shippo Enough is enough. And what we realized is just having the shorter form like YouTube shorts or whether it be Tiktok clips is in the same amount of views so for me I’m we’re kind of now focused on more quality rather than quantity. Rather than making another video on you know, the next Black Swan that’s happening the short squeeze that’s happening at this index, the CPI. Now, what I want to do what the team wants to do is we kind of want to be able to focus on things that we love and for me, bro this is like the first time that we’re getting to talk on like a more formal intimate type of way and

Sang Lucci 46:00
I’m having like this, you like this?

Alex 46:03
I’m having a blast because you are not only an incredible trader, but your mindset bro is so freakin awesome. Because you’re the way that you answer questions I can tell her that you’ve been through the wringer. I know exactly what it’s like, you’ve definitely made a million dollars in the day you definitely lost a million dollars in debt, you definitely know what hardship is like, you know what the days are, you know what the bad things are. And for me, I’m the type of guy that I just want to learn, bro, I’m not the smartest guy in the room, I don’t make the most amount of money. If I see someone making money, I ask them questions. I am humble enough to say you know what, but like, you’re a badass trader, I’m butchering the steamroller, you’re a badass trader, I’m gonna look into the options, the master course I want to be able to improve. So for me being able to talk to a trader that is not only smarter than me emotionally more capable than me, someone that has more experienced than me someone that is a lot more, I guess like it more, more mentally strong in certain areas that I lacked. This, to me is the type of content that I want to create was this type of stuff that I want to learn about. And if it gets 1000 views, if it gets 10,000 views, it doesn’t matter to me, because now I’m doing what I think is not only going to help my trading is going to help their trading is gonna help everyone’s trading. And at the end of the day, if we go if this creates some sort of friendship in the mix, where I come to Puerto Rico, we hang out with some steaks we do whatever it is, that to me is more valuable than making just another video that no one is going to watch than those who care about that, at the end of the day is not going to change my life.

Sang Lucci 47:39
I got tired, I got tired of it too, bro. And when I did the live, I realized it was the most it’s the it’s the rice form of meat that you know, it’s not short video. It’s not something that was

Alex 47:54
rehearsed or highly produced is not highly edited. It’s cameras on your fucking trading. You’re in a jungle, bro. You’re in the jungle because a lot of people don’t understand trading is quiet, bro. It’s quiet. But like, it’s not really fucking quiet, bro. If you have all this crazy shit movement.

Sang Lucci 48:09
Yeah, yeah, man. And I realized that was the most wrong way. Like there was just a Ross way that you could get you could get me, right. And I am uniquely me on that stream. Because I’m in the mix. And I’m just, I’m just voicing my thoughts. And, again, the whole office feeds off of it as well. Right? So the whole office is listening, as well. And then the whole office is like, Yo, you gotta you gotta take a look at this. You got to take a look at this, this, this and this. And we all everybody helps each other, you know, so a lot of trays get thrown around in here. And just one idea here at the office. By the way, my best idea today came from one of the board of boys at the office. It was Mara. It was more along. He called it out in the morning. And I didn’t realize what BTC was doing. I go look at BTC I’m like oh shit. Okay, then Mara has got a big short interest. So now you start thinking alright, now now we got to now we got a little plan. I threw out a feeler. It wasn’t doing anything. And then BTC just started running. It ran like 1000 Fucking points. And it’s more I squeezed the shit out everybody. And I you know, I made 3040 grand on that fucking trade.

Alex 49:15
My favorite is when you’re trading the stocks that I’m trading like when you’re trading or GFSI or you’re reading the ukar because I feel like people may see All right, he’s down 50k He’s down 100k But I know this motherfucker bro. 100k is like, it’s like the 100 K’s they’re like Alright, let’s see what you got. Let’s see what you got right exact. So that’s that’s the way that’s what I enjoy seeing is not only am I trying to improve my options trading by watching learning, but when you’re trading something that I’m trading and I see you put on 2030 40,000 a new car or 20,000 30,000 GFCI and you’re like there’s a seller on the tape at 33 Look at him refreshing look at him refreshing. And I’m like, you know, I see the same shit bro. I see the same shit. And that to me is like Alright, wait a second. Maybe Universal is universal in small caps, large caps, sneakers, tickets, this that it’s

Sang Lucci 50:04
that universal

Alex 50:07
supply and demand and every type of thing. If you’re at a bar, and there’s one girl and she’s the ugliest girl ever, she’ll hide demand is the same thing in every single type of scenario that I like to see. But

Sang Lucci 50:19
that’s by the way, that’s the whole master course, right? That’s most of the master course, right? There is me just going through all of these different forms of tape, and extracting, extracting the information that we need to either bid to either make a trade or to keep it moving, you know what I mean? And trying to shape the other students mindsets to change a little bit, too. And everything is tape mindset, right? Because if you can look at the markets, with a tape mindset, and you look at your life as a tape mindset, I guarantee you, everybody will be better off from a business perspective, from just an overall understanding perspective. Everybody will be smarter immediately. If you learn to look at the world as tape, you know, if he into me, everything is taped, so I love that you said he’s saying that, Alex, that’s exactly that’s exactly how I roll through my days.

