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James 0:12
What’s up guys we are back with another episode of the after hours podcast today we have a super special guest we have Alex. Frequent returner.

Alex 0:23
Its good to be on and if you guys don’t know we’re recording this at 8am on December 29. Two days before New Year, man.

James 0:31
Dude, I’m depressed this year is over. I feel like it went like like that.

Alex 0:36
I haven’t explained to everyone that like the last two months I would say November and December felt like an eternity. But everything before that felt like it fucking flew. I don’t know what the hell!

James 0:48
It’s crazy. Like when? When COVID Like when COVID first hit right. So I was like two years ago now. I mean, MIC was only like a year old. It was like just about a year old now. It’s like we’re going on three years of this.

Alex 1:00
Bro. It’s crazy. When our first our first I guess year of MIC, we threw like eight meetups bro, we throw meet up every other month because that’s that’s what we want to do. Our entire mission was to bring traders together because we knew how lonely it was going to be right. And that COVID hit as Oh shit. Now we went from having all that fun and meeting everyone everything to being forced to be locked down. And don’t get me wrong, people made a fucking lot of money. But, bro, as you guys know, you could have shitload of money. But you know, if you’re not interacting with humans, like whether it be like your friends or family and you’re stuck at home, it’s miserable, bro is fucking miserable. So I’m glad that it’s slowly starting to change. I’m glad that it’s slowly starting to get better. And, you know, I don’t think this COVID thing is going away. But I think that it’s something that we’re gonna have to get used to, you know what I’m saying?

James 1:54
Yeah, I agree. I agree. I think I think one thing that’s really cool, and I was I went out to dinner with a few friends the other night and we were just chatting about MIC actually, and I was saying how it originally was so cool, because what we could get together and like meet in person, but through COVID Like, I think what makes MIC so special is we all are really close. I mean, we talked so much especially during the shutdown like all we could do is sit inside and like stay on Slack. So it was like all the mods everybody was so close and it’s like a it really is like a tight knit family. So I think it’s that’s what makes this community so special.

Alex 2:28
Its true right? I like like we’re having our meetup next month in California and I’m really excited about that we got over 100 people showing up and that’s just the people that register so I might be close to 200 people but remember these are members non members just people that love fucking trading because as you guys know brah if you talk to trading about anyone your family, they think you’re gambling now after eight years they don’t think I’m fucking gambling anymore but you know.

James 2:56
I hear you I’m bummed that you can’t make it out dude.

Harry 3:01
I’m trying my best. Everything’s changing daily.

Alex 3:08
I hear I hear Canada kind of kind of strict with that stuff.

Harry 3:12
Like even like here like we went from like everything was like open to like 50% capacity to restaurants to like if you travel you have to like quarantine for two weeks too. But if I don’t know because like we might be back to complete normal like everything changes so frequently and and unexpected. Yeah, so you never know.

James 3:36
It is what it is. But hopefully we’re moving on and what I want from the COVID stuff.

Alex 3:41
I’ll have Tom diesel show up

James 3:44
By a private jet.

Alex 3:48
So what do you guys do for New Years any plans?

Harry 3:50
Well, for me, I’m not really sure yet on anything either. Because like my dad bought like this whole fucking thing a lamb like he was gonna like roast it and shit. And now he’s just like, now everyone in my family was like, fuck it we’re not even having dinner anymore. Like everyone is so pissed off. So I mean, I don’t know what’s gonna happen but I really don’t know.

James 4:13
I had a sick New Year’s plan that I was going to have like the king suite at Encore which is a casino in Boston. It was so fun. But here’s their dude it’s sick. It’s sick and we’re gonna go well before we ended like a table at some bar and club and it was gonna be second. Everyone has COVID Every single one of us everyone has COVID right now so I’m not I’m not too sure. I think my new year’s gonna be kind of fucked.

Alex 4:35
Really? I mean like, I’m gonna go to Miami and just try to do something over there but like brah To be honest, like, I don’t know it’s just it’s just kind of sketchy right now everywhere bro.

James 4:49
COVID doesn’t exist in Miami so you’re good to go.

Alex 4:51
It doesn’t exist in Miami is is different out there. But it’s different out there.

How Do You Deal With the Lifestyle of Millionaires?

Alex 4:55
The lifestyle is different, like the problem is unless you have a metric Shitload have money. You can’t really do anything in Miami because when you’re there like you, you see these people balling the fuck out, and they’re balling all day long. And I’m thinking to myself, What the hell are they doing for day job? Like, what? Are they selling drugs? Like, how can I make this much money and not work? You know what I’m saying?

