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James 0:02
What’s going on guys, we’re back with another episode of the After Hours Podcast. Today, we have one of our newest Junior moderators, Christopher. And so thank you for coming on, man. We’re glad to have you. Appreciate it. Of course, man. So I guess as usual, we kind of want to start with, you know, how did you get into trading? And then how did you find them? I see. So if you kind of give us like, the whole beginning picture of your career.

Christopher 0:26
So I started in 2017. And I saw on YouTube, like a lot of people with Tim Sykes videos. Yep. And at that time, I was actually in college, again. So I’ve been in the military, and I got out and went back to college, and was grinding that out, you know, which is fine. Because just always wanted to get back and I just saw the videos of like trading, I was like, Man, that’s pretty cool, you know. And I was going to school for, uh, you know, business management and finance. And it just kind of like, you know, caught my interest. And I started looking into it more. And, you know, I had a little bit of money, and opened a little small account, I was like, Hey, I’m gonna try this, I’m gonna crap about it, just like, you know, and, and tried it. And, you know, just to learn off of YouTube and what I could find. And, you know, like, everybody buying the tops, man losing, you know, gotta be stuff, but but also kept it in perspective. I was like, Well, mine was a little bit of money to learn. So it was just small, you know, I mean, I started like, 10, shares, whatever, and just trying. And then, as time went along, I researched it more. And I don’t remember how I came across it. I think it was on Twitter, actually, because I started seeing, you know, trades on Twitter. You know, I saw Harry, like, a long time ago, when you were starting to get into it. And I just started following people like everybody else. And, you know, that’s how I found in my See, I researched all these people. So I’m like, big into a lot of these traders, trying to look up stuff on everything I could, you know, in my see Alex’s story and bow researched it. And I said, You know what? I’m gonna try this. I hadn’t been in any other service. Oh, cool. This looks legit. I like the way you guys talk. So I joined you know, I was like, yeah.

James 2:27
So were you having any sort of success before that, like, were you had? Were you making any money? Or was it kind of just like, basically breakeven or small losses?

Christoper 2:36
It’s just small losses I wasn’t making Yeah, you know, because I just didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t know where I was. You know, and for me, I’m a slow learner. So I have to look at stuff a lot. Many times. I just have to try it. So I’m one of those types. I’m not a data person. I don’t like tracking data, like people. Some people ask me, Hey, what do you use to track this? Well, I’m definitely me.

James 2:59
I don’t do any of that. Yeah, me too. Me too.

Christoper 3:01
At like this point, I spent 1000s of hours sitting in front of the screen now, especially in the last two years. And that has tremendously changed my trade, and it helped me you know, and that’s just kind of, it’s almost hard for me to explain, Harry probably understands it, but it’s up to James. I’m not a data person. But yeah, now I’ve seen it enough where I can look at stuff when I’m in a tree. And I want to chart a level to whatever I can kind of see what’s going on. And I do research stuff a lot too. So like to put on my watch lists. You know, I’ve already looked at these things most of the time read about them looked at the filings whatever I mean, yeah, it doesn’t matter a lot of times or small caps especially but this gives me a better idea for my own you know, personal choice of what to take how to trade it and that’s how I got how I got into it. And actually I started out in within my see I started shorting you know

James 4:05
Yep, Oh really? No shit.

Christoper 4:06
Oh, yeah. Yeah, I started shorting and I did that for like 2020 And that got me over PDT but Damn, dude, that’s pretty Yeah, when I got over PDT I got to the point where I was, like stagnated and flat. Yeah, and I was always nervous shorting like I just wasn’t a super comfortable Yes, I can trade setups and you know, I have my risk. I’ve always been very good with cutting my losses taken off. I’ve never taken any huge losses because that man that’s set your stop. You know, and it’s just something that and I have my I always Sue’s ever heard about Max at loss. I’ve got that when my brokers you know them like a set that immediately, you know, when I found out about it, you know, just to protect them.

James 5:00
yeah, you know, it’s funny. So so how long have you when did you join MIC? Was it 2020? Or 2019?

