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What’s up guys, today we have a very, very exciting topic of discussing what happened to the Atlas pumpers. Now facing an SEC lawsuit and criminal charges for using social media to pump and dump stocks, we also go over the FTX scandal and the overall market. This one is a jam packed podcast. So you all for sure want to listen up, stick around and enjoy. Cheers, guys. And let’s get into it.



James 0:24
What’s going on guys, we’re back with another episode of the after hours Podcast. Today we have a fiery one. But I’m excited to start. So Alex will kind of pass it off to you. And we’ll go from there.

Alex 0:35
Yeah, so I’m sure you guys have noticed or heard in the news lately, that there was a massive $100 million pump and dump scam that just got exposed. That just got blown up into massive proportions. And the crazy part is we’re going to explain everything guys, we’re going to explain, you know who these people are, what they did, how they did it, what’s going to happen, and kind of the future trading because of it. But my thing that surprised me the most is how fast that these people got caught. Because the saying is the wheels of justice grind slowly. And these people were scanning during 2020 and 2021 and 2022. They got caught. Usually it takes until 2020 Like point 30 for these people to get caught. So I think that’s very interesting how a lot of these pump and dump schemes are getting caught faster. And yes, I thought that was just kind of crazy how fast they got them. So a little bit of backstory on these things, as these were a couple of normal dues, probably never traded before in their lives. Or if they did trade, they didn’t really make much money training. And then when the pandemic started, and everyone was locked in at home, a lot of people started making discord chats, they started making telegram chats, they started making these private chats where, you know, they would just use it as a way to communicate and talk. Eventually, those private rooms became free rooms where you can join as much free doesn’t matter. And they got slowly filled with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of 1000s of people just looking for free signals and free alerts. Now, these people that were doing the scheme, you know, were pretty well aware of what they were doing. So they would accumulate stocks early. Let’s say they would buy a stock on Monday, they would tell all their friends about it on Tuesday. On Wednesday, they will be tweeting it. And then as soon as that tweet volume came in, as soon as people started finding out, stock would go up, go up go up, they would say they’re adding more and instead they would just be selling their position. There were very many pumping dumps. As you probably remember from the last years CEI was a massive one. DATS was a massive one. And these people just clean up, they were pretty much stuck manipulating, right? They would buy stock early, they would pump it up to other people. And they would dump the stock when they were telling people to buy more. They said that they believed in the company, they said that it’s going to go to the moon and they didn’t even have any shares on it. Right? So stock manipulation is obviously illegal. You can’t do that. We see stock manipulation every single day in our industry on lower scales, with screenshare rooms with email or rooms or whatever type of alert rooms but a lot of those people, although they’re making a lot of minor, pretty small fish, right. And these people in the course of two years, made over $100 million Dollars pump and dumping stocks, they would buy Rolls Royces, they would buy houses they will buy McLaren’s they will buy diamond jewellery they will buy watches they buy everything that you could possibly imagine. And the craziest part is they would brag that the SEC can’t get them. They will brag they’re the number one pumpers in the world and I don’t know if that’s just ignorance. I don’t know if it’s just stupidity but money if when you make that type of money really quickly you almost feel invincible. You feel like no one can ever get you and that’s why I was so surprised that they got caught so quickly and maybe if they didn’t buy all this shit and maybe they didn’t show off all this shit and do all these crazy things that they might have been at least okay for a little bit longer but

James 4:20
they are attacking the SEC and they’re tagging the SEC

Alex 4:23
SEC is most wanted bitch or some stupid shit or whatever it is but I what we’ll do guys we’ll post the full lawsuit in the description in case you guys want to read. It’s like a 45 page lawsuit and you know, they would message each other and say, Alright guys, like we’re going to be pumping this today. These guys are already idiots. We’re taking money from stupid people like it’s just they knew very clearly what they were doing. They did not think they would get caught. These guys had a 400 day win streak. They will be making a million dollars a week not losing and bragging and bragging and bragging to Be honest guys, like, we knew everyone knew that these guys were pumping. But on the other side, were shorting the hell out of the stocks. They’re pumping some of my biggest trades this year. And last year DATS 170,001. Day, CEI 69,000. In one day, I’ve made hundreds of 1000s Are people have made millions of dollars betting on the other side of these pumpers. So, I mean, before we continue into, you know, what happens next? I want to kind of open up to you guys and kind of if I miss anything, or if you guys want to comment on I think it’s just as wild.

