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What’s up guys today we have Becca on the podcast. She’s a long swing trader and she has also done some intraday Long’s as well. She found MIC in the early days and has been to two boot camps. And she has also been very active in the MIT community. So stick around and listen up and enjoy. What’s up guys? Today we have Rebecca. Rebecca is a long trader and I’m also a long trader too. And so we just decided to kind of do like this as well. James is is not is not available right now for for the past week. He’s just been like working ass off that those fucking barbershops. So yeah, we’re just going to kind of kick it off. Just talk about like, longing, our journey experience, nothing too crazy. So yeah, Rebecca, maybe you could talk about like, how you kind of found MIC your journey maybe before MMIC getting into longing and stuff like that?



How did you find out about trading?

Rebeca 0:56
Yeah, I think it was honestly 2019. I found it through like Twitter, following Bao and Alex. And I like how, How, I don’t know, Alex represented himself on Twitter. Then shortly after I went to the San Jose meetup, because I was still really new into trading. I didn’t, you know, I didn’t, I didn’t want to be like, Okay, what am I getting myself into? Is it like, can you make a career out of it? Right? Is it a long term thing, so I went to San Jose, and in that multiple people, people also talk to you. Honestly, it was like really underfunded, I just wanted to kind of, I don’t know, just experiment and stuff. And for sure. I also didn’t have an edge, I didn’t have a grasp on position sizing a grasp on. But I also didn’t have a lot of money to my name. So I was like, I’m not you know, I didn’t have much to lose, it was just like showing up every day every day. And I was also working in the evening. So I was like, okay, I can strategize my time to show up to the market in the mornings, work in the evenings. And on the weekends. Go everything I learned. And I did that for like a startup I did that for like we for years. And I started to see like, my decision making was getting better my my entries and exits are getting better. But I still didn’t have a really good grasp on risk reward ratios. And my own expectancy, my equity curve, again, was just kind of like too random. I also had to shed some insecurities with like, money and risk because so risk averse, and also getting my own personal finances in order so I didn’t have to worry about certain things. And that took time. But it was cool having this community because I could talk to Aloha. And I know I ranted ranted with Aloha for sure about like, hey, like what’s you know, and he had a lot of good advice. And then I’d see your trade. And a lot of times like they would actually link up or like I’d see what you were doing. But Aloha was doing believe you guys are the only one guys that I know.

Harry 3:21
Yeah, there are a couple other different guys but I think me and Austin are like the main ones who like are out there like talking to people like a lot, you know?

Rebeca 3:30
Yeah, so I took notes on that. And I got my my finances in order. Finally after like some time it has just been like observing, learning, forming my own strategies and progress. It’s kind of interesting to see like I remember when I met Bao in Jose I was trading like 100 shares and like $10 was like what I was playing with like and now it’s kind of different, which is pretty cool. Message Bao. I was like, I remember when we first met like I was not you know what you learned and it’s taking my time now. Yeah, pretty comfortable, pretty comfortable with what I’m doing. Of course I want to test myself but I also have less discipline issues, that’s for sure. I don’t really have any I just stick to my rules. It’s just so much easier when you stick to your rules. You know, kind of think about it like like working out in food like if you don’t bring the fat the bad food home there’s no reason to break a rule like it’s just not gonna happen. Yeah, so that’s kind of the way I see the stock market

What setups did you use in the beginning?

Harry 4:50
So like, what kind of setups Did you like start with in the beginning? Like what what did you kind of start with like in the beginning and then like transitioning to kind of like a Uh, like, while you’re kind of like starting with now, you know, like, was it more like first bounce like the dip and rip type style stuff like day ones or like, Was it something else?

