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James 0:01
What’s going on guys? We are back with another episode of The after I was podcast. I think this is like episode five or something like that now we’ve been on a roll, just working our way through kind of like the MIC mods. Today we have another special guest and this one is highly requested by every member I get at least 1000 DMS. Amin, right? So first of all, before even start, we just went on a few times you guys. Yeah, of course. We just went on this whole tangent on how to say his name correctly. members tell me that I say fucked up all the time. So I’m glad that we can get through that. And if anyone has any struggle, he says if you say you know what I mean?

Amin 0:42
exactly how you say yeah,

James 0:44
now, it’s in my head.

Amin 0:44
I mean, there.

James 0:45
I knew I like it. That’s cool. Where are you from? Where are you right now?

Amin 0:49
I live in Dubai. My parents are originally from Iran. So but I was born and raised in Dubai. I lived in states for about 10 years, and I just moved back two years ago.

James 0:59
That’s sick. Why did you go back to Dubai?

Amin 1:03
I don’t know. I miss my family. A lot of you know, we were living in Florida. It was just me and my wife and myself. We didn’t have any family over there. So it was just kind of getting lonely. My son was growing up. So I wanted to kind of be closer to family. So we decided to move back here. Cool. We’re in Florida, where you Miami first.

James 1:22
You’re just living in all the fun spots of the world.

Amin 1:27
Yeah, but when we had our kid, we decided to move up. Yes, we’re better. It was more family oriented. We couldn’t really live in Miami anymore. So it’s fun when you’re younger. It’s nicely. Yeah, yeah, but when you have kids, you just gotta sacrifice suburbs.

James 1:43
I mean, Dubai is beautiful though. Dubai I’ve heard is like, unbelievable. Yeah, I heard.

Amin 1:52
Cambro has a lot of good stories about Dubai. So it from their tours. He just visited there. No, he just visited here while he was on duty, I think Oh, Jesus. Cambro is as a character. Did I just go through after hours every morning?

Harry 2:09
Night buddy’s drinking.

James 2:11
Love it. Yeah, he’s just average though. I mean, his stories are pretty crazy.

Amin 2:16
My morning routine. You know, when I wake up, that’s when he was on the ranch. I’m having my coffee scrolling through the after hours, really stories.

James 2:24
Oh, I also want to mention real quick, just so everyone knows. I did not randomly just go girly and have this random room. I’m in my girlfriend’s room. That’s why you probably see her name on there, too. I’m on the go. So don’t think that I moved into this random white girly apartment but just wanted to make that clear.

Harry 2:44
I guess just started off, I guess we usually started off with like, you know, what was your life like before trading? How do you kind of find trading? How do you kind of get into it? That type of whole journey, I guess to start off is what we usually do. If you just want to quickly kind of go over your kinda like, I don’t know, life before trading and then like how you found it. And just like kind of some of the struggles like that.

Amin 3:09
Sure. I started trading. The first time that I came across trading was in I think 2014 or 2015. I joined one of the guys, Tim Sykes everybody. Yeah. So you know, I was I joined his chat room and start watching a bunch of his DVDs. And that was like my first Intro to Trading. But I think within a month, I knew it was not for me, you know, it was just like going along getting dumped on. Yeah. And it was just Yeah. So, you know, just buying breakouts, there was no buying dips, you know, that strategy was not known to me. So I was just like, you know, buying breakouts, and all of them happened to be fake breakouts, or I would just like, you know, get dumped on. Yeah. Um, but yeah, just like, within a month later, I was okay, this is not for me. And I just like kind of, you know, stopped trading. But I was just like, you know, that was my first intro. And then I think when am I but I knew that’s what I knew about Alex and Bao. I was following them on Twitter. And it was thanks to you know, the other guys that I came across them because I was following Alex. progress. I think he was like, How old? This was like, what, six years ago? I’m 32. So I was like 26. So, yeah, so then when MIC open, initially, I joined immediately for a month. Yep. And then there was some business that came up. I was just joined for a month to see what’s going on. Yep,

How Did You Get Involved in the Market?

James 4:42
No, you were there. At first. I had no Yeah.

Amin 4:44
I think it was one of the first 100 members because as soon as like, bow announced that he’s opening a channel I was okay. Holy shit. I mean, I want to know what this guy does because I was always like, seeing him top tick everything. I was like, how does this motherfucker top tick everything I want to know what’s going on.

James 5:00
you weren’t profitable. You weren’t making really like money?

Amin 5:04
Even when I joined MIC, I didn’t have a single trade, I just want to kind of get familiar see what’s going on, what does bow talk about. But at that time, I had a lot, you know, I was focusing on my own business, and I was just so I kind of like, stopped after a month, because there was a lot of problems that happened. So I wanted to focus on business. I was like, you know, later on, I would get into it, I think it was around 2018. And I was like, I always felt like I was like, waiting for a pullback into the market to get back in again. So you know, never happens when COVID happen, then, actually didn’t join him. I said, when COVID happened, I was just like, Okay, I’m going to be buying all the large caps, I’m going to become a bag holder, and everything I started, like, you know, putting everything that I had into, you know, just like scaling all the way down, I started buying spy from in the beginning, I was I’m just gonna buy spy. So like buying spy, like from like, I think like 282 70, all the way down to 222. So I was like, I’m gonna just gonna keep adding, I know, it’s eventually going to go up. And, you know, so it’s just kind of build a bankroll from there. And then I was getting bored, there was nothing happening. So I was like, You know what, let me just start joining MICC again, see what’s going on. And, uh, you know, the good thing about joining later on, it was that you guys had a lot of video content. That helped me. So actually, I think I joined at the right time, because there was a lot of content that you guys have. Yeah. So it was just, yeah. Then I joined in. In the beginning, I was still not really sure.

Amin 6:32
I wasn’t shorting but but I found I asked you, because I tried shorting from E trigger. Ether was the only platform that I had. I didn’t know about Cobra. I knew about setpoint at that time, but I didn’t want to switch to Windows. I was like, oh, no, I’m on a Mac. I just want to get comfortable with the parallel. Yeah, so with E trade was so slow. So I was just, it was not executing well, so I was okay. Let me just join Cobra. And I think initially, when I think the first short that I did, it was a stock and I at that time, I didn’t know what were the correct locate prices. So I think there was a stock I don’t even remember the ticker. It was trading around like $1. And I think I paid like 10 cents for about like 1000 shares for 10 cents. I thought that that was the norm. Yeah. So So I showed some of the guys in the chat. He was he was okay, these are the lines. Okay, let me put some orders there. I even know what fantasy order was watching a video. I was like, I just want to watch it. I was like, I’m putting orders here. So at that point, I just broke even once the tray was I was like, oh, no, like, you know, shorting something is too expensive. You can’t make money. And I was like, Okay, let me go to the large cap room and see what’s going on. So I started, you know, just dabbling to a large gap, but not following any strategy or anything. I was just like watching see what these guys are playing. It was just like waiting for Joe’s watchlist to come. So I could just you know, I was a lazy member in the beginning. Yeah, everyone kind of is. Yeah, in the beginning, they want to be spoon fed that way. Yeah, you just want to be spoon fed and you know, have it easy. But at this point, I wasn’t profitable at all. Because honestly, I hadn’t put in into any work. So I was like, You know what, let me give the small cap another shot. So I saw Alex, I was okay, let me because because in the beginning, I would just like show up around nine. It was just like super late, where all the monkeys were going. Okay, let me show up early and see what’s going on and start actually locating on time. And I started, like, you know, reading his commentary and finding out, you know, what are his watch lists and what he’s watching and everything. So I remember looking at it, like three stocks, and he was over, these are my lines. And I put all of my orders there and see what happens just without watching a single video. So I see. And prior to that, my experience of shorting was shorting into weakness. So seeing MIC shorting into strength and resistance was something new to me. So that was that was a holy shit. Are these guys? Like, what are they doing? Like? was okay, you know, it’s Alex and bow. I trust them. So let me put my orders and see what happens. So I put my orders in, and I think I hit my first one. And it just failed completely.

