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Hey, what’s up guys? Its Harry, just a few things to note before this podcast starts. So unfortunately, it is a bit laggy. This week due to the fact that I was on shitty Wi Fi. At a cottage, we basically rented it like my family and I. And it was kind of like a little family vacation. We recorded it, everything seemed fine. And then kind of after that, I went back, I reviewed it. And it definitely does lag in some spots. We decided to post it anyway. Because like, we thought the info was really good. You’re going to definitely learn a lot about the economy inflation. We talked about partying in Miami, a bunch of stuff like that, like how that type of vibe has changed. And just a bunch of stuff like that, how things have changed from COVID till now. So it’s definitely a good one. Just mind the leg, please, we’ll make sure that it does not happen again. But we just are going to post this anyway. Because we feel that the information is super, super good. So apologies from us. I’m sorry about the lag. And I hope you enjoy this. And thanks a lot.



James 1:12
What’s going on? Guys, we’re back with another episode of the after hours Podcast. Today we got Alex, who has been? Yeah, it’s been on a few times. So lately, we’ve kind of taken the podcast in a different direction. You know, we’ve talked a lot about like the overall market, and just trying to touch on all different subjects as far as trading and stocks and all that goes. So we wanted to bring Alex on and kind of get his insight and everything. So yeah, man, thank you for coming on.

What’s Going On With the Market?

Alex 1:40
I want to try to come on more often to I hope to come on at least once a month, because I think there’s new direction of the podcast is gonna be good, because a lot of people want to hear about the overall markets, they want to hear about maybe alternative ways to invest money and what you could do. And, you know, in future episodes, I’ll explain that what I do with my excess cash, and you know how I try to grow my money, because there’s no linear path to do it. It’s just based on you know, your personality, what you want to do, how risky you ought to get whatever. So I think first, it’s August 5 2022. And we should talk about what’s been going on the market. So we’re technically in a bear market. And what that means is stocks just keep going down and down and down and down. And then down and down, down, down, down, and then go figure they fucking keep going lower. So we’re in a market now where it’s a bear market. And the reason why we’re in a bear market is because the Federal Reserve hiked up interest rates to try to fight inflation. So inflation was caused by the 80% of US dollars in existence being created in the last two years, right. It’s being caused by supply the supply chain issues because of the Russia, Ukraine war by China, partnering up with Russia not giving us materials, whatever it is. So that’s number one. Now, number two is with this elevated inflation, there’s not much demand anymore, because people don’t have money. People don’t have money because all they spent all their money on stimulus checks. Whatever money they had, they already bought a Tesla they already bought peloton, they already bought whatever the hell they were going to buy. So now the dollar is worth less, you have dollars anyway. And there’s no demand to fucking buy anything. So that’s what’s causing all these crazy things. So the market now as of today is starting to rebound a little bit. It’s probably rebounded because people think that peak inflation is over. And there’s no way that you could judge how inflation is over is the three Well, the main things are energy prices, commodity prices, and housing prices. So these are the top three things that you know, judge the inflation, so energy went sky high, because the Russia Ukraine war is starting to come down. commodities were sky high, because the war and China start to come back down. And now with hiked up interest rates, real estate is indexing come down. So the market is starting to rebound in anticipation of us hitting peak inflation. Now, the thing to note is, the market is what you do in the stock market is you pay today’s value for future earnings or future, whatever future whatever. So even if inflation peaks in six months, the market is already pricing that in right now. So although we might have another month or two of inflation that’s lagging the market is telling us now based on commodity prices based on energy prices based on housing crisis, that inflation has peaked. And, you know, that’s kind of where we’re at right now. Who knows what’s going to happen? Yeah, a lot of people are saying that there’s gonna be a recession but I mean, what do you guys see on your end for in terms, all this stuff,

James 4:58
I think I think the scary thing to me is like what you said, like the markets kind of telling us the future direction of where we’re headed. But outside of the market, I’m seeing more of like recession activity, being like, my friends have no money to spend, when it comes to like buying a house, people have no money anymore. They just to afford an average mortgage, they can do this interest for.

Alex 5:25
let’s say, you’re making X amount of money, you’re able to buy a $1 million house. Now with the interest rates going up, you’re able to buy a $500,000 house. So you’re buying power got cut in half.