Rebeca 5:09
I was definitely about. I started to see progress there. But I did stick with that strategy because it kind of just ended up formulating my own in a weird way. Honestly, right now, what I do is mostly multi day breakouts. I don’t actually participate on a day one momentum move. I’ll wait a couple of days for that trade to develop. But I’ll actually kind of swing them now to which is much different from what I was doing before. But for with my own decision making, it just works best by just because I’m much more passive. Yeah, that’s kind of how I found my, my edge

Harry 5:58
Yeah, just with those kind of like multi day breakouts. Yeah, I’m kind of like curious about how you kind of like approach some stuff like that, like, you don’t have to give away anything or anything like that. But like, how do you kind of like approach those type of style trades?

Rebeca 6:15
Okay, so I’ll just give an example of like, what recently happened? Not that long ago, with a few runners, like DBGI is a good one. BNSC is another good one, you’ll pull up those charts, they have kind of almost identical on their momentum. I did not participate on both of those on the first day when move, but things are holding right now. So it’s good to use that in your favourite right? And definitely don’t disregard them after the first day. Keep them on watch. Yeah. And that’s what I was doing. And on the third day, is when I participated into the trade, risking low a day and get probably 20 to 30% return on your money. I’m much more comfortable with them, because I’ve seen them happen over and over and over again. So my execution, it’s just, I mean, I understand the movement. Yeah. So yeah, that’s, that’s what I do. And I guess I’m much more passive or really slow in my decision making. So I’m not really taking too many trades throughout the day, you might not even take the trades throughout the day, I may be just managing something that I’m holding a couple days before

How do you trade strength buys?

Harry 7:35
yeah, yeah, I find with those type of multi days, it’s a lot different than like shorting the day ones or anything, because they’re so boring, like, you’re you don’t have moving on the tape. have maybe like a, you know, like five to 10 cent spread, there’s not a whole lot going on. But for from my experience, like I’ve been watching a couple of them as well and like trading them as well. For me, I like to trade them kind of like, like something like DBGI I’d rather trade it like when we start to kind of like push up and get some like volume, if that makes any sense. Like no, for me, I’m the most confident like not necessarily long yet support. But like if it starts to grind back up, and then we get that kind of volume on like, the first day DBGI I was an interesting one because like it kind of like had a pretty active premarket. So like I didn’t really know what to think about that one. But yeah, there have been a couple like, I don’t know, if you saw like EUDA was the one where it went from like 14 down, I think to like all the way down to three, and then it started to kind of grind back up and push back up. And then we got that move from like four to six or something like that. I don’t know if you saw that one or not. But like, those are the ones that I’m kind of interested in where, you know, we have like a day one type of setup a day one kind of volume, we move a little bit lower, and then we start to kind of grind up higher, maybe like have some volume in the pre market or maybe we’re kind of like grinding back up. And then we get that like push off up. And that’s kind of my favourite type of setup.

Rebeca 8:50
It’s interesting, because after a while, like just being in MIC, I noticed how you trade and I just I’m like, I don’t do things like that. So like it’s weird. Like, I know it works for you. And I noticed also how like, aloha trades, because you’re all logged in. I’m like, I see it but like, I could never execute it like the way it works for me. Like I’m just not my trade. You know, it’s interesting, but yeah, definitely notice your style of trading. And And again, we’re both we’re longing but it’s just so different. Like we don’t ever like personalities in the market.

Harry 9:23
Yeah, exactly where like, Austin, he loves those strength buys on the day ones, you know

Rebeca 9:30

Harry 9:30
loves the buy. And I liked the strength buys too. But like, I prefer them on like a multi day setup. Like we just talked about where like, you know, we’re, we’re kind of, we’ve established that low and now we’re starting to grind higher and we might get some volume and then when we get some volume like in the morning at like 9:31 I’m like okay, this is it. Like I’m gonna attack you like let’s go. Those are my kind of favourite strength buys.

