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What’s up guys, in this podcast, we talked about the New York meetup, how training is going and what we’re looking forward to in the coming months ahead. So stick around, listen up, because you’re not gonna want to miss this one.



James 0:10
What’s going on guys, we’re back with another episode of the after hours podcast. Today’s just Harry and I. So we’re going to be catching up just a little while since it was just the two of us. Yeah. So I kinda want to start this off by talking about the meetup that we had. So we just had a small MIC Meetup in New York. We also did one in London, which was cool. So it was like the same day. So like the London group in the New York group, we’re kind of like chit chatting, and like, kind of having a little healthy competition back and forth about who was drinking and all that. So that was a lot of fun. And I just wanted to say thank you, for everyone that came, it was such a good time. I think it’s really cool that we were all able to meet up like that. And like, you know, the beauty of MIC is that we talk every day, like same with like, like hair, and like we talk every day. Yeah, all of us. And it’s like so we’ve all become such close friends. But we always forget that it’s on the internet. So it’s like, it’s hard sometimes because we don’t see each other like that frequently. So any chance you get to meet up like that, like that was like the that was like one of the big meanings of Mi c being started with traders being like a family and like being able to meet and network and it was just really cool to see the people that I interact with daily like in person. So it was a lot of fun. And I you know, I I know MIC is going to try to do them a lot going forward. And it was awesome. Harry and I have still yet to meet actually, in person. We do talk more than I talked to him when I talked to most of my friends. And it’s like, it’s just bizarre.

Harry 1:34
Should have came out to fucking Utah, bro.

James 1:37
It always I always have bad luck with the annuals, because it’s always around the time where it’s like something always happens. Like I gotta knock on wood for this coming year. Because it’s like, it’s always something, bro. So hopefully this year, we’ll all get together. And now with COVID Kind of like gone, you know, it’d be nice that travelling will be easier. Maybe I’ll come up to Canada, even though I just saw those, like pictures of people still getting denied and coming like to the US by not being back. Sure, whatever. Yeah, but we’ll see. We’ll see you!

Harry 2:04
So I can always come down to the US just busy time for me right now, November, December shit like that.

James 2:09
And the year stuff sucks.

The Importance of Having a Community

James 2:11
But whatever, man, it’s nice. And like I said, it’s like, it’s really cool to have a community and for anyone who’s watching who’s not part of them, I see. It’s definitely something that makes trading way better is a knowing that you have other people that you’re going through it with and like, especially in the market right now, where small caps are tough. I mean, just having people to vent about it to and like talk with is a huge help. So you know, I mean, speaking of small caps in general, you know, Harry, how is your how’s your trading lately been going in small caps?

Harry 2:43
Pretty non existent, to be honest. I think for me, right now, during this time, like, I’m not like switching away from strategies, but like I kind of am. You know, just because like if there’s nothing too long, like in order really to like successfully long and small caps. There’s kind of two things you can do. Number one is like you kind of like know the agenda through the filings or like, whatever like that. Another way that you can kind of go around it is, you know, there’s a lot of volume on a ticker, it’s kind of a trapping name. You know, you can kind of start reading the price action, and kind of trade based on that. But in order to do that second thing, you really need volume and the tickers and you need a lot of it. And for me, there hasn’t really been that much volume. So I mean, I had a conversation a really good conversation, probably like, I guess it was like last Friday with Alex where I was like, bro, like, this shit is non existent. We’re in such a slow market. Like what the fuck do I do? Like, have you ever like been there? And Alex was just like, yeah, bro, it’s normal. Just take a week off if you need to take you know, you know, do whatever. Actually, he suggested that go on fucking vacation. But I’ve talked to my girlfriend. I was like, yeah, like, can we go down to like a rainbow right now? Like, do you think we could do that? And she was like, Baby, I’m in my midterms for my master. So I don’t want to go like.