James 51:11
That’s funny. Dude, you’re such like a you’re such an intense guy. And it’s like, you see, obviously so passionate and like the like, how you approach markets? How do you detach yourself at all? From Yes, I feel like you’re you seem obsessed with

How Do You Detach From Your Losses?

Sang Lucci 51:25
my secret. That’s my secret. I don’t give a fuck about that, that’s my secret man at all times, man, I really don’t give a shit. You know, I really don’t. I really don’t care. Of course, it’s it’s levels to it, right? I mean, you know, you can’t, you know, you have a big loss, of course, you’re gonna feel some kind of attachment to it. But once you’ve once you’ve understood that’s where your happiness comes from. Because your happiness will only come from the detachment, you have to, you have to if you want to be happy at all, I’ve met tons of traders, you know, and you guys know what this is, I connect traders for a living, this is what I enjoy doing. Because nobody understands us, you know, even our friggin girlfriends Don’t fucking understand us, they don’t understand how we talk, they don’t understand how we how we think they don’t understand how we act, why we act this way. But you guys, the four, you guys are the three of you guys, I can see you anywhere. And you know, me, I know you. And we’d have way more fun than than half of you guys you know, with your with your best friends. You know what I mean? Just because we, we were on the same page, you know, so for me, like, I just want to connect all of us from all over the world, in whatever freakin language. And the key to all of it, if you want to be happy at the same time you’re fucking trading is the detachment part. That’s the toughest part, that is the toughest part. And it only comes with experience to me, I’ve seen some people who are a year in two years in, and they already understand it, you know, and that’s crazy. That is crazy to me. But again, you know, you never know where a person is going to be until you until you you push up on that resistance. So enough things have happened to me where it ain’t gonna, you know, none of this shit is going to make any fucking difference, man, and the only thing that’s going to make a difference is if I’m, if I’m healthy, active, I’m working out, you know, I’m meditating, my mind is calm, you know, I treat people I treat people, right, I try to be better not as like an angry as it was as a kid and all that kind of stuff, I can do those things, you know, the rest of the shit, the money will come that this will come that will come or whatever, like, you know, so those are the kinds of the things that matter. And unfortunately, it takes, it takes a long, I think it takes a whole year, it takes a whole Platinum for for somebody to really get there. But what you’re talking about and what you asked me, you know, the how do you detach? You know, if if people were actually looking for rules or like things that you could do, you know, immediately hanging out with friends is obviously a top one. You know, the one thing that you don’t want to do, and there’s a isn’t, is if you do have a bad day, you tend to go towards the things that push you further into the negativity, right? So let’s say you have a bad day, your diet kind of goes to shit, right? Or maybe you don’t hit the gym that day. Or maybe you don’t, you know, you don’t want to pick up the phone that day and talk to anybody. You know what I mean? We start to do things that push us further into that energy, the energy of the laws, the energy of the attachment, the energy of the shit, what am I going to do tomorrow or I can’t pay this bill or that bill, we tend to, we tend to go deeper there and fighting that every single day. That’s the That’s the game. It’s the game of it all fighting that every single day and bro even if you fuck up, it’s okay. It’s okay. Most of the time we’re so hard on ourselves. We take a loss, we lose this we lose that bla bla bla which All hard on ourselves, especially traders to man, we beat the shit out of ourselves. This is no need for that. There’s really no need for that, you know, just dump it get to the next day, you know, try to get in the right mindset and wake up and and go for it again.

Harry 55:15
Yeah, we kind of touched on this at the beginning with you have a kid and stuff like that. Yeah. And obviously she’s probably a lot older now

Sang Lucci 55:22
she’s 18. And she’s about to go to college Bro. Bro. Yeah, yeah,

Harry 55:30
kinda like perspective as far as like raising a kid in today’s world? And like, how would you kind of go about that trading, because that’s a big balance, you know, trading and then sure it is well, and also, it’s kind of crazy. Now, today’s world with all that like, stuff like that.