Christoper 5:06
I think it was beginning of 2019.

James 5:09
Okay, cool. So it’s funny, though, right? Like, we always talk about how new traders could be so much more successful if they just did the basic things like max delay, loss, hard stops with your set risk all that. And it’s your a good example of like, you clearly just did that and look at how quickly you kind of started to grow.

Christoper 5:26
Yeah, I mean, it will save your account and save you a lot of time. Because that one loss, you know, it was gonna wipe out whatever months a year, if you’d let me know, mentally, if you can’t handle Petten like I can handle like, I don’t know, when I’m wrong. I’m out if I lose. Yeah, it’s what it is, you know. And that’s a talented.

How Did You Transition Into Longing?

Harry 5:49
So I just, just, like, kind of just have a couple questions there. Yeah. So you join MIC? And, you know, obviously, you you had some success, shorting? Yeah. And then, at some point, you transition to logging. And like, when you started to get into logging, what types of stuff? Did you kind of look at what types of like setups did you play? Because I know, there’s going to be a lot of long people listening to this, who are probably struggling and saying, you know, because you have a very kind of solid niche now, where it’s like, it’s not really the same as Austin. And it’s not really the same as me, where you kind of have the ability, you’re trading like, afternoon a bit more, you’re trading some of these stocks that are like some stocks that aren’t even on my radar. Yeah, so maybe if you could just kind of like talk about like, your process with logging and then kind of maybe go into how you got into like, what you’re doing now because like you’re on fire now with like these, like SPAC mergers and fucking, you know, all that shit. Well, should I

James 6:55
Which I never even knew about!

Christoper 6:58
What would that I have found this other guy, and I don’t mention too much stuff, you know, because I know it’s in my seat. This other guy and his swing trader on Twitter. You know, a while back, I started following him.

Harry 7:11
Is that like the Maggie guy? Yeah, exact you can mention him.

James 7:17
QuallaMaggie. Yeah!

Looking at the Daily Charts for Trends

Christoper 7:19
Yeah, QuallaMaggie. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Like, I started following his swing trades. And looking at his daily charts, right, like, on his long setups, and I’m, like, I said, Man, you know, and I know, you know, these things can be, you know, converted into day trades as well, especially these first three days away. He called these mean, reversion trades. So you know, when you get these parabolics, low float, parabolics, whatever, you know, you know, there’s going to be a first Green Day. Yeah. So one of the things that I do, like I say is that helped me longing is I just wait I let that thing go, let her by chase it, short, it whatever they want to do, but first Red Day, and nothing have come down, you know, four or five, six days, and I just have it on my list. I don’t watch it every day, I look at it. You know, in every afternoon, I’ll look at it. Part of my process for longing. Every afternoon, I scan, you know, fenders takes a few minutes because I have what I’m looking for, you know, I’ll I’ll scan, you know, tos. You know, just for the percent gainers, I just look, I look at the daily charts. That’s how I find most of the stuff. I like trade daily chart. And when I’m seeing like these parabolics, and then they come back and they start basing for a few days. You know, normally a lot of times you’ll see they’ll throw out another PR, you know, or a bass. You know, and I’m just watching it. That’s how I’ll see him. I’m watching it. And I like the low floats. A lot of times they have lower volume, they’ve got a bigger spread. I understand that. You know, I count for that. I’ll trade smaller size, but like I was telling some good days, but you know, I took the train on. Remember the one that ran early this morning? JSP Oh, yeah. I had to go to work today. But you know, I knew this was a stack. I looked at this thing. I’ve seen it before. And yesterday, the day or we had GW H same type scenario. And I’m like, okay, you know, pre market I had to go to work but I had a water in but you know, I bought it I got it right around 10 I had another word eight. Okay, cases. And I had a stop. I was like, okay, my plan was my stock I was gonna put at 7 9 6 I was willing to scale down to the eighth level. If you trade the same with 200 shares,

James 9:42
Yeah, I made $10.

