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James 0:02
What’s going on guys, we’re back with a special edition of the after hours Podcast. Today we’re doing something a little different. We have a small little roundtable of traders from NYC. And we brought them on for a special reason. Recently, Stephen, one of the moderators in the group, he started this really cool channel within my investing club called the discipline channel, this one workshop, and basically, I’m gonna let him kind of describe what it is and how he grew it. It is his baby. So Steven, I’ll let you kind of take the reins here.

The Discipline Channel and How It Started

Steven 0:33
Sure, yeah. Hey, guys. So basically, about two and a half months ago or so I kept getting the same kind of questions. And it was like, Hey, I’m having trouble with discipline, you know, what can I do? And I always kind of went back to what Alex always used to say, which was like, you know, judge your days based on how well you structure your plans, not by your p&l. So when I first heard that, I don’t know earlier and, or, or late last year, or in the year, last year, I really took it to heart, and I started doing it and it started working. And I you know, did pay attention to my p&l. I was just like, hey, I stuck to my plan. Today, I did a good job. And, you know, I used to struggle with discipline and whatnot. And that was one of the things that really helped me. So that along with sizing down was kind of like my core things that helped me. So when people would ask me, Hey, you know, what can I do? And you know, how should I fix this kind of problem I have, I always knew the problem was rooted in greed, right? It’s always about greed. So I would tell the guys the same thing over and over, then it got to a point where literally, literally, like three guys asked me the same at the same time, and I was like, Okay, maybe we could just do a tab group, right? I want you guys to follow these rules. And I’m sure in two weeks, you guys, I like the results. And then we could show everybody else. Because it’s like, Man, I keep saying the same thing. And Alex keep saying it. But like, people, you know, aren’t really doing it or they’re still struggling or they need to learn the hard way. Right. So it started there. And I was like, Okay, we got three of us. So let’s do a tab group. Then I was like, how many could slack hold in one group group chat. So I googled it. They said nine. So I’m like, Okay, let’s do a few more. And I put an after hours message out and rude. I think I could be wrong. But you were one of the originals. I’m pretty sure. Yeah, yeah. Cool. So I put, I put it out in after hours.

Harry 2:24
A match made in heaven. Right there.

Steven 2:27
Exactly. So I put it out there. And I thought I’d get like two or three. I’m like, okay, who’s really struggling? You know, we’ve got some ideas. We want to do a tab group for a couple of weeks. And I kid you not, man. I mean, I don’t know if any of you guys remember that. Rudy, you probably do. But we had 50. Plus, I mean responses in like a few hours.

Ruta 2:46
Yeah. And then Frankie and then kept on going.

Steven 2:50
It was crazy. So I’m like, Okay, we can’t do this in a small group anymore. Let’s do like a vlog channel. So I talked to Alex, I’m, like, doesn’t seem hard to make a channel, I’ll make it locked. And we’ll just do our own kind of tab group. And then he’s like, awesome, you know? So we did that. We did it for two weeks. And I called out one more time. And after hours, Hey, who wants to join this? We’re, you know, we’re doing this thing. And I don’t remember what that original group had. But it was over 100, if I remember correctly. So yeah, it was over 100. So we did that for two weeks. It really was there. And we I think it was two weeks, or Yeah, it was two weeks, then everybody saw pretty good results. And they’re kind of like, hey, let’s extend this, let’s let’s extend this. And the problem was like at the time, it was like, a lot of people were focused there in maybe not so much posting issues, and after hours and everything, and we were all kind of like, well, we don’t want this to take away from after hours. Why don’t we open this channel up? So we said, Okay, open it up. And we’ll also post an after hours and everybody you kind of get in there. So when we opened it up, you know, it kind of snowballed. I mean, we had a couple of 100. Now we’ve got I think over 500 500, or something like that. So that was pretty much it. And what we ended up doing is we put guidelines out and it was just like I explained, it was like, hey, you know, size down, you’re gonna get a calendar, you mark your wins or losses only based on your, you know, if you stuck to your plan or not, we don’t care about your p&l, right. So everybody started doing it. And I honestly didn’t do it at first because here’s the thing, I didn’t want the workshop to be about me. You know, I’m already posting charts all day in main chat. So I don’t want to be like, Hey, look at my discipline, look at my charts, and I wanted to really be about the members, right? But after the first month, everybody put their results out and I was like, floored. I’m like what’s going on here? Like these guys? A lot of them are new, you know, newer to MIC, like really? You had been in MIC five months?

