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James 0:12
What’s going on guys, we’re back with another episode of the after hours Podcast. Today we have another special guest. We have Vic, who was one of the moderators at MIC. Vick is pretty cool, because when he joined them, I see from, from what I gather he, he didn’t have too much free knowledge and trading. And he’s really cool, because he stuck to the MIC process, found a great tab and kind of moved his way into the super great, profitable successful traders. So I’m pretty excited to have him on. So thanks for coming on, Vick. Yeah, absolutely.

Vick 0:41
Man. I’m really glad we’re doing this in the morning. Because otherwise Harry would have me fucking Hammer time.

James 0:49
Right now I’ve got a few trades going. We want to do. So if you wanted to kind of give us a quick little background about yourself, you know, how you found trading. And you know, how you got into MIC and what you’re kind of doing beforehand?

Vick 1:03
Yeah, I mean, well, my love for trading. The reason why I wanted to trade started many, many years ago, but I never really had the opportunity to really get the right education, the right avenue to get involved and really understand what I was doing. I read a book by a guy by the name of Larry Williams, he said, it was basically the title is like, how he made a million dollars trading futures. And that was literally, like decades ago. I’m old as fuck. So that was a really long time ago. And that got me like, interested. And then I saw the movie. Trading Spaces. I know, right? And I was like, fucking dude, I could trade futures and make millions. I mean, just sitting on a beach.

James 1:47
Pork bellies. Right, exactly.

Vick 1:50
And orange juice. I like okay, so I looked into it, and I tried to understand it. And I was like, you know, I was so early, and even my civilian career and everything else I was doing, I just didn’t have the funds to really go after it. And there was nobody really teaching anything. There was no education out there. So it just kind of like, I’m not gonna say fell to the wayside. But you know, I really pursued my real career, everything to push me forward. To get me to the point to where I am today. And then, you know, here I am, I find MIC I’m a sceptical motherfucker, man. I mean, you know, when you guys we get together like in person, I’ll tell you all the shit that I fucking know. And the things I do, right, so, I, I do secret squirrel shit and whatnot, you know, so I’m, I’m a sceptical, dude. And when I see like, Alice, come on to Facebook with his advertisement join me. I see you’re, you’re a fucking loser, you know? And, and that was like, Alright, fuck it, you know, what do I got to lose? Let me check these guys out and see what’s going on. I so I called the number that Tosh has on the thing. And you know, Tosh doesn’t answer the number all the time. So I’m like, fuck, these guys don’t return my phone calls. What’s going on? So I sent him a text like, Hey, dude, I called you left your voicemail. He’s like, Yeah, bro. I only answer text. So. So he hooked me up. He’s like, he’s like, just try a month, try try a monthly membership. And if you like it, stay, if you don’t, then at least you found out. And I was like, Alright, fuck it once a month, you know. And, and that’s how I got started. That’s how I kind of came into MIC. And then from there, it was just kind of a snowball effect. It was when I joined in my seat early in 2020. It was before COVID really hit. So I was looking around, you know, trying to figure out how am I going to really study and maintain my my day job because my day job is busy as hell. And if anybody has counts the number of F bombs I do on this podcast, I’ll review your charts for like three fucking days straight. You can have done that. No, everyone’s gonna go back.

James 3:58
Vick, how long were you in the service?

Vick 4:00
I spent 22 years in the service.

James 4:02
Jesus do this for you.

Vick 4:03
Thank you. Yeah, it was a long full fucking haul.

James 4:07
But you found trading just kind of like, through, you know, just through like, finding like movies and like those books and like, stuff like that. That was the only thing it wasn’t like, that’s what

Vick 4:16
I saw that. Yeah, like trading was a real thing. I’m like, funny. People do this shit. So, you know, that’s, that’s how I kind of figured it out. And I was like, fuck, okay, so then I found a way to do it. And I realised that my, my learning curve was very short. I went from here to here, you know, in a very short period of time as most people it’s a little bit longer. And, but But I attribute that a lot to my discipline, the discipline that I learned and the military, the discipline that I’ve learned in my day to day life and things that I do so when I was on my way to work, I put a video on on a car and listen to it. So I’d be listened to Joe going over the basic trading series, you know, just listening to it. And then when I hear things that like, oh, I need to go back and watch that so I can see what’s happening on the screen. didn’t come home that evening, spit it back up and go through it a second time to see what’s happening. And that’s how my education started into this thing. And then, you know, I just kept digging into it and digging into it, then COVID hit and I was like, fuck, I got time, bro. So then I really dug into it and spent quality time going into the videos. I didn’t ask questions like my first two and a half, three months, because I was like, I’m not asking questions. I was like a fucking idiot, you know.