It’s Brutal to Be a Parent

Sang Lucci 55:46
It’s It’s brutal. It’s brutal. I’ll say it’s brutal, because I’ll watch other parents, and I’ll watch what is considered acceptable now for parenting. And it’s not even parenting, like, it’s not parent half 90% of these parents, they’ll just, they’ll just let the kid do whatever they want to do. And, and the kid, the kid is not there yet to be able to allow that or to be able to have that, you know, that is a privilege that just needs to be earned or not developed yet. So the phones, of course, the iPads, I mean, these kids are hooked to that shit, it never leaves their shit, they got a strap backpack on with them on the fucking iPad. You know, they go they sit down to dinner, and the shits right there, they’re eating a french fry, while sitting there, you know, at fucking two years old and three years old and everything. Like, I’m still old school in that sense, where and if you guys ever do meet my daughter, you’ll see immediately in her and the way that she talks. And the way that she acts, the things that she does. It’s like I brought her everywhere. When she was a kid, I brought her everywhere. I didn’t speak to her like she was she was she was a kid she was the most beautiful girl in in the world. But I never spoke to her like a baby. Really, I always spoke to her as an adult. And, you know, and, man. You can’t you can’t you can’t tell. You can’t tell somebody how to parent, right? You can’t tell the world that we’re going down this shitty trajectory right now. I mean, I can say it to you guys, or whatever. But, you know, what are you gonna do? You’re gonna tell your brother that he’s a shitty dad. And you know, his kids are gonna be, you know, absolutely useless by the time they’re 20. That’s, that’s what’s going to happen. And it’s sad. It’s just sad. I’ll keep it. I’ll keep it at that. I do have a lot of stronger opinions on this whole on this whole topic and where these kids are going, but what if we’re wrong? What if we’re wrong? And all this iPads shit is completely okay. What if it’s, what if all this AI stuff is completely okay? What if all that, you know, having an online relationship and never actually seeing somebody is completely okay, who will we say that it’s wrong or status fucked up, right? I mean, you know, I just know that my kid and my family. And the way that I raised the way that I raised these kids are that they’re, they’re resourceful man. They are resourceful. They ask the questions. They are polite, they know how to speak, they know how to communicate, and that’s half of it right there. And they and the most important thing is they know how to think they know how to frickin think. So with my daughter, every, you know, every time she’s going through some shit, I’m there to just kind of be like, Listen, you know, it’s not the end of the world. This kind of stuff, this stuff is gonna come and go and everything. She’s, she’s super dope, man. So all I can do is try to is try to control what I can man and try to do the best with my kids. But everybody else’s kids, man, Jesus, you know, for me to even say like, I don’t want you talking to these kids, you know, some of our friends to some media, you know, some of the kids are at school, you know, at her school and everything. And I’m just like, what? Do shit bro, they can’t do shit. They don’t know, there’s no problem solving skills. As you go to the store to go get me some shit. You can’t even do that. You can’t even do that the moms don’t even want to let them out of their sight. They don’t even want to so it’s this. It’s just this weird thing, where both sides are so scared man are so scared about everything. And we’re just we’re just, we’re just being these shitty helicopter parents. And given these kids everything that they can want to so that they you know, they get to the point and 1516 they think they’re entitled to everything bro. Everything and I’m looking at these kids and I’m still that guy who if you put a kid around me, I’m gonna all of a sudden become a parent to that child. And and I’ve been in so many situations where their parents their actual parents will just give me the evil eye man. You know what I mean? And, and I’ll look around. I’m like, Dude, come on, man. They don’t even have these kids playing sports anymore, bro. No, you don’t put you know, no, no, we’re not gonna play sports and everything. Why are you kidding me? Are you fucking kidding me, bro? So I could go on for days about this shit. I don’t think we’re going in the right place as far as the youth is concerned, but I could be completely wrong, man. What if AI saves all this shit? And they really don’t need this problem solve anything, right? What if I’m completely wrong, and they don’t need any skill sets? They don’t they can just sit at their computers. They can just be these sort of loners here, but have all this have all this shit going on on tick tock where they get all their their their self worth from on tick tock on Instagram or whatever the hell it is. Maybe all that shit works out? I can’t see it. I can’t see it working out. But maybe, maybe I love

James 1:00:55
that. You can say that. What if I’m wrong? Because I agree with everything you said. But I think it takes us like a real special person that you can say like, I could be wrong because no one else no one will say that now.

Sang Lucci 1:01:06
Yeah. Yeah. I mean, now, are you telling me the only way that you can figure out and realize what’s going on in the world is by watching an episode episode of fucking black mirror, you have to watch an episode of fucking black mirror to see, to see some shit that’s going on in front of you. Every day, every day, every day you look around, that shit is going on right in front of you. But we have to look, we have to watch an episode of fucking black mirror for it to actually make an effect on us. And even then we don’t give a shit. We watch an episode of Black Mirror and go right the fuck back to whatever the hell we were doing. You know, and Black Mirror shows it in such a horrible way that this could be the end of this trajectory that we’re all going. Meanwhile, we get up we do the same thing every day. And nobody says a fucking word man. China, meanwhile, doesn’t even allow their kids to be on tick tock, and they have that whole damn platform, right? You don’t think this shit is happening right in front of us. And nobody says anything. Nobody says anything. Nobody questions it. Nobody says a fucking word, man. They just go on with status quo and brainwashed. I don’t get it. I don’t get that part. So