How to Become a Platinum Member

Amin 9:24
I was like, holy shit this. How does he know? How does this guy know where to look and wizard? Yeah, so the first day first green day, second day, third day for the green enrol. I was like holy shit.

James 9:39
Remember when we’re posting this I remember when you first started posting your green day.

Amin 9:44
Whats going on like there I was just like so amazed. I don’t think I’ve ever had three days and three green ray green days in a row at that time. So I was like so shocked. So I think within like four or five days I contacted Tosh. I was like, Dude, I want to become a Platinum I remember, and I want I want to have access to the accelerated course. Because I think at that time there weren’t so it was just available to the Platinum. So that’s when I started really, you know, digging into the videos, and I think I was green for two months straight. It was just insane. Yeah. And so I didn’t really have once I started, like, you know, following Alex, watch this and his commentary. Yeah, I was green never looked back. It was just, you know.

James 10:29
Because so many people right now, like, I think a lot of the mods who watch us will understand that, like, there’s so many members that will message and be like, basically, like, give me the holy grail or like, basically just ask a question and kind of look for that one answer. That’s the kind of like, click for them. Yeah. And I think like, you’re a great example, like, you’re someone that you join, you know, at first I kind of just like you said to yourself, it’s been a lazy member, just not. And you went out of your shell, and you stepped up and like, watch, watch the videos, follow the commentary. Like, I mean, the amount of people I know who tell me, who messaged me and be like, what is Alex watching? And it’s as simple as like, you really didn’t like click the watchlist button to see like, what he’s looking at. And so I think that speaks like super high volume for you is that you actually just put in the work. And it shows how quickly from just putting in the effort that you started actually, like noticing growth?

Amin 11:17
Absolutely. It was just an instant success for me. It was just insane. And the thing that the thing that I did, I trusted Alex and Bao. I think a lot of people are afraid of trusting their lines and shorting into strength. Yeah, I didn’t have that fear. I was like, okay, these guys, they know what they’re doing. Yep. And why if I’m, if I’m learning from them, I want to trade like them. So I’m not gonna I’m gonna trust their process and trust their lives. Because, you know, it was just working so well for me. So I was like, Okay, this is how they do it. This is what I’m supposed to do, I get a better risk reward on my trades. And it was an instant success. And the thing that I realised was I didn’t start dabbling into a lot of different strategies. Yeah. Because in the beginning, I heard like, low hanging fruit. And I saw that, you know, not all of them, but a lot of them that you know, they end up fading, they don’t pop and I end up spending a lot on locates, and then beginning, I was locating everything, everything on the washers. So I was like, then I you know, later I learned how to kind of, you know, shortlist those. But yeah, to me, it was just like, Okay, I learned one strategy really well mastered instead of just, you know, focusing on how to no large cap options dabble into a lot of different things. Because there’s a lot of videos and you can, you know, get overloaded with information, you can kind of get lost. So for me, it was like, Okay, what is what is Alex? James bear? What are they focusing on? And I’ll just focus on and it was just basically, the broken stocks on day one. And yeah, that’s what I just primarily focus on.

James 12:50
You don’t really trade like the hot chicks? I don’t say unless it’s really backside. That’s the only time I’ve ever seen you really.

Amin 12:55
Yeah, I do locate. But I just wait for them to, you know, get a desk handle or stuff. And that’s when I attend. But I just usually have it just in case. Because it’s eventually going to come in the beginning. I was like terrified, like when I would say the hot chick. I was like, okay, that’s I’m not touching it. You know, these guys know what they’re talking about. And in the beginning, I remember the first month or two, I was just trading the first hour, just like Alex and I will stop. But then I realised that I’m missing a lot of knowledge being dropped by Bao. So that was one day that I started sticking around, see what Bao does. Yeah. And that’s, that’s when it was completely game changer. For me seeing how he trades throughout the day. And what he thinks about the light, I kept constant as I was, what are you looking for? Are these the ones that you’re looking for? And we would be doing the same trades over and over again.

Misconceptions About Trading After 1030

James 13:51
The misconception about like trading after 1030 Like, I think Harry, we’ve talked about this before, it’s a lot is that, you know, just because Alex stops at 1030 Right, and I do it too because for me, what always ended up happening was if there was a runner, after 1030 I would end up like if I was up let’s say like $1,000 or something and then I would just be like $800 Like after a small tiny loss and like oh, I should be done and then do another trade and I made $600 And it was just so for some people it doesn’t work. But like if you if you are kind of like I mean and you can want to stay and learn and like also trade like there’s nothing wrong with that. And I think that that is also something like kind of impressive that you can like you just stayed and learn. I mean I think so many people are so quick to like get out away from the screens fast. Where like you’re just like you’re putting in like extra effort to get education through like bow and like what in area stays all day like everybody stays all day.

The Importance of Screen Time in Trading

Harry 14:45
Yeah, and I think you’ve gone you can keep going

Amin 14:48
Yeah, in order the thing that a lot of people need to realise the reason that Alex is able to make this amount of money trading one hour a day is because he’s worked seven years, you know for For somebody who’s new, you need a lot of screen time in order to learn about, you know, stuff death candle, when is the backside started? You know, Alex is able to make that amount of money because of the amount of experience he has. Yeah, I don’t think anybody is able to do that. If you just like trade one hour that you need screen time in the beginning, when you’re starting, you need a lot of screen time doesn’t mean that you need to be trading all day. Right? But you need to be looking and kind of figuring out okay, what is the backside for hot chick, waiting for those and seeing those moves constantly over and over again, that, you know, you’re able like, to, you know, top tick, or, you know, just being able to, you know, to short the bounces.

James 15:46
Like how many people are asking you like, how to get those like dollar moves on bounce?

Harry 15:50
Oh, all the time.

James 15:51
I’ve been doing this for seven years, like, for the longest time like that.