James 4:14

Harry 4:16
It’s funny. Like, we’ll just chill around here. You know, it was actually good last night. I’m like, doctor’s appointments and shit like that this week. So but yeah, it’s just been pretty slow, like pretty non existent. I’ve still been talking to a lot of people though. Like, even as I haven’t really been as active trading, like in the past, like week or so, you know, you still get a lot of DMS from members like asking, like kind of what to do what not to do. So you still have that kind of community aspect, which is nice because there’s been a lot of people you know, talking to me saying like, hey, like, bro, like, there isn’t really much too long. And I’m like, Yeah, man.

How to Get Better During the Slow Period

Harry 4:53
I know. You know, but it’s nice, like, like you said, just to be able to kind of like communicate and stuff like that. So I’ve been talking to a couple of my other friends who have been kind of like swing trading, who have been kind of trading like mid caps and large caps, you know, just not necessarily saying, I’m switching from a small cap long to a mid cap or this long. It’s just saying like, okay, like, what other strategies can I learn during this slow period? How can I get better during this slow period? How can I kind of just, you know, put another tool in my toolbox, you know, right now, I may have a wrench and a hammer, but maybe I need a screwdriver and a fucking measuring tape in order to be able to successfully fucking go to work every day, right? So that’s what I’ve been kind of looking at, you know, when the small caps are kind of, like, start getting a bit better again. And Austin had a couple of really good webinars about this, just like things to look for, like day twos, you know, finally holding up again, when’s the last time we saw a day two stocks hold up again, on the next day, ones last time we saw that like, like, never like, in so long, like, you can’t even remember that. So those are, you know, it’s when that you know, day to gap up first bounce long was like super, super in play all the time, and COVID Right. Now, we never see that play anymore. So it’s just for me, I’m just kind of taking it easy. I’m not putting too much pressure on myself. I’m not amping that expectation up. I’m just kind of chilling, sitting back talking to some of my other friends who are just like, I do have friends that are still trading right now. So it’s nice to kind of go back, talk to them and say, Hey, like, what are you looking at? For this? What are you looking at for that? You know, maybe start looking at some other ideas. For me, it’s all very interesting to me. So I love learning from other people who are successful in other aspects of trading and just, you know, you know, just learning and kind of like seeing it rub off on you is pretty fucking cool. That’s cool. So what are what are what have you been fucking doing with trading, bro?

James 6:51
Man, it’s been what is today went to Wednesday, October What 25th or something like that?

The Problem With Shorting Small Caps

James 6:58
Dude, I haven’t like placed the trade in, like, over a week now. And it seems like every week that I do trade, it’s like one trade. Right? And like, first of all for like my stuff. And like, I’ve been fortunate that lately the one trade that pops up generally will be a good one. But it’s not. It’s not like it’s making up for all the miss time kind of thing, you know, and it’s like, right now the problem is just like you said, there’s no range and like, so what I do for shorting is like, I like to take a little bit bigger piece of a move. And it’s just there’s no, there’s nothing there. Even if a stock is gapping up 30 or 40%. It’s almost like the the meat of the move is very small. Like if a stock gapped from like, one to two, but really, like the support level is like 150 and just bounce around seven, there’s just not enough like range to get a good like risk reward trade. So for me, that’s fine. I’m just sitting here waiting, I would much rather not burn mental capital and not burn physical capital. You know, I think a lot of people what I’m noticing, you know, am I see people post their charts and I’m noticing a lot of people like burning mental capital. And like I say I’m in capital capital, because it’s like, they’re just still trying to do things that work during a hot market. Especially like, like, like we’re talking with like lungs right now. It’s like, I feel like a lot of lungs are like, trying for these VWAP traps when like, there’s just nothing there. There’s like, there’s almost no one to trap anymore on either side. You know, it’s like shorts, you know? And then the same thing with shorts. It’s like shorts, you know, just shorting like the smallest pop when the bottoms in, and then we’re not that far. And it’s just like God, it’s like, at the end of the day, like, it’s really isn’t that great of market to be trying that stuff. So I’ll just sit on my hands like, same thing. I’m doing a lot of answering members and like, I feel like answering DMS and talking to people and making videos keeps us like it’s almost like we’re in the offseason right now like as athletes, right? It’s like we’re in the offseason. So like we’re just practicing staying on top of things, keeping ourselves keeping like the, the hinges loose and all that stuff. So that way when the market does change, and it will, but when it does, we’ll be kind of ready to go and not just exhausted, I think I think ILAG blew up a large portion of traders. And I think a lot of people might be taking some time off right now. That stock ran from five to 12 the other day, and a lot of people just literally blew up their accounts. So I think there’s just a lack of volume over I think the overall market is kind of at a point to where there’s just not that many people participating in small cap. So all we can do is just sit around and wait. For anyone who’s new though, that these are good times for you because you’re able to watch market action as slow as it is. And you know, at least still learn price action a little bit, you’re able to watch videos. You know, people have recorded screens over over time where you can go back and watch it there’s like, don’t waste days when it’s slow, like take advantage of these days and like because they once the market gets hot, you’re not going to want to like put in the extra time like you’re not going to have the time it was busy. So while it’s like this doesn’t you guys really need to take advantage and like actually, you know, put in that extra extra level of work and go from there. But, you know, don’t just keep trying random bullshit right now, like, especially like, you need to sit there and realize like, am I gambling right now? Am I trying to do something that doesn’t work? Or is this an actual setup? And most of the time, it’s probably not an actual setup. So yeah, it’s tough right now, man, anyone who says it’s not as lying, in my opinion.