The Entitlement of the Next Generation of Investors

Alex 1:02:13
I think that’s really important, bro, that you mentioned is the entitlement and what, what the way that I think about it is that the next generation, whatever it may be, it’s probably going to be some of the laziest most entitled people ever. And what that tells me is for hard working guys like us, it is going to be a piece of cake man. They are so they are so fucked in this world. And all it takes is one fucking gypsy and one fucking guy to just work, all we have to do is show up and work. And that’s already going to be lightyears ahead and what they do so to me, I understand it. I think it’s horrible. I think it’s the worst thing ever, I don’t think it’s going to change. Now my mindset is how are we going to make money on it, all we’re going to do is we’re going to just keep showing up, keep working hard. And there’s going to be a new era of like, the lazy people, and then the not so lazy people, and they’re not so lazy, people are going to start cleaning up. So for us, like you say you’re an old school guy, my father taught me good old school guys, I’m going to show up, I’m going to work, I’m gonna hustle my ass off. And I hope that these people enter the markets, whether it be through the stock market itself, or whether it be in any type of market, any type of tape, because there’s going to be so much advantage to be taken off just because of their lack of understanding of how the world actually really works.

Sang Lucci 1:03:28
I agree. And I think off of that comment, I think blue collar jobs come back to the next. You know, it used to be the doctors who had the god complex, right? You were the ones who were getting paid the most, then it became the developers, right, the program developers, right. And these guys have the new guide complex, you can’t tell them shit, they don’t give a damn about your project. They just get paid stupid amounts of money to write code and bla bla bla bla bla, now we’re moving into AI right? So now, there’s going to be a point in time where AI takes over the writing of the code, right? So your developers here you sure they’re still gonna get paid? But they ain’t gonna be the God Complex. Now, what if it goes back to the blue collar guys, the guys, the electricians, the plumbers, the guys who fucking actually know how to do the guys who actually know how to build shit, you know? And now these guys are getting paid stupid amounts of money because there ain’t none of them left. There’s no There’s no, there’s none. Like you said,

Alex 1:04:21
bro. It’s take there’s gonna be the same fucking thing. It circles back to the same fuckin thing. Why and demand. Now, another thing that I think is really important that people don’t understand is, once you’ve made it in any type of way, maybe making it for someone who’s making 100k a year maybe it’s 500k Or maybe it’s a million a year is what do you do with that extra money? So in terms of you, Lucci, how do you diversify your money, whether it be into real estate, whether it be into gold, whether it be the watches, shoes, whatever it is, what do you do to diversify and protect yourself? So that God forbid if there is a million dollar day that’s on the wrong side? How do you Make sure that you’re there and not only protected, it’s what’s your insurance policy?