Rebeca 9:55
Oh, that’s interesting. Again, like, because I’m so slow like I literally have the trade plan a couple of days before. Yeah, if I know I’m gonna take them, right, rather than because it worked for me because I found myself that I just can’t make those quick, like bao I see him like, in and out and just nailing it. And I’m just like, my brain would fry, like literally have all those decisions, I have so much decision fatigue. So knowing that about myself, I just don’t do that. And also, you know, you can see it in your statistics, like definitely what you’re good at and what you’re not good at. And so I’ll just double down on where I’m good

Putting Yourself in a Position to Win and Losing

Harry 10:42
Yeah, it’s just for me, like, I find like, like, like before, like, I’ve kind of, like eliminated that now. like, on those ones with like a really slow tape or like, it’s in the afternoon, that’s where my kind of win rate decreases, because I’m like, focus is gonna be moved, that’s gonna be the move. So like, I kind of need to, and maybe that’s just the difference between like a guy and like a girl, you know, the girls are like, a lot more patient, like, they’re able to, like, chill, and like, you know, the grinders or whatever, but me, it’s more like, I have to, like put myself in a position premarket where, like, I know where I’m going to, like be like, I know where like my edge lies, if that makes any sense. Like, I know the stocks have that potential. Whereas if I’m in the afternoon, and I have all the stocks that like didn’t run or didn’t do anything, and they’re all my screen, and like, maybe they just took out some Long’s and they’re gonna, like, reclaim Vwap. And then we’re gonna get this good afternoon long, like, come up with a story in my head that like, just doesn’t work. And so that’s why I just take those off my screen completely, because like, we get a pop, and then we start to fade, and I’m like, fuck, you know, this is the one this is going to be the afternoon long that just squeezes out everyone. And it’s like, no, no, you gotta take those off your screen, you got to eliminate those, you know, at least for me.

Rebeca 11:56
That’s interesting. Yeah, definitely following the ones like, very in play, but just differnt from me, because like, I mean, just the other day, I think I took a trade on BEAT Yeah. Nobody, nobody was looking at that one was like a really slow mover for a couple of days. And I’m not, you know, but those trades take, like, again, some time for me to say show like, you know, developed idea. Definitely not just like jumping into it. It’s weird, because I’ve expanded my time horizon. When I started, I was really like, you know, quick, with my decision making now it’s like, much longer, but I think over time, like you like, definitely figure out. Okay, then what, what your like, again, because I’m somewhat more, much more positive, and like, my timeframes are just, I mean, I can hold things for maybe a day, two days, three days if the deal still playing out. Yeah, depending on, you know, what day that I entered. Whereas before I remember when I started, it’s so weird, like, your journey of trading, like when you have no what’s it called? You can’t even committed? Yeah, it’s no experience nothing. Nowadays, like, like, that’s not me anymore. You know, you kind of like, you kind of evolved like,

Harry 13:18
yeah, and I think like, as far as, like, I’m not necessarily like, very good at those type of setups. And that’s why I need that, like, volume, that confirmation? Like, I almost need to be like an Aloha on those type of setups, you know, yeah. Whereas like, you know, first bounce, I’m, like, eagerly waiting for support, like waiting for that kind of support, not that there have been a lot of great first bounces anymore, because, like, for me, in this market, like you’re either in before the pump, like on your kind of strategy, you know, you’re always going to the end before there’s a move that happens, you know, and I find that you’re either in before the pump, or you’re going to get dumped on, you know, like, could you imagine chasing your setups at the highs? You know, that’d be crazy, right?

Rebeca 14:05
Yeah, no, but you know, you definitely have to go through all those mistakes, really clever, and leave them with $10 $15 You know, a lot of trial and error. And again, I’m really thankful for the community because of the community because trading can get like, frustrating, stressful, lonely, but we have so many people to talk to. It just makes it like, you know, much easier, you know, because people get it, you know, people get you, and I’ve definitely made a lot of friends to MIC. And I probably would have never made like, in my own little hometown to be honest, like, probably would have never happened so and it’s cool to you know, talk to people that have similar interests and stuff like that. Because after a while, I’m like, okay, like I got like, you know, work you have your colleagues but in trading you have your your partner’s your tabs, you have people to talk to, you know

Do you still talk to other members?

Harry 15:00
Yeah, yeah. Do you still talk to Brittany rose at all?