Harry 10:20
Yeah and I also think that like, probably like, the biggest growth from us, like, because we kind of like came up and MIC like, together is definitely not like going hard every day. Like, we’re pretty content right now to kind of sit back. Whereas I think a lot of people are still in that COVID mindset or still in other mindsets, whereas like, I feel like from us, like, we’re so content right now to just sit back chill. You know, it’s like, how can I make a recap video when there’s nothing fucking like, it’s really like, kind of time right now where it’s just okay, I’m going to sit back chill. I’m not going to go too hard. I’m not going to burn all that mental capital, so that when the good markets come back, when I’m feeling a little bit better, you know, we’re gonna go balls to the wall. And I think your last good trade was like, RMED.

James 11:17
Yeah. Oh, yeah. Wow. Yeah. Well, that was like, and that was?

Harry 11:21
Kind of like ATM gap. Yeah. Lucien type setup? Yeah, it was like, pretty good one for you. Yeah, I saw that. And I was like, fuck, these boys don’t know this. Like, I don’t know what the fuck that was.

James 11:32
And that’s one trade unless like, you know, 11 days ago or something like that? Yeah.

Harry 11:37
So it’s like, yeah, but you know, venture out on new things, look at whatever. If you don’t want to learn anything new, don’t burn yourself out.

The Problem With Chasing Green Candles

Harry 11:45
Like, we were talking about this chart. Last night, it was a long chart, not gonna say the member by name. But you know, the guy was chasing every single green candle. Selling the bottom , chasing every single green candle. Sell at the bottom, like, that type of trading may have worked in a hot market. And you can tell that this trader was like reviewing charts when it was in a hot market, like, you know, like, he saw that rip. He’s like, Oh, this should keep going. But the problem is, is that in these market conditions, that won’t work, like if you’re along and you’re not buying support, then you know, you’re gonna be in trouble like, and it’s same thing, if you’re shorting weakness, right, if you’re shorting those support levels, hoping for offering hoping for a breakdown, you might have, you might get a bit more lucky to be honest, if you’re short seller in this market, but yeah, just chasing all around is like not good habits. So when you’re chasing and these types of markets, in my opinion, it just builds bad habits. Because once you get to a hot market, you’re chasing everything, you’re not going to know what the fuck to trade, you’re not going to know what to do, you’re going to be all over the place, your mental capital is going to be burned out, you’re not going to even like be prepared or ready or know how to attack or what to do, or this or that. And so that’s why, in my opinion, I think really, it’s just a good idea to not chase sit on your hands, wait, don’t go too crazy. And just really kind of, you know, just take that mindset.