Investing in Business

Sang Lucci 1:05:05
Yeah. So really, we have to talk about real estate as being the top sort of insurance policy, you know, so once you come into some cash, immediately, the first thing that you should think about is purchasing some property, doing some, you know, some rentals here if you need to, or just living in this place, and then just watching it, you know, accumulate here, and, and that’s kind of your nest egg, because not only do you have, you know, the equity in the house, you also have a, you know, an asset here that you can take some liabilities off, you know, so you have, you know, you have a place where you can pull some cash out as well, you know, it’s, it’s a, it’s an asset that everybody freaking needs, you need it at some point, especially if you want to protect yourself from trading, you know, the volatility of trading. Once you get your home. That’s the first thing that you got to do, man, once you get your home set, you get your home freakin set in a nice area that’s up and coming that everybody friggin wants to be in or whatever, maybe it’s not priced out already, but it’s up, it’s about to happen. And you can see these things in every major city you walk around, just fucking walk around and read some damn tape, read some fucking tape. Look around, man, open your freaking eyes, which by the way, these kids can’t fucking do. They can’t do at all, you know what I mean? There’s no way they got a shot reading any kinds of freaking tape, you know, walk around some of these cities see what these open coming areas are, you know, and plant yourself plant yourself in the mix there. So that’s that’s step number one because, you know, your trading is gonna go on. But you got your house, you got your house, you got your food, your kitchen is freakin good. You know that asset you can use for a lot of creative things in the future. So that has to be freakin number one. Number two, number two, for me personally. It’s with the current situation that’s happening right now I’m doing a lot of crypto stuff, I’m accumulating a lot of crypto, but it was mostly BTC and ether. So a good percent of my portfolio is always going into more BTC and more ether. And it’s always a I run a couple of strategies here where I just write options on BTC and ether. They have daily explorations on all this kind of stuff. So I’m just scraping pennies just like I am in the equities markets on BTC. The difference is is that it settles in BTC. Right. So as you write your options, it just settles right in BTC. And now you have more BTC Of course, assuming you don’t get screwed on a on a right and all that kind of stuff. So of course there’s a risk there. So that’s my, that’s my number two, number three. So that’s always that’s always there. And I’m always pushing more cast to that. And then it becomes then for me like I’m very speculative. I’m always I’ve always been, you know. So here’s where, here’s where the problems start. And when you get speculative. And, you know, when we talk about people, you really investing in people, right, so let’s say you want to invest in businesses, right, I have a cannabis project here on the island, that’s that’s basically an outdoor grow operation because most of the projects here on the island are indoor. And the cost, the cost is too high to produce a pound of weed here in Puerto Rico, because the electricity is just the cost of electricity is through the roof. So outdoors where the opportunity is, but you have to sit on this you have to you have to be able to sit on this until it gets federally legalized. And now you can start distributing all over the freaking world. That’s what we’re technically waiting for. You know, but there’s a lot, there’s a lot of, you know, there’s a lot of costs, you got to eat, just kind of waiting and waiting patiently for these things to happen. And then betting on people, man, because you can have a great idea, a great project man. And the people just fucking fuck it all up, bro. And we go back to that emotion. And we go back to the condition of being a human. A person will make you believe in them all the time. Let’s say you meet a girl, right? We kind of give the we kind of give the trust right away. Right right off the bat. We kind of give it to them. And then we allow them to either do something to make us want to pull that trust back. Now in business, what does that look like? In business? That’s like, okay, man, let’s get this project off the ground. Let’s get in there. You know, how much do we need? 500 grand, okay, whatever the hell it is. And you really believe that everybody has the same intention that you do the same values that you do the same mindset that you do the same work ethic that you do, and sadly, it ain’t the fucking case, man. It really ain’t the case. So there’s a lot of projects that I’ve I’ve pushed cash to with the best intentions across everybody that was involved, and they fucking went to shit and they went to shit because of people. So in business in general, if you want to invest, and you want to diversify and do all these things, you really Gotta be a good reader of people, you know, and sometimes you you’re not even gonna, you can be a good read, you can be a good read, and you still get it wrong, you know, people will surprise the fuck out of you, man. And that’s kind of where I made some mistakes in business, I think. And as traders, we’re kind of most most traders are loners, anyway. And, you know, as they sort of make money, you know, they stay trading here, and nest, they don’t necessarily do anything with their money, you know, so I’m not gonna sit here and say that that’s a bad idea as well, you could just do absolutely nothing, you know, there’s a couple of traders that I know, that just want to trade they don’t get, they don’t want to put themselves at risk in other businesses, they don’t want to do any of that stuff. You know, so I would say the safest bet, again, real estate, also great upside there as well. And then if you want to do business, and if you want to take that risk, you know, you have to you have to be a good supervisor, you got to be a good manager, you got to be a good read, you know, a good read on on, you have to have a good read on people. If you can’t do those things. You know, you’re going to end up relying too much on your team because you’re the you know, you’re just the money guy. And the money guy is the first person to get screwed man for money, guys, the first person that gets screwed, so, you know, all these other people? Yeah, sure, they might have sweat equity, but you just lost, you know, a million bucks, because you guys had a great idea. And everything is somebody couldn’t execute or somebody decided, Hey, fuck it, you know, I’m done. You know, I don’t want to put that work in and all that kind of stuff. So I’ve had, I’ve had some good luck with people, but I’ve had more bad luck. I would say with people, generally speaking, like, I’m a trusting person. If somebody tells me like, Yo, this, this, you know, this is what I’m gonna do every single day I believe them in and they ain’t like us, bro. They’re not like us, ma’am. They’re not like us. So watch, ask man, watch your ass out there. Anybody who anybody who’s listening, if you guys are traitors, you got to come in into money. You know, be careful. I also got a nonprofit, the nonprofit is where I love it. I love the nonprofit. So what we do here in at the office, it’s also a part of tradespace. Basically, we just teach, we just give free entrepreneurship classes, Small Business Management, things like that. And, you know, the money that we raise here, we kind of give it as we give it as fundraising for the for the actual company. So we’ll get tons of startups on the island. And they’ll come to us for business advice and things like that, we’ll do consulting, you know, we’ll give them the legal side of things will liaison with accountants legal, so that, you know, they can take care of that stuff for free. So that’s, you know, those projects really make me happy there too. You know, but I would, if you guys are trying to diversify and put your hands in a lot of different places, just like trading, if you if you’re trying to run four strategies at the same fucking time. You know, for most people think you don’t have the bandwidth for that you don’t have the bandwidth for that. So be careful, man, when you come into some, when you come into that cast, that most important thing is protecting it. Obviously making sure it grows as well and you’re a trader. So if you’re a trader, you already have the mindset for it. You know, so be careful, be careful where you’re where it’s all going to screw up is always people, it’s always people and their emotions and their bullshit. Because we are,

James 1:13:18
do you push your daughter towards the risk life?