The Silent Majority of Traders

Harry 5:28
I don’t even remember you joining. And the first like before COVID. Like, I didn’t even know that you’re like a member, we have a tonne of people who just come in join, they don’t really participate in the main chat. They’re not really looking for any sort of attention. They’re just, you know, coming in to learn, they want to see what’s up, they read the main chat. They don’t necessarily participate. They don’t participate in after hours. And I mean, we have like, right now we’re at, like, on this day, we’re at 2300 people almost 2400. And how many of those people you know, are participating actively in the main chat a lot of people are learning. So we do have this kind of silent majority. Yeah, well learning and just chillin. So I honestly think that, that is that can be a good way to really jumpstart your learning as you know, using the community if you need it, but also if you’re good, if you’re a good learner that way, like kind of Vick is. That’s another way to go about it. You know, and that’s not really that’s not i There’s no right or wrong way. But I think that that is like, that’s another good avenue that a lot of people have mentioned on this podcast, you know,

Vick 6:37
Yeah, I agree. It’s okay.,

James 6:40
Not to interject real quick, because it’s funny to me that the most successful people that like everyone wants to get into trading and make money really quick. But it’s like nobody wants to like put their head down and like bury into the work really quickly. They always want to like jump, jump right into trading and making money. So like what I noticed with you and Fei, Vicks tab was named Fei, they just put their head down and they were just work, it was just focused on that, that was it, nothing else. And then you notice that these are the people that they’re putting out the p&l now that are like, 2000 3000. You know, it’s like you, you learned the right way. And you actually just put your head down and like focused on it. And like, I think that’s really, really good.

Harry 7:20
Sorry. How’d you meet Fei? Like, do you want to kind of go about that journey?

Vick 7:27
Sure. So, matter of fact, I had a conversation with another member in a group, or in a club, about how this happened, and kind of gave him some pointers as to how to go find a tab. So when I was in the group, and main chat, you know, I’d see Feii posts and, and I saw that she was she was really she was doing well, right. She wasn’t like posting like large p&l and shit. But she was consistent. She was asking good questions. And she seemed like somebody who was just about where I was within my, my journey becoming a trader. So I was also looking for a tab at the time. And you know, I’ve talked to Woody and he was trying to link me up with somebody. And so I just hit Fei up. I’m like, Hey, so I’m sure you get asked this all the time. But would you like to get my tab? And she’s like, Sure. Let me ask the other guy I’m currently linked up with. And then maybe we’ll invite you in. I’m like, Cool. Okay. And then, sure enough, later that afternoon, sure. Join the group. So there was three of us in the group. Me and they were probably the most active. No gentleman by the name of Kevin, super nice guy. And he was just he was kind of at that same point of his his journey. And that’s how I that’s how I met. That’s how I ended up finding for me the right tab was I saw somebody who was at a similar level that I was at a similar point in their journey. And I the attitude just seemed right. And we clicked immediately. And from there, it was just the rest is history. Literally, you guys.

James 8:58
Did you like push each other to like, study harder and stuff? Like, was it? Was it like very balanced that way? Or like, how did you guys like kind of come? Because again, you guys, I think it just both of you came into this so quick. And that is, it is kind of rare to see. So I think what was like the driving factor into that.

Vick 9:15
So I think me and Fei were really good at research and analytical stuff, right? So they would go out and she would dig into other videos. And then she would like send over a video like, hey, look, this is a good one on this specific topic. And so we would dig into that. And on my side, I was really good at just at figuring shit out because of my engineering background. So like things like understanding the level two a little bit deeper, understanding some of the things that are happening in a tape, you know, you listen to our talk about how the tapes not really necessary, but there are there are clues. There are things in there like the ball going up in the air slowing down, it stops and then it comes back down those kinds of things. So I would talk about those kinds of things and we would share ideas and information back and forth about things things that we’re learning. So I would find something out, she would find something out, we come together, we talk about it, and then we start applying it. And that’s really what I think pushed us in that direction further, that’s what kept that catalyst going, we didn’t just go off in our separate directions, take your shit out and do it on our own. We literally work as a team to keep pushing each other a little bit further with things that I was figuring out, and then she’d figure some shit out. And I’m like, fuck, I want to know that shit, too. So, yeah, no, and I’m competitive. So that kind of that kind of drove that a little bit. So I would dig into a little bit deeper, because she was pushing stuff at me. And she’s like, Hey, check this out. So she started taking the options a little bit, you know, and saying, here’s, here’s some good info on the options stuff.