James 5:38
I’m noticing what people are doing again, so what my parents the they build homes, kitchens, baths, and people are coming to them with a shit ton of money sooner. 20 grand, let’s redo the house, but they don’t have the cash. They’re just taking out what the value of the house was right now. And it’s the same thing as 2008. Next thing, you know, if the market crashes, if demand goes down, those people are gonna be shut out of luck if they go to sell their house.

A Mini-Recession Coming

Harry 6:04
Yeah. Yeah, I think for me, like just being in Canada, like, you get to see like a bit of a different perspective, because it’s not necessarily the same as the states. So like, I find here like people, like don’t think a recession is coming. Or that we’re even in one, you know, but I mean, to me, like, I just always like believe this. And like maybe that’s because I’m like a long trader, but like, I believe that when everyone sees it coming, if the effects are usually kind of like less than like, when everyone’s everyone’s like preparing for like this big storm that’s fucking coming this big fucking blizzard. And then we ended up getting like 10 centimeters, you know, I don’t think it will be as bad as people are like predicting. I think it’s just going to be like, kind of like a little like maybe like mini recession, as you call it. You know, you have the White House changing the fucking definition. Now you have all this shit going on? I think it’s going to be like, a mini recession. I don’t think it’s going to be like, as big as like, 2008 I just think like the Feds gonna do with the feds gonna do they’re gonna cut people’s fucking buying power. Things are gonna what’s gonna happen, bro?

Alex 7:10
this the thing is like, I think we’re already in a recession right now. Yeah, we’ve been in one. And it might be that, you know, people yelling recession, recession recession. It might be that inadvertently, yeah. Fear of a recession. Right? The fear of a recession is enough to panic people enough to say, all right, recessions coming recessions here. Everyone’s selling everyone’s worried. Everyone’s whatever. Yeah. And we’re almost I causing a mild recession. Like you’re saying, yeah, it fixes it as if people are expecting a large one. Does that make sense? It’s like, yeah, that’s how I feel to my Yeah, it’s a little bit weird. And to be honest, I’m gonna tell you from like a product perspective. So I know people that move products, whether it be like vacuums, speakers, anything, any type of product, microphone, whatever type of product.

What Ended Up Happening With the Supply Chain

Alex 8:06
So what ended up happening is, there was so much demand built up so much demand built up, because people so many people have so much money. Now, what ended up happening is because of the supply chain, I don’t know if you guys know, but China was not letting you ship containers and the price of containers quadruple. So you were not able to get your products from China, okay, you’re not able to get your products from China. So you have all this demand, you have all these products fucking waiting. And what ended up happening is now that supply chains are starting to ease up again, you’re getting into products, but that demand is gone. Now that that demand is gone, you no longer want to buy the products from the manufacturer. So now the manufacturer is stuck with so much inventory, that they can’t move. Because there’s no demand. People don’t want it anymore. People have no money anymore. And now they’re stuck with the bag of all bags of inventory that they can’t move. And that’s why you see companies like Walmart. That’s why you see companies like Target saying Yo, we’re overstocked right now. And we got to sell the shit at a loss right so that’s what’s been happening guys and that’s that’s just that’s literally just in like the product industry. So there’s so much fucking supply. Yeah, there’s not enough fucking demand, which causes prices to go down which cause inflation to go down. So it’s almost like a self fulfilling prophecy that is happening here, man. Yeah, exactly.

James 9:33
I still think the scary thing is though, we even though we see it coming and I agree, maybe it’s gonna be much more mild than everybody anticipates. But it doesn’t change the fact that people just don’t have money. There’s a lot of people that are just the wealth gap is getting bigger and bigger. And unfortunately,

Alex 9:52
it’s also superior. But don’t get me wrong like, like, Bro I got I got a good amount of money. I’d like to go buy stuff a stupid shit. Okay, no problem I buy I bought a samurai sword. I didn’t need to buy a fucking samurai sword. Okay, I’m sure. Aside from that, but when you go to the Gucci store when you go to the Louis store when you go to the Prada store, bro, it’s like everyone’s fucking ball now. Now the reason why everyone’s balling up bras because they don’t have money they’re putting on their goddamn credit card. Yeah. Is it a decision, man, it’s an illusion. So all these people that are already broke, are trying to flex that their fucking ball in me while they’re in fucking credit card debt, bro.

James 10:34
That’s the worst and get worse because again, the less money people are making the more than their credit.