Rebecca 15:05
Oh, you know, like, I talked to her. We DM and I see she’s travelling and stuff. Yeah, it’s pretty cool. But yeah, not that frequent, but she’s killing it with the travelling. It’s awesome ya know? Yeah, go ahead. Go ahead.

Harry 15:22
Oh, I was just gonna say I was I remember yeah you guys helped me out at the meetup or something like that.

Rebeca 15:28
Yeah, we went to we had an I remember in Philly, it was flash and Brittany. We all shared a room that was fun. I like things like that like I probably would have never done if I you know community or something like that. Yeah. And even like taking time to like take a month or like you know be here for like a month is pretty cool and all right yeah. Yeah. But that’s okay. I got just a lot of hours of watching the market like consumed

Harry 16:06
Yeah, no, no, what did you trading day ones like what would your advice be to anyone trading like day ones like cuz used to used to do pretty well on the day ones where they would kind of come up they would base and then they would kind of pull up in the afternoon. I don’t know if you remember those types of trades that you would do or not,

Rebeca 16:25
I do tape and volume volume like I feel like you have to really have a good grasp on with my swings I don’t look at it at all but if I’m going to take a day trade intraday trade based off a multi day level, definitely you want to see the volume come in at least after you get into it and you should have a good understanding of tape and I learned my tape reading skills from like about and it’s kind of simple because you see the velocity of the the orders going through that’s and also not be too stubborn. If you’re wrong. You’re wrong because you see these day ones can also take shit so you definitely don’t want to like deal with those. But yeah, that’s what I would advise somebody Yeah,

Harry 17:15
yeah, I find that you know, those those types of those types of tickers like it’s very important to have your risk in check for sure. But it’s also very important to kind of let the excitement fizzle out and then say yeah, you know, okay, like is this actually holding up you know, like a big part of it for me was saying to myself like okay like he was like a lot of the time like we talked about this like often and I’m I see is that we need we need like short sellers to still be confident and we need Long’s to be like either not confident at all or we need all of them to be stopped out because like it’s better to have shorts just fighting a ticker and Long’s chasing and thicker than to have a bunch of Long’s who are in still at bad averages like selling on every pop or just, you know, screwing everything up and like all the shorts like like not very confident and like eager to cover so yeah, for me I really liked those types of fingers where we’ve kind of like fizzled all the Long’s I would stopped all the longs out and now that we’re kind of bouncing back on that recovery you know, when we have just shorts fighting that grind and then every long who has stopped out chasing now they’re like shit, I shouldn’t have sold you know, I gotta buy back like I love those types of situations.

The Importance of Consolidation in Your Trading

Rebeca 18:31
That’s like RMED Right? Was a good example of that. You don’t see that happening all the time. But it’s a good like when you get the volume to take to line up and it doesn’t break the low of day. Yeah, that’s a good trade.Yeah, yeah.

Harry 18:45
And even RMED as like a multi day like yesterday we had that kind of like consolidation we broke below it we reclaim that consolidation again, we got above four red to green. There are a lot of good things in that setup today. And I don’t know what the I was just paying attention to the live trading and then the market open that was like Oh, fuck, that I only really had like the day ones on my screen at a couple other multi days but like, you know, I was just kind of like looking around and then I was like shit, everyone was like RMEDs going oh my god damn, I missed that.

Rebeca 19:15
I missed that. But you know what? I’m so chill with missing like, if I miss I totally accept it. I will wait instead of you know, trying to find a reason or for reasons that mean that you’re not trading on. At that point. You’re just trading on your human emotions, which I’m totally okay with missing things. I find it much better when I’m and I think you’re forming best practices when you like plan for your stuff and you wait for your stuff to develop and you know, rather than just like oh wow, I missed missed it. Let me just get that’s not that’s not gonna work at all.

Harry 19:53
No, I can put like, I feel like when you miss as a long trader, it’s a different feeling them when you miss as a short?