Harry 5:17
Bro, I see your brother he is living man all the time. What an animal man.

Alex 5:24
Young is Young Money and he’s living life.

James 5:27
Oh, it’s helped you, I guess how did you deal with that? Because like, I mean to me like, you’re like a ball. Like you make a shit ton of money. Like, you fucking have a lot. But you go to places like that. And you see people probably have more making feel like wow, how lucky are they doing this? How do you like deal with that actually, like day to day because you have a job that technically you can make as much as you want. And you could sit here all day and make money if you wanted to, I suppose. But how do you deal with that? Because that’s tough.

Alex 5:51
Hmm. So I don’t know, bro. Like to be honest. Like, I just it just, it makes me curious. But I would say I’m a very curious person. I like I think it may be just because like, We’re men, we like to learn how things work. Like, if we like Look at this fucking pen. I know that if I opened it here, I could release the ink. And if I ever need more ink, I could get ink on this. I just like learning how ship fucking works. Do you know what I’m saying? And when someone has a shitload of money, well and I’m talking like, multi multi million dollar a year type money because it’s hard to make to make 100 grand is hard to make half a million dollars. It’s very hard to make a million dollars is near impossible to make $10 million a year. I get curious, bro. I want to know how the fuck they do it right? Because to me, bro, I’m just I just want to learn bro, I just want to learn. So to me when I see these people. And when I see what they’re doing. I mean, I just sometimes I get curious if I have the opportunity to ask I asked. But what I’ve realized, right, what I’ve realized is the two biggest Wealth Generators in the world in existence are real estate and the stock market and some sometimes fucking crypto too, right? We’re in the world where crypto is some sort of relationship to but to me, bro, it seems like real estate and stock market is how these people become mega rich. And if you own a public company, if whatever reason, that’s how you become billionaire status, right? That’s the only way bro the only way to become a billionaire, in my opinion is to have a public company because the valuations are so extreme, your company can make $100 million in revenue, and you’re worth 5 billion, you know, I’m saying so for me, bro. It’s just curiosity. I always want to know how people are making money. And I’ve learned that real estate and stock market and you know, I have some stock market holdings, I have some investments. I do like some some things on the side. But, you know, I like to stick to what I’m good at. And I don’t really have real estate because it’s not something that I understand. You know, I’m saying like I have to be educated first, I understand that. No matter what we do, we have to learn. So just because I have a spare million dollars doesn’t mean that I’m going to go buy a million dollar property and then become a landlord. All of a sudden, when I don’t know how to fucking contact a plumber. I don’t know if the fucking foundation is good. I don’t know about the landscape. I don’t know shit about that. Right. So I think the people that become mega mega rich are experts in their field, right? So for example, I know the fucking market. And I know until my fucking dying breath that eventually, all the time, the fucking biggest companies are gonna get bigger because they have a monopoly stocks like fucking Apple stocks, like fucking Amazon stocks, like Microsoft stocks at Facebook, you could fucking they’ll go down for five years straight, but the next 10 years they’ll fucking quadruple. So that’s where I park a lot of my money. I park a lot of my money into these assets that I know are legit. And I know someone that I used to trade with at SMB capital, I would say maybe he’s making conservatively $10 million a year, let’s say right conservatively. What he does, it takes all 10 million puts it all in spy, every single penny, he puts it into fucking spy anything at 20% a year, right? So I don’t I don’t want to I don’t want to be the guy that tries to master everything. I’m really, really good at the market. And I feel I’ve been looking at spy for the last eight years. And sure, eventually it’s going to go down. But let’s say the market goes up 20% For five years, for the three years that it goes down 10% You’re still fucking green. It’s just a game of time. So I like to park my money into things that I understand. I understand the market so I park it there. I’ve been kind of messing around with like some venture capital stuff because I’m trying to learn some parking there. And I have some crypto investments I hold the Ethereum I hold a little bit of Bitcoin, no shit coins, because I understand the technology. But real estate real estate. I don’t understand it yet. And when I have the opportunity to learn and when I have the opportunity to slowly dive in. I will get there too. But I already know how to make a shitload of money. It’s the market and real estate. So our edge because we’re all fucking Young is time if you most people start investing when they’re fucking 40 Because that’s when they start to have money for me wrong 27 And my investments are paying out fucking almost as much as my trading almost right? And if I could get it to the point where eventually that money is paying more, then bro, I’m that guy in Miami that doesn’t have to fucking work that doesn’t have to do anything and people wonder how the fuck I have all this money.