The Importance of Having a Good Trading Background

Vick 10:42
We both attended the options bootcamp by Joe, that was huge, you know, stuff like that. It was just, it was a really good synergy that we had us pushing it back and forth. And that was, that was a big piece of it. I think that really helped move us down that road faster.

James 10:59
Yeah, absolutely.

Harry 11:01
I think, a lot like, like, his bow was an engineer as well, by by, you know, by trade. And that I think that engineering degree helps bow a lot with his trading and figuring shit out. And, you know, just even simple shit with the velocity and stuff like that, like, you know, that is where his trading or his engineering degree can’t get a trading degree yet.

Vick 11:29
That’s next week.

Harry 11:31
That’s where I think it helped them. What if, if there were like, you know, what, what do you think it was just like, the work ethic and study of the engineering? Or do you think it was more? So a lot of the technical side that helps you out? Because I’ve always kind of had this question with a lot of engineers is like, did you find it was more so the technical side? Or was it the discipline that you had to put in your degree? Or was it more so like, building things and figuring shit out like that? I was just kind of wondering.

Vick 12:03
So it’s interesting that you say it, because I never really thought about it that way. And there were times where I thought my engineering background would be is actually a hurdle. Because I want to know, some of the details. And some of those details really aren’t that important. When it comes to trading, like when you see, when you see a big soak happening on a price. Sure. It’s noticeable, and it’s something to pay attention to. But you know, for the reasons why it’s happening, who’s fucking doing it? How big is the fucking order? You know, all those things? How much volume is actually happening there? It’s not it, there is no one thing that matters that much more than something else, right? When it comes to those things. So being an engineer, you know, I would dig into those details. And I’d be like, Fuck, I want it, you know, and that those things I would catch myself on and be like, fuck, dude, I really don’t need to know, that level of detail. It’s not that important. Later, I can dig into it if I want to just for my own curiosity sake. So I think it early, early on, I think having my engineering background, definitely the discipline, with having to, you know, be focused on details enough to put pieces together, knowing that I can’t just jump in knowing one thing, I have to jump in knowing multiple things that put a system together, right, because it’s what engineering is all about engineering isn’t just engineering, one thing, engineering is engineering pieces that come together to make an entire process or, you know, box or whatever it is. And I think, I think that really is, what helps from an engineering perspective, right? Is that, you know, you can’t go into saying, Okay, I understand the chart, I understand this is support, I understand this is resistance, and that’s what I’m gonna do, you know, you understand those things. Now, you need to understand, okay, there’s also volume that comes into play. And then there’s also the trade management piece of this, or the risk management piece of this, to know how to size your trades. Yeah, those three things right there is enough to get you moving in the right direction, making good trades. But you can’t take just volume and make good trades. You can’t just take risk management and make good trades. You can’t take just support and resistance and make good trades, you need a couple of pieces of things to put together in a process. That’s what helps you to start making good trades. And I think that’s really what engineers bring to the table from a understanding perspective, that allow them to kind of progress down that path with less hurdles, that other folks.