James 13:15
That’s why in like the discipline workshop, like, I’m so much more like, proud and like really happy for the people that like post the discipline when with no trades, because I think if you’re able to teach yourself that now, you will be in such good shape. By the time the market heats up. It’s like I always relate like trading back to like golf or something, right? It’s like, so in golf, like when you practice like this, the habits that you build during practice, are what mattered during the matches. So like, you know, when you’re teaching yourself good, good grips, good stance, good posture, like everything in your swing, that translates into your game. And I feel like right now, for all traders, we’re in that practice mode, where we’re just we’re building good habits. So by the time the actual matches come along, we’ll be in much better shapes.

It’s Tough Seeing People Get Disappointed

James 13:59
I just, I also, you know, it’s just, it’s tough right now, guys, and I hate seeing people get disappointed. It’s like, it’s like, this is the reality of this career, though. You know, for anyone who’s starting now I understand the frustration but like reality is we just came off of like 2019 2020 and 2021 were like three really good trading years. Right? So like, technically you made enough in those three years that could last you for five years for most people. So it’s even more so like, you know, we know people for example here and I know people who made 10s to hundreds of millions of dollars and and now you know and that was just in a couple of years and now what one slow six months three months you’re like crying about it just doesn’t make sense. So you know, that’s just it guys. And in the end to be honest, it’s everyone you want to talk about large cap traders small cap there’s there’s just not that many setups for all traders right now. So it’s just, it is what it is. You know, I just I have a friend whose brother in law is in a hedge fund and we were just chatting the other day and you know, he’s so slow right now and this guy, this guy He has a, like $100 million book, like, he trades like, you know, he’s a big trader, he’s Slow as hell, and he’s slightly down on the year. And it’s like, this is a guy who’s made 10s of millions of dollars, and he’s slightly down the year and it’s okay. Like, it’s okay to do that. It’s just never okay to like blow capital, you know, and, and so a piece of advice I actually got recently from someone were just chatting. He was talking to another trader actually, and I just, I really liked the idea. Like, if you’re someone like, who uses like, a risk, like number, like if you’re someone who risks like 1% of their account, right? So that means on a day in day out basis, you’re risking 1% of your $50,000 account, you’re risking $500 A lot of guys right now, what they’re doing is they’re cutting their account, mentally in half, so that that way, they’re only risking their half risk, usually. So that way, they’re still able to trade even though they’re not some they’re not optimal setups. I don’t think that’s a bad idea for people who can’t literally control themselves, or people who still have setups that they’re just not working. You know, I for me, I’d rather just sit around and wait, I don’t mind getting caught up. But it’s always a good little tip. And I actually thought it was not a bad idea.

What to Do if the Market Continues to Slow?

Harry 16:02
Yeah. Yeah, no, I think so too. And, I mean, for me, it’s like, if the market stays like this, and small caps stay like this for a year, then I’m gonna venture out other things you. Yeah, my aunt, but luck untiring, right? Now, I’m going to venture out and other things, I will just go to trading midcaps, I will go back to trading large caps and spy, the queues. And that’s what I’ll do. Because, you know, if we’re going to be stuck here, and this type of slow market environment, you know, I’ll just go do something else, you know, and it, like, if you had have talked to me, like maybe like two years ago, and told me that we were in, in this type of time, you would probably hear me say, Oh, I’m not gonna leave small caps, not going to leave. That’s not gonna leave. But, you know, it’s not like I’m necessarily leaving. It’s just, I am looking at other things. I’m keeping an eye on other things. I’m keeping an eye on other setups. You know, just, I, I think it’s cool to have like eyes everywhere, you know, where if your market slow? Okay, well, let’s take a look at some, you know, mid large caps, let’s see what have like, you know, on some higher kind of liquidity names, let’s kind of check it out, you know, let’s see if we can kind of get some ideas gone, right. If there’s no ideas going there, you know, there is always going to be stocks moving. Just it may not be your market. And right now, it doesn’t seem to be our market, although with Bitcoin starting to kind of creep up rally, again, maybe that could bring some speculation back, maybe it can bring back but, you know, the reality is, is that if we are headed to a recession, if we are headed to a depression, if we are headed to some fucking hard times, you know, the only thing that is going to really be kind of bouncing around will be those kind of large cap names, because people don’t have money to put into small caps. And if that is the case, that’s fine. But you know, you shouldn’t freak out about it, you just need to kind of go with the flow and trading and I’m done kind of burning my mental capital. I’m happy to be here all the time. But I’m not going to be you know, stressing out myself to make 10 to 20 cents, you know, the range on the stocks is 10 to 20 cents. And then after zombie hour, we go up another five cents. After the a you know, at, you know, after hours, we’re going up 20 It’s just like, I don’t want to be here all day, watching myself get chopped up for 10 cents, watching myself get chopped up for 20 cents, you know, and then I see people kind of chasing these big green candles are chasing these little reps. And it’s like, bro, you can’t be doing that, that, that in a range bound market like you. It’s called. It’s like bows, channel trading, you know, do like that’s kind of what it is. Right? That’s the type of situation we’re in.