James 10:32
I love that. I mean, something I’ve dealt with that’s like, so I think it’s hard to like maybe just part of it because I’ve been trading out three years. And I mean here. I don’t know if you’ve ever felt this too. But like very how long?

Getting Past the Two-Year Hump

Harry 10:45
Five, six years now, like a long, long, long time.

Alex 10:48
Let’s do I think the hump is like two years. I think if you’ve got past the two year hump, because the first year you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing. Yeah, the second year, you start to get a little bit of traction. If you could complete that second year.

Harry 11:03
Yeah. And I mean, now like even for me, like I’m even moving past the day ones like I’ve been really still working hard on just getting better. And where I’ve made the most money this year has not necessarily always been day one sauce. And then these multi day runners, where they’ve kind of like held up for day one. They’ve held up a little bit for day two, and then like day three, and for that type of move, where everyone’s kind of shorting on day one. They’re hoping for everyone shorting on day two they’re hoping for.

Alex 11:31
You found your niche now you found exactly what works for you.

Harry 11:35
Yeah, yeah. So that was when I really kind of like took off. Like I remember like a lot of people were messaging me like, Oh, what do you see on the tape on LVGN. And I was like, and I messaged a lot of people, it wasn’t necessarily about the tape, it was just the fact that this thing had not been breaking down at all, like it should have. And especially when I when I like a lot of people, they first start longing. And then they move into shorting because they understand that long game of being trapped and being a bag holder and being whatever, but I started with shorting. So I almost kind of reversed I almost kind of like reversed that type of role where I understood just like, you know, your your short, something, and then it’s not going down, it’s not going down. It’s not going down. You’re like fuck this thing has to go down. It’s a piece of shit company, this thing has to fucking go down. Right? I know, everyone’s saying that. And I’m completely in agreement with them. Like eventually it is going to go back to zero. But it’s that time of when people start to get emotional and keep fighting keep fighting and then we kind of get that bigger move. But after that bigger move and shorts are blown out that thing is fucking done. You do not try and long that thing after.

Alex 12:43
I mean, when I first started well, when I first thought I had the reverse Midas Touch, everything that I touch went the fucking shit. Like I was. And it wasn’t a signal that it would crater, you know? Yeah. And now, what’s crazy that you started the other way. And now you’re a fucking badass long trader.

Harry 12:59
Yeah. And I mean, also, I think, like a part of it now is that I recognize that like, day ones like, and like, this is what I’ve been kind of talking about in other podcasts as well as like the day ones like they’re not, I’d say as like a lot of people got into trading and everyone when everyone’s trying to long something like it’s either really choppy on the way up, or we just fucking fade because everyone’s everyone’s long, right? So when we have product, right, when we have everyone long, it’s just goes the other way. So a fan for a lot of these day ones, like, I don’t recommend shorting them at all. But I also don’t recommend logging them and trying to chase the top either, like, you know, I get some DMs all the time just about that. So, I mean, just for me, like it’s just been such a headache every single morning where I’m like, Yeah, I’m watching it, I’ll take a look. But even for Austin to like me and Austin talk a lot on a daily basis just about like the current market and stuff like that. And that’s just been a headache. So I just started focusing really on the kind of multi day runners and that is what has kind of given me the most edge not necessarily day two low hanging fruit because like I don’t recommend that at all, but the stocks that kind of keep moving and keep moving forward. That’s what I kind of focused on, you know?

The Importance of Timing

James 14:12
All that did that I think I think the biggest problem is that and we talked I mean we’ve talked a million times just everyone’s in such a hurry to get there and they act like to have a job that you can have freedom for the rest of your life you deserve to make that money in the first year. I mean it really is it’s like year one like you said you have no idea what you’re doing your to your funding a little bit of footing I found like your three is where like the confidence came in maybe it’s just because it’s more timing like you’re seeing in front of the screens. I mean, but every day I mean we start you got a YouTube blog yesterday you do a whole YouTube Live you explain everything you do to make money and some guy goes how did you do that? And it’s like, people just no one can no one pays attention. No one does it. Like, you know the MIC processes there because it actually puts like it, I would say jumpstart your timetable significantly. You You almost don’t want to say skip it, you kind of feel like you skip that kind of like very, very newbie stage. And we see it with members all the time. You know, it’s great.