Stock Selection and Short Sellers

Harry 14:28
Yeah, exactly. And I think that that’s a good, you know, because I get a lot of questions from members to where, like, I think that was a perfect explanation of that, because that really makes sense to me now. And I get a lot of questions from members where, like, let’s say for instance, you know, you have two members, one member, I get these questions a lot where they’re like, Oh, well, I’m just going to trade off support and resistance. And yes, you can do that. Like no one’s saying that you can’t do that. But, you know, the next step is going to be stock selection right? You And, you know, so you got one member who’s a short seller, and I get a lot of short sellers to because they’re interested in what I’m thinking as far as the long side as well. Sure. And so, you know, we have one member who’s trying to short the hot check off a daily resistance, or maybe the pre market high. And that didn’t work out got stopped out. And he’s like, Well, I’m using the resistance, what’s, what’s the problem? And it’s like, well, now you need to dig deeper and look at the stock selection, you know, Alex and his watch list every day is saying, don’t short the object don’t short the object. So if you’re combining a broken stock with a little bit of volume, with support and resistance, that is going to be a winning recipe. Whereas if you’re just trying to cherry pick here and there, and then try and say the process isn’t working well, for someone like me, I’m like, Okay, well, you’re not, you’re not digging deep enough, you know, and I, when you’re talking about the details, and the little, you know, the little things that you find, that sounds exactly like me, you know, I’m not like an engineer at all, by any stretch, I did business. But that sounds like me, because you’re always kind of hunting to. It’s like a snowball effect, right? You know, you start with a tiny snowball. And then as you kind of build and learn and grow, the snowball of your knowledge really grows. And then you can build a snowman. Right? So Exactly,

Vick 16:18
Yeah. And it’s, I talk to traders all the time. And, you know, they’re, they get so hung up on, like, wanting to know so many things in the beginning, when you really don’t need to know everything in the beginning, there are key pieces that are absolutely important for getting started and moving in the right direction and taking that first trade. And those things were found in the accelerator course. And if they just follow that piece of it, it’ll be it’ll be huge. And it’ll take them to that, that first step of making some good trades, and getting them you know, in on the right road to being profitable. And being a good trader. It’s just like anything else, it’s all about the work you put into it. If you put if you work at it, you’re gonna be good at it. Baseball players don’t show up, you know, 10 minutes to practice and be like, fuck it, I’m going to be good. You know, they fucking work at it, and work at it and work at it. And that’s what anybody who’s good at it, I’m good at my day job because I work my fucking ass off to get there. And that’s why I’m so valued. And paid so well is because I’m so good at it. And nobody gets to that level without you know, just going to Starbucks every fucking day and and showing up to work and sitting on your ass and asking stupid questions.

The Importance of Having a Technical Mind Early On

James 17:25
It’s true. I think I think a lot of people to when they watched like the accelerator and like the trading fish, like I think in those two videos alone, they give you enough technical background to like learn, like, like, how bow trades and like, kind of like the us a very good glimpse into the MIC process. Like I have a lot of people ask me about bow, like, how does he do it? How does he do it? And it’s like, I think people would that like technical mind and that like hard working mind early on. Because if everyone just watches that last IG live, where bow talks about why he quit his engineering job, it’s the same thing. It’s like they put enough work early on, they have this technical mind, and they can put like a rhyme to reason to what they do in their trades. And that kind of pushes these people into being profitable, so much quicker. And it’s like, people show up and they’re like, like, I watched the videos. Now I watched the video now what? Why do I short here what give me the tape, give me this to me that. And I liked that you were kind of explaining it as more of a puzzle piece that like, is like a little bit of hard work a little bit of like technicals and like what you got to figure out and like, I think that’s really helped you get to where you are now. And somebody I wanted to comment on that, about you that I really, I’m impressed by and I like is you’re not afraid to trade like super small size, like randomly, like, you’ll be like up see I made 50 bucks here. 50 bucks here. And then the next thing you know, you’re up 2000 or $3,000 or something like, how did you get yourself to that point? That mentally because I think you know, it’s one thing, it’s impressive that you made it even to be profitable quick. It’s another thing to get the mindset right that early too. So how did you do that? What kind of brought you to this stuff?