The Most Successful Stock Pumpers in Modern Trading

James 5:32
No, I think I think these guys were definitely the most successful pumpers in like the modern trading or like the last like 20 years, like obviously, there were like, the boiler rooms in the 80s and the 90s. And you know, there’s always been stock pumpers going back 100 years, but these guys in such a short period of time were able to accumulate, what was it 100 million they accumulated? Is that the the number

Alex 5:55
I think in total they made 100 million and I think their discord chat room had anywhere between two to 300,000 free people,

James 6:02
which is insane and it’s like for them it was the perfect storm right because it was COVID met lockdowns met people working from home met trading became cool. And then the pumpers just went nuts. Right And and I think that on the flip side, like you said, it led to a lot of small cap to mid cap traders having the best years of their lives in the trading in the market because there was so much crazy volatility. And you said there’s like pumpers today like there are pumpers every single day

Alex 6:28
every single single day, but every single day there’s people open and pumping and pumping. And it’s Yeah, go on.

James 6:35
Every every day there’s pumpers and stuff but these guys brought a liquidity and a volume that I’ve in five years I’ve never seen it would be like they would get involved. The stock was gone. And it was it was violent ribs were so it was it was cool to see and and same thing I think you said times are just moving faster that they caught them a lot quicker. I mean, it took them five years, I think to nail Belfour like after he stepped down. And you know, it’s just it’s crazy to see what you said in a year. And maybe it is them taunting maybe it is the guys you know flaunting their I mean, you guys have to look up their their pages. It’s it would blow your mind, you know as before they delete everything. But it is interesting to see

Loyal Fan Base and Their Money

Harry 7:11
Yeah, and I also think that these guys also still even though after the lawsuit like I’m just I have a lawsuit like in front of me right here. And I was reading it and like one of the guys was like, get caught. We’re robbing effing idiots have their money. Like they did not care about their followers at all. And even to this day, if you go through the comments section, if you read stuff, there’s still people defending them going like, Oh, why are they going to jail, they didn’t do anything that that, you know, they’re not that great, or they are great. Like, they still have a loyal fan base, which is actually crazy to me. When you scroll through the discord, I’d say, you know, even even beforehand or like, even before this drop, they still had loyal people there, they still do have those loyal people, you know, it’s like kind of like, you know, I don’t know how to say it, but it’s like, you know, you’re still you’re still like a fan of like our Kelly even after all the shit that happened, him dropped, you know, like, it’s like, you know, you’re still you’re so

Alex 8:11
Thats the thing, man, that’s the thing that they’re their client base is garbage men is people that that stupid bro is people that believe in this nonsense. And that’s it just blows my mind. They were able to amass so many degenerates, that would buy anything that they said, oftentimes what happened was what spike up instantly, crash instantly, it will lose all their money. But because the room was free, it just kept churning and churning out more and more and more and more and more and more people because their business model was not to charge because they can make way more money pumping dumping stocks. And going on to the next thing about this is a lot of other people in our industry have been caught for stock manipulation. It’s a very, very common thing. It’s like it’s almost a thing that’s like swept under the rug. Because if you have enough money, essentially you just pay a fine and you’re done with it. You know, one of the biggest ones that got caught was raging bull, a paid $10 million. Another one was I think warrior training they got they paid $3 million. And now this one with atlast they are I think it’d be made an example out of because this whole FTX stuff is going on. And if that’s like another thing that we’re gonna be talking about, but like, in my opinion, these guys were so well politically connected that like they’re not going to get anything more than a slap on the wrist. And because they’re not going to get anything more than a slap on the wrist. I think the SEC is going to make an example of this 100 million dollar pump scheme because they need something to take attention away. And the perfect thing is send these guys to jail. So I think based on the times based on on what’s been going on, there’s a very high probability that these people not only are going to give back all the money, plus more, and see some jail time, which is crazy, because now that should make other pumpers other social media influencer pumpers be scared to how? Because now they’re next. Right? There’s so many other discord rooms, there’s so many other pumpers. And the reality is a lot of these guys can’t make money trading, and that’s why they’re pumping. But, you know, for us that’s on the other side of trade that makes money when they pump things. I mean, it’s a little bit unfortunate that we’re losing pretty much easy money, right? It’s easy money, it’s very easy money to bet against these pumpers once the trend has changed. And, you know, this is an opportunity for everyone to kind of clean up before it’s all got, right. Yeah,