Alex 10:43
interest rates.

James 10:44
Yeah, how many Tesla’s? Do you see driving a roll? Do you know how many people I know went and bought it everywhere, everywhere. Because everyone took their shit ton of money. Now, when we said Tesla.

Alex 11:03
10 years of prom road the only way right so let’s let’s think about this macro. The only way to so there’s two issues that the Federal Reserve has right now. Right? Number one is inflation. Number one is recession. Recession is fixed by improving spending by improving demand people buy when people buy shit. Recession is fixed. If inflation is caused by the supply chain issues, whatever. They got to pick which problem to solve, how do you fix each problem? Okay, number one, you want to fix the inflation problem? Well you got to do is you got to create a recession, you want to fix the recession problem. The way to fix it is to print money gives people stimulus and cause more inflation. So these the Fed is stuck in the middle man. They’re slow, directly in the middle. What do I do? Do I fix a recession? Or do I fix inflation? Yeah, and I think they’re going to try to a little bit fix both. They’re not gonna be able to fix one, they’re not gonna be able to fix the other they’re gonna go right to the goddamn middle. Right? Yeah. Because what’s gonna end up happening is this one year, one year inflation is gonna be fixed, it’s gonna be gonna be back to normal. Okay, sure. So inflation issues gonna be fixed. There’s still recession spending issue in all of history in all.The way is to have modified, we printed it, Vietnam War, we did not have money, we printed it 2008 housing, we did not have money, we print it with their money, we printed it. So the only way to fix the fucking economy is to print money. If you print me you call her inflation. Okay? So that’s the problem here is if we don’t print money, if we don’t print money, it’s a depression. Because there’s no money left. You got to give these people money. The problem is when you give them money, it causes more inflation.

The Federal Reserve and the Stock Market

Alex 13:07
So the whole system is is really is not real, do it. Because the way you do the way that money is created is the Federal Reserve. Clicks. Button. trillion dollars appear. And what they do is they buy corporate bonds to put that money into the market. They’re buying corporate bonds and Apple, Amazon, Microsoft is shooting all these fucking things up, bro system is rigged. To be honest, the whole system is big, money’s fake. The stock market is rigged. The Federal Reserve’s been rich forever. If the Federal Reserve really wanted there’s in the basket. It’s like housing is one or eggs, milk, whatever. If the Federal Reserve really weighed of inflation, for example, if milk was 10% of the way, and milk was the highest inflation, they would say, You know what? Let’s bring milk from 10% of the way to 2% Raise the weight of eggs from 2% to 10%. Started the inflation number changes bro. And they could do that shit. So the whole system is fake. The whole system is rigged the whole system is broken. The question is how do you fucking make money on the broken system is you got to follow big money. So big money is saying all right, interest rates are up it’s it’s real estate is going to crash. Fuck bro of real estate is going to crash in two three months because of high interest rates. That’s what I want to buy. Right now when the stock market was crashing 35% When Apple went from 180 to 130 when Tesla went from 1200 to 600 I’m not selling I’m buying bro Yeah, I’m buying. I’m clicking the book and buy I bought in because you always want to do what the opposite of the people are telling you you always want to buy when the market is red you always want to sell when the market is green so everyone right now saying oh my god real estate is next real estate is next row says yes real estate is next. But you better be fucking ready to buy.

Harry 15:21
Yeah especially like unless you unless you are want to fucking high interest rate you better be willing to

Alex 15:28
to buy or what you could do is this Harry well you could do is you could buy the house. So I’m gonna give you an exact let’s say a million dollar house. Okay, million dollar house in two months is 800,000 800,000 Let’s say the interest rate is 5%. I’m going to buy that house at 800,000 next year when the Federal Reserve starts dropping interest rates to stimulate the economy. I’m gonna go and refinance that house a two and a half percent.

Harry 15:51
Okay, okay. Well actually works yeah. Its true.

James 16:03
The system is rigged. People always stay on top because what they have the money to do it when houses come down.

Alex 16:09
It just has more still financially literate? Yeah. Let’s say for example, even even having 100 grand in the bank is rich. It may not be a million, but 100 grand, you can fucking put a down payment on a $400,000 house. Yeah, and bro if you buy that 400,000 Our house maybe in two, three years, it’s gonna be worth 600 You know? So there’s plenty of opportunities to make money but you just got to be able to have cash sitting waiting to be able to deploy and grow I deployed a shitload of cash in this market crash into you know, Tesla, Apple Amazon as much as I could right now my averages are fucking stupid dude is stupid how I’ve already a lot of people are down on the year, bro, on their large cap investments, their retirement, whatever you want to call it.