Alex 15:08
So two things that number one is, I have coming up on my eight year anniversary, my eight year trading anniversary is in February, 7, seven years, 10 months, what are the factors? Okay? Any job that’s gonna make you millions and millions and millions of fucking dollars, bro is not going to happen overnight. It’s just impossible, right? It’s just fucking impossible. Like, the way you have to think about it probably is you you have the potential. And I’m I’m sure I’m making I think this year is a little 3 million called what are called 3 million, right? In the grand scheme of things. I’m a fucking nobody. I know a guy that made $20 million this year trading, right? I’m a nobody, it doesn’t matter. But the point is that it took me and that guy’s been trained for 10 years, right? 10 years, bro, it took me years and years and years to get here. And if you think that you’re gonna make more money than a doctor, a lawyer and an engineer combined in your first year, it’s impossible. It’s impossible. This is this is like you being a professional athlete. Just because you get fucking drafted to the next doesn’t mean you’re gonna make $10 million, your first year, you have to show up every single day to practice you have to show up every day. And then once you get really good at it, then you will get your opportunity. But this is your opportunity. I mean, like, bro, like, you know how many fucking hedge funds and prop firms steal our traders, literally, they come in and steal our fucking traders, because they know that our guys have a solid foundation that they don’t have to train them. And they don’t have to fucking teach them right. Yeah. To me, bro. It’s a lot. It’s no brainer, bro is a no brainer. But the problem is, it’s, it’s my mindset is long term. Well, my mindset has always been long term. And that’s why I can take those $2,000 days, I take those $2,000 days every fucking day, because I know that I it’s going to add up and that it’s going to leave me less stressed. But I have so many fucking things on my plate that I cannot afford to be stressed. And because I cannot afford to be stressed. It forces me to take the easy trades because bro, I’m 27 years old, I got fucking white hairs over here. Like I’ve been at the extreme highs, I’ve been at the extreme lows because of trading. I never want to get back to the extreme lows. And the extreme highs never feel as good as the extreme lows. So I’m in this middle ground. I’m in the middle ground of I don’t make the most money on the year. But you better believe that I am stress free. I can buy whatever the fuck I want. And essentially a couple extra million, let’s say another million dollars that I make is going to make me more depressed than happy. Because I’m not going to use that extra million anyway. I’m not going to use it. So why am I trying to do it? It’s competition. It’s ego, it’s everything. It’s all the evils inside of you. And to be honest, like, I got no problem making $3 million a year working an hour a day. And if I really want bro, I could go fucking drink, I could go take a nap. I could fucking play video games all day long. I could do whatever I want. But there’s no reason to be pushing hard. There’s no reason to be forcing because eventually there’s going to be like a graph where the more money you make the Saturday you’re going to get because the more stress is going to entail. So you need to find a sweet spot between stress free and your goals right? And like bro, think about you, James, you make consistently anywhere between 500 to 2000 hours a day in your fucking sleep. Sure, on $502,000 a day in your sleep. Sure. It may not be a million dollars, but it’s Hey, you’re making half a million dollars working an hour a day and going to your fucking day job. Right? And to me, bro, that’s powerful. It’s very powerful. Because, bro 500 grand a year, a year is bro your top top fucking top 1% bro. That’s top 1%. So like, I think people because of social media because of Twitter because of all this shit. They try to do more. They think that they gotta be the guy that makes $10 million a year. And if you’re that guy making $10 million a year, I guarantee it’s not stress free. I guarantee that is not easy. And you have to go back and realize what you want to do. If you want your entire life to be trading. Go ahead and make $10 million a year and then when you become rich and you have no friends and no family you’ll realize that it was wasted. Or you can be the guy that makes six to small seven figures very easily every single year. Having a family having a relationship traveling, enjoying your fucking life and realize that hey, you still got money left over bro. The guy’s making $10 million dollars a year. Trust me bro what he’s doing with those extra millions. Is he just buying property that he’s not used? But what’s the point?