Christoper 9:47
Am I willing to lose out was trying to tell me it’s only 100 shares if you trade 100 shares or whatever it is, but are you willing to lose 100 $200 to make five or six you know, and yeah or slow float round. Like, you know, I just keep it in perspective, I don’t let myself get oversized, you know, I’m watching the spread on these things, I use fantasy orders to get in, you know, you can’t chase cases. And and you just when they work, they work great. Yeah. And you can see them. If they’re lower volume, I went back and watched a bunch of Harry’s videos on the level two. So I’d go back on tos on demand. And I’d watch these key levels in these key spots, you can see these people buying these things, certain areas, right? On these lower flows, it doesn’t take much look at the volume and take 10,000 Share buying a single move $1 You know, on some level, if nobody’s watching them, or shorting them. So some of the lower volumes, I don’t, I don’t advise it for, I’d say new that new trader to do it. But I look forward specifically, you know, in is kind of how I plan some of these things. But

James 11:00
I like what you’re doing, do it. I like how you’re like, you’re like I like an old fashioned trader and the way that you’re like scanning through like finviz, like scanned daily charts, like, like, I remember when I first got the trading, which was like 20, like 2018, or whatever. Like, that’s what everybody did at the time, he wouldn’t be like scanning and like going through and like picking the next plays. And like, I don’t do that. But like, I love seeing that. And I think it’s cool that you took like the MIC process of like, risk and like how you approach that and kind of put it into your own style of trading. Like you’re not oversizing you’re hearing to your wrist and like that’s really impressive for someone who hasn’t really been trading that long.

When He Started Switching Back to Long

Christoper 11:35
Well in, like, he asked me, you know, when I started switching back to long, so I try a lot of times I’ll look at like the if you want to call it the macro view and things so 2020 was a amazing, long year, in my opinion. Yeah, when COVID happened, right? You saw all the long trainers, right? I was a massive year for you know, and I was shorting the whole time or a lot of it and I’m like, Damn, I’m on the wrong side of steam for me, you know, and I’m gonna keep studying it more, you know? Because I mean, really once I got RPKI Pvt. Like I say I kind of flatlined, and I was scared to move my size up. And I’m like, I don’t know why. But just for me just feel right. So happens. I mean, I need to switch. I even went to the point where I changed my accounts back. I don’t have a margin account anymore. I took it away. So I have the ability to short. Yeah, yeah, I like that. I went to that extent, I say I’m gonna just get rid of that. And so, you know, I don’t want to screw around or revenge trade trying to shore something when I shouldn’t be. So I just got rid of that, you know, and went to that extent, and just really started focusing on it, you know, and looking for certain things, like, you know, with with the whole the SPAC merger thing, it was just a sector that I picked up on, I saw it last year. And I knew they had a certain amount of time to merge, you know, and as you see, recently, you see all these mergers coming up, because they’ve got so many, you know, like 12 to 18 months to create this merger or they risk getting delisted. Yeah. So you see them all happening now. Because Spax were only here, what, two years ago, 18 months ago. That’s why they’re kind of doing doing what they’re doing. And a lot of gotten crushed, you know, they have, if you look at the all the charts, a lot of them look the same. You know, they run them up, they get crushed, you know, even and most of them like a lot of these ones that I find like today that s or that I don’t remember what J S JSP are that people don’t know it, but it had a nano float, because so many people redeem their shares at like $10 a share. They had less than a million shares out there the way it did, right, and they have a certain amount of time before the pipe investors can start selling their stuff. There’s like a few week period where these things if if the initial investor or the people that held the spec shares, you know, redeem it at that price at that $10 price, then that just makes that flute demo that time, right. Yeah. And when it says smile, it takes nothing than the shooting that thing to the moon. And I just realised that it was like many ladies things were like can just go nuts!

Harry 14:26
On a on a particular ticker. Like let’s say what would be something that you would like, like other than the first kind of Green Day setup? What types of like kind of intraday charts do you look for and also on on those type of like afternoon trades? What types of like intraday patterns are you kind of looking for I’m just curious.