Is the Market Bottomed Out?

Alex 16:57
And I’m pretty sure Well, let me if I double check. Basically, I’m just talking about like large cap stocks like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, whatever the fuck it is. Just this year roll up 3% It’s not a lot of money. But the NASDAQ is down 33% Yeah.

James 17:13
I mean, it’s, I was the same way. I was very lucky. I’ll call it and I like we talked about in the last episode, I woke up one morning and I saw these prices of like Apple, Amazon like you’re saying, and I felt like a moron not buying. I’m thinking these companies are great. They’re gonna last forever. And that’s what I said this is it. So? I don’t know. I want to think everything is bottomed. And I personally do. And I think from here, we’re just going to continue to rally and I don’t know what 2023 is gonna bring. But for now, I think I think we’re gonna keep pushing.

Alex 17:46
Here’s the thing, bro. There’s only been so many times in the stock market history where ship has been out 30% Facebook matter? Is that 50% Bro 8% Now, anywhere bro, I’m walking around people are still using Instagram, bro. They might have a bad year they might have bad verbal, bro. Shit like fucking Apple Amazon. Yeah, Amazon might be overstock What’s God damn Amazon, bro. Their job is gonna be worth a trillion dollars in 10 years. Like, these are good companies. God damn zoom. You’re not gonna buy a goddamn roku. You’re not gonna buy God Delta stock. But you’re gonna buy Google God, bro. You gotta buy company. You know, we’ll talk about this a different podcast about how to determine which companies to buy shit. But like, bro, there’s so much there’s so much opportunity out there. If you just have some fucking cash sitting there, you know?

Harry 18:39
Yeah. 100% and I just wanted to mention that fuck. What the fuck was I gonna say I just completely

Alex 18:49
brain fart.

Harry 18:51
Oh, my God. Someone clip that? clip that.

Alex 18:58
But yeah, that’s kind of that’s kind of where we’re at right now in the overall market, guys, the overall market is starting to slowly rebound. You got to remember that we’ve been in a downward cycle for eight months. So even if we go up for one month, it doesn’t really mean anything. It just depends at same thing as support. If the stocks hold support, they’re gonna go higher. If the stocks don’t hold support, they’re gonna go lower. So it depends every single dip upon market crash today, we’ll figure because we’re talking about it. But every single dip has been holding and you got to account for that. And if I remember correctly, I remember seeing a statistic out there that there is the most amount of people shorting the market in history in these last six months. Yep.

Harry 19:38
I What do you guys think about if we kind of bounce from here and we go to like 420 like 430 And then what do you guys think about like, we fade until kind of the winter and then we like we like you know set a good bottom and like October November, kind of December and then we rally up,

Alex 19:57
Bro for stocks to go higher. They need to go down and digest stocks to go higher they need to go down and track shorts. So in a perfect world we go down to fucking 400 Yeah, we trap a new round the shorts and then we slowly start to staircase up because the term is designed to go up bro it’s designed to go up sure there’s gonna be bear market there’s gonna be recessions there’s gonna be crashes. Yeah but in between you know, if you invest during the recessions, the crashes those are the best opportunities to make money because those are at the cheapest possible prices. Yeah, we’re gonna come back in this podcast a year later. bro, what we should do is market calendar Harry. A year later August 5, let’s come back. Same goddamn podcast prices.

Harry 20:35
Yep. 100%. And I also think that like, the thing is, is that I feel like a lot of people who are like before like we had a lot of people who were bearish and everyone was saying this shits going to zero this should have gone to zero this should have gone to zero, which is fine. It’s okay. It’s like it’s not but like, It’s okay we can pretend and then so now we’re starting to rally and all the Bulls are like See I told you I told you I told you you know this is going to rally this is going to rally this is going to rally so I feel like we’re like like Long’s are just like kind of getting trapped into this kind of situation. And then we go another round lower shorts or like see, like, you know, like.

Alex 21:12
Also something to pay attention to gross margin.