Harry 15:55
And like, I think that like, I definitely like See, the thing is with shorting after 1030 is that two things can happen. Number Number one is the slow grind. Like we saw it on PBS on Friday, where I got it from, like five bucks to 580. Everyone’s like, Oh, how did you get that, but it’s like, you know, five wasn’t breaking down, it hit five, it would come back up, couldn’t break five again, you know, come back up, try and break. Five 510 couldn’t break it again. And I noticed that you could clearly tell that people were fighting the stock all the way up, it was slowly just grinding. And that

James 16:27
Screentime as a long,

Harry 16:29
Right. But also as a short seller, there can be times where, you know, we get a giant death candle at 1030. And then it just fades all day. Because there’s just like no lack of demand after we get that seller that death candle and on every pop. It’s kind of getting sold. And we also saw that with the other one, I forget what it was called. But there was one that just faded and there was one that kind of stayed around and lingered. So I think it’s like definitely as a short seller, like identifying the price action that’s trapping you like, and it starts with like, you’re you’re trying to short it and you take a 10 cent loss and you’re like, Oh man, like I can easily make this back like the stocks like a piece of shit, right? Then you take another 10 cent loss, you’re like, Oh man, like I can easily make this back size up a little bit more size up a little bit more. And then you’re like, holy shit, like what the fuck that did I just do you know? And it’s just because it’s just low grind, and you don’t really expect it. But the buyers just keep stepping up over and over and over and over again. And it’s like this should have dumped a long time ago. But we’re still now above VWAP. And I was saying in the chat like, like, hey, like, you know, I want to be Warren and there will be some people who are just like no like the stock right? But you know, it’s the abnormal action that can really get you as a short like after zombie and it’s usually that like low volume grind

James 17:47
Yeah, exactly that

Harry 17:49
And it’s to go parabolic in order to stop all the shorts out and to go lower because you have no more shorts covering all your biters are gone. And you know, the things probably gonna fade.

How to Identify the Best Spots to Trade

James 18:01
I think something that that I mean has done and you’ve preached about this in chat. And I think now knowing how like new you are like it is pretty impressive is like you say like after 1030 Like you have you take a step back. And you identify where like the best spots for you to get in are and that’s where you’ll set your orders. Whereas like, some people will sit there and I used to do this and this is what caused me to lose so much was I would treat every bounce, every bounce, short cover short cover and then the range would tighten you don’t even notice. And then you get fucking spot like quote like, what does that bell call a coil, like you just shoot up and you lose. Whereas like your orders are sitting at the lines where you want it to be? You’re not trading, like every little bounce bow can do that. That was different. That was like a an algo the guy can trade every bounce every dip, whatever. But like for the majority, like the 90% of us, like your approach, I think makes the most sense. And how did you even like develop that sort of? Like discipline and understanding like so fast?

Amin 19:01
Sorry, I can’t hear you. Hear me now. Can you guys hear me? Hear You?

James 19:06
I can hear you. Let me see. I don’t know what happened. Some technical difficulties.

Amin 19:13
Okay. Let me see if I can hear you guys.

James 19:15
Can you hear us now? Okay, did you hear my question? Or should you want me to repeat it?

Amin 19:20
Yeah, repeat it, please.

James 19:22
Okay. Sure. Sure. I was I was basically just asking, like, how you so quickly developed the understanding, to like, wait for your spots instead of trading like every little bounce? Because that’s something that so many new people fall victim to, but like you see the early on, have that discipline and can teach it pretty well. So I was kind of curious how you came across that, like how you developed it?

Amin 19:43
No, because the thing is I tried like shorting every bounce and trading old and I just realised that my risk reward is you know, it’s not good enough. Because the thing is, there’s a point that comes up, you know, the stock goes so low. Yeah, if it pops like 10 says if I show To my risk is going to be like $1 to make like another 10 cents or 20 cents. It’s just like that. So I realised that I needed to bounce enough for me to be able to scale and have a good reward because you want the Long’s to be able to take some profits, you know what I mean? So, you want the loans to be there selling in the spots that you’re planning on shorting. So you have that compound effect of shorts and sell a buyers who are selling at that point, that’s when you really get the stocks to fade again, in, you know, bow, because that bow says, like, you know, I want the stock to pump enough to give me a good risk reward. And yeah, just watching.

James 20:46
You develop this so early, which is crazy. Like, I think we’ve interviewed enough traders now. And like having conversations with people about how early on, it’s just so hard for them to like, understand this stuff. And I think something with you, and I, I save your charts, actually, because I always send the people how you have developed this ability to stop out on a dime. Like, I don’t know what it is like, you just have this like, thing, like when you’re shorting VWAP, right, like, you’ll see it like it was short, it’s wrong, you’re gone, you’re covered and whatever. And like, it’s crazy, if you really only been like with us, like in trading like this since, like, COVID, that’s not that long, long.

Amin 21:22
This may, that’s when I really started like it was me, that’s when I really started falling.

James 21:28
See, that’s crazy to me, like that’s like so impressive. Like, Harry, I don’t know about you. But like, for me, like my biggest problem as a new short seller, like, I know, Harry used to be shorting. But like, we’re even longing, like I just wouldn’t stop out. Like, I would be like, I’m going to short a VWAP projection. And if it goes 20 cents against the head, there’ll be the kind of like, not frozen, but you know, oh, I’m going to be right. But instead, you have taken the approach of like, I’m going to stop out, and then I’ll re attack when it gets to my line. And like, do you have anything for like new traders to kind of fault like the, like, you don’t? I mean, like, do you know, can you give some advice to new traders who are struggling there, because that is a big struggle for everybody. That’s like 90% of what I get asked.

Amin 22:08
I think one of the good things with me was I didn’t have a lot of bad habits, the only bad habit that I had was shorting into weakness. So I didn’t trade long enough to build any bad habit. So when I joined MIC, it was, you know, my mind was completely clear. If you’re joining MIC, I think, just forget about everything that you’ve learned so far. And just start from the beginning and trust your lines to like, it’s as simple as that. And, to me, I remember even my wife in the beginning was so suspicious, she was like, she was like, What do you mean, like shorting these crappy stocks? I’m like, working too much. Like, I’ve been consistent. I’ve never had it. So you know, that’s when she started out. I was just like, you know, on learning all the bad habits, and just trusting the process, you know, it’s just like, so vague that everybody says, oh, trust the process. Like, you know, but trust in your life, I just like genuinely trust of Alex and Bao because I read the legendary stories of Bao, I want it to trade like him. So if this is the process that he follows, why should I go and do something differently? And a lot of people think that they’re smarter than us. That’s something that I never thought I was like, Okay, guys, they know what they’re talking about. They’ve seen these type of moves numerous times. Yeah. So I just trusted the months and the lines. It was as simple as that. I didn’t try to make it complicated. Yeah. The interesting part about MIC is like simplifying the process, you know? Yeah, well, like with with two different chat rooms, it was just not for me, I was just, I sort of got, I was so close to cancelling my membership. Because when I saw how expensive the look, yeah, oh, maybe that’s not for me. Because like, you know, and I was thinking, like, you know, what, let me give it another try. Let me just pull up our swatch list.