Ruta 4:53
Yeah actively trading Yeah, around five months, but just by I will see here and there’s been a bit longer, but I will say like five.

Steven 5:04
Yeah, it’s amazing. So I mean, people, members like Ruda, were posting these results where they had like one red day, like in the whole month. And I’m like, What’s going on here? And it’s, you know, mainly from sticking to their plans, right. And even the red days would be pretty minimal because they’re always planned. So that’s the thing. You can’t get in much trouble when you’ve planned all your exits. And in your stops. I mean, there’s no way so I, you know, I knew this thing works, but I didn’t think it would work that good. I mean, come on, if I had this when I was new, right? I mean, yeah.

The Tab Group

James 5:40
Im going to be honest with you. Like the reason I’ve gotten like so involved in the workshop is because when when you first started it, I was like, this is not gonna work. I was like, I thought it wasn’t I was like, this is a bad idea. Because I’ve been so I’ve been trading for five years. It’s Harry’s been trading little longer and ended you don’t know how many people we’ve seen. Like, it’s just a discipline issue. Yeah, it’s like, Oh, this guy can make a lot of money on Monday. And then Tuesday comes he blows up that times ten. And once I started seeing some of the September results, I was like, Oh, shit, okay, that’s like maybe it’s maybe the difference is that that group mentality where like, Steven touched on the tab group, which, for anyone who’s not an MIC, see a tab group is just something that bow now it’s really created. It’s just trading, it’s a trading accountability, but it’s trading within a group or with one other person and kind of bouncing ideas, keeping each other accountable. And you know, for I guess, years, we’ve always shouldn’t as like, that really only pertains to like, your trading, like your actual trades. But it goes deeper than that. It goes to discipline it goes towards keeping each other accountable on all aspects of life, really. And I think I think that’s why the discipline workshops really exploded and like we see members, like Ruta, Trevor John, like just doing really well. It’s really cool to see.

Harry 6:57
Yeah, and I also think that like, instead of having just one tab, it gives you like, four or 500 other tabs. Yeah, it’s really kind of, which I never really thought of, yeah.

James 7:07
Plus, also just getting, like you said, getting feedback from everyone. And like, like, discipline is like a, it’s like a snowball. Like, the better the more you do it, and like, the better you are at it, the bigger can get, and the more discipline you become. That’s why you see guys like Alex that are beyond discipline, right? Like it’s disgusting. It’s from eight to nine years of discipline and having a tab keeping discipline as well. So I think you guys are building these great habits and then your snowball kind of snowballs into someone else’s snowball and you just keep getting bigger and better. So so really, kudos to you, Steven, this this idea really is is truly something so awesome.

Harry 7:41
Yeah maybe John and Ruta and Trevor can all take turns maybe like explaining like how it’s helped them kind of like evolve as a trader like John you can start in that route or you can go after and then drive!

John 7:53
Yeah, perfect. Yeah, I was gonna jump in there about the about the tab this this summer when I was hanging out Stephen It’s almost kind of hit or miss you know what I mean? Like Yep, got got linked up with a you know, a tab partner and then maybe a little small group of four and you know, they weren’t as it just not in the same place you know, like maybe even cash accounts not you know, not not not active every day because they you know, under under PDT and that so it’s like the tab the discipline workshops really good because there’s people in there all the time and it’s because of the activity that I think it’s provides more value for me anyway than the groups that I’ve been in.