The Importance of Having a Good Life

James 19:55
It’s true. It’s as I get older too. I just didn’t feel like posts on it actually, this weekend. I went to Portland, Maine with my girlfriend and one of my friends. And we ran into this couple, we were just we just set a bar, were talking and I didn’t tell him what I do for work. We weren’t even really talked about it. But he was a little bit older than his 30s. He was just saying how he’s done well for himself, but the best thing he has is he has unlimited time. And he has all this time in the world to spend with his wife is, you know, his family, everything. And he said that he had a job that was paying double, and it was so fucking stressful. He was miserable. He fucking hated it. So now he got he just found a new job that pays extremely well, but nothing crazy. He has no stress, nothing. And he’s like, extremely happy. And that’s something I’ve noticed in you, Alex. And like, because to now I’ve been watching you trade for like, almost four years or whatever. It’s like when MIC first started, did you realize like, 1000 shares on this stock 50,000 shares on this, like everything that moved, you were just in, and you’d still make a shit ton of money. But the stress and we just talked on the phone about this, the stress was so obnoxious, just not worth it at all. And seeing you now it’s like you almost like Zen, and you really just like you’re happy, you’re good, and you’re consistent with what you’re doing. And I think that’s probably why you make as much money as you do.

Alex 21:06
You got to find the sweet spot for all that when I was trading that I felt like I was trading, I was trading any at any given day on any given small cap stock I had anywhere between 50 to 150,000 shares any day, right. And by using that type of size, it kind of made me it kind of made me a little bit unemotional to the size because after trading that much size for that much like for that long, you have nothing to do but be emotionless because you cannot focus on the money you must focus on setup. And because I use so much size, when I dropped my size down like 5000 shares from 150,000 shares, bro, I could get up I could go get coffee, I could make a fucking burrito. I could do all this shit. And I still wouldn’t care. I still wouldn’t care because using that much size in the past and dropping it down brought me back to reality brought me back to normal and now bro. Now. I never want to use that type of size again. Sure. Well, there are some days I think to myself, bro, I can fucking make $10 million, bro. All I gotta do is keep doing dudes a little bit better. I can make fucking 10 million. And then I think to myself, What the fuck am I going to do with that money? Like what the fuck? It’s useless is useless to me, bro, it’s used sure I want to make everyone wants to make 100 million, I don’t know less than 10 million everyone wants to make 20 million. But once you to get to that point, you must first make 100,000 You must first make 500,000 You must first make a million after you make that million, then you’re gonna you’ve paid off your family’s house, you’ve helped this help that done everything that you need, and you still have money leftover, you start to think what makes me actually fucking happy, right? You can have as many watches as you want as many cars as you want as many fucking women as you want. What makes me happy is the question you’re going to ask. And to me making an extra couple million is not going to make me happy. What’s gonna make me happy is being less stressed. So that I don’t take out my anger on family and loved ones. And because I live a life with low stress and focus on happiness. Just so happens that the world Ward’s me with money, right?

Harry 23:12
Yeah, I have I love that. I think everyone should at least learn how to trade for like six months, everyone in the world because it’s a really a journey about kind of like self discovery, I think. And you really kind of discover what you want in life, because like, you’re doing something that has like unlimited potential. But it takes time to kind of figure out and it takes a lot of mastering your own emotions and being in control of yourself. And I think a lot of people what they don’t understand is like, see, I have the exact same mindset and exact same approaches Alex, like, as far as stress as far as like everything you just talked about, like the same type of mindset. But I think like, and like I believe same thing for James too, like we all do. And it’s just because we’ve been around for a while and I think we’ve really kind of been able to find through trading, what kind of makes us tick and what kind of makes us better. And you know, I think about like, you know, a lot of stuff there’s a lot of people I know who have like a nine to five job and they’re like, oh like if I had a million I’ll be happy if I had this I’ll be happy if I have that. But they’re they don’t really have that kind of like, you know, experience or like trading back because like I think when people are trapped in nine to five like that’s all you think about till you’re like whatever is just money whatever!

Alex 24:27
Your money is a tool belt money is a devil right? So for example, it’s having having a million dollars in the bank does not directly lead to happiness. It is what you do with that money that will in turn lead to that. So for example, let’s say like okay, I’ll give you an example. So for Christmas Christmas just passed like five days ago, and I bought myself like a new watch. I spent a bunch of money I bought myself a new watch because I like art. I like timepieces I like it store value, whatever. I spent a lot of money on this watch. And what I did is it made me a little bit happy don’t get me wrong On like I was, I was happy, like on a scale from one to 10 I was probably like an eight. But what I did is one of my family members. Her husband lost her job because of COVID. And they’ve been kind of struggling they don’t really have much money. So what I did is I got $20,000 in fucking cash, bro straight fucking cash like this. This fucking big, and I wrapped it up and I gave it to her for Christmas and she started fucking crying, right? And that Denise that $20,000, which is just a fraction of what I spent on my watch. giving that to her see her reaction of being able to change her life because of that. Got my happiness to attend on the scale. So the 20,000 compared to let’s say, the 100,000 Yeah, the money right, spending more money sure made me a little bit happy but even spending less money and using it for something better. Yeah, brought that happiness scale higher. You know what I’m saying?