James 24:02
It’s almost so dumbed down that you feel stupid following it, if that makes sense. Like, it’s as simple as like, even like Harry, like the shit you do. It’s like your draw your lines. And that’s it. And like, then obviously, like, as you get experience, like you use things like tape and you can kind of develop, you know, tools to develop your strategy more. Beginning, it really is as simple as, like, you take this little drawing tool, you draw lines, where we tell you to like where you like, learn to and like, that’s it.

Amin 24:31
Absolutely. And I remember in the beginning, I saw before I was a mom, I kept saying, You guys repeating the same thing over. Same thing. Like don’t people like, you know, like, I was thinking and then I became a mom, and I started like, now I understand why you guys kept repeating yourself, because there’s some people that they think they’re smarter than the market.

Don’t Go Long After a Death Candle

Harry 24:57
I did for years long after a death candle, you know? I’m like, like, I mean, the end there are some traps trust me above VWAP that I see a lot. But like, in my videos I say like after you see a death candle, wait like four or five minutes don’t just go long right away because that’s usually not a great spot to long. And people over and over again just go long right after a death candle like, Oh, I thought that was a good pullback. I’m like, No, bro. Like, look at this stock right now. Like, like, watch my videos, I say wait, like five to 10 minutes after we get a dramatic move like that. Because like, you know, it’s there’s a lot of volatility, there’s a lot of people panicking. There’s a lot of people maybe trying to go short, there’s so many things going on. You just need to wait and be patient. And then, you know, same guy again, like next day went long right after that scandal. I’m like, bro, what are you doing? Like, why did you just do that? Again, I told you yesterday. And it was like, literally three days straight before I’m like, Okay, if you’re gonna DM me the same exact chart again, I’m just going to stop responding. Obviously not listening to what I’m saying, you know?

James 26:00
Well, it’s funny because like, I went, I went into my Twitter. And like, I was looking at old DMS. And I remember I first started like trading, because there was only a short period of time before where I started. And then MIC started. So I had DM to Alex and I was asking him questions about sizing about like, where to short, like, he repeats the same shit. This is going back almost, you know, two and a half years or whatever. And it’s like, literally, he’s like, wait for a desk handle, bro. He called the kiss of death back and he’s like, wait for a kiss of death. He’s like, short pops after that. You know, you smell the water? Yes, everything. Like everything he said two years ago is the same shit. He says every single day today. And it’s funny to like you say that. Like everyone’s always like, Oh, why are you repeating is what repeating this? Because it’s what works it just like human emotions. And I think ego gets in the way of that. And I think that’s something for you. I mean, that’s pretty cool is like, you don’t seem to have any ego. And you don’t seem to have an ego, you don’t seem arrogant. And I think that probably is what like, propelled you to go like forward pretty quick. And I mean, have you kind of always been like, like, because you said you had a business? Right? Right. And you’ve been some because I know, owning a business too. Like, you kind of can’t have an ego because if you do, like you will just get run over, like in any aspect. And have you is that always been you like every like was your business like a large portion of your life before trading? Like, that’s the main thing. Yeah.

Accepting Loss Early On

Amin 27:26
And the thing is, I think, accepting loss early on understanding that there’s going to be a loss, not having any fear of loss helped me also, I used to play poker on a regular basis, and we can play poker, you know, there’s a lot of risk management, you can’t win every pot, you’re gonna be losing, you know, so you can’t have ego, you know, in poker. So that helped me with trading, being able, like, you know, to wait for your spot. And one of the reason that I’m able to be patient is because there are times that you sit at the table, you get, you continue to get crappy card, you just have to be patient. So that’s, that’s how it is. That’s why I’m patient with you know, the hot chicks. I know that backside is gonna come Yeah, it’s just a matter of time. It could be loved. It could be a, or it could not come as a matter of time. I know. It’s gonna give me a spot to enter. So that’s why that kind of helped, you know, having that background.

James 28:26
yeah, yeah. Do you still have the business?

Amin 28:29
Yeah. And that’s cool. My primary source of income still, you know, this, as I don’t want to say as a hobby, because I take everything that I do. I play poker, even on weekends. I tell there’s when there’s money involved. I’m very competitive. I take it seriously. And I like to go up the ladder pretty quickly. Because I remember the first time that I remember I played poker. I was playing one, two, and I had no idea and my friend’s been playing for a long time. He was 21. So as soon as I learned, I was like, Okay, we need to go off this thing. So I started my first I do, I’ve been playing for two years, and I kind of like what? So I remember I played two five, a one like 500 bucks. And I was like, alright, what is the bind for 510? They’re like, the minimum of 500 No, I’m okay. Let’s go play five time. Same night, I go there, I play there. And I think like within an hour, I went like a $1,500. So I’m like, Okay, let’s call it so I was just always eager to, you know, go up to stakes.

James 29:30
Dude, all traders, I swear they have this like, least the successful ones, they have this mentality of like, whatever they’re doing, they’re gonna do it. 100% like, there’s no like, half assing whatever. It could be poker, be trading can be focused and working out. When they get into it. It’s like their focus is there. And that allows them to be like really good at it. Yeah.

Amin 29:49
That’s how you that’s how I was like, initially, I was just like, you know, trading with 100 200 shares. I wasn’t like thinking about like making money. I just wanted to kind of, you know, make sure that you know, the process is Working and as soon as it was working well, I just like went up, you know, from 100 200 shares to 1000 shares immediately. Why? Because I could take $100 loss. It wasn’t, you know, I could take that kind of loss.

James 30:15
Yeah, how do you divide your time between the business and trading? I get that question 30,000 times a day, like, how do you divide your time?

Amin 30:24
Because of the difference in timezone, you know, I wake up at around like, seven, eight o’clock in the morning. So the pre market starts less than 7am is about 4pm here. So hours of time to work on my business, go to the gym, run my errands, and everything. So I’m like, waking up seven, eight, working all the way till midnight, or 1am.

How to Trade Like a Business

Harry 30:51
I think, like owning a business is that like, you were able to trade the way that you were, because you weren’t solely relying on training for the money, like for the food on your table, and I think that is a big important part, because everyone in this game wants to quit their job, that’s the first thing they want to do. But your mindset should be okay, I have my job as money. Now, I can be super super patient in the market, not like, oh, I want to quit this job, I don’t care about that money, I need to be making money here now. And so you were able to be patient and trust the watch list and trust the lines, because, you know, you’re like, Okay, I have a business, I’m doing pretty well. You know, this is like, as much as you did take it seriously, it’s still more of a hobby phase. And it’s not the it’s not like a primary or like a secondary. It’s like, you know, hobby, whatever, I’m gonna just try and learn this, right. And that gives you the opportunity to be so so patient, rather than trying to short every bounce, rather than trying to oh, I’m going to be rich tomorrow. Rather than you know, you’re already playing Lamborghinis, and expensive clothes, and then I’m all ready to go, I’m going to be wearing Gucci tomorrow. And I think that’s a really important part.