Christoper 14:52
So that is I don’t do well on day one. Hot Chicks I just say I don’t know why not, not in the not in the morning like I don’t, I just don’t do well because they’re like crowded, just hard for me to judge those things. I don’t know what it is about it. They are difficult. They are they are because there’s so many people, and you know, manipulators, whatever, whatever. So, to me the most important thing, when I’m looking at the hot chicks, I’ll always look at it and I might trading, but I’m looking at, like, what I call the stacks of it, you know, what’s the catalyst? what’s the, what’s the volume, you know, stuff that you need to look at? You know, what areas?

Trading the Open and Taking Losses

Christoper 15:32
Are you holding? That kind of thing? Um, I don’t I really try not to trade to open and wait until 10 10 30. Yep, see where it’s holding? Right? If the volume is holding up, you know, um, you know, do I feel like shorts are trapped is easy to borrow that kind of thing. And I will take a trade on that and I’m like, you, I’m trying to sell also, part B will sell the rest or another part of high day if it gets there. Yeah, you know, and move my stop up as it goes. That’s probably the best thing zombie time for me. You know, I really, I’m really looking. When when the open happens, I’m really looking for like setups, you know, like that. But they want hot chicks and not my favourite. But, you know, lately, I’ve been trading them the last couple of weeks, because there hasn’t been like many multi day runners that I can watch. Yeah, I like multi day runners a lot of times, you know, third and fourth day, I’m not gonna hold them, but I will they trade them, especially if they’re holding a certain level on that daily chart. If I see a multi day, if we get a big day one comes down, like Prague the other day thing was Prague. Or it was one last week. Me and Austin talked about in the webinar. I saw it the first day came down and held this 360 level I said, You know what? I said I told him I said I think this thing, it’s got more in it. And it spiked on Wednesday. It held the level Thursday and Friday, you know from 3.61 to five Yeah, those kinds of things I look for.

James 17:15
Its it’s cool that you know like because I feel like long traders like everyone thinks they have to trade the open like I feel like all Long’s get so excited like for that rush of volume at the open and that’s where you see a lot of like amateur Long’s like, like take losses where like Harry obviously is a seasoned and knows to wait for his spots and all that. But like, how did you get so discipline like I like it think it’s pretty rare for new traders to be as disciplined as you are when it comes to like, all everything we’re talking about, like knowing your setup, like waiting for your specific times, like, how did you get to that point? And like, what made you like this, I guess?

Christoper 17:47
Um, well, I mean, I’m like everybody else. I’ve gotten in fights with stocks over the years. And I told somebody, I was like, hey, now trust me, we’ve all been through it. You know, I just know, like, in the past, you know, I’ve gotten I’ve gotten in something and I’ve gotten too biassed, or, you know, and I’ll fight damn thing all day and lose, you know, I might not take a big loss, but a bunch of little paper cuts all through the day. And you know, and and another way I’m doing it, you know, it’s just the fact that I have to stop myself. So I’ve had enough years and you take enough losses, were finally just like, You know what, man, I gotta get a hold of myself, you know? Yep. And I’m like, I know, I can do this. I mean, God thing. You know, the military has definitely taught me discipline. Yeah, I mean, I’m freaking 37 years old. At this time, I went back to college, I did that on my own, every night set here till you know, 11 o’clock at night, work a full time job with three kids. You know? So just, that’s just like, for me training. I’m like, I’m going to get this. I love doing it. And I’m going to be successful, no matter how long it takes. And I don’t care if I make $20 a day until I’ll learn how to do it. You know what I mean? I’m just gonna keep hacking away. I’m just one of those people. Don’t quit, man. You can, you can freakin be me. And you got to kill me.

James 19:19
Thats what I did. Every new trader needs to like listen to this twice. Seriously, I think this is one of the like the best like, like episodes for newer guys like especially trying to get into longing like Harry, How many questions do you get that it’s like, if new traders could just follow this, like, I mean, Jesus Christ.