The difference between illegal pumping and illegal financing

James 10:53
that’s true. And I think pumping is kind of weird, because there’s like, in my opinion, there’s two kinds, right, there’s like the illegal pumping, which is like what these guys got knocked for. And then there’s the guys who actually run like financing. And you know, like, they’re like, stock promoters who basically run up the price of a stock to let them dilute later on. So at least in small caps, we won’t lose it, we’ll never lose that companies always put out bullshit PRs, which is their own way of doing it. But it’s true, it’s kind of sad to see that we’re going to lose a lot of volume. But on the flip side, hopefully a lot of these people who lost money or saw that now understand, like, it’s time to invest in real education and like that there’s millions of dollars to be made, but it’s like, focus on the right way to trade. And I kind of wanted to touch on the FTX and you said a little tiny bit, but I just wanted to say I have a feeling that they’re going to use this like they’ve always said Crypto unregulated so I think they’re gonna show that how regulated the stock market is. And they’re gonna say in like Congress and all that they’re gonna say, well, now the crypto market has to go to this regulation because see, we nail pumpers here, and we’re gonna nail pumpers and crypto. And then we’re gonna nail that so I think it’s going to be just a huge Yeah,

Harry 12:02
I also think like, you know, another like, person, like defending people who have done shitty things is Kevin O’Leary right now. He’s out there, literally saying like, Oh, well, we don’t have all the facts yet. We don’t know everything. Like, you know, like, I would potentially invest in this guy again.

Alex 12:22
If you get paid $15 million, bro.

Alex 12:25
He got paid 15 million he lost around 15 million. So technically, it’s a wash. You know, like, technically. So?

James 12:32
He didn’t FTT right. Am I right? He didn’t get paid. It was no money. No idea.

Alex 12:37
got paid and the overall token token. Oh, he got paid.

Alex 12:40
I think pretty much the game free money. Yeah.

James 12:43
I mean, the fact is with the FTX stuff there they scammed not even scammed they I don’t know if you guys have ever seen inventing Anna on Netflix, right? If you haven’t, I do recommend it. But like that you basically lied to so many people. But somehow through being persuasive and having money, which was actually just customer funds. They managed to persuade people to thinking they were the real deal. How many people have large like Kevin O’Leary is not a small investor, I think he’s worth like a couple 100 million. Got this guy. And he’s standing by he had no idea until the last final days that this company was insolvent, and that there was no money. But he’s now on TV crying to Congress saying like, we were scammed the company is was put out of business on purpose by cz.

Alex 13:29
I think it’s also interesting to note that when they give someone that FTT token, it’s almost like giving them stock in FTX, right, essentially what it is, it’s like stock in the company. So I think in scenarios like that, when someone like aleria, or venture or whatever sees that they’re getting stock, they know that the end game is to IPO that shit and then sell their stock for 10 20 30x profits, O’Leary got 15 million, probably thinking that on the IPO day that 50 million will be 100 million, right? So when that happens, that kind of that greed forces them to look the other way, essentially, you never know, maybe? Sure. Maybe he didn’t know that the books were insolvent. But, you know, he could have probably done a better job, you know, at least double checking, because hey, if I say, Hey, I got 100 million in my bank account. Cool. That sounds good. I’m cool with that. But like, I can maybe only have $1,000 in my bank, you don’t know. And like you just take their word for it. Because you’re like, Oh, I’m a shareholder. Now. They want a lot of shareholder. So like, there’s always has to be a second layer of, you know, maybe you guys don’t want to audit it. But then if you guys want to audit, they’re gonna say, you know, we don’t want you on our team. You don’t trust us. It’s a it’s a whole. It’s like the Bernie Madoff scam. The Bernie Madoff scam was if you leave or you pull out money, you will never be allowed to get into the fund again. And the fund was making like 17% a year. So it was in their best interest to not question anything to not pull out money. Because if you did that you’re out of the circle. So it’s probably the same shits happening here.