Amin 32:02
I always tell people, I tell them, if you’re trading with your rent, or food money, you gotta lose, like, you know, and when I see some people, you know, they find consistency for a week or two, and all of a sudden, they want to, you know, quit their job, I’m like, No, do you need to at least be consistent for two years, have your rent and food money saved up for at least a year, and then have a capital of training because you’re going to be making emotional decisions constantly, you’re gonna be like, Okay, I need to be making X amount of money every day, in order to, you know, pay my rent, it’s just not gonna work.

James 32:38
I remember when the pandemic started. And in my business closed, we were closed for three months. And at that time, like, I wasn’t taking a paycheck. For I starting in, I don’t know, may like end of May. And obviously, I couldn’t go in and cut either. So I just had no extra money coming in. And I was like, in my head, I’m like, Well, I’ve been consistent for a long time. Like, it doesn’t really matter. But it’s funny, like, even for me, who has been doing this for so long, when the when the tables kind of turned in, like trading was my only income. I remember the first day, it was no different than any day, but it still was kind of like emotionally like, Okay, this is weird. Like, I feel like every dollar I’m trading with now is like my chips, like my last shifts that I like, need to protect and like change. So it’s like, it really does, like I’ve never understood the rush to quit, like I understand, like trading to have free time. But like, even for me, like I have zero intention of like, getting rid of the business anytime soon, or like not working because I like, also human interaction, like I love like MIC is great, because we get to talk to people that do what we what we do. But the ability to go to a business and like Also, keep your brain going like that, like I’m a huge believer, and like once you start slowing down, you like, you get older, like you start to like really, like your brain will slow down. Whereas for me, it’s like, Dude, I love being up at like four or 5am like working really hard for like five hours and then going to do something else. And like, being different parts of my brain going, that’s for you. Like, do you plan on keeping the business forever? Like if, if trading just exploded for you? And it was like ridiculous income? Would you still keep the business? Or how what is your kind of plans like for the future?

Amin 34:17
No, yeah, because the business is an online business. So I don’t have to, you know, the money keeps coming in without me having to put in work in that house, or taking care of it. And that gives me the freedom to travel to spend time with family if I want you dating doesn’t give me that Freedom Day Trading requires me to be there all the time. If I if I’m taking some off travelling and if I’m not day trading, I could be losing money so old and the thing is like, you know, ultimately my goal is to do more long term swing trades because I don’t want to be it isn’t an extra income right now. I have the time but I want to be able to also spend time with family because right now I’ve sacrificed a lot of time In order to get really good at trading, yeah, ultimately, maybe a year from now, I want to move in more into maybe options maybe swing in long term, so I don’t have to work for it. Because like, imagine if you get sick one day or two days, if you stop trading, there’s no money coming in, if that’s your only source of income. You know, that’s the kind of so that’s why like, I feel like even really important for traders that become successful to diversify, you know, whether you going to real estate, use some long term, you know, invest in other businesses, something that you know, is going to make sure that if you’re not day trading, there’s still money coming in. Yeah. Because like, if you’re just going to be day trading all the time, you’re basically, you’re not truly free ever, you know what I mean? Because that requires your time to be able to make money.

Patience Is the Number One Lesson

Harry 35:48
Exactly. I know, I completely agree. And another thing I think is that like for James, like when James talked about his business, and when you talk about yours, like the common and even for me, like when I was learning, I was in college, but I also knew that I had a plan B to kind of fall back on so that out in that phase of my career that was like the patient’s phase where I learned how to be really, really patient just like kind of Amin talking about. And so I stopped kind of trying to log every bounce, I stopped kind of trying to, you know, and I just would wait for my spots, and I was like, Well, you know, what, I’m in college right now. Like, I literally had, like, 4.0 GPA. And I was also trading and like, you know, as I talked about, in like, another podcast, I’m pretty sure, like, almost no social life, like I go out on the weekends, but like, I pretty much gave it all up for school and trading, because this is what I wanted to do, you know. And, you know, it’s funny that that ended up being kind of like, the patient stays like those two years of college allowed me to be more patient instead of rushing it because I had that mindset of okay, like, you know, I think the patience is the number one lesson here, like, that is definitely number one, where it’s not like your FOMO. Again, at every line, it’s not like you’re, you know, trying to scale from three to four, or from three to five, you know, you’re like, Okay, I want to go short at 340, I’m stopping out at 350 If it doesn’t work, and that’s it, right? Instead of, like trying to get every line trying to FOMO in here trying to, and those people, like I see people all the time with too many lines on their charts, that isn’t a sign of like, no knowledge, that is a sign that you are trying to rush the money in my opinion. Because when people have 5 6 7 8 lines, like, you know, that’s just, that’s like, you know, you might as well just keep buying a scratch ticket, because like, that’s like, that’s just not what we preach here. Like Alex talks about, like, in the morning, you notice how he has to three lines, right? Where it’s like, maybe like 3.80, and 3.90, and four bucks. And that’s all he wants to go short. That doesn’t mean he’s gonna go short at 3.50. Right. But for the people who are trying to scale all the way up, that says more about your own mental state and trading in my opinion, than the actual like process or anything else, because you are trying to rush it like, you know, there was one guy where I told him, you know, you should just focusing on logging out or lines where you always stop out, because you’re always going into early getting stopped out, and then the stocks actually bouncing. Right? Funny. Like he didn’t really have the patience for that, you know, he he kept kind of trying to long the underlyings. And that’s a sign of, oh, I want to grow my account. Oh, I want to rush it. Rather than I’m gonna wait for that reliance. I’m going to be super super patient. You know, I’m going to like it’s really the patience, I think out of this that really got you to where you are. And I mean, that was that’s really it. That’s a big takeaway that I got from this. Absolutely.

James 38:39
Can you guys can hear me, right? I think the like, such a misconception is like everyone’s like, the faster I make money, the faster we get to my goals, like, like for you. I mean, like you talking about, like your goals or spending time with your family and like, and all that. It’s like, it’s funny that the more patient you are, the faster you’re actually going to get there. But everyone’s in such a rush. They’re like, I need to make all this money right now I need to like you think every bounce every opportunity, every dip, everything is has to be a trade. And like that is what I mean, like I I’ve had so many people messaged me be like, you know, I’ve been trading not that long, like, you know, or like, just whatever, like, How is he so quick and so easy at this. And it’s like, it’s, that is one of the most impressive things that of anyone we’ve interviewed is just your patience level. And I think your patience is what’s getting you to your goals like that much faster.