Rebeca 20:02
It’s true. I’ll admit that’s true, but I’m totally okay with it. I think over time you develop maturity with your training, which is important. And so, you know,

Harry 20:13
I’m still just like,

Rebeca 20:15
I don’t oh really

Harry 20:20
like, no, like, RMED I felt like I should have gotten, you know.

Rebeca 20:25
That’s interesting. I’m just much more accepting of like anything, even with losses, accepting of it, it’s just so much easier to just be accepting with the outcomes because then that way you avoid you know, fighting things or like being like, Oh my God, why is he looking like this so far? It’s just accept it. Like, you know, if I miss it, I miss it will always be tomorrow. Yeah, it is. Reality is Harry. You only need like, solid few good trades a month to make your month solid few good trades a week to make your week you know, I definitely know and that it’s just much better if I’m just much more prepared, whatever, will always be another one. I mean, that’s what I keep telling myself. It hurts. I mean, it hurts but whatever.

Harry 21:10
Yeah, no, no, no, well, that’s probably a difference between like, guys and girls. Because for me, like, like, I still feel it, like if I miss something. But I don’t think that’s ever gonna go away. For me, just because I’m just like, should have been looking at that one, you know, like, but like, on the on the day ones or stuff like that, like when I hit like, I hit net, like, definitely big. And even on some multi days, when I hit I do hit big, but it’s just if, you know, I feel like when you’re longing, like, it’s different than short, because of just the fact that like, when we do get one runner, like, that’s probably the runner for the day, you know, like, that’s probably going to be the only one like, there’s only one or two in a day. Whereas for Shorts, it’s like, Oh, this one popped to VWAP. Oh, we can get a quick scalp on this, or Oh, this one popped here, we can get a quick snap on that. It’s not really like COVID anymore, when we get like three, four or five in a day. Now it’s a situation where, like, we get that one runner off the open like today, it was arm edge, you know, and that’s it. That’s the only one more again, so it’s like, for me, I see it and I’m like, fuck, like that’s gonna be the one for you know, your day is over. Like before it started

How do you plan on the day-to-day volatility?

Rebeca 22:27
Yeah, that’s actually really true. Because I feel like there’s a long me because I’m more big picture. You definitely have to be much like very picky. And stock selection is key. And if you miss your trade, I mean you miss it like that, you know, it is what it is. But you’re right there’s not like with shorts. I feel like there’s plenty of trades to make, you know with Long’s you get that one maybe get, you know, maybe there’s two maybe best case. yeah

Harry 22:57
yeah. And that’s why like, I’ll plan on the day ones I’ll plan on the multi days I’ll have a look at the day twos. I’ll have a really a plan on everything. And I’ll just kind of look around and see where the volume is and what’s kind of going on, because it the money can really flow anywhere. When you’re when you’re when you’re longing you know, like right now I’ll take a look at multi days. I’ll take it take a look. Okay, what’s on Alex’s watch list? Okay, like what’s doing some decent volume? I’ll take a look at the tickers. I’ll take a look at the tape, I’ll see what’s doing some good volume. And then I’ll attack off that kind of in this situation and then this kind of market because, you know, we’ll you’ll think oh, the multi days didn’t run Oh, the day ones didn’t run all the days definitely over and we didn’t get a runner and then a day two is gonna fucking trap right? So it’s like, you really need to pay attention and you really need to be sneaky. And try and differentiate, you know, between Is this a good long setup? Or is it kind of like a fake out? Or is this kind of like a sneaky trap that we’re gonna go to the highs and I think that’s really longing in a nutshell kind of definitely in this market.

Rebeca 24:06
Well, I do remember, it’s KCRA popped up last week. That one was a really good one. And I missed that one. And I did get for like, curious. Yeah, that was a huge move even a completed for a couple days too. So it has been a really good swing if you held it overnight. I was like dang. Like, but again, you know

Harry 24:32
No exactly. Yeah. It’s interesting to kind of hear from someone who swings as well. Do you you’d never swing on a day one would you

Rebeca 24:42
No, because I don’t know like you don’t have enough information at that point to make a decision. But you get like you get the idea of day two. How it performs day two, right? And then so yeah, I don’t if it’s I’m longing something day one. I’m definitely not putting it out? Because it’s just too. It’s just too risky for me.