Why Traders and Investors Use Margin

Alex 21:15
So I think the statistic is 70% of traders or investors use margin I think I think that’s the number don’t quote me go look it up on fucking Wikipedia or whatever the fuck you guys use. So 70% is what our people use margin. So for example, let’s say you have 100 grand, you’re able to invest with 400 grand. Yeah, I got 100 grand, I’m gonna make it easy. I got 100 grand in Facebook, meta, got 100 grand leverage up to 400 grand. Okay, if Facebook goes down 25% 400 grand 25% You get liquidated? Got a lot of the stock students are down 50%. So even if you’re using two to one leverage, you don’t want liquidated. So I think what ended up happening was a lot of traders a lot of investors. They got liquidated. No more market participants for you, bro. So what’s gonna end up happening is a lot of these sellers, bro, I think have already been liquidated. And there’s not much people that are holding them back because they’ve already been fucking liquidated at the lows. Tesla Hit like 620 Bro, you better believe Tesla longs for margin. Now you better believe it, bro. You better believe it. They got all liquid data 600 700. Now we’re at 900. And if something was coin.

James 22:43

Harry 22:45
Cathy wood or whatever. Like she sold a 16 ounce back at 100.

Alex 22:49
Yeah, bro. Exactly. Yeah. So that’s the type of market wearing guys. I mean, look, I think if the market is going down based on interest rates and inflation, I think inflation peaked because of oil commodity and housing prices going now. And I think that over the next year, the Federal Reserve is going to lower interest rates. And if they got some fucking goddamn balls, they’re going to print some money again and start the cycle all over again. Because the same cycle has been happening bro in 2008 when they printed money it took us 10 years to run out of it. This time it only took us fucking one and a half years.

James 23:28
But I mean we were mailing money to people’s front door. I mean, multiple times over and over and over in

Alex 23:35
The United States bro is the world’s fuckin bodyguard bodyguard but the United States are number one export is fucking weapons bro. They love war. United States loves war because United States makes a shitload of money selling guns and missiles and fucking aeroplanes and everything broke? Yeah, why do you think we have a fucking multi trillion dollar military budget because we got the biggest goddamn army no one can fuck with us. But instead we send all of our fucking weapons to third world countries. You guys go to war. We’re here to save you. We’re here to help you your take these guns. Take these weapons. Because think about it. US States doesn’t fucking export shit except weapons. Weapons, bro. Yep. We love terrorism. We love war. We love the cartel. Yeah, it’s a really fucked up world, man. And I’m glad that we’re talking about this stuff on the podcast. Probably our YouTube channels gonna get deleted. But point is guys, this is the real shit that’s happening right? This is the real shit. Don’t listen to the White House. They’re all a bunch of fucking politicians. Don’t listen to the fucking Federal Reserve. They’re all fucking lying to you. Well, you have to see is real world examples of what is happening.

How the Club Scene in Miami Has Changed

Alex 24:46
I don’t know anyone that wants to be a trader anywhere. I don’t know anyone that has money anymore. I don’t know anyone that’s fucking here. You got a great topic about Miami club seats. So you want to talk? Yeah, yeah, well,

Harry 24:57
I just heard that the vibe changes a little bit. So I mean, if you Want to kind of talk about that? And yeah.

Alex 25:01
So I have my brother lives in Miami and he likes to go out and drink and party, whatever and like I don’t really do that stuff but like when I’m there I like to go have fun, whatever. So I was say when the GME AMC era and crypto era was happening, bro. Every club is impossible to get into if you’re a guy. If you are a guy and you have money and you get into the club, or these guys are bringing dumpy champagne. They’re bringing fucking like 1942 they bring all these crazy bottles and what’s changed is there’s no more dumpy champagne showers. They’re all just bring it out Grey Goose don’t get me wrong, Grey Goose is fucking amazing, but the price of Grey Goose is 1000 compared to Dom P which is 10,000 You know what I’m saying? So the club scene has changed in the fact that these guys are not balling out anymore, but they’re still showing up. They’re still hanging out but they’re not balling dude.

Harry 25:53
Yeah. Not bringing out the fog in Champagne or anything.

Alex 25:57
No more champagne bro. No more champagne. No more theory of Max no more fucking AMC to the moon you know now

Harry 26:06
What did you do? You guys were out and you fucking had a sign that was like GME short or something like that. Short GME.

Alex 26:12
fucked up that night.

Harry 26:13
That was hilarious.