Amin 39:25
Thank you. I think less something that I learned as well. Less is more. Yeah. I remember that. Now. I have. You know, in the beginning, I started just with a laptop. And I could only fit about three or I think about four charts. Yeah, that kind of helped me as well to get rid of a lot of noise. You know, Alex can say look, I’m only focusing on the thought those would be my only stocks here. And I remember I was I was trading on Friday while I was away, and I was on my laptop. And I just went late in the day. It was awful. Let’s see it was raining, staying in the hotel. I was like, let me see what’s going on. And first thing that I did go to watch list see what Alex is watching. I didn’t even I didn’t even open my scanner or anything I like was that okay? These are the ones that I’m focusing on, I went see there was located yes, there’s locate brought two of them, I just traded those two, I didn’t have like three monitors or anything, just being able to focus on those two stocks. I was, you know, I made money on both of them. Because the thing is like something like when you trading only in two things, you could size up more just trading two charts, instead of like trying to nail 10 different thoughts at the same time. And honestly, like, you know, just recently, I got to the show monitors. And I just think that that is too much for me, sometimes, like there’s too much noise, I’m trying to get rid of a lot of the charts, maybe just like have a bigger chart, because I realised I would be trading a lot better. When there was like less noise, I would be seeing a lot of different things. So I’ve been actually thinking of like either just like getting rid of one of them or just making hard speakers. So I don’t have to look at a lot of different things.

The Importance of Having Multiple Screens

James 41:07
Funny you say that. So on Friday, on Friday night, I stayed in, and I was just doing charting stuff, and I have like three, like 32 inch vertical monitors, right. And for the longest time, I kept rearranging my charts, we could have more I could have like, I’d have like 15 different charts on the main screen to watch. And then on the other charts and have long term everything. And on Friday, I actually got rid of one whole screen and I made it just to chat. And then my middle screen that I focus on is literally just the three stocks that I’m looking at the most. And I actually got rid of it. So I’m the other charts, like I got rid of the montages. So I can see other charts. But now I’m just I’m trying to do that where I just want to focus more on what’s in front of me, right. And I love that I love that you said that. Because that actually even confirms in my head that I was just doing the same thing. Last time I had a red day actually was funny, I was up on six, I was in six different tickers. And I was up on all of them. And I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know where to focus, where to look. And all of a sudden they all bounced, and I lost them all.

Amin 42:06
Yeah, so a lot of new traders, they join immediately. And all of a sudden, like they have like three monitors. They’re on their PDT. I’m like, Why you send them? Why just like, you know, allocate that money to your trading can that can actually, you know, help him grow faster. And because I’m not joking, I think I went from one monitor to three just a month ago. So I was trading consistently profitable, just with one monitor with six charts for about like, five, six months, I didn’t have any problem. And I was like, and I think the only reason that I did it is because I wanted to have like my E trade as well to be able to look on some of the large gaps. Otherwise, I would have been fine with one monitor slow.

James 42:54
Like I’m pretty sure that the bear still trades on a laptop. And like, yeah, it’s not because there’s like a very talented writer and like, but he is a great example. Right? He focuses on one ticker. And if it fits his like his process, and like what he wants to trade, then he focuses there on one laptop to get shit on him. Like I’m always like, Dude, what are you trading on like coconuts? And like, What the hell are you doing? But like, for me, it works. And it’s true. It’s like, I mean, just like the user, it’s just the lessons more concept. Like, I think out of this whole episode, the best thing anyone can take away and rewatch the part where he taught, we’re talking about that. Because if you can just stay patient, you’re actually going to get to where you want to go faster. And it’s not always about nailing everything hitting everything. It’s just sticking to what you know what you do. And you’re gonna get I mean, you’re gonna get your goals done much quicker, right?

Amin 43:46
I think that’s what I love about MIC is that there is an equal amount of opportunity here, we have the same video content that is available to everybody is what I watch. Yeah, but you get like completely different outcomes. And, you know, one of the prime example of that is so you know, my wife, she watched the same videos that I watch, but our outcomes are completely different. Why? Because she has fear of losses. Yeah, that’s, that’s something that people need to get over. There’s gonna be a loss. put your ego aside, take that loss. It’s something that I learned in poker. It’s not just one session. It’s a long session is day in day out is just one long session. It’s okay to get up, cut your losses and leave is going to be another day but some people think that oh, they need to be green every day. You know, that’s just not how it works. And a lot of people think that working hard is going to equal to success. I think something that is more important is working smart is just what you do how you do it is way more important than you know how hard you work. I think the quality of the work that you put in is really important. You know, there are construction workers that work really hard, but they don’t make this amount of money. They work harder than us. And I remember my son initially, that’s what I tell him was, like, you know, in order to become successful in life, you need to work really hard. And he was like, Oh, that’s really cool. When I grow up, I want to become a construction worker and clean the windows of the buildings. Like, yeah, that’s not actually how it works. I have to explain to him, you know, it works, unfortunately. So it’s true.

The Importance of Patience in Trading

James 45:35
I mean, some of the hardest workers I know, actually, like, don’t do very well, like financially, they’re fine. I mean, that’s their lives and stuff. But, and that’s, I think that I think that in trading, like it’s very much like, we tell them what to watch the videos over and over. But the thing is, like, you could I could sit down one of my with some of my friends and don’t work that hard. No, they just watch it mindlessly, and not gain anything from it. And you seem to have found the path of like watching the right videos and like that pertain to you. And then like asking the right questions that way.

Amin 46:04
Yeah. I think that is also really important. When you watch something and you learn something. I think it’s really important to put it into practice. Yeah. So you know what I mean? Because if you just like watch a lot of videos and you don’t put it into practice, if you to be honest, you I’ve never paid portrayed it. Yeah, I got in. I was like, I need to feel the pain. You know what I mean? Because the thing is, I would pay for training, I actually set up on TOS one time, and I just kept buying buy, there’s just no emotion is not real money. So there was no emotion and well, it’s something that I love about stock market is that anybody can participate. You know, there is no discrimination, there’s no age doesn’t matter. You know, whether you’re white, black, it doesn’t matter, anybody, everybody has an equal amount of opportunity to participate in this market. And there is no room for victimisation. You know, you can all you know, victimise yourself, the market doesn’t care about your feelings, and you know, we’re all capable of trading the same thing. But you have 90% I’m gonna fail. And it only comes down to risk management, patience, and FOMO.

Harry 47:11

James 47:13
That’s crazy. It’s like, I remember when I got into trading, like, initially, like, I remember thinking, like, it’s such a technical thing, like how it’s, anyone can do it. Like it, you have to be stupid not to make money trading. When I, I wasn’t making money, I just was like, oh, like you do X, Y, and Z, and you’re gonna make money. And like Little did I know how much of the emotional side was like, like, my biggest, like, roadblock as a trader was the emotional side. I could never get past like, missing a trade, I can never get past like missing an opportunity, or being read. And that took me a long time to like, get over. And I had this one day where I remember I was like, so depressed because I was just like, not consistent yet. And I was like, beating myself up. Like, I felt like I was putting in the right work. But like, I was miserable, because I couldn’t get it. And I looked at myself in the mirror. And I’m like, Dude, the market doesn’t fucking care about your feelings. It doesn’t care if you make a million dollars. If you lose a million dollars, no one gives a shit. Like you need to just focus on like, what’s in front of you focus on yourself, and you will get there. But without patience. I just said this, too. I don’t remember a call the other day. And I just said to the guy because he said, you know, he’s always getting in too early. And I was like, Well, I think there comes a point, we have to tell yourself, like, if you can’t be patient, then you need to quit trading. If you can’t do this, like if you can’t just be discipline and patience. You’re never going to make it right. And if you want to make it bad enough, you’re going to do it. You’re going to change your mindset that way.