How to Be Happy Before the Million

James 25:53
Yeah, if you’re not happy before the million you’re not gonna be happy after it’s just it’s it is it’s a vicious cycle. Dude. It’s like, I like I said, I think it’s just hard. It’s hard, especially in today’s world with like, social media with everything. You see people blowing money like fucking crazy on crazy shit. Yeah. And then you just you compare it to yourself so hard. And it’s like, that’s what I love about what we’ve like what we all have created here, I think is that just we have a community of people that teach you like, dude, if you make $1,000 a day, you know what honestly makes me so fucking happy. Like, it sounds stupid. When I go out to a steak dinner, I can go out with my friends. I get steak. I get a drink I get it makes me generally just smile. I don’t know what it is. I love the fucking everything.

Alex 26:35
I really love being able to click the button that says overnight shipping extra $50 I click that button every time I pay the extra fucking fee and I don’t give a shit as the best feeling ever. Brah I love that no more ground shipping for free waiting a week to get my shit. I get it overnight, bro. And that to me both being fucking rich.

James 26:59
Like when I send you the floating shoe thing, and there was in 30 seconds, you’re like, alright, I’ll be here tomorrow. This is crazy. But it’s like these little things in life that really do make you happy. It’s like you don’t have to make Of course I want to make 10 $20 million a year of course doesn’t.

Alex 27:19
You want to be fucking depressed, you want to fucking like you want to give up everything that actually matters, bro. And that’s big money is possible. The MIC process took me from knowing fucking nothing to making fucking coffee, bro, to making millions and millions and millions of dollars. So by being in here, you have the right foundation. And it is up to you to choose how much money you would like to make, right? If you only want to make $500 a day we could teach you. If you want to make a million dollars a day we could fucking teach it is the same fucking process just with more money. But before you can master making $1,000 or 100,000 you must master how to make 100 Right? That’s just a hole for content. If you don’t know how to make 100 You could not make 100,000. So stop trying to go for 100,000 when you can’t even make 100!

Harry 28:08
Yeah, and I think the big. The big word there that a lot of people forget about is that they focus like on exactly what Alex just said, but they only focus on the $100 or the 100,000. And they don’t focus on the process which is like the key part of that whole sentence is the process is the the steps that you’re taking every single morning the stock selection, the font, the you know, looking everything up the flow, you know, the bigger picture it’s it’s it’s the process that is going to make you that money and it’s not gonna starve.

Alex 28:39
Well, I had no process. I didn’t know what a process was. I didn’t I didn’t get it, bro. And everyone throws around the word process, but no one like no one really explains it. So for me guys what a process is that? It’s a routine and a strategy that I could repeat to make money every day. So for me when I first started, I had no repeatable thing. I had a little bit of a strategy. I was looking for stocks that gapped up and with that that was my strategy. But the repeatable part was, I was trading all fucking day long. Oh, and make money in the morning, the stock would rebound midday, I would get squeezed now lose my money. It wasn’t until we implemented something through a process called the zombie rule that improved. It wasn’t until I started wiring out that things improved. So for me, it took me a while to refine my process. And by having that process by having that routine, it changed my life. I’d say it all the time. And no one listens. The zombie rule made me a millionaire. This zombie will make me a millionaire and no one really listens. Like, like the reason why the zombie rule came to life is well I would trade with about every fucking day. And I would notice every fucking day midday he would give back half his fucking day and until we sort of refined it to know exactly what fucking time it happens, bro both of us were going for all day faders we were trading ran just because the stock tanked in the morning and bounce midday were like, Oh, come through the bounce. And then it went through high that day. So after years of watching my training counted, accountability, buddy lose money mid day, we’re like, you know, let’s fucking change this. And let’s find, let’s create a process. Let’s create a routine, let’s create a repeatable something, to make sure that we don’t fucking lose money after the morning. That’s where the zombie rule came into play. And then when I started being disciplined with the zombie rule, meaning I followed it every day.