Taking Steps to Become a Serious Company

James 15:10
That was Like, they asked Chamath there remember, I don’t know, if you listened to that pocket, we asked him, they were like, they were, they were looking for investment into FTX. He sent them like a page saying, like, what they need to do to become basically like a, like a serious company as big as they are. He’s like, these are the steps you need to take. And that basically one of them was like having like an accounting firm, having a board having all this stuff. And they literally sent back a message that said, like, fuck you. Like he was like a literal email back to them. So like,

Alex 15:30
how can you not like when you’re at that point where your company is valued? Like fucking 40 billion, right? It’s 40 billion company because they can fuck you to anyone you want. And it’s just funny, because at that point to Chammath probably like, Wait, what the fuck, I’m wrong.

James 15:44
And he said that, they said, a lot of these guys have said they felt stupid the whole time, because they were watching people make money IPO and coins, all this crazy shit. But I don’t know, I feel like now it’s kind of the end of that cycle. And I feel like, maybe we’re just starting to unravel. But as far as like, I feel like it’s kind of like a poetic justice way to end the crazy bull market that we had. And like, almost like really significant this like, signify that we’re deep in a bear market or in like a downturn, because think about the last 10 years, a lot of people have made a lot of money. And I think these last two to three years because of COVID accelerated Fast Money from pumpers from from tokens from blockchain, all that shit. And now all these people are getting like nailed and pegged down. So I think,

Alex 16:29
I think eventually the cycle repeats, bro, the cycle repeats, it’s like, humans are naturally greedy. So like, something interesting, bro is like a currency stuff. So like, your way usually it works is currency is usually backed by something physical like gold. And every time that the currency gets De backed by whatever they say did de back it or there, it will make it a double checked by anything. Eventually, the currency implodes because humans keep printing, printing, printing money, it’s unlimited money, and eventually the currency becomes worthless. It happens every single time in human history, started with Romans, and just kept going and going and going the first time it was ever D pegged, or D. D synced with gold, or whatever it was, and whatever They signed

Alex 17:16
in 1971. And Nixon, did it

Alex 17:19
they eventually humans just like, they just keep printing money, and they just keep ruining it because eventually that currency becomes useless. Same thing in the stock market. Eventually, there’s gonna come a group of new pumpers now not on Discord, maybe they’re gonna be on Tik Tok. And there’s gonna be publish it nonstop, nonstop non stop, they’re going to make the next 100 million dollars cycle is going to repeat because humans are always greedy. Humans will always be looking for signals, they’ll always be looking for alerts, and they’re always gonna be looking for the easy money, they’re gonna be looking for a lottery ticket. And eventually, Whoever sells them, that lottery ticket will make a substantial amount of money. But people seeking those lottery tickets will lose a substantial amount of money. And that people like us, that bet against them, will have significant amount of money with no jail time, because we’re not doing anything sketchy. So the cycle will always repeat. Humans will always remain greedy. And our job as professional traders, is to find where those pockets of greed or and if warranted, to make money on the way down.

James 15:10
Yeah, yeah, I mean, pumpers have been around since literally the beginning of the stock market, you can go back to the Rose bubble. I mean, I’m sorry, tulip mania, you can go back to the 1900s. Guys like Jesse Livermore, we’re always talking about pumper. So you’re right. It’s always going to be there. Whether it’s just the how the message is delivered. It’s just different. I think this is one of the biggest I’ve ever seen of like people getting nailed, and I’m very curious to see kind of how it all unravels. Especially when against so much involved in the media. And I know it’s big because I have people who are not traitors messaging me about it being like, oh my god, did you see this shit, I actually was scrolling on Tik Tok. And I saw it too. So it’s like, this one’s pretty fucking big. And it’s kind of

Alex 15:10
it has all the it has all the sides. There’s social media influencers, it’s the Rolls Royce has its 100 million dollars. It’s pandemic, it’s this it’s that it’s, it has everything that needs to be to be a big story and because of big story, it will have a big outcome. And I’m very curious to see during this lawsuit which other people were involved, right, because I’m positive that these pumps didn’t just originate from one discord room, almost positive. It was a bunch of other rooms working together as well, that we’ll probably find out about during court because what they’ll do is to protect their ass they’re gonna throw someone else under the bus. Yeah, and I’m pretty sure there’s gonna be some notable reputable people that are probably going to be involved in this as well. Yeah, well, there

Harry 19:54
were there have always been like messages leaked between like, like on Twitter , between like other people who have rooms like I don’t know, if you remember that, like 2020 2021, where they were leaking messages about other people who had