Amin 48:34
Yeah. Here’s the thing. I don’t think trading is for everybody, either. It’s a tough job. You know, that’s a tough mental job. And, you know, it’s not for everybody. You know, if here’s the thing, it’s a sad truth. If you’ve been an MSc for two years, and you’re not consistently profitable, then maybe this is not for you, you know, because I’ve been to a lot of places and there is no other simple process and MIT it just doesn’t exist. Actually, I haven’t seen it. So maybe this isn’t for you. And I think that there has to be a time that you have to be honest with yourself. Because I remember growing up, I love playing soccer, I wanted to become a soccer player. But there was a point that came in my life. I was pretty good at it, but I wasn’t the best. So I sat down and I was like, am I gonna really be wasting my time even though it’s my passion even though I love it. But there’s a tonne that you have to be honest with yourself? Am I gonna make it? Am I gonna be one of the best players in the world? Or am I going to be wasting my time? And so you know what, this is not for me.

James 49:39
Six months ago, dude, I was I hit a point. It’s about six months ago is right actually before the pandemic started I remember like seeing like Alex’s p&l Is every day and some of the other guys and I’m like, Dude, why the fuck is that? Not me. Right? And I actually have to be honest with myself that like I wasn’t putting in the amount of work I shouldn’t be still. Like I was still like I thought I was I was watching like videos. I got posted, I was like going through main chat is doing everything. But I wasn’t like actually digesting it, I was just doing it robotically to kind of say that I was doing it, instead of like actually watching the content, like watching the education and then putting it in, like you said, into practice to learn more about it. And I think everybody, like you said, if you’ve been here for a long time, and like struggling, like, there’s gonna come a point where you need to look at yourself and say, like, Am I doing everything to become profitable? If the answer is no, then you know, your problem? If the answer is yes, then obviously, change something up or find a new profession. But I do believe everyone who’s still in MIC, like has the ability to get there. It’s just, you have to be honest with yourself and upfront, like, am I gonna get this or not? And if not, what’s the like? What’s my fucking problem? Like? I’m doing?

Taking Advantage of the Free Content

Harry 50:46
I also think that like, you know, because there are stories like Nico, where it did take him 10 years to become profitable, right? 10 years,

James 50:55
Eight years, your fucking years, though.

Amin 51:01
Here’s the thing back then there was not a lot of good education content that we have right now. Right? What are the era debts? What do you want to trade or whether you want to do anything? There’s so many free content, like some of the free content that MIC puts on every Wednesday with Tosh? Yep. Even if you’re not, I remember some of the other things like why are you putting all these? Why are they like showing all their free strategies online? Yeah. So so much of a lot of free content is a lot easier right now to become successful than it was 10 years ago. There’s not a lot of chat rooms. micb wasn’t there, there was not a lot of good things. So that’s why you know, it took them longer because yeah, they were taking a lot of different things. There was no strategy back then.

James 51:45
Yeah, did I was just in Jersey with Alex and like, we were sitting there like, highest book, and we were like, laughing our ass off that like, how is it possible that like this, like, gypsy Turkish kid from Jersey in this, like, white Boston kid became friends, like, I had the ability to network with a seven figure trader, right? And like saying, like, hey, like, I would never have met you, Bao. I mean, like, none of you people who are in all different parts of the country, the world, whatever. Like, that is like the craziest thing and like today’s like, in a climate and environment that we’re able to do that. Whereas like, imagine trying to be a trader, like in 1999, like, What the Who the fuck you’re going to talk to? Like, I think maybe like, there was like, some random chat rooms very fast talking like awesome. stuff. But other than that, like, what are you gonna do, you’re gonna move to like New York and like, figure out who you can like network with. But yeah, you have to take advantage of this. Like, I think the fact that that you even are profitable, like this Quicken in training is like it, it disgusts me because it’s like, it took me so much longer. Like, it’s so crazy, right? But it’s like, you are someone who just took such advantage of the opportunity in the world right now. And like, that’s incredible.

Amin 52:54
And seriously, I’m grateful to MIC because, you know, if this wasn’t working, I was like, very close to, you know, just forget, because I was like, Okay, I’m gonna just like, you know, put all the money into large gap. And just like, you know, let it ride because I was like, you know, I don’t want to waste any more of my time. And this strategy work. And to be honest with you, I also get a lot of my work ethic, my hard work ethic for my dad, because he’s my hero. You know, he moved from Iran to Dubai. When he had no money, he lost everything in Iran, there was a revolution and war going on. So the bomb our house, they, you know, burned down his restaurant. So he moved without speaking a word of English or Arabic to Dubai. And he started his own restaurant with the little money that he had. So seeing that, and never hearing him complaint or victimised himself that all you know, I’m here, you know, could have been back home, never heard any word of complaint. It was just like him working. And, you know, he never had any hate towards Saddam Hussein government or anything that oh, it was because of them. I’ve never heard him like, you know, if I’m in an Iraqi guy, I’m not gonna hate on him, because of what they’ve done. You know, because growing up, that’s my dad was like, yeah, he had a choice. You could have either victimised himself that oh, look what they’ve done to us. Or he could have like, taken his own destiny in his own hands and built his life. And that’s what exactly he did. So seeing those things, made me realise that you know, to take advantage of the opportunities that we have, we’re living in an era that there’s so much opportunity, and there’s absolutely no excuse, what do you want to learn? Photography? What do you want to learn what design SEO, all the information is out there? You could I remember when I moved to states, I was living on $1,500 a month. And you know, it’s like, you know, doing a lot of sacrifices, doing a lot of different things in order to make it and you know, just like coming, and I think a lot of people in the developed countries get on value the opportunities that they have the take it for granted. Yeah, I was just in Kenya, I visited a village of the Maasai village, these kids, they were going to school, they were walking seven kilometres, which is like five miles each way from their village to school every day to just study. And here we have members complaining that you know, what is really bad when they can just go to Google and, you know, so, opportunities that we have, and we the stuff that we complain about is laughable to me, and you know, seeing all the struggles that my dad had. So when I moved to space, and I saw all these opportunities, oh, I can buy a house, we put a 5% downpayment. Sign me up, oh, I can my own business, we’re like, you know, $250? Yeah, yeah. But the amount of opportunities that there is in the US is just incredible. It’s like one of the best countries in the world and seeing people complain about the system is laughable to me, because there are people in my country that are, you know, dying out of hunger or dying out of, you know, so many different things. And hearing this generation complain about the stuff that they’re complaining is just unacceptable to me. I’m like, Guys, you need to travel, you need to go to the world to start appreciating this stuff that you have. And stop whining, for sure.