Sticking to a Plan and Staying Consistent

John 8:40
So that’s awesome. Yeah, I mean, I’ve been in my see almost a year I kind of didn’t trade this summer because I had a lot of family stuff going on but I’m so actively trading meaning like nine months and it does help a lot understanding understanding that you can have a win without actually making any money on p&l that day and sticking to sticking to a process and it’s totally accurate like my biggest losses have been when I’ve just done stupid stuff you don’t I mean, oh, yeah, this stocks gonna go down or this one’s gonna go up because of news and it just doesn’t happen and not trading with a plan so I’m after you know, fairly decent walk myself I’m just having a plan and always sticking to it is totally beneficial for me because it it takes all that emotion out of it. And even on days now when I have a small loss, and it’s totally manageable. I I don’t I don’t get down on myself without him like, oh, I stuck to my process. It’s a win for the day and I came back and traded the next day, which in the past I’d like to get told Stephen earlier in the week, I called in the hole for three or four days or a week and not traded at all, you know what I mean? Like, oh, I’m, you know, got down on myself and I blew it. And, you know, and it keeps me from doing that now, too. So I’m like, No, I stuck to my plan. It didn’t work out. You know, the trade didn’t pan out the way we I thought it was going to, I stopped out, and we’ll come back and make a new plan tomorrow. So it’s, it’s made me more consistent.

James 10:26
I think a lot of a lot of new traders know that feeling of like, you know how to trade but then you deviate from your plan or your process and you’re like, you blow up a big loss. And you’re like, What the fuck? Like, why did I just do that, you know, when you do that you crawl in your hole, and you’re like, so down on yourself. So So you’re saying John doesn’t even make a difference. Just it makes a difference in your day to day life to like, you can walk away from the screens, not feeling like just that upset, almost depressed feeling of like, what did I just do?

John 10:54
Exactly. And that’s what I would get, I would get into a funk. And I’ve been working from home for eight years. So I don’t have any co workers either. So this, this isolation of being a trader is also you know, is compounded when I go to work, because by myself then too, so it also gives you that sense, a little more sense of community of having a tab group that’s actually actively trading and, and rooting for each other, you know, so that helps a lot of it.

Harry 11:26
For each other!

James 11:27
Rooting for each other.

Harry 11:33
We can go over it. Yeah, go ahead.

Ruta 11:36
Well, same, like John is saying, it’s just it’s very first of all, it’s very difficult with tabs, because one comes one goes, so I had a tap. The guy was very nice, dude, he lived here in Vegas, too. But it’s like 700 up to $2,000. Like, whoa, it’s just like, it’s difficult is difficult. When you don’t have that discipline. You just like all over the place. And I was just like, again, like John said, we have like a big group with the same kind of rules and really keeps you grounded. And that’s, you know, the way Steven set the rules, guys, just because we all very emotional. We just very like for me, before market opens. I get a lot of anxiety.