Alex 20:09
a, it’s all going to come out, man, it’s all going to come out and we’re going to see it. It’s just gonna be interesting. But what this tells me like you said, James is like this is, this is pretty much the bear market, right? This is where we’re at. And, you know, I know you said that you think it’s gonna probably be a big cycle of, you know, just nothingness. And that is true. But I mean, for now, bro, God damn, like, this is like, it’s just crazy. It’s just crazy. Because, you know, we don’t know how long it’s gonna last. And you know, we don’t know how much money we’re gonna make during that time. But in the meantime, there’s still opportunity, like this week that we’re recording this podcast, we have tonnes of runners tonnes of moves. So we’re pretty much chillin, it’s just, it’s just very, it’s very crazy what’s happening. And, again, we’ll post the full lawsuit in the description so you guys read it, but they’re literally like, for CEI, they bought 2 million shares at like 50 cents a share. And the stock went as high as like four bucks

The Importance of Not Having Too Many Pumpers

James 21:06
Was that their biggest pump? Wasn’t there one that won’t even create was I forget they had another one there was another one that was great. I remember that it was a daily I remember and Alex there was a period of time where you you were hitting it every single day. It was like every morning I would say up buying more buy still buying still buying and it was every single day but something I think that’s that’s really important to like note too is like you’re not a real trader in my opinion, or like a real like risk manager if your entire like process revolves around these pumps like the one benefit to like what we all do, is like, we don’t need pumpers it’s helpful and it’s almost like a subset like niche that we get to trade. But like we like like if they never pumped another stock again. It wouldn’t affect it. It wouldn’t affect what we do. It’s just an added bonus like every day

Alex 21:57
you make $100 a day a day job but you find a $10 bill on the floor you pick up a $10 bill

James 22:02
bounces it every year he’s like I should be sending these guys like like a bottle of Don Perry because they pay

Harry 22:09
Dom Perry a little bit more than that. I think

James 22:11
seriously I mean, I don’t know I think I think we’re in a weird position where like yes, we’re in a weird bear market we’re in this little rally right now but also small caps are hot and like all these pumpers are kind of dead right now. So we’re still getting opportunity. I mean,

Harry 22:24
I just think that the pumpers like like the one that we have now for instance like I was saying this to James the other day like he just his approach is like very bad as far as pumping goes you know like stocks at highs and like he’s looking to like hey, let’s not train these guys don’t know how to trade bro it’s like it’s crazy because I was saying to James the other day like oh like what’s what’s pharma and like what’s he doing James like, oh, I pump this I’m like, What the fuck? Why?

Investing in the Stock Market

Alex 22:50
Their goal bro is to find the lightest volume stock with the lowest flow possible getting as early as possible as fast as possible and the reality is bro like I thought again, things might change but I thought these guys were gonna at least take it a little bit slower after seeing this shit. But I think that they’re just people are just greedy bro. Like I still see it on Twitter all the time. People are pumping shit. I see everything that people are doing ship because like that’s all they know. without that they can’t make money. So I mean look, this was bound to happen. They were bound to get caught. It was only a matter of time they were too big not to get caught. It’s just to me funny how invincible they thought they were how they were taunting the regulators how they were bragging nonstop and those jails those the lawsuit the court time everything is pretty good if they start streaming that shit if they you know how like they had the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard shit on tv they should put this shit on on TV bro from FTX

James 23:59
I would not put it past these guys to come in with their like roll their crazy watches on and like all that shit because I think that kind of money can make you ignorant and it can make you feel like you said invincible and that no one can touch you it’s just but they loved the attention and

Harry 24:15
he tweeted this morning my movie gonna be lit or something like that.