The Problem With People Getting So Immersed in Their Own Problems

Harry 56:20
Yeah, it is also a big problem is like, definitely, like, people get so immersed in their own problems, people get so immersed in their own lives that they can’t see out of their, their bubble or where they’re living, they don’t understand, you know, that, like, there are like lots more going on in the world, then, you know, your problem of oh, I’m in a fight with my boss, or my mom or my dad or whatever, right? You know, some people just can’t see past their own kind of where they are and how blessed they are. Absolutely, they cannot understand. And I think that is a big thing, as well, where, you know, if you’re living in the United States, in my opinion, you are blessed. If you’re living in Canada, right now, you are blessed. Absolutely, right, you’re blessed already. From there, the amount of opportunity that you have is insane, it’s astronomical. And especially if you’re an MIT right now, you are also blessed, because there are tonnes of other places that you could be right now that are a hell of a lot worse, you know. And so that’s another thing, you know, just put in the work, be patient, trust the process, you know, if you’re a short seller, short into resistance, don’t go short, you know, way, way, way underneath VWAP. Don’t go short, you know, in the wrong places, be patient, wait for you know, your setups, wait for your entry, and then go and attack. And I think that is like, another important part is just the patience. Like we talked about, you know, if there’s anything in this episode, it really showed me the level of patience that you have, and that you know, and also your mindset and where you are in your life to be able to get there that I think a lot of people are laughing.

Stop Victimising Yourself and Stop Taking Stupid Losses

James 58:01
Yeah, I think this is like one of my favourite episodes for the reason that I think there’s like, a lot of emotional like good lessons and like the one thing I just I just texted myself it is you just said like, stop victimising yourself. And I think that there’s so many traders like new traders who do that they like they don’t they’re not first of all appreciative of the opportunity they have, but they’re taking stupid losses. And they’re basically just saying, it’s like, the market’s against them, everything’s against them. And like, they’re not owning up to their own shit. And saying, like, you know what, I need to work harder, like, but you just said about your dad, I think that’s a great example. Like, you know, he had shit help delta one, it sucked. And he still like, busted his ass and like, work hard and like became successful. So I think all the new traders who are watching this need to like kind of write that down, like stop victimising yourself, like actually put in some work and like, you’re gonna notice result. Like, it might not be as quick as you want.

Amin 58:49
Some of the big losses that I’ve had, I’ve never reached out to anybody to complain, Oh, why did this happen? Exactly why the fucking happens. And the thing is, like, you know, when I when I posted, I remember one of the big losses that I had, I was like, I know exactly what I did. You know, I’m not. And the reason that I’m sharing is because I want to be transparent and I don’t I’m not looking for sympathy. You know, I’m not looking for sympathy from anybody know what I’m posting it to make myself accountable. And it’s just, you know, you got to your ego aside, I’ve learned that you know, we all make mistakes to make sure that you know, you don’t repeat those mistakes again, that’s that’s the only thing that you have to do.

James 59:31
Love it. I love this. I think I think we’re coming up kind of on our like our mark. Yeah, and I think we’ve jammed a lot of good fucking info in this. I actually think this is gonna kick out. I love this. I know if there’s anything you guys want to add before we kind of wrap it up or No,

Harry 59:46
I think yeah, I think that this episode was great. It really is the patient and you know, you really need to be able to sit tight in this game and not always be slamming keys all the time and you really need to just box Whatever recommend

Amin 1:00:00
That’s something that I’ve done. And it also affects me as well seeing these big panels on Twitter, get rid of all those noise I don’t have any social media I go from Twitter’s from Thomson about I’m not active, get rid of all those big panels because I remember like, you know, seeing Fei or Vick thing like their p&l, I was like, oh my god can I make like, you know, that kind of money one day, and you know, and then starting out again, those will be like some of my slow days, you know what I mean? And appreciate and just like, you know, just like bow says, you know, you cannot go from making $100 to $10,000 a day, you know, there’s a slow but you gotta you gotta you got to, you know, go step by step. And everybody’s journey is different. You know, Alex, look at what I love about Alex, is him. And this is something that I’m still working on. He knows when to size up. Oh, that is a key that is like a talent that he has that you know, just like on his bike. So he says, like, size to the beat and sculpt the rest or something like that size. Oh, he’s PNL goes up and down. You know, there are days if he had like, 50k and they it could be a $700 day. I’m like, How did you know?

James 1:01:17
Did you see that shit? Like, I, I remember being on the phone with them the day made like 50k When the corona like sector crashed. And I was like, Dude, how do you go like the next day? And so like, you could make $100 Or you could like lose $100 or? I don’t know, I just fucking do like I just show up and like, that’s it like, I just know, like, I’m gonna follow this this basic fucking like, idiot proof process and whatever it spits out I’m gonna take whether it’s 50 50k 100k a million or if it’s 10 bucks.

Taking a Day off to Rest

Harry 1:01:46
Because that day off actually. And the reason why I took it off is because I just saw him in chat. Right? This is it. This is the day Yeah. And all the other days that the EV socks were running. I heard him say that. And say this is it. This is a day I knew he was sizing up big. I knew what he was doing. And I just took the day off. I said, You know what bucket? Everyone asked me why did you take the day off? Why’d you take the day off? I’m like, bro, literally in the morning when Alex said this is it this the sector is done. This is the day that it’s crashing. I was like, okay, like I should not be longing these bags. This is this is where I need to take a break. And, you know, thankfully I avoided all losses on that day watched him have a killer 50k day. I was super happy for him. But I was also proud of myself to say okay, absolutely. He you could tell he sizing up he didn’t write in chat. Oh, I’m sizing up..

Harry 1:02:42
And you know, he’s been trading.

Amin 1:02:44
Alex let us know when you’re sizing. Yeah,

James 1:02:49
it’s true. It’s funny as fuck like it again, like, I think that comes with screen time like experience but like just knowing like, this is the moment I’m gonna drop my balls and make this shit happen today. Like, I mean, it’s been awesome. I love it.

Amin 1:03:02
I have a lot of answers. Like you know, just because he makes 50k He’s not going to go okay, I made it. So next I’m gonna go make like 60 70k He doesn’t try to keep repeating the same thing. He just waits for his spot really well. And that’s something that I’m still trying to learn from I’m like, No, so that’s something that I aspire to do. And that’s my goal

James 1:03:23
With this episode, man is patience discipline and fucking stop victimising yourself. I love it.

Harry 1:03:29
I love it. All right. Well, I think it’s definitely wraps it up.

Amin 1:03:34
Nice talking to you guys.

James 1:03:35
Yeah, great talking to you, brother. You should go to bed. What time is it? There’s that’d be like what? 3am

Amin 1:03:40
Oh, no, it’s 11pm Oh,

James 1:03:42
That’s it. Okay, that’s not bad. That’s good. Oh, that’s not bad. And I thought for some reason I thought this was like way later. But the gophers probably pitching me to get out of here.

Amin 1:03:53
Talking to you guys and thanks, again.

James 1:03:55
Perfect. Yeah, the episode aired what does it usually take like a day



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