Sticking to a Watch List

Ruta 12:23
To be honest, I do. I’m one of those people like, I’m like a little squirrel. Like, I’m gonna go do this. I’m gonna do that. See what it does what I’m like, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. And this really keeps you down. I wake up. I make my coffee. I see what’s happening. I just put my fantas Yodas bam, bam, bam. Yeah, and yeah, that’s it. I do not care. You know what I’m just sit and watch. See, if you come here. I’m good. If you don’t come here, I’m out. You know, because for me, that is what happens with discipline, you have to stick with one thing. Yeah, you cannot see it as a lot of people do a lot of things. But those people are kind of they know the limits. Like I know, I cannot just go and short and long can you then see what this one does? Let’s see what the big caps are doing? No, this is absolutely no, you when you get better you do whatever you want to do. But what do you do you just follow that watch list as your to do list. And I understand it gets very frustrated for new traders. When you come your computer you have like three, three those, let’s say only three things on the watch list because it gets slowly gets different different ways. And like maybe of those three choices. Lowercase are expensive. Like you have two choices. And another the yes and you have to make sure you’re gonna walk away. Because when I started I was like, Ah, this is bullshit. This one does not is not hitting this one this and be like, ah, you know, let me see what else I can do. You know, and it always gets you in trouble. Always get you in trouble and it’s just like and also like they preach here like what your heart stops you know don’t don’t have that attitude. You know what let me see what it does. Oh, it’ll show you what it does. You can’t you can’t do those things. It’s just like and again like when we have this big group right now you feel ashamed if you do something done right right so that’s accountability. You feel like like a dumbass and you know Yeah, and yeah, like John says we go on each other’s I go through everybody shard even if I don’t, and I see what people did right what people do wrong and it’s like, oh, just so stupid. Like I would totally would have done same thing. If I tried it. You know, a neutral, like really rude for people and try to explain them where you struggle. Because what happened to him When you open main main charge, you just don’t know what people are doing. You don’t know where people’s head is. And right now every person like you, you have you got every Steve, notice how many stronger traders are coming in. Exactly like, you know, like he she, they kind of solid, but somehow they not. And it’s not something to say off look at this, it just gives you that thing that you are not unique that everyone is struggle. Yeah, you know, it’s just like, it’s good feeling to say like, you know what, and you see people’s plans and the matching with you is just gives you that, you know, and stupid plans in good plans, the matching with your, whatever you doing, and it gives you understanding where you at where you going. It’s just a whole new thing. Just tap into that. It’s just it’s wonderful. If it’s really, really wonderful.

The Importance of Learning to Pivot

James 16:01
I think it’s awesome.

Ruta 16:01
Yeah. Isn’t it like do you guys dance, but you that would be such a important step for you to pivot from if you were like beginners?

Harry 16:13
Yeah, 100%!

James 16:16
I don’t even think it’s necessarily like just for beginners, like, like you said, and like to touch on a lot of what you just mentioned. You know, I’ve a friend, his brother in law works at a hedge fund, and he trades $100 million book and I got to sit down with him. We were talking. And he says every day, he wakes up and he still he’s been trading for like 15 years, he sweats he gets anxious, he’s stressed. He’s like, talk these guys. He’s, you know, he’s gonna trade massive size, whatever. But the second he gets into drugs sits down. And he’s like in the driver’s seat, and he makes a plan. That’s it. He’s like, then I can just sit and he’s like, then I have my coffee, and I eat my breakfast. And he’s like, that’s it. But like, every day, like the market is gonna test your anxiety, it’s gonna test everything because we’re, we’re using emotions, we’re using everything that humans are, like, rooted kind of, against and like all like the negative that we have. So kind of what you’re saying, like when you sit down, you have a plan and you’re like, You’re not scared anymore. There’s you take away that like that negative energy. And you’re like, well, the markets going to do what the markets going to do. Either my plan works or it doesn’t. And if it doesn’t, I did the best I could, you know.

Ruta 17:16
Very true. And a lot of traders say like, oh my god, you know, greed is my thing. Me I’m not greedy. I’m scared.

I get terrified, I would get terrified and trust yourself on your life and your blast. Like Stephen says you need to go with the small plans. Because it’s just, you know, pennies up thinking like, Oh, yeah. Yeah, no, but what is small, what a small size, you get to learn stocks personality. Yep. And you breathe, you let it do what it needs to do, you don’t jump with every little penny. And then you grow that muscle of understanding you grow that muscle of letting, letting to do your own thing. And then you can upsize. You can do whatever you want. But you just really need to, you know, do although it’s a process.

James 18:16
Have you noticed? Have you noticed your plans working more and more now that you’ve been in the discipline channel, like compared to before, like when you first join? Of course!

Ruta 18:27
Yeah, absolutely. But another thing you just learn yourself, you learn more where you’re lacking. And I was just talking to another member just almost laughing. Because I went on this like green strike. Like I’m just this and that but then you like in a couple of weeks you get possessed to be green. And it’s, again, you learning yourself because it’s not the best thing. Because you just want to be green. But you have to trade good enough, not good enough, because I would exit too early just to be green. So you’re learning yourself, you say you know what, I don’t need to be green, I need to learn how to be read. So I’m gonna take this little understandable loss and I don’t care if I’m red, but I’m just taking more risk if I want to be a little bit more profitable if we’re gonna even talk about money because we don’t really care at this point. You know, such as being just just to be green. It’s not good. You need to learn yourself what do you need to do to be better trader, right.