Alex 24:19
Lawyers probably like yo delete that shit dumbas

James 24:22
that took two minutes that was gone but it’s fucking hilarious because these guys again still to this day. I mean just like six months ago they were tweeting like the SEC come get me and stuff and like Well, now you got got you know, and it’s like,

Alex 24:37
the thing is man like, to me this this opens up an opportunity for everyone that wants to learn how to trade learn how to trade the right way to make money betting against these clowns. And that’s what we do every single day and like I always say that MIC is the best kept secret because like the reality is we sell hard work. We don’t sell pump and dumps and we’d also like alerts, but there’s gonna be one One day, man, that people just start to wake up and say, You know what, like, this is actually the real deal. This is where I want to be if I want to be a trader, because dude, like, I swear to God, not even joking. Every time I go anywhere, anywhere, anywhere, anywhere, anyone knows what I do, like you’re into the market, I do this and get going, like whatever it is, every single person I know wants to get into the market or is in the market is looking for help. Every single person says they try it on their own, they did this, they did that. And like, I think the market is theirs. I’ve always said that there’s two biggest ways to make money is real estate, the stock market. And right now real estate people have too much of a barrier to entry to get in because too much money, you at least need fucking 10s of 1000s of dollars, if not like 50k to at least get something right. So I think the stock market is always gonna be around forever. And in the stock market is one of the best Wealth Generators ever. And I think that one day, bro, we’re just going to wake up and people are going to realise that, hey, this, these people have been here for a while they’ve been helping for a while they do things the right way. They don’t scan, they don’t learn. And, you know, I want to be able to learn how to become a professional trader from the Harvard of trading education. So yeah,

James 26:09
I agree. I agree. And I think I think right now the the idea of stock markets scary to so many people, because it’s like we’ve been getting like the market itself has been getting wrecked. But once people kind of wake up and see like, hey, these guys have been like, consistently like killing it for like, years now. And it’s like they’re doing really well and like things are going great. So it’s just, it takes time and it’s all cycle. And eventually you

Alex 26:30
Who knows bro maybe we have to do is we have to do that. Because like the way we run things guy, I mean, like obviously you guys know about but if you want the way we run things, there’s no alerts, or no pumps, there’s nothing, it’s pure education, we post our watchlist, 30 minutes before the market opens. And all we do is follow that pre made plan. It’s like if you want to bake cookies, you need a quarter cup of milk, you need some chocolate chips, you need one act, we give you the plan, before we make the cookies, and all we got to do is follow the plan to make the cookies. And maybe what we have to do guys is as a way for people to realise is maybe they want alerts, maybe we alert them to watch us every day so that they see what we’re all about. I noticed that discussion that we’ve had internally, but I think that’s gonna be the next step is for people that want to get, you know, fed things will feed you guys to watch us and you’ll realise that 30 minutes before the market open our plan has made, you guys will realise there’s no front running, there’s no follow the leader, there’s nothing like that. And maybe after that, then you wanna take trading seriously.

Trading Something That’s Repeatable

James 27:33
Yeah, 100% 100% I think that’s what I like, you know, we always make it a clear point that like, we’re actually trading something that’s repeatable, too. It’s not like 30 seconds into the end of the day, we’re not we’re like everyone’s buying this shit. Like that’s not even remotely. So it’s completely opposite. And when I explained that to people, they don’t, they don’t even understand it sometimes. And I’m like, look like, this is what we do. This is what I do. Like, you don’t even have to trade the same ship. And you’re here to learn. And you’re here to get education and also like network with smart people. So

Alex 28:02
this is a skill that lasts a Platinum, right? Once you figure this shit out. stock market is not going anywhere, you will be able to eventually print money out of any country in the world, any place in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. .

James 28:12
Yeah And speaking of the stock market not going anywhere I wanted to before we wrap up, I want to touch on like CPI and some of the news we got yesterday. So obviously, we got a lower inflation print, it was at 7.2. Which is funny because the stock market ripped, even though 7.2 is dogshit. And it means we are still 5% away from Powells goal of like 2%, which is probably aggressive. And yesterday they raised rates. Was it a half a point rise? Yeah. After point. Yeah. Well, it’s still raised. And he did signal that that potentially in 23, they could be slowing rates, you know, and kind of stopping that and trying to aim towards his goal. But what do you guys think about everything that that kind of came out this week?