Alex 26:14
All In short, AMC and GME Yeah, that was I think that was the first red day that happened I’m not I’m not joking too. When that sun came up, the DJ was a yo when they AMC I went to the bathroom. The bathroom attendant was like yo show do AMC the bottle gross AMC rolling at that point. Every single motherfucker own AMC stock but it was crazy.

Harry 26:42
Yeah, now my girlfriend’s sister bought a couple shares to!

Alex 26:45
Bro my boy Dan. He’s like a doctor and his like, superior doctor. Put $700,000 worth of money into AMC. Jesus. Oh 700,000 I don’t know where it’s at now.

Harry 26:59
Yeah. Fucking good. Holy shit.

Alex 27:04
Crypto rich people, bro. These are rich people.

James 27:07
Yeah, crypto. Do you know how many people I know took a like refinance their house, they took out money invested all of it in Bitcoin, like 60k How are they doing? Get paid really good.

Alex 27:20
That’s what’s gonna happen, bro. That’s what’s been happening. So like, this is the world we’re living in right now. The world we’re living in is kind of messed up right now. Because there’s a war going on. There’s inflation going on. You know, purchasing power is down. And you know, it’s gonna take time to fix bro, it’s gonna take time to fix the way that you can see, and you can see bro, these companies are laying off people. The reason why these companies are all laying off people is because they know that demand is not what it used to be. And instead of fucking higher demand coming in to save price save costs. They’re just laying off the fat. I’m sure a lot of these companies had a lot of workers that were getting paid to do nothing. Yeah, so it’s smart. layoffs are smart is not good. It’s smart for the business is not good for the average person, bro.

Harry 28:05
Yeah, exactly.

James 28:06
I mean, America is just like a stock like kinda like what your saying. We have to come back down, digest everything that we’ve done so we can keep going forward and keep growing up. And it’s what we’re doing. It’s gonna be tiring.

Alex 28:21
But I think I think you know what’s gonna happen bro as the world is resilient. And if there’s anything I’ve learned from the world, bro, it’s that history always repeats itself so just like what happened in 2008 with housing is happening right now in the car market that you guys talked about? Just like everyone fucking lost their ass in 2008 and thought there’s no way the world is going to be fixed. You know preceded a 12 year bull run. And right now when the entire world is collapsing when it looks darkest, just like they said a Batman The night is darkest just before the dawn so I love it. You could tell from the corporate earnings bro like for one last thing is the corporate earnings dude. Maybe a fog and crushing dude, Amazon Apple Google, the biggest fucking market leaders are making a shitload of money. a shitload. So their earnings have not really been affected too much. So as long as they keep making money, bro, recession depression fucking giraffe market bear market it don’t matter, dude. Yeah, it don’t matter.

James 29:26
That’s true. Yeah, that was sold out outs you kind of killed it on the end there.

Alex 29:35
So what else? Let’s talk about other stuff. How’s trading been?

Harry’s Shorting Process

Harry 29:38
It’s been really good for me to be honest. Like, I mean, a lot of people have been like kind of. I know it hasn’t been great for like a lot of other people but like last like three weeks have been super solid for me. Yeah. Just because the thing is, is that my process is a little bit different. So like, like, it’s like the inverse of Alex. Where like, we always have one like how About sock to focus on that I can like, either scalp around or just like do something like that. Whereas like, I feel like a lot of people, like, it’s easy to get squeezed in this market. I feel like and then like, by the time you get blown out like a lot of people don’t want to like short the backsides or like they’re already squeezed out or like whatever. And I just don’t want to comment here he does is very smart.

Alex 30:21
So like, how do I how do I explain it without giving too much away? So what Harry does is like, we short at resistance, so we wait for a stock that’s already broken, to bounce and short of resistance. What Harry does is he waits for it to go to support. And he’s like, all right, I’m gonna buy it support. Worst case scenario, it’s already at the lows, I’ll lose 10 cents. The best case scenario it’s gonna ramp up bro. So like, don’t get me wrong. It’s fucking brilliant. It’s very simple, but like people just don’t do it dude.

Harry 30:54
Now it’s it’s like I find like for me like, for example, like yesterday, what was it NV IV or something like that? was fucking nuts. Hot chick had already fucking tanked. money was flowing into NVIV took some 8.40 sold into fucking 12 And it was that was like a five minute trade.