Harry 19:34
I well, I know. And a lot of I and like, I like how you just kind of set yourself like, I am someone who trades the open, but I’m very selective about it. And it’s really come after, like, I guess like a number of years of like, me just refining and refining and refining. And like I respect that you just said like, Okay, this isn’t really working for me. And it doesn’t work for some people and everyone’s different. All right, and I respect that you’re just like, You know what? This isn’t really working that well for me. And a lot of the opens like the past six months have been really heavy anyway. So, you know, you just said yourself, it’s not working for me. You know, you found something that kind of worked. You found like a little kind of like, niche for yourself. And, you know, it’s been interesting for me to watch where you’ve liked said some random stock and I’m like, shit, I’ve never even heard of that. In the afternoon. I’m like, shit, that bastard said it was gonna rip and rip.

Christoper 20:32
Do you guys? Can you give me one second? Sorry. Take my dogs out. Yeah.

James 20:36
Good. Yeah, good. Oh, let’s ask Harry a question?

Harry 20:39
Yeah, we can talk.

James 20:40
Harry, how long did it take you before when to to know because like, something I admire about you actually. I like because like, you kind of know like, early on, you’re like, Oh, I’m not going to be trading until zombie times. Like, I’m going to come back at zombie times. Or I’m going to, like how long did it take you to kind of know that about yourself and like, figure that shit out?

Advice for Long-Biased Traders

Harry 20:58
Um, I think it’s that if you have a pre market, well, I just do it based on like, day to day market. So like, yesterday, we had a tonne of things running. And everyone all I knew that like Long’s today, we’re gonna have major long FOMO. So I knew that we might get that one runner. But if things start to stuff, it can turn really bad for Long’s. You know, also, I’ll grade it by the setups, right? If we have a tonne of broken charts that are just disgusting. I probably don’t want to long those at the open, you know? Yeah. You know, if we’ve had a main main runner in premarket, I know that every single long who miss that is going to want to probably jump in right away, like a lot of people don’t have really good self control. So like, they see something pop a little bit, and they’re like, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, and then they end up getting fucked and stuffed on later. So it’s really just been about like, which side do I think is FOMO. And then I judge it by the kind of setups. And then sometimes I just say, Okay, we have had one runner, overextended, hot chick that, you know, maybe you could get a trade on, but probably not like, it’s probably not going to, you know, do what you want. So I’ll probably write that over extended stock off. The other broken ones I’ll write off too. And I’ll just be like, You know what, I can wait till zombie. I wait until I’m kind of, I guess in this, I can wait till I can, you know, put myself in a situation where I should be trading. And that’s one thing that I’ve been working on the most is just knowing when to trade being extremely selective bow and I the past, like four days have been just like, bitching about range and saying, like, when the top is set, you shouldn’t be looking to go along, you should just write it off and look for a new chart or a new setup. We’re not touching it. And that’s something that you know, bound, I have definitely been preaching daily.

James 22:50
So I have a question for both you guys, actually. So I get a lot of DMS. I don’t know why long traders DM me all the time. But I always just send them to you. I send the video. But most of the people I get they get into this habit. And I’ve mentioned this in the past, I think being a long trader is very hard, because I think there’s a lot of emotions involved too. I think it’s hard to in short selling in my opinion, but why? Why is it that new traders are like stuck longing broken charts? And like, how do you guys, what’s some advice that you guys have for long bias guys to kind of break that habit of like logging the wrong stocks?