Harry 30:29
Became a millionaire. Yeah. And then oh, did James, you can go if you want. Good. No.

James 30:36
I hate hearing that people. I hate hearing that people like critique, like the zombie roll, or they critique like part of the MIC process in a way, because at the end of the day, it’s all expected what we’re talking about, it’s like, Sure, you could stay here all day long. And technically trade. Yeah, you could make some money. Yeah, you could lose some money, most likely, you’re gonna lose some money. But you can stay all day. But what is that extra 500 bucks gonna do for you, right, it’s really not going to change much. Your best trades come from at 9:30 to 10:30. Slot. After that. It’s like, you take what the process gives you it’s good money, it’s enough. It’s plenty. You don’t need to stay here all day. That is not why!

Alex 31:13
Let’s say we finish our training from let’s say we trade from nine to 1030. Just make it easy, right? An hour and a half, whatever. That’s what you make with us, you make 1000 hours, okay? And then you trade from 10:30 to four, and you make an extra $500. That extra fucking five, six hours of trading isn’t really worth the stress and that extra money or instead of that, why don’t you go out to lunch from 11, to fucking 12 at 12 to one go to the fucking gym, from one to two, take a fucking nap. Wake up, you don’t take a shower. And all of a sudden, you still got an hour until the market close, you can do so much with your life, if you just trade the mid process properly. And that’s the best thing. We have a superpower that we could work for one hour. And the rest of the day, we could do whatever the fuck we want. And that’s why I was actually talking to a member yesterday. His girlfriend DM me on Instagram, like she lost her father because of COVID. And one of our members like really helped her like really helped her through it. She’s like, all he wants for Christmas is just like talk to you. Can you talk to him? I was like, yeah, like, I’ll call him like, he’s exactly what we want. We want someone that helps other people and when someone lose their father, and the guys are trading and strength, learn and try to help. I mean, to me, that’s exactly the type of person we want. So I’ve spoken to him. And basically what we kind of what we kind of got down to is that after a certain amount of after a certain amount of doing this after certain way of trading after you do all this stuff for enough time, you’re gonna realize what’s really, really important in that moment, he realized that taking care of his girl was more important than fucking scalping bullshit trades. And because that the World War to him was like a call for me, you know?

The Importance of Self-Care

Harry 33:01
Yeah, I love that. No, I love that love that actually. I went back like, just like, I don’t know, I was just super bored one day, and wasn’t anything really going on? Also, I live in Canada. So like, there’s like, what you guys have divided by 10. So you know, how super bored so and I was looking at I remember there were a couple guys who would always trash the zombie roll the bow. They would always like tweet at bow they’d always, you know, you know, messages on bureau. So I just searched up like from modern rock. And then I was like zombie. I was just kind of scrolling. Scrolling down. All day counts are fucking gone, bro. Every one of those guys blew up. Because they were like, they they try so hard to find something wrong. And they’re like, oh, there’s zombie roll. You’re like I saw stock fade after 1030. Like that’s, that’s not a rule that can’t be true. And then all them blew up shorting zombie, right? Even if 30% of the socks go up over holiday keep running after zombie roll. You are going to lose more money on those socks than you do holding.

Alex 34:05
That said Tesla Tesla is going bankrupt. The markets gonna crash.

James 34:11
They’re mortgaging their houses to cover everything. It’s it’s crazy. The beauty of the MIC process is its simplicity. Like the simplicity of it is like I told you as I’m teaching that guy who wants to sit next to the shop and like dude every day he’s like, how can it be this easy to make? Like to make money and I’m like it should it actually it sadly, I hate semiconductor. It is easy. It’s just Can you stick to it? It is the that’s the reason I think 9% of people that they fail, they can’t follow like a basic guideline, which we have and like, I don’t know, I liked this episode a lot because I feel like it it really wasn’t even about trading. It was more about like kind of like money and all that stuff. But at the same time it really does implement back into your day to day trading. Just take your money. We’re doing something amazing. That’s it, and I love it. One last note.

Alex 34:55
Before we finish up is you guys have any new year’s resolutions or any things So you’re trying to do going into the New Year’s?