Sang Lucci 1:13:21
Yo, she she is bougie man, she’s a little bougie man, she’s a little bougie because she you know, she obviously she hung out with her father enough times. And we’re, you know, we’re doing you know, and my circle and my circle of friends of course. You know, there’s a you talk about it as much as you want to this class is all over the world, right? There’s levels to this game and shit, right? So, you know, when she comes out and hangs out with pops, of course, she she decides that she wants that kind of she wants that kind of stuff. So what do you know, you know, so obviously she already has it. That’s why as a parent, like, the best thing that you could do is just fucking be better be a better human being. And the shit just glides right over to them and you don’t have to, you know, you don’t have to make it a freakin overthinking thing. Like you have a child. You just got to be you know, just be a good man and the kids gonna be fucking great man. So the kids already she’s an artist, she’s a musician. She plays a guitar. She plays the cello and she plays a piano so she’ll, she’ll draw, and then she’ll compose her own piece and then put it on, put it on the art that she’s selling and everything like that. So I mean, I don’t think it’s a genetic thing. I think it’s something that you see it could be genetics. I don’t know. I don’t know enough about the biology stuff. What gets passed down and what doesn’t but see me she seen me hustle since day one man. I’ve had her helping me with my hustle since day one. We were flipping. You know, I was flipping tickets. She was doing my spreadsheets since she was you know, 10 years old and 11 years old. You know what I mean? So she reads tape now to she’ll walk into a coffee shop and be like, Yo, Does it you know, this this is this is not right over here. There’s an opportunity over here. So she already has to she already has that I because she’s, she’s seen it, she’s seen it. She’s seen the numbers, she’s ran the numbers. So you know, it’s a it’s a really dope thing to watch her kind of come into, you know, herself and what she wants to do and everything like that. And, bro, if I get to just see and watch that for the next 20 years. I’m happy. I’m happy.

Alex 1:15:26
That’s awesome, man. So I asked you about your insurance policy. But what some of the stupid shit you spend money on? I know for damn sure I spent money on the stupid stuff stupid fucking Avengers glove, bro. I paid like $10,000 for it,

Sang Lucci 1:15:41
bro. You know what? women, women is way up there on my list. women, women is way up there on my list, man it is up there. I would and I and again, I would call it and I’m saying that to stupid. There’s many situations where it’s been very stupid on my part, you know, to just kind of throw all this money here on you know, a trip or this or that or whatever, they get a girl’s attention and all that kind of stuff. These are the dumb things men do with money. Just because they can and finally you realize like, alright, don’t be an asshole here who gives a shit? You know, it’s not that big of a deal kind of thing. So the dumbest thing besides, besides women, that I have spent my money on. You know what, man? I’m not like that, bro. I’m never I’ve never been like that, man. I really have never been like that. So I’ve never bought like some crazy material last thing, a car or this or that or whatever. Like, I’ve never been that guy. I mean, I spent I spent like, maybe 30 grand to customize my jeep. I don’t know if that’s considered dumb.

Alex 1:16:47
More than a girl one day,

Sang Lucci 1:16:49
that’s what I’m saying, man. That’s why I’m saying my biggest stupid, you know, waste of money or whatever has always been women, man. It’s always been women. So that’s my answer. Man. That’s gonna be my answer. Cool.

Alex 1:17:00
Talk to you about tradespace. Man, how’d you get started with that? And what’s what’s what’s that like, for people I’m in,

Sang Lucci 1:17:05
you know, imagine us being right next to each other every day. Having this conversation right here every day, at lunch dinner morning, every day at the kitchen counter every single day. And some kind of derivation of this conversation every day all the time. Imagine that. That’s what the value is to this place. People don’t get it right. People will be like, Yo, you know, let me buy your course. I’d be like, dude, just buy a desk, just get a desk here and sit next to me for a month. Just shut up and listen. And you’ll you’ll have more you’ll have will you’ll have nine freaking classes that you could have paid for, you know, just by sitting in this friggin office. And just by listening like I want, I think traders are uniquely were uniquely us and nobody has a clue how we how we think right? And we need a space to kind of be around each other. And I hate I always hated the fact that I would roll around to these places. And the world is the world tradesman. The world trades now, right? If you look all over the world, everybody has a freaking Robinhood account. Everybody’s got a frickin Binary Options account. Everybody’s got a Forex account, everybody’s got something, you know, but nobody talks to each other, not a single person decides to talk to each other about anything. So for me, that was the core concept. So I didn’t know anybody would come, I just I just put 300k into this into this office. And everybody showed up. And so now I’m like, Alright, let me put it around the world. And now let’s do a membership. Right. So Alex, Alex pays for the, let’s say, the gold membership, right? So you can go anywhere across the world. Let’s say there’s one in Singapore, Dubai, Argentina, you know, Colombia, wherever, right. And immediately as soon as he lands, he’s got a whole crew that already understands how he thinks all he needs to do is pick up a little language. And he’s already got all the spots, all the restaurants, all the bars, all the clubs, everything, everything is already it’s already there. You know, imagine, imagine that that’s the world that I want to live in. So this is the start of it, you know, this is this, this is the start of it. I want to be able to pick up in any moment go to Singapore, maybe there’s some opportunity that we don’t freaking know about, you know, in Dubai or some product that we don’t know about. And that’s what trade you know, to me, that’s what a trader is that’s who we are man, we roll around looking for how to buy one sell for two, this is what we do, man so if I can do that all over the world, and that that allows me also to get the culture to get the language you know to see the world and all that in a way that immediately I’m plugged in as soon as I fucking land man, bro. That’s what I want. That’s what I want and that’s what I want for everybody who decides to make it their thing to you know, that’s what I want.