Love It or Hate It This Is Where We Are

Harry 18:52
You know, love it or hate it. This is where we are. No, no, no, yeah.

James 18:56
It is gonna keep adapting. Yep, it is what it is. And I think no matter what, you know, at the end of it, things will change. And it’s just like, it’s funny. It’s like, you know how we get that Black Swan like I lag and wiped out a lot of guys. I think this market is gonna wipe out a lot guys do because people just can’t stop oversizing can’t stop trying to make up for lost money that they have and like, the end of the day, but it is what it is. But you know, I mean, we’ll keep kind of recapping small caps every every week when we do the podcast and hopefully, you guys will see the progression you know, you’ll see as we start like dipping our toes kind of back into trading more and more and, and we’ll go from there, but not to change it up. But what do you think about the large cap market right now do you think are going up and things going down? What do you think?

Harry 19:38
Um, I think right now it’s very much a coin toss. Although the thing is what the what the large cap market does not have going for it is that we have Apple earnings coming out tomorrow. Apple has significantly slowed production down. Apple currently is The most index stock, the fucking you know, in the whole market, every index has apple. And so we’ve already heard that they’ve topped production, production costs have gone up. Some of like the Euro is, you know, completely bad. So your sales are not the greatest. And I guess like they get some things from Europe. I don’t really know I was reading about it just briefly. But you know, that was not really the best, I guess. You know, there, it’s just cost more money to make iPhones people have less money, the price is going up. It seems to me there isn’t really that much of the demand for this iPhone. It seems to me like when I talk to everyone, like you even talked about, yeah, literally buys the latest phone comes out. Like literally, you know that guy, I swear to God every year, he’s like, going to get a new iPhone, you know, on his Instagram story or whatever. Like, and right now, like, I was like, you know, we were just talking and I was like, Yo, so you’re gonna get that new iPhone or what? And he’s like, no, like, I just don’t see the urgency to go out and buy a new phone right now. Right? When you Apple, someone like that? No, no, go out and buy the new iPhone. I’m like full production sales are slowin bro.

James 21:26
Did It’s funny though. It’s like the app companies like Apple because like Apple is my favorite stock in the in large caps. But it’s funny, it’s like, into like, what else you say like until I walk outside and don’t see people staring at an iPhone. Like, I’ll always kind of love that sack company. And like, you know, the other day I went to the Apple store, I was buying an Apple Watch. And like, it’s just crazy how busy that fucking store is, though. Like how always busy it is. Dude, there’s always lines. So it’s like, Apple has done a good job of creating like a commodity that is like necessary. Like the iPhone, unfortunately, nowadays is necessary. 90% of my clients use Apple Pay Now, when they’re paying, like, woop. And it’s just like, everything’s so simple. And it’s like, you know, long term? Sure, I think we’re I think everyone knows where we’re headed. And as far as like, we’re in a recession, I hate that anyone would even kind of think we’re not, I think I think we’re all kind of blind to it. Because I think in nicer areas like rather than Boston, you know, you go to New York, everything’s so busy. So like the like the upper middle class, or like, anyone in the wealthier percentage of people are doing just fine. They’re still spending money. But I think there’s that lower to middle class that are hurting. And I think that we’re we’re deep in it now. And I think that as far as like, the actual market goes, like, I think Apple is gonna, probably I’m guessing Apple is gonna miss earnings, and it’s gonna be a little shitty. And if the market holds, I think we’re gonna fucking rally until at least the midterms. And I think that they’re going to keep things kind of rallying until to try to get if they need votes in, they need people on better spirits to go vote because if everything keeps tanking there, there’s gonna be a huge change. Come midterms and and that’s just not it’s not what the the White House wants right now.