Vick 19:04
Oddly enough, so when I first started, like putting my first trades on, my lines sucked, I was horrible. I was early on what trades. And so once I figured out that I was just being early on trades, I started sizing down and sizing down even more than what I was already sized down as you know, I wasn’t trading, you know, 1000 shares, 2000 shares 10,000 shares, but I was trading you know, 100 shares 200 shares and you know that like 500 shares is like my max size because I wasn’t willing to put it on on any more than that. So early on my lines were absolutely horrible. I was always early to the party and just figuring shit out and then once I kind of figured that, okay, you know, I’m a little bit early in some of these things. I need to look at some things a little bit better understand a little bit better, and I keep going back I’d always go back and match my lines to Alex’s lines when he starts drawing lines on his his his watch list videos that he would put out and then also on the watchlist itself, now he doesn’t he doesn’t do the video as much anymore, but he does still put the list out. And he’s drawing, and he’s saying what prices he’s interested at. And then I go back and I’m looking around, okay, you know, checking that out, I think a combination of that. And then, you know, now, my goal is, and anybody’s goal, honestly, is when you get into a trade, to start that trade off, I dip my toe in the water, because, you know, while the the edge is on our side, you never know what’s going to happen, you don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes, right? This is the other reasons that things happen, right, somebody turns on an algo, somebody comes in and buys 80 billion shares at his fucking stock and a thing rips right through you. Well, if I dip my toe in the water, sure, it’s gonna stink a tiny, tiny bit, it’s better to stick in my whole fucking leg in the pool, they have it a bit off by a shark. And, and that’s where I think some people can take some stuff away is just just dip your toe in the water, you know, that initial trade, if you’re, if your size on any trade is going to be 500 shares? Well, that first trade should be like 50 shares, throw 50 shares at it, if it starts to confirm, and starts to really firm up, then add some more size to it. And then you know, as it further moves in your direction, now you’re adding to a winner add one more size. And that’s, that is really one of the things I think that helped me understand even deeper the whole risk management side of it. Because if I can keep my losses as small as possible, and then when a trade confirms and affirms up on the theory that I have on this thing, and I could just add more size to it, and capitalise on those gains, but minimise my risk by dipping my toe in the water. Now my losses are fucking tiny. But on the flip side, if it works out and it hits, it hits a target and I’m out, I’ll fuck it. I’m out. And I made 50 60 bucks, whatever, the big deal, but all that shit adds up at the end of the day. Yeah, I think some traders who see this stuff and see the things that I’m doing, they see how quickly it can add up. And once they start seeing how quickly you know, three, four trades of 5060 bucks each all of a sudden, you know, I’m up 240 bucks for the day. Made a couple of trades super tiny size. And they’re like, fuck, dude, 200 bucks would like fucking change my entire fucking life. 200 bucks a day is a fuck ton of money. You know, nobody realises how much money that is. If you count like 20 trading days, in the in the month, that’s four grand. Yeah. You know, how much would four grand change somebody’s life for making a car payment, making a mortgage payment, or just having that extra money to put aside to take a really nice vacation? Well, these kinds of things, if people would start thinking smaller, instead of thinking bigger and looking for the Lambo, they would, you know, change the way that their mindset is. And that’s, I mean, that’s, I can think that’s another thing that really helps too is that, you know, I don’t have to trade, I could stay at my day job. And I’m comfortable. I mean, I make good money. I don’t have to do it. But the supplemental income that I’m bringing in through trading, why wouldn’t I do it? Right? I mean, I can capitalise on my supplemental trading, bring in another six figures. And I can do a fuck tonne more in my retirement years and kick back and have a lifestyle that most of the retirees my age would be like, fuck, dude, how do you do that? Take trips all around the world doing my thing.

The Wrong Reasons Why People Get Into Trading

James 23:21
100% I think that I think it irritates the shit out of me that people get into trading. So for the wrong reasons, like of course, like everyone wants to make millions of dollars and like it is all possible. Like honestly, like, yeah, my see processes like that groundwork for that. But it’s like people forget, like, it’s like people are making 50 grand a year. And then like, if they’re trading and they’re making like 500 a day, like, that’s not enough. And it’s like, but you’re making your yearly. Like you’re not even getting how important that is like, like, I had a nice day yesterday. And like I and I was happy with it. And I’ve like, trained my brain now to just be like, dude, whatever you make, and trading is obviously better than most 99% of people are making in the world. And it’s like, dude, if you make $100 in a day, I mean, I went out last night, I got a fat steak, I got a sigh a salad got drinks, right? Under 50 bucks, something like that. And it’s like, you can make that trading with your eyes closed. You know? It’s true. It’s like people lose that sight of that. And I think it’s cool that you’re like, Oh, I made 50 bucks. I made 50 bucks and then boom, 1000 boom, like, whatever. I think that’s really really key for you. And I think that especially as you trade bigger and bigger and like grow, it’s like that $50 trades are gonna be the $100 and then we’ll be like two dads and forth whatever. People and I like how you’ve explained trading as a whole I think for new traders like they you guys need to pull yourselves back and see what where Vick is coming from. You know what I think Vick hold you if you don’t mind me asking.

Vick 24:43
I just just turned 51.