Harry 25:05
Yeah. Um, I just had another question. I’m not reading off anything or anything like that, but I’m just kind of like thinking, Do you ever use kind of like the weekly chart as well to incorporate some of your breakouts?

Rebeca 25:21
weekly, monthly, the only indicator I use is VWAP intraday, and then I use moving averages for daily, but I’m much more honestly at this point. If it doesn’t, like if it doesn’t fit my criteria for the daily, I actually don’t even bother opening up for trading. I just don’t. Because my win rate is significantly much better. If I’m on the daily momentum side of demands. That makes sense. Like, I just I just don’t bother. I think things change over time with your own process and like systems about, you know, how you find your setups and where you’re good at things. And I just realised like, Oh, if I doesn’t conform with the Daily, I’m not even, and you get old movers that are like, new IPOs or like, you know, very, like thin, crazy trading stocks. And at this point, I’m just like, Okay, it’s not my trade. It’s just what it is. I don’t care.

Harry 26:17
Yeah, yeah, exactly. Um, do you is it how big of a factor for you, as far as like the swings would be, like, history of it being like a previous runner, like, is that huge for you, or like, doesn’t really matter that much.

Rebeca 26:34
It’s important, because I want to see volume coming in before. And there’s like a lot of examples, where you have a day one, and then people lose sight of it. And then a couple of weeks later, it goes on and takes out the highs. Like I mean, there’s a couple of examples in my head. People want to pull them up, they see this but like nerve is a good one. You know, just puts into high volume day one, and then everybody forgets about it. But that holds. And those are the ones that interest me. Because I’m like there’s got to be some if you see if you go on their filings you see the insiders are buying or board of directors are buying or there’s a passive state going on. That gets me interested for sure. Yeah

Do Nothing or Kill It Rules.

Harry 27:16
Yeah, no, that’s, that’s very interesting. Did you see TOPS from last week?

Rebeca 27:23
I did. I did see TOPS. But again, I I missed that one. And I also missed the the swing on it. And I was like, Well, I missed it. Thankfully, I did not like, thankfully, I respected my rules, because we saw what happened after. So yeah, with these swings, also, if I don’t get the entry, and it’s now extended into the move. I am not taking that for the reasons of that something like that happening. You know it’s just it’s just much easier for me to just stick to my rules but like I have rules for I call them do nothing or kill it kill rules and do nothing rose it just makes it easy. in My head.

Harry 28:03
Yeah, cuz TOPS was one that I was kind of like watching that morning, just for like, multi day, if anything was gonna happen or anything like that. And then, you know, just kind of tanked. I was like, Oh, well, like, this is not going to do anything today. And then all of a sudden, everyone was just spamming the chat top stop stops, oh, my god tops. I was thinking myself, Ah, fuck. You only carry me.

Rebeca 28:28
There was a few last week. There’s a few last week that I missed. But I still had a good week. So I’m like, I know, I’m not going to execute to perfection. And I’m not going to nail every single ticker that moves. But I’m like, if I could just be the most improved player, I’m okay with that.

Harry 28:44
Which is a good mindset to have. I think, you know, if as long as you’re moving forward, I think that that’s like good. And like, we see that we’re in kind of a market now where like, the day ones aren’t that good. If we have a day one hot chick that’s up in the pre market, the odds of that running is like not really that great. And so then we move over and we’re like, Okay, well, I don’t want to be logging into Tom’s low hanging fruit. And then we look at day three, and we’re like, okay, maybe day three can get moved. Like we saw XPEV, that had a pretty good move on day three, you know, which is like very rare, I’d say like the day three moves or like think come and go but like something like XPEV like, you rarely see something like x bet move that crazy on day three. But you know, and then it comes down to the multi days and to me, it’s just like, okay, just trying to find like, Okay, where’s the money going to flow in the morning? Is it going to be a which a lot of the money flow has been multi day, you know, it hasn’t been it hasn’t been day one. It has not been you know, or day two or whatever, anything like that. It’s really been, you know, into these multi Day ticker. So it’s really important for me, at least to always kind of like, have them on watch or Pay attention to something that’s kind of came up and then you know, had that move back down. And it’s really important for me.