Christoper 23:24
I mean, for me, I tried to get away with planning on on something was on a tray, like if I’m looking at it, you know, if it’s the hot sheet, um, I’m researching, looking at it, you know, kind of figuring out what I want to do. If it’s something I’m already in or trading that day, I’ve already got, you know, I’ve already got my plan and what I’m going to do, if it doesn’t work, it stops me I’m okay with that, you know, because like, you know, I always tell myself, the only thing you can control is how much you’re gonna lose. So, for me mentally, that’s okay. You know, and, you know, if you for as long I think one of the biggest things that I’ve learned is for, for my trading is the entry is key and having your targeted exits, like you got to take some profit, you know, like, if you check in and I get that question a lot like, well, you know, you hang on to it a lot longer. I don’t scalp it? Well, yes, I do. Because I have a size that I’m comfortable with. And I’m okay with holding it a little bit longer. But I do take profit on the way out, you know, that that has helped me tremendously, but But picking the right stock is because I’m not just jumping in it. Like, I’ve looked at it before, you know, and if it is the hot chick, it’s pretty easy through the process to look it up and come up with a pretty good plan. You know, and if you’re trading a hot chick, I mean, it’s a technical plan, right? I mean, you’re not gonna get deep into it. So use the chart and use the lines. I mean, that’s just fit. I mean, that’s what’s gonna keep you safe and, you know, potentially good trade for me.

Harry 25:06
Yeah, but everyone, yeah, with me with the broken stock thing. The thing is, is that and this is the thing that I’ve noticed quite a bit is that every single newer short trader, or even intermediate short traders are looking to nail the hot check, for whatever reason, everyone’s trying to get that top tech, right, you can post it on Twitter later, can boost the ego later, you have a bunch of people just writing the fire emoji in the chat. Everyone’s getting like almost like a negative reinforcement from that. And so, you know, that puts it, you know, in a situation where a lot of short traders like put themselves at risk to get trapped. Now, if you look at long traders, it’s the reverse opposite, where if you nail the bottom on a broken stock, or you get in on a broken stock, we always see those broken stocks that once in a while, we’ll tell it for maybe like one and 100. But we always see them once in a while. And that’s probably in the back of every single long traders mind who’s looking to long those right. And so it’s kind of the reverse short traders are looking to get the hot chick, long traders are looking for that broken stock, hoping it can get that like second or third push higher. And that’s where I think that happens. And it should just be completely reversed. Shore traders who are looking to make money should be taking advantage of that pop, where everyone has already been bagged from pre market bagged from the open looking to sell into that kind of VWAP or resistance push right? Short traders should be taking advantage of that. And long traders on certain projects, not every single hot chick. I’m not a big proponent of longing, something that has gone from $4 to $12, and is now currently sitting way the fuck over VWAP. I’m not a big proponent of that. I’m not a big advocate of that, I think in that type of situation, it’s good to just sit out on a hot check like that. But if you have something that’s kind of around VWAP, at the open, we dip down, and then you know we get that kind of rip higher overhead today, that type of hot chick that you want to be involved in. That’s not something that you want to be short on, right. And I don’t think you want to be short on the other one, if you’re short either, you should just wait till Long’s are bagged. And then just take advantage of that excess supply when it’s flooded. And it goes lower. And that’s what you should kind of be looking at. And I just think that long traders want to be the hero, short traders want to be the hero. And when you long unbroken stock and it goes up as a long trader, you’re a hero. And if you short up, you know a hot check. And you you make money, you’re a hero as a short trader. So it’s all about being the hero, it’s not about making money. And it’s all just about getting your ego stroked whether it’s in the main chat or whether it’s on Twitter or whatever. People love that more than making money. And if you can say I love making money more than that, you definitely have a shot at trading.

Understanding the Definition of a Broken Stock

Christoper 28:10
And like that is so too for you know, and that is, you know, a broken stock to me might be a different definition for somebody else. Because when I have a plan on one, I’m usually basing it off of the daily chart. So I’ve been looking at it for days, you know what I mean? intraday? Yes, I see a lot of times their stocks are broken. And there’s, you know, levels that you don’t want to be on or a deadline. But you know, if something has been holding for three or four days, and I’m watching it, to me, it’s not broken yet. So I’m looking for another move. And that’s something I had to explain, you know, sometimes because I don’t always base my trade off of that intraday chart. Because sometimes that will swing these things, you know, if I see it holding level, I will swing some, you know, for a few days, you know, and there’s that quality Maggie setup that I’m looking for, you know, and I, I use that a good bit, and it worked very well. You know, like the little has to be just right for me to do it. You know,