Alex 1:19:48
Well, you’re a beast man. I got it’s just it’s just really awesome. I can’t believe it took us this long to conjure up like this because bro this shit that you’re saying? I just I just feel it bro. Like I feel like exact actly what you’re saying and that’s to find someone that you could relate with that on there that really gets it is really tough man. So I’m just really appreciate that. But before we wrap up, do you have any questions for us? Like, is there anything that we could kind of go over? Like, is it that’s kind of in your head? They will talk about?

Sang Lucci 1:20:16
Is this your whole team right here, man, so So how’s it work over there and your crew? Ally? So?

Alex 1:20:22
Yeah, so this is Harry, who’s long bias. James is more. Right now. He’s doing long swings. Okay. And in terms of the team, we probably have about 15 moderators. Yeah, we have a couple of 1000 members. And what we focus on man is just honestly, everyone has a role, right? Everyone has a role, what I learned that to kind of grow MICC is I can’t be there 24/7 I can’t be there to facilitate everything, because my job as a leader is I want to be able to trade in the morning. So for me, I execute between like 9am to 11am I trade. And then based on my stats, I found out that after 10:30am, I lose money. So rather than continuing to trade after 1030, I cut off my trading and my p&l like dramatically increased. So between 11am to like 6pm My role is to kind of grow the MRC business, whether that be marketing, whether that be accounting, whether that be legally whether that be in terms of advertisements, content, this that, but pretty much because we have traders and members from all around the world 24/7 There’s something happening. There’s something happening in our community, there’s something happening at all times. We’re also throwing an event in August in Orlando, if you want to come it’s

Sang Lucci 1:21:42
super dope, man. super dope. I’m in Orlando all the time. And you’ll every time I rolled through there, man, somebody recognizes me, man. And there’s just like there’s a big trading community in our in Orlando man for

Alex 1:21:52
real. Exactly. So we’re celebrating our five year anniversary. So you’re more than welcome to come more than one love that

Sang Lucci 1:21:56
would love that man. My daughter lives in Orlando too. So it’s perfect, man. Hell yeah.

Alex 1:22:01
So that’s my day, pretty much after the market open is spent on trying to grow MRC, as you know, the, you know, the trading industry has kind of contracted within the last two years. So it’s been a lot tougher to grow the business aspect of it 100%. But aside from that, my my thought process is just like anything else, is if you build it, they will come. So just like you’re trying to build a great community trade space all around the world. We’re trying to build a great trading community. And it’s only a matter of time until it really starts to spiral and Domino, because at the end of the day, traders that want to learn about trading, usually have another side hustle, they may be a doctor, lawyer, they may be an accountant, they may be graphic designer, they may be only fans, you don’t know what they’re doing. So

Sang Lucci 1:22:47
that’s why I love us, man. I love us so much, man. We’re all we’re all so alike. But none of us talk to each other. If we sat there and we actually did, we’d be like, holy shit. This is my business. This is a brother from another mother right here. I can learn so much from this guy. And it doesn’t matter what level they’re at. They could just be starting out or they could be friggin worth 100 million. The value is there man in connecting. And so I love it, man. I get some of your guys down here too, man. So some of you guys come down here. Yeah, some of you guys come down here like yo, we’re an MIT guy or whatever. So

Alex 1:23:20
I gotta come visit you bro. I gotta come easy. I gotta I gotta come for maybe like two three weeks I gotta come set up. That’s their trade a little bit. I got

Sang Lucci 1:23:29
a little bit we got to cover we got you covered man again San Juan is a beautiful place man. It is a beautiful place. It’s small and literally everything is right next to each other. So we got the beach two minutes down the block. Everybody is there the showers are here too. So everybody just kind of comes you know they hop off the beach come here take a shower trade a little bit. Living Room is here. Kitchen is here. You know so it’s home. It will come it’s fucking home bro. It literally is home bro. It’s home for traders. That’s what it is man. Scared I’ll never leave so I want to say 100% Bro 100%

Alex 1:24:06
Man this is awesome bro. Like I really appreciate your time man. I know you’re a busy guy. I really appreciate how deep you get into this and for those people that are watching just understand that you know we’re all just normal dudes at the end of the day man that just have a real big passion for not only making money but doing live in this crazy world that we live in where Tesla’s up fucking 20 points FedEx is up this is

Sang Lucci 1:24:29
that is it’s always something going on man. Oh man.