James 24:45
51 is in the service. I mean, he has a day job. And I’ve never heard him bitch and moan about videos. I’ve never heard him pitch and moan about putting in the work. Not only has he done all that he’s also put in extra work to become like a moderator and all this stuff. So, I just, it’s crazy to me to hear people complain. And fucking, dude, I ate it. And then it’s like, we talked to people like you. And it’s like, all right now whenever I DM someone like, bro, you’re gonna have to watch this episode and then kind of promptly shut up and like, start working like get right.

Vick 25:19
The info is there if people just, if people just take a step back and look, you said it right, everybody wants to come into trading and make a million dollars. That’s everybody’s fucking dream. But your dream has to start with the first step. And that first step has to be a realistic step. And that realistic step has to be, I need to make 50 bucks a day. And then from there, okay, I’ve made 50 bucks a day now that 50 turns into 60 turns into 80 turns into 100 120. And it takes time, and everybody’s progression to go from that 50 bucks a day to 500 bucks a day is going to be different. And it’s okay, there is no expectation that you have to come into this on day one. And make 500 $1,000 a day right out of the fucking gate. That’s people set unrealistic expectations on themselves, and just need to take your reel it in a little bit and come back and say, Man, you don’t want I mean, I made 30 bucks a day trading 200 chairs. fuck dude, good audio, because how many other people are sitting around making how many people make 30 bucks an hour? Right, think about that. Right? So what do you want to think about what kind of money you’re making? In that first hour of trading? I spent from 930 to 1030. And I made 30 bucks an hour. That shit, right? And then all of a sudden? Oh, yeah. Okay, I’m making 30 bucks an hour, and I’m only working one hour a day. Yeah, you keep that and then that turns into a catalyst of making $300 an hour, for an hour a day. You know, it just, that’s what it becomes. And you just have to be able to take the time. And, you know, take that first spoon of, of hard work. Yeah, suck it down. And then keep doing it. Right, keep repeating that. And one of the other things I think people do, too, which really, I wish they wouldn’t do is once they start to find a little success, they start changing things, they change what they’re doing a little bit. And just by doing that, it all of a sudden throws a wrench in the process. Now they went from being a profitable trader to being a losing trader. And it’s because they change something, don’t change anything. Right? When it’s when it’s time for any individual trader to size up more, you’ll know you will absolutely know. And you’ll know how much to size up. It’ll just happen organically, it’ll happen naturally. And you’ll figure it out on your own. As you’re going through this process. If you start out trading, like my max size is 200 shares and you’re fucking first, you know, your first entry into the market is 20 shares. That’s what it is. But then as you grow, if all of a sudden you’re making consistent profits every day, you’re making 20 3040 bucks a day. Now all of a sudden, I’m gonna change my startup size from 20 shares to 100 shares. Nope, wrong fucking answer, right? That’s the wrong fucking answer. If you want to size up, you should be sizing up 10% of whatever your starter is valuable, put a realistic level on you to keep it simple, right, and give you a little bit more size, but not without biting off more than you can chew. Because when you bite off more than you chew more than you can chew, you end up you know, putting your mind at a different place. You start having a little bit more emotion in the game. And your your palms get sweaty, your bucket heart starts beating your book and stressed out, don’t do it. Don’t put the extra stress on yourself if you don’t have to if you’re comfortable trading 25 shares is your starter trade 25 shares and eventually trade 27 shares whatever you know who gives a flying fuck nobody there is no written rule that says your starter has to be at least 100 shares. Stock that dude you know, you got to have your first starter is two shares. That is two shares. It is what it is.

Harry 28:53
I wanted to say one thing I like how you kind of you know, I think for every person who gets into this, there’s some type of reason why I mean, mostly people are getting in for the money. But I mean, it’s what the money brings the money brings freedom and the ability to kind of do what you want, right? And it’s really important to kind of, I guess, save yourself like, like, you know, what, what is my goal? Like for some people, their goal is to put their kids through college. For some people, their goal is to do whatever it’s not necessarily drive a Lambo or be super flashy. I mean, for every single person, there’s a reason why they got into it. And I think it’s really good that, you know, you’re able to kind of say, my goal is that I want to kind of save for my retirement, you know, I wanted to keep doing this this kind of supplemental income and then that’s kind of what I want to do, you know, and, you know, I think that that’s, uh, you know, it’s, there’s no shame in saying your goals and what you want to do, right. You know, there’s no shame in that, you know, you map out a plan, you say, This is what I want to do. And when I fucking retire, you know, this is what’s gonna what’s gonna happen or and this is how I’m gonna get there you know? And so I think for everyone everyone needs to just kind of map out their goals and why they’re doing this and and maybe that’ll stop people from fucking longing broken charts and shortening the hot chick fucking God pick up!