Harry 29:16
I think I just want to add one more thing on a situation like that, where I know that type of chart that you’re picturing, and it’s the one that’s broken in the morning and then rips up in the afternoon, right? Yeah, that type of situation where we’ll we’ll either get that afternoon kind of rip after like two, three o’clock, where we get that big afternoon rep and everyone who’s stuck short at the lower levels is forced to cover and we go over high day, which is a situation that can happen on a lot of broken stocks. And I think that that should be pointed out as well. Because once in a while and it’s usually a stock that you’re tracking. We do get those broken stock moves in the afternoon or in after hours right when they’re moving the stock and it’s a liquid and Now everyone who’s short is fucked. But, again, it’s going to be time based trading, right? Like you’re not looking to go long or broken stock at 10:30am. Right? And, and so I know the exact charts that you’re talking about, and that’s just why I wanted to point that out because they’re gonna be like, Chris Lee said, bro!

Christoper 30:17
Yeah, no, no, don’t get. Yeah, and that’s why I say I use a lot of larger timeframe levels. Yeah, for me. And what I’m looking at so here’s exactly right, do not long a broken intraday chart.

James 30:32
The DMS, I’m gonna get

Christoper 30:36
Know when is when it’s dead during the day, you know, I mean, you can look at the volume goes away, it’s just not gonna do it. You know what I mean?

James 30:44
So moral, the story is, know your setup, you know exactly what you’re looking for.

Christoper 30:47
I know what I’m looking for on the chart, the daily chart is hard. And just like here, you know, no one trays exactly the same. And that’s what I’m trying to tell everybody. Yeah, it took me a long time to figure that out. Yeah, I tried all these setups. Yeah. And they were, and I have no doubt. But for me, in my personality, I’ve just adapted a lot of different things that I’ve learned from all you guys and the rules, and just kind of made my own thing, and it worked. So that’s just Just what I did. It’s good to me, and I can explain it as much as I want to remember, but until they figure out what they’re comfortable with and what they do.

James 31:25
And yeah, I like that. So we are coming up kind of on our like our time limit. But I guess the last question I wanted to ask because I think you’re you’re someone good for this is what what piece of advice would you give to any new trader kind of struggling to find their their niche? Or like how they trade? Or what would you? What kind of advice would you give them on going forward?

Christoper 31:50
Well, I’ve tried, I’ve tried it all, every different little thing, you know, with small size, I mean, I’m just in practice, I still practice every day, you know, like today, I had some trades that I traded. And a lot of times what has helped me and you know, if I see a setup that I won’t learn, I use like five shares. And I’ll just use five shares until I figure it out, you know, or to see if it works, or if I’m okay with it. Yeah. And that’s probably the been the biggest thing for me to help control my emotions was everybody. Everybody has a mess, your biggest enemy is your own emotions, you know, the trade, the trade is there. And you can take it, but you just have to control yourself. Yeah, you know, and implement the rules. That’s that’s the hardest part, like everybody says, and, you know, for newer traders, I would just like to say try it all. I mean, if you’re a data person, use the data. And if you’ve not spent a lot of screen time, try stuff out like I did. You know, it takes longer. I mean, it’s taken me a long time, really, but you just got to be willing to put in the time and the practice. Yeah, I agree. You get overtime, you’ll see it, you will, you’ll finally start seeing it. And it just 100% kind of clicks for the What Works.

James 33:16
I like that man. I think it’s a good note to end on. Honestly, that was that was really good. So, Chris, thank you for coming on. We’ve, we’ve had a lot of requests to get you on here. So we’ll definitely have to get you back in the future and monitor your progress and see where you’re at.

Christoper 33:29
Well, I appreciate it. And you know, Thanks MIC. I see for you guys do and you know anybody in there, like I say in the best place in the world to learn because you’re not gonna find any other community like this. I promise you that.

James 33:42
Amen, brother. Thank you again. Thanks, guys. Great



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