The Problem With Discipline in Trading

Firstly, see my top tick. A lot of entries. My entries are solid.

Harry 19:49
You know, I was just going to cut in real quick and we also haven’t heard from Trevor yet. So Trevor, What’s up, bro?

Steven 19:58
What’s up with that?

James 19:59
I just lost Black Square whenever can Gotcha. Yeah.

Harry 20:04
Maybe you can kind of dive in as well, although you’re kind of experience in that discipline workshop as well.

Trevor 20:11
So yeah, my experience is a little different than what in John’s I’ve been training for, actually quite a while. And what I noticed in my own trading and or what has always mess me up, is I go on these really good green streaks and I trade really well. And then just like, you know, I get my head and I have a loss Day, which shouldn’t be a manageable loss day. And then it was like, the next day, I’m like, I gotta make that back. And then I have another last day, it was always big days of three, that was like my magic number three big last days. And then I will claw my way back and keep working and keep working. And my last like little, I guess roller coaster down. I looked back at like My plan after all the smoke and clear to get. And then I wrote down and I was like, Man, my plan was like, I think the line I said I wanted to hit it to the penny and then ripped that was a long and and then in the other trading I just chopped to pieces on. It basically was hitting, hitting my lines perfectly if I would have just traded my lines and been patient. And I just realized that, like I have a I just have a discipline issue. It’s like I know how to train and know what I’m doing when when my head is on straight. But sometimes when my head’s not on straight, I’m just, I trade like a complete idiot. And I look back at the day and like oh my god, like what the fuck that I do.

Trevor 21:46
You know, and then you’re like, I know better. I know better. But it’s hard because going to the next day even though you know better. And you know, going into the next day, you’re probably going to be more emotional and all that. It’s like, I’m sure you guys all know how it feels like it feels like someone comes over you almost and you’re just, I’m not like Ruta. I’m a cowboy. I like to shoot.

Trevor 22:10
Yeah, I’m obviously way like, my problem is overtraining like crazy. But I just kind of realised like, Man, if I could just stop and slow down. And I’m, you know, I was watching the discipline. I didn’t start as early as Rudy did. But I was watching and I was seeing these people like posting kind of the same thoughts I was having in my head. It’s like, man, today was a total fail and discipline, my plans were great. But I found myself trading random stuff. And I was like, do that to me, like 100% I, and my plans are solid. And I looked back over like the last week, because I had a bad week that week. And I looked over my week at my plans versus my trades. And if I had traded my plans, it was like, Dude, my plans were amazing. So it’s like, I don’t have a planning issue. It’s just a following our plan. So that’s when I kind of decided, like, I have to stop focusing on p&l, because that’s one thing I definitely was focused on. And just look at my trading day as did I follow my plans? Yes or no. And that’s how that’s the only way I’m gonna judge judge my trading success on that day or that week is, was I discipline? Did I follow my plan. And then it’s funny, because when you start doing that, it’s like, all of a sudden, you start having trades at work. And, you know, I mean, it’s like, oh, shit, like, having two solid days, it would have been chopped day or, or just stay at it or not trade anything. And you look back at the end of the day, which is just just a satisfying, seeing a day that is super choppy, and he just didn’t take any trades and walk away. So I kind of took away that. That like need to be in a trade. You know, like, before the market opens, like I’m trading this stuff, period, it takes away that like, anxiety of OSHA, I need to find something I’m going to miss. I’m going to miss the runner or I’m going to miss this or that. At the end of the day. I’m gonna feel so stupid because I didn’t hit this trade or, you know, so I think honestly, it’s it’s amazing. I think everyone should do it because I think we can trust it’s hard. It’s only like, I think you said to James is like, you have to make your plan leaner, sober mindset because yeah, when when I’m trading I am not sober.