Rebeca 30:06
My my watch list right now has like, probably like 30 tickers, and I’ll like take them off if they’re not performing or anything or don’t see anything I’ll like, revisit that list, but it’s important for me to keep track of because they, you know, something could be could pop up.

Harry 30:25
Yeah, yeah, exactly. Yeah. So I guess like, as like as we start to kind of like wrap it up? What are kind of like your plans for the future? Or like, you know, are you just going to try and keep swinging as long as you can or try and work on new strategies or anything like that?

Rebeca 30:45
Oh, honestly, I just want to keep building on what I have right now. But number one goal is like, it took me so long to just get to profitability. Yeah. One because like, I had to deal with my own internal issues with how I managed risk or how I saw risk in the first place, and getting comfortable with the idea of losing money being completely detached from that. That right now, I just want to get better at what I’m already doing and what’s working for me and knowing myself and how I make my decisions since kind of just staying in my lane. I’m totally cool with just staying in my lane. Obviously, I think like every trader knows that that was a month ago oversee, like, what they, you know, just go over their stats and just reviewing that for I don’t know, how old are you? How old are you?

Harry 31:39
I’m 23 now.

Rebeca 31:41
Okay, so I’m 26. I started trading when I was 22. And I have to give a big shout out to MIC because I, when I started, it was like, kind of like a discovery thing of like, this is something I really want to pursue, like, seriously, not just like half like half assed, like, is it something that I want to really pursue? And over time, it just ended up being like something that I just kept coming? Like, I don’t want interested in just like, oh, like, like, I think we all like a lot of people do, like passionate, whatever. And so like, that was like a journey in itself. I’m like, Okay, I want to make this a career. I don’t want to be a trader that’s trading for 10 years, 15 years, 20 years. So I mean, I’m where I’m at right now. But I mean, I have plans to grow and continue to improve myself and my execution and all that. But I definitely see this as a long term career and not just okay, I’m done. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I was asking me how you were excited. I didn’t know.

Rebecca’s Early Interest in Trading Stocks

Ya know, I’ve been trained for a long time. And I’m like, um, to me, like, I’m still pretty young. Like, I always still think that I’m, like, you know, like, 19 or 20. You know, but then, you know, you’ve just been trading for so long that, you know, sometimes people say to me, like, oh, well, you’re only still like, 20 or whatever. I’m like, Shit, I’m 23 Now, you know, it’s crazy that, you know, I’ve just been training for since I was like, before university, you know, like, I remember me, I remember finding like, am I see, like, when, you know, I was like, just going off to college, you know, like, which is like crazy to me. So

Rebeca 33:23
that’s crazy. I, when I was like, 18 19, I have literally no interest in the stock market. I wouldn’t if I were to pull up like their portfolios on their phone on the on the app. I was like, This just makes no sense to me. Like, I just would get it. I had no idea that years later, I’d be so weird how that works. And like, did not think that that’s what I would want to pursue. But

Harry 33:51
that sometimes that’s how it is when I was young. I always wanted to be in like the stock market. Like, you know, I think a lot of people a lot of guys like always have that interested in like the money the you know, this that just like being able to travel. It was like super nice. So that was something that I’ve always

Rebeca 34:13
I like the autonomy and the freedom. Yeah, definitely. That was one thing that like, got me interested in is like, just having the autonomy and just like, having your time obviously, like, you know, you have to be your own coach. You have to be your own, like, Risk Manager and all that stuff, but definitely like the economy for sure.

Harry 34:34
Yeah. Well, thank you, Rebecca, for for coming out. Thanks for having me. And, yeah, we’ll we’ll see everyone for the next one. Thanks, everyone.


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