Alex 1:24:34
I have my my friends always ask me like oh, like how’s trading been? And I’ve been like, tell him the truth. I’m like, bro, I don’t know if I’m gonna wake up to the best day of my life the worst day of my life. I have no idea what I’m gonna wake up to at any point any day. It’s never super it’s never super consistent in the sense that the markets gonna do the same thing. It’s just always a different fucking ballgame. And just when you think you’ve seen it all. You get something like CX AI gapping up into the after hours to $70 you get to something like Tesla or meta crash into like $80 $90 and then tripling off the lows. Like, you can’t make this shit up. You really can’t make this shit up and the market is almost the best. It’s like almost the best reality TV show, because I don’t know, bro. I don’t know if we’re gonna wake up tomorrow Elon is gonna stop and hasn’t gonna be down. 50% No, no.

Sang Lucci 1:25:27
That’s why I like the live man. That’s why I like to live to live helps me kind of express all that craziness and all that emotion with stuff that’s happening, man because it’s insane every single day, and it’s just, but it’s just hilarious. There’s so much comedy in all at all times, man. So I enjoy I enjoy laughing Okay, just

Alex 1:25:46
the way they fuck with people bro is so impressive. It’s just so impressive. Like the way you say it is when there’s no bid and everyone’s screaming for a bit. That’s your biggest opportunity. Like they fuck with people to such a point where they’re like, this thing is going to zero. Like I remember bro, last year metal was zero. Everybody should go to fucking zero. It should.

Sang Lucci 1:26:06
It should. It triples and everybody’s like, why though? Buck denied by that

Alex 1:26:11
happened, bro, what’s up? And so like, oh, no, bro, this. And I think the longer that you’re in the game, the more you understand that. Now crazy shit could happen. Like I started trading in 2014. So I didn’t see 2008. But in 2008, I’m sure there was no bid anywhere. So now that I’ve lived through the 2022, I know that when that cycle comes that there’s no no bid anywhere, you know that you can just hit the short button on anything and it’s going to work even will

Sang Lucci 1:26:40
make, I’ll make millions, I’ll make millions of dollars. So all this and then good to go. But to tie it back up here before we before we end, right? We were talking about desires and we talked about once and you know how oftentimes they control us, right? So, you know, let’s say you gotta get you got a guy that wants to make a million bucks or 2 million bucks, but he wants it so fucking bad. It expresses itself in his emotions, how he thinks of himself if he has a bad day, blah, blah, blah, all this kind of stuff. If you’re able to look I’m able to look at myself and be like, Alright, I have the skills to get there. I have the confidence. Do I have the market? Do I have the right market for it? Is you know is has that market been bestowed upon me yet? Or is it time yet? Oftentimes, it just ain’t time yet. It’s not time yet and you try to force it, you try to force it in a world that’s just not it’s just not there for you. It doesn’t mean that you can’t make the million dollars. It doesn’t mean that you can’t hit the 2 million. It just means you got to chill out you got to chill out about it. You know, you got to realize like it’s already there for you. You just have to you get you just have to be patient,

Alex 1:27:44
or that is most that’s the most truest thing I’ve ever heard again,

Sang Lucci 1:27:47
you just gotta be patient about it. My market will come and when it does, you already know what’s going to happen. I already know what’s gonna happen and you better

Alex 1:27:54
make damn sure that before it comes that you do not exhaust yourself walking imagine or can you imagine 100 The guy that was buying the dip on meta at 150 selling at 141 30 song at 120 100 selling at 90 and then you’re like, you know what, I’m gonna try it again at a hundo I’m gonna sell it at 110 Finally I got it and then motherfucker goes up to 1000 shares so you got to make sure that you don’t exhaust yourself mentally during the improper cycle because you may be right meta was that by right in hindsight it wasn’t that bad. But if you timed it wrong if the cycle wasn’t correct, if you didn’t wait to that catalyst of them laying off people that change the tape,

Sang Lucci 1:28:34
you got to exhaust it. And again, you know we blow up accounts on overtrading and mental exhaustion man because we just can’t You can’t feel the shit coming you can’t feel the cot you lose your confidence and all that kind of stuff. And boom you start blowing out accounts you know it’s not necessary just sit there be patient man when that check comes in that train comes and you’re there mentally man forget about it. The money’s there you already know it man. So that’s

Alex 1:29:00
I’ve done I’ve had so many scenarios where my dumbass like I use all the buying

Sang Lucci 1:29:04
power I have course now you ain’t got none left

Alex 1:29:08
1000s of shares and my fucking crazy stupid asked is like how do I get more buying Yes sir. Perfect. Cool, man.

James 1:29:21
This was like freaking church for me it was awesome

Sang Lucci 1:29:26
to have you back on anytime and then you guys are all welcome. You guys are all welcome to come to be your man. Just let me know and you guys

James 1:29:35
thank you again brother. Peace out guys. I’ll see you guys thanks bro.


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