Posting the Winning Days vs. Losing Days

James 24:21
No, yeah, no, we’re intoxicated with profits, man, like, like, what can we make what and it’s a weird thing, because you see, like, the days like so part of the dysfunction also is not only do we post the winning days, we post the losing days and not necessarily like everyone’s p&l Losing process, right. And 99% of the time, we’re losing processes, like someone just made a plan on the fly. Someone got in there in a trade, the stocks moving they think what can I make and they just get in and they lose and then they’re like, shit, why did I do that? And what I’m noticing with you three is like, I think you guys kind of woke up to that and there’s a there’s like a progression as it trader that you realize that like, dude, when I make those dumb mistakes, those moves that I have no plan on, I lose. It’s not. It’s not rocket science. It’s when I trade something I don’t plan previously, I lose.

Steven 25:10
And the problem with that is it’s an unplanned loss. So it can oftentimes be a big one.

James 25:16
Yeah, those are my biggest losses. If I actually I want to do this, I want to go through my trade review, because my biggest losses are always like stocks that I didn’t stop out, because I didn’t have a plan were stocks that I didn’t take profit. And they reversed on me. And I panicked.

Harry 25:31
I added all the stocks that I squeezed John as well.

James 25:38
Oh, my God. But no, it’s true. It’s the stocks that I got greedy on. Right. And, you know, same thing. And you know, Trevor, for you, right? Because you’ve been, you’ve been at this for a little bit. Have you noticed, like, outside of trading for you, like personally like that the weight of the markets isn’t so heavy afterwards, like after you’re done trading for the students?

John 25:58
Well, yes. And one thing you said about losses, yes, my losses have gotten so much smaller, because normally, if I had a loss, I would stay to the fucking close looking to try to get back. And I’m not walking away. You know what I mean, if I had lost, like, not making that shift back, so Yeah, dude, my losses are small, because I can take one small loss, tiny little cut and walk away and go about my day. And I feel amazing. So 100%, dude, like the, the feeling of I should be at my charts right now. Because something’s probably happening in Oh, I could have made my loss back. You’re not worried about that. Because like, I didn’t have a plan to trade anything else. So there’s no FOMO there, I can walk away, ignore it, and just enjoy my day and come back fresh tomorrow.

Harry 26:46
Yeah, and I also think that the market is designed to take advantage of emotional traders. Like it’s designed to take advantage if you’re undisciplined, if you’re super emotional. You know, it’s designed so that when you have a small loss, you want to keep making it back and making it back and making it back and you keep going back to the same slot machine or poker table or, you know, roulette table. And it’s so that you keep throwing your coin and and throwing your coin in. And sometimes Yeah, you may get lucky. But I’m gonna say the vast majority of the time you end up with, you end up in a worse spot than you started, I think for sure. When you get into that type of mindset. So that’s where kind of the discipline channel can come in. You know, you you have to put your plan out in the morning. And although I don’t see 400 plans being posted every morning, but I see about like, like, how many active members would post their plan every morning, Stephen, do you think?

Steven 27:50
I mean, I’d be guesstimating What do you think James? 20 to 30?

James 27:56
The same ones daily? Definitely. 20 to 30. Yeah, in the in the discipline workshop. I’m looking right now. It’s 535 members. So it’s, it’s something that we really want to encourage you want to talk about what Yeah, out of those 535 Members, I want to see all 535 members put up a lot of a lot of freaking plans!

Harry 28:13
535 executions

Steven 28:18
The thing is, I get a lot of DMS and I shared one the other day in mod chat. I get a lot of DMS and people say I’m in the channel I’m active.

Don’t Be Shy to Post

Steven 28:25
I’m just shy I don’t post but I’m following along and it’s helping. Like I’ve heard this from 1520 people so I know and on the new member surveys we have three responses this week all three said they’re being helped in the workshop. Yeah, and these are the members so I know people are in their phone it but they’re shy to post.