Harry 35:04
For sure, I think is just working on, like me and my girlfriend both talked about this and we said 2022 is going to be more about like self care, like my girlfriend is going to graduate from university. And like, you know, I guess like when she was in university too, it was just like kind of like learning trading, like you’re always stressed out, you’re always running around like, and with me and trading like I can always go to the library with her and like go on MIC or look at stocks or do whatever like, I mean, I can always do that. So like I spent a lot of time with her as well and I found that like she was really stressed out and like we just we had a lot of like family shit going on and you know shit like that. So we said that 2022 is really going to be about self care we’re going to the gym and sticking with it trying to eat a little bit healthier become sort of

Alex 35:53
As I went to the to do consistently went to the gym five days a week for a year straight. And then in like November, bro, I was just like really fucking stressed. I felt like really overwhelmed with like life. And I took like, a couple of days off and then that turned into a week off and then that turned into a fucking month off. And all of a sudden, bro now I’m fucking fat. So I’m gonna really try to do that too.

James 36:16
I don’t know, I think I think for me, my my goal this year is to I really want to find more happiness outside of like kind of what we’re talking about outside of anything to do with financials or even just comparison bias. Like I’m one of those people I suffered from it. I find it very hard. I go on Instagram, Twitter, anything I see people doing crazy baller shit and I’m like, fuck, man. Like it just it bothers me deep down and like, you know.

Alex 36:42
You got to remember about that, bro is I know a lot of people that do shit like that and are in debt because of it. Like, I know my dude, my girls, friends like that, let’s say on an engagement ring. They spent 100k 75k That is on alone. So to me, if you’re spending money that you don’t have a ring to show off to other people, you’re already fucked. You’re already and that’s what everyone does, bro. It’s not just the shit that you see. It’s everyone so you may see a guy flexing in a fucking Lamborghini. But he’s probably in debt in debt because of that car. Just the fucking flex. Yeah, I love that.

Harry 37:20
People muted I literally have everyone on Twitter muted. I have everyone except for Alex bow. A couple other people. Instagram so fucking muted. Not Yeah, good.

James 37:33
I think it’s a good one. Yeah. Those fuckers I deleted it from my phone and bucket. But Alex, what’s your New Year’s resolution?

Alex 37:42
Um, honestly, bro, my my resolution I guess is I basically just want to just enjoy my life more bro. Like I’m, as you guys know, but I’m here all day long, seven days a week, I don’t fucking leave this office, I worked like a fucking animal. And what I realized is if I even take a few days off, I feel like a brand new person. But it takes me four or five months of stress to take one week off. So my goal is every quarter, I want to take a one week vacation just to start obviously, that’s still fucking nothing. That’s kind of what I want to do just to start. And also I want to start funneling money into other investments. So that I have peace of mind. And I have a safety net. Because the goal is always take that short term money from trading and funnel it into other things. And that’s kind of what my goals are. My goals are by the end of 22 point 22 to have all my I guess investments set up for me in the right way. And um, I’m pretty much almost there. I’m pretty much almost there. I shouldn’t be I should be good in a couple more months. Just parking the money in like a couple different places.

Harry 38:49
Yeah. That’s funny, because I used to message Alex like, at least once a year and be like, Man, I’m so fucking stressed, bro. I’m so fucking stressed. And Alex would literally say to me, take the week off. And then I’d be like, bro, but I can’t. And I ended up taking like two days off, three days off. Because like, I think I really learned like, when I was younger, I had you guys to kind of learn from so I was like, oh, you know what our Alex and Bao doing? How much work are they putting in and you’d see Alex like on the YouTube lives like I’m here all day staring at the screen like I’m working hard.

Alex 39:22
You guys see you guys see it over here. The mentors and moderators lead by example. I don’t tell everyone to work all fucking day and then just fucking I don’t do anything right. The reason why I trade in the morning and walk away is because we have the entire MIC community to run right? We have an army of people behind the scenes right? An army of people working this stuff as someone has to lead the army, right? So my job as a leader is not only to lead, but to lead by example to show everyone what can happen if every day you walk away a zombie time If every day you make a plan you can make as much money as me. The only way that’s possible is if I do it and I show you because you have no excuse. If I’m showing you every fucking day for 12 months straight. I’m walking with a zombie times and I’m making millions of dollars. What is your excuse not to I am leading by example. And that’s what you guys are doing to.

James 40:21
Yeah, I love it. Oh, yeah, probably a good place to wrap it up.

Harry 40:24
That’s a good place to wrap it up.

Alex 40:25
Thanks. Make some fucking money today, man.

James 40:27
Yeah. All right. All right.


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