Putting Your Head Down and Taking It Slow

James 30:26
In chat so I was just like people are looking they’re they’re dumb they don’t want to put in, they don’t want to be patient they don’t want to, they don’t know it’s just everything they go against everything we’re saying they they want to make the money now they want where Lambo and then they want to be like super rich and famous but like, they don’t understand that like most traders started out with this like slow like mindset of like, he shares 100 shares like this. And it’s like, it’s crazy. It’s like it irritates me further, like this whole podcast is irritating, because it’s like I’m hearing someone do exactly what they’re supposed to do. And like look at how quick it snowballed. And it’s like, it’s almost like the message of this has been, you put your head down your work, you take it slow, and then the snowballs build. And it’s like, but instead what people do is they, they don’t put their head down, they don’t take it slow, they make a giant snowball, and then it just melts. And they like can’t make the snowman. And it’s like, it’s like, just so it blows my mind that people won’t listen to this, this process. And, and Vic, I think you did an amazing, amazing job explaining that. And as we are, we are coming up on our time here. But I just wanted to say, you know, thank you for coming on. I think this is an episode that I feel like every new trader, I feel like new members should watch this over and over until they understand that there is a process, there is a path. And as long as you stick on that path, you’re going to go down the profitable route. It’s when you kind of diverge and like fuck around. That’s when you just that’s when you kick the can or whatever down the down the road even farther, just gonna take longer longer to catch up.

Vick 31:53
Yep, absolutely. Yeah, it’s I want to say one more thing about goals that kind of hairy put up. Sure have that have that big picture long term goal. But in order to get to that goal, you need to have a path, you need to set yourself up with shorter term goals, smaller goals along the way in order to reach that bigger goal. So if your bigger goal is to, you know, replace your your day job income at some point, right, and that’s, that’s many new traders dream, right, they wanna be able to walk away from their day job and have the freedom to be able to just trade, make money on their own and do their own thing. If that’s your ultimate big goal, start out your first goal. But just, if you’re just starting out, I want to make sure that I have, I want to get to my first one full week of profitability, I have five green days in a row, just start there. And those those five green days or just just small, green consistent days. Do that. From there. Okay, now add on to that I want to go from five green days to seven green days. And now I want to go to 10 Green Days, I helped a trader in the room. He’s a super great guy, prior military. And I gave him some really good information that kind of clicked with him, it clicked with him, he put it to use immediately. And last time I talked to him a few days ago, he was up 33 Green days in a row. Because he just took the information to heart, he applied it paid attention, did the right things. And now he made 33 Green fucking days in a row. And that’s fucking huge for new guys who were previously struggling. And just on that hump of crossing that that to the other side of just being a little bit more consistent. And consistency.

James 33:34
50 bucks. I mean, look at what that’s gonna do.

Vick 33:38
Right? Yeah. And that rang true with him. That totally fucking made sense that he’s like, Yeah, you’re fucking right. I just talked to another trader. And once he saw, he told me what his max size was 500 shares. So I traded with 500 shares. I shouldn’t it was possible. And he’s like, fuck, dude. It’s all I want to do right there. I’m like, It’s if you just take your time, trade and then he sent me some charts yesterday. No shit. Is trading is like night and fucking day. And all of a sudden, he’s size down. Why does stocks a little bit making better trades taking profit? And it’s just it’s starting to come together. And then that’s how it begins. That is how it begins. And then you just keep building on that right there. Just keep building on the same fucking things, man. You know, when bricklayers lay bricks, they don’t go find 10 Different fucking types of bricks to fucking lay. They lay the same fucking brick every goddamn day. And that same brick, they do the same thing every day. Same, same thing. I’m not gonna lay bricks differently today, because it’s a different day. I’m gonna lay bricks the same way I did yesterday, because it worked yesterday. Yeah. And that’s what people need to understand. Just keep falling through the same shit.

Harry 34:43
Yeah, I think that’s a good quote and probably good ones that kind of ended on James. I know James usually ends it

James 34:48
This was perfect. I love it. That was nice.



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