James 28:44
Yeah, and don’t be shy honestly God you shouldn’t be shy because we all make the same mistake just 100% before we’ve all taken the same dumb losses if you post a chart I can promise you I can post the worst

Harry 28:57
Yeah yeah.

James 29:02
Of course dude we know.

Harry 29:04
Gunslinger you know?

James 29:07
Yes. I saved that chart for you have that that stock that you were long and they had like a massive like earnings call and it just kept going for you? That’s yeah.

Harry 29:16
I didn’t realise that there was a conference call that the CEO CFO and everyone in the call, and it gets halted down. And I’m like, oh shit. It’s like 30k because all my other fantasy orders it must have been like, I swear to God like a hedge fund or something. Just put every single share they don’t have that fucker on the market.

James 29:43
Doing it, we’ve all done it. So guys, when you’re in the channel, don’t be don’t be shy. Don’t be nervous. And just, it holds you accountable. That’s all I’m gonna say. I think this peer pressure helps. Yeah.

Trevor 29:56
You’re sitting there. I know if I’m gonna post so much Dude, I don’t post that. I feel like fucking India.

Harry 30:05
Back baby.

Steven 30:07
So Trev I bet you you’ve noticed that whenever somebody’s not you necessarily, whenever somebody posts and they don’t see the reason one of us jumps in and says why you can’t just say and not explain that’s one of the rules, right? So we’re not, we’re not aim to embarrass you, but we’re in to figure out what’s wrong so we could give you constructive advice.

Harry 30:32
If your trying to make that bag back error trying to make

John 30:35
That bag boy super good though with James, James, Stephen and Harry, you guys evolved. I think it’s awesome how active you guys are in there. I don’t think.

Harry 30:48
Sometimes I just either forget or like yesterday, like I wasn’t around so like, I couldn’t be like, you know, watching my buddy’s grandmother get buried, you know, texting on the discipline workshop.

James 31:04
Once the once the DOM Perry gets poured, then it’s over, then you

Harry 31:09
Don’t know if I’m making the podcast.

Steven 31:13
Another thing I’d love to encourage as anybody participating, you guys are also free to, you know, thread, any helpful advice you’ve got? It shouldn’t just be like the mods United mean, I mean, we’re there, we’re there all the time helping but like, all of us have good advice in the channel is not for mods only to give advice. I mean, I need help. Sometimes, you know, it’s not just like, I’m the only guy with the answers, you know. So whenever people see somebody struggling, and you’ve been down that road, feel free to like, you know, thread, something constructive and helpful.

Harry 31:48
Yeah, and also, like, maybe someone’s looking to try and like, become a junior mod or something like that, you know, that’s a great way to do it. And even with some of the junior rods we have already, that’s a great idea for them to pop in and go in there as well. You know, there’s a lot of junior mods that we have that just, you know, they don’t really know what to do what to say how to act, because, you know, you’re like a junior mod now. So like, that could be a good way for the junior mods. And also people looking to become like a junior mod to kind of get active in their post and, you know, message with Steven and, yeah, that’s a great way to get active. Right.

James 32:25
Agreed. And, you know, and, you know, I think it’s, we should start kind of wrapping this up. But, you know, if anyone really is interested, you know, feel free to DM all of us anyone in this podcast right now? I’m sure they wouldn’t mind. Just if you have questions about the chat. And, you know, I think, I think a lot of the there’s a lot of members in NYC. And I know there’s not 100% profitable traders, right? So the guys that are still struggling a little bit, reach out, what’s the worst it’s going to do? Right? Come experience it, see what it’s like to have a really good tab group, and like a 500 person tab group, and then you know, and just see what see where it takes your career. I think you guys will find some great, great joy in kind of doing it too. It’s a lot of fun.

Harry 33:10
Awesome. All right. Well, yeah, we’ll wrap it up here. And thanks, everyone, for coming out. And, you know, I appreciate it. So thanks, guys. Cool.

Steven 33:19
Yeah. Thanks, guys. Thank

Steven 33:20
you see the workshop here.


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