Harry 28:56
I think they are just gonna keep hiking until that he reaches his goal. I mean, that’s really it. Like, I mean, he came out like, what was it? I don’t know if it was last week or the week before but came out and basically said, like, all like we’re thinking about slowing, like we’re thinking about slowing and then like the half point. So I mean, I think like, to me, like, I mean, 7% inflation shit, the only tool they have is, is really for the most part to hike those interest rates. So he’s just gonna keep doing that. I mean, they don’t really have a choice. That’s the only tool in their fucking toolbox. Like, you know, most traders have like a wrench, hammer and like, Whatever tools a screwdriver you have, this dude just has a fucking hammer. So he’s just going to use that, you know? And that’s really about it. I mean, there’s not really much else they can do. So I have a hard time believing that they’re going to slow rates when you know, that’s the only tool he has, you know, ,

James 29:52
Yeah I don’t see a world where we get anywhere near like two to 3% inflation within the next like couple of years. I just don’t We’ll see it, probably, I don’t see it, I feel like we’re probably going to sit at a hyperinflation, whether it’s just sits at like 5% or even a little higher for multiple years. And I think we’re just going to have high rates, high inflation for a while, until it all breaks. And I think like Alex, you mentioned the past something needs to break before Things can really change. And as I

Alex 30:21
was listening for I was gonna say they’re gonna keep going until something fucking breaks. And their magic tool they have they have one more tool here their magic tools, the money printer. Oh, yes, yes, yes, they’re gonna keep going until something breaks and they’re gonna save us by printing money. That’s it. It’s all it’s, they’re gonna break shit. Until they start the cycle again.

Harry 30:39
It’s a hammer and the printer, the hammer and the printer. I forget

Alex 30:43
all of this, but they’re gonna break it until they come and say, Guys, I’m here to fix you. I’m here to fix it. I’m gonna give you a stimulus. We’re gonna be fine. Don’t worry. Uber just went bankrupt. Oh, we’re save them dont worry

James 30:55
for a domino that’s huge, like something that’s so out of the blue like fucking Tesla some crazy ass

Alex 31:02
bro it’s gonna be something that like, no one fucking expects, like, FTX no one expected that shit. And I dont know

Harry 31:07
it just wasnt close enough to home.

James 31:09
I think that was a gift. I think it was a gift to everything that they collapse because I don’t even think I don’t think anybody knew about that shit. It just happened. But there will be a company and it’s it’s a perfect storm right now for the Federal Reserve because right so we have the house in the senator split. So they’re not going to be printing any more crazy money through, you know, policy, but the Federal Reserve can print they have their own narrative, and they have their own mandate, which is two to 3% inflation, and try to get lower interest rates. So they’re gonna like you said, We’re gonna they’re gonna keep pushing and pushing and eventually something will break.

Alex 31:42
somethings going to break bro something’s gonna break, break. And when it breaks, that break signal that gap down that flush, is that by that is the signal. That is a signal.

James 31:53
Yeah. And I mean, everyone says it all the time. Like I follow a lot of really interesting people on Twitter that talk about this. And they’re just saying how this whole time as crazy involved was it been? Like you get the VIX. No one’s afraid. No one’s afraid because nothing crazy has happened. We’ve gotten like news of you know, some layoffs, economic slowing, I think that we’re going to have, it’s going to continue like this until 23. And then we’re going to start seeing the corporate earnings come out from these massive companies and are going to say, Wait a second, the holidays were kind of shit this year, spending was lower. People are starting now to fall behind on payments. I mean, I posted we were talking the other morning about how like credit cards and stuff and like, people are still very caught up and people have been spending money. But I think we’re gonna start seeing that change really quickly and in delinquencies and people just lower savings and all that.

Alex 32:40
Right, everyone that I know that has money is not trying to spend money right now.

James 32:44
Yeah, it’s crazy. Dude, I went out to dinner last night. Two nights ago, I went out to dinner 200 bucks. It was nothing we ate at some chain restaurant and it was shit was $200 That’s why I’m like I don’t want to spend money or anyone with any sort of money as smart enough and realise it’s just a waste to waste to go out and do it right now. So but people who have less will continue to spend they’ll continue to blow money. I mean, I went Christmas shopping the other day. I see people maxing out credit cards, that louis vuitton doing crazy bullshit. So it’s just that we’ll continue in that cycle what happened and then like we said, it’ll break and then we’ll be ready to kind of move into the next cycle

Alex 33:21
I think that’s it guys. So what we’ll do is in the description, we’ll put all the lawsuits, the information and everything so you guys can kind of decipher for yourself. Everything we said is for entertainment purposes only. This is not our opinions or these are our only sole opinions. These are not backed by anything other than comedy. So don’t try to sue us because we have too much money and you will win.

Harry 33:48
All right, well, well ended on that. I love that disclaimer. FTT

Alex 33:54
mother fucker.


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