Alex 31:13
Or even if you look at any of these stocks, where like I have any AR VR my thing right now it’s down from 4.60 to 3.80 I’m sure if it goes down to 380 Harry’s going to buy it it’s going to fucking bounce to 4.24 4.50 that’s where I’m gonna short it. That’s where he’s going to sell it. And boom, Harry just fucking made money and worst case scenario, he’s gonna lose 10 sets.

Harry 31:32
Yeah, the thing is, I’m like alright, I stopped out here like yesterday, I tried one on NBC. And you know, I should have sold it into fucking What was it like 3.74 3.70 Something like that probably should have sold V whap. But I was like, oh, maybe we can get to like four bucks. Yeah, ended up tanking stopped out for like, I think like 10 cents. And I just kept moving on and NVIV popped up saw that the money was going there and that I was wrong. And took some of that sold. And then I just fucking basically enjoy my day. But like, yeah, like, I mean, for me, it’s just like, where’s the money going? Where’s the money fucking flowing? And it’s if you’re like, if you’re short a stock and it gets targeted as a short like as a money flow potential. The real key is just stopping out of that. I feel like that’s market because a lot of people a lot of people get stubborn and like their stock it’s like their stock gets like targeted for whatever reason. And then they’re like, Oh, but I can’t but it can but it can’t stop when they get.

James 32:37
I remember he got on the phone like three or four years ago we talked about this. If you’re short in a stock instantly becomes the hot chick and all the money flows there. It is perfectly fine. Just to get the fuck out and get flies you’re gonna be able to get it at a better price dude. Yeah, but people add add. But a lot of long traders I want them to focus on what Harry does because what he does is not only keeps his losses small, He’s the least greedy long trade I’ve ever met. He sells where he needs to sells he sells at resistance.

Alex 33:11
I said it’s very low risk was low risk. So like yeah, Harry, I’m sure you got a fucking bagillion videos on this stuff. But like, just basically, if you have any questions head up, Harry. But like, basically, if a stock is on the lows, chances are it’s gonna go lower. Okay. But it has a higher probability of bouncing is the same thing with the stock, the higher it is, the more probability has some kind of coming back down, you know.

Harry 33:36
Exactly, especially in the fucking small caps too, because everyone wants that one that goes from like two to 10 or two to 20 or two to 30 or whatever. But like, if you’re just consistently selling like, Okay, I’m gonna target like, if we’re super under View app, I’m gonna target you know, like, maybe a little bit overview app for a fucking sell, or for opening around V whap. Okay, maybe I look at fucking like highs for sale or like, some whole number or something like that. Like, it’s just like, like, for me on a given day, I just need to make sure that I don’t like pick any stock, because that makes any sense. Like, I just have to really be in tune with what’s going on. And really see like, SOPA I didn’t get to trade yesterday because like, I woke up, and it was already up at like 363 70. So by the time we get to three bucks, it’s like, it’s not really like a good risk reward opportunity for me, so I’ll just leave that alone. And then I was like, Okay, well, I’ll just get the next one. You know, and it may wait like what did you wait like 30 minutes yesterday to take a trade hour? hour and a half hours? Yeah, like you waited a while you just have to wait until this one dies off. And sometimes for me it doesn’t like I’m like okay, no trades because like we had, like when Sigma was running and those other socks were running, they would just run right out of the gate. You know, they would just fucking start going out of the gate and they would not stop. So like for me it’s like all the money’s there, but it’s not a good risk. reward opportunity. So I’ll just come back tomorrow. And then yesterday was like my process to a tee where it was like, okay, soba had tanked money was going into another one. It was a great situation to fuckin you know, just take some and we ended up just it was like two halts or something like that to halt ups I was like hold Yeah,

James 35:20
stocks are running right now.

Alex 35:22
Yeah, maybe we should cut this alright guys I think that’s probably gonna be it. Yeah, I’m recording this at like 8am So it’s been like 830 right now so Oh sure. So guys, what you should do is leave a comment in the video and let us know what you guys wants to talk about on next week’s or not next week next next podcast. Yeah, so we have a list of topics and we can just kind of keep going through stuff that you guys want to hear. And if you thought that, you know this conversation was helpful and you want hear more about this stuff, just let us know and we’ll kind of turn the podcast into whatever you guys want to see.

Harry 35:51
Good stuff, guys, for sure. Awesome. All right. Thanks, everyone.


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