Harry 23:01
We also have GDP numbers coming out on it well, tomorrow as well. So we have Apple earnings, we have GDP, and if you remember, the real fucking textbook definition of a recession is one negative consecutive quarter

James 23:21
Of the month. Yep.

Harry 23:24
We have another negative GDP quarter, they’ll change the bad earnings. Like plus in administration, to be honest, from what I’ve seen, that does not really care about the market at all, you know, they may want it to rally in the midterms. But from what I’ve seen, like, how much can we fucking rally to save these people? Like, I don’t know, man.

James 23:45
Man, it’s just I feel like we’re losing the inflation battle. Like, I feel like, I feel like what everything they’re doing, like they crushed the economy, and they crushed the stock market, and somehow inflation printing higher. And it’s like, that’s not good, right. And, like, we’re very lucky like that the dollar right now has been like, strong here. And I think that’s the only reason that inflation isn’t so bad in America. Because like, when you go outside of America, inflation is fucking 30 to 80%. You know, and it’s because the dollar is just that’s how it works. And it’s like, so we’ll see man, it’s gonna be interesting. I mean, I think no matter what, I still feel like cash for most people is probably the best position you can be in you know, because we just don’t We don’t know. You know, most people that most like guys I have a few clients that are analyst and stuff and like JP Morgan, those companies and, and they say like, they feel like we’re gonna rally into for a couple months until people really wake up and see like, we’re in a deep recession once it starts creeping into the middle class more than it’ll fucking happen. But it’s just man. It’s tough. It’s, this is where we’re at. So whatever we’ll keep we’ll keep kind of documenting this as we go. You know, next week, hopefully, we’ll have some news based on on everything coming out like next couple of days. So so well recap is done.

Best and Worst Case Scenarios

Harry 24:58
Yeah, exactly. And I’m There’s a lot of there’s a lot of kind of market news like it’s very volatile right now. Best case scenario would be Bitcoin rip to fuckin 30k Everything read worst case scenario, that earnings come out, numbers come out and we dial back down to the lows and we pick ourselves up again the next bear market bounce and that’s about it, but I mean, yeah, you know, it’s just we’re just in a situation right now where you have the bottom 1% Who are but I think now even what, from what I’ve seen is that the like for I don’t know where to like how much does it cost for blocking cheese where you live? Like, do you know do you buy cheese? Do you grocery shop that much?

James 25:50
Man did doing in general groceries have gone up like 10x here like.

Harry 25:56
$10 here for one block of cheese. Yeah.

James 25:59
It’s like that for everything dude here like if you go by,

Harry 26:03
Eat out every night. Like, I don’t I don’t buy cheese.

James 26:07
I stand by the chipotle economics that it’s cheaper to buy Chipotle every night for dinner than it is the fucking grocery shop right now which is psychotic to say but dude, I go to the grocery store.

Harry 26:21
James here teaching us Chipotle economics.

James 26:23
CMG baby. That’s, that is Chipotle economics because it is. It’s at the point where like, if I go buy an individual meal at a grocery store, I’m going to pay like $20 for like, nothing good too. It’s just like, you know, a little bit of chicken a little bit of some like fruits and veggies and shit. There’s pocket like, it’s just it’s gotten to that point for most people.

Harry 26:44
Economics where I’m fat right now. So I need to eat healthy. So I’d rather spend $20 more so I don’t fucking blow up like Frosty the Snowman for Christmas.

James 26:55
But it is it is. It is rough!

Harry 26:57
Right now. Airy economics right?

James 26:59
The Hargenomics dude its everybody though it’s like I talked to friends all the time do people are people are struggling to save and it’s just what we’ve gotten. We’ve hit that point where it’s like, well, people don’t have the extra money to gamble. I want to say gamble but that’s really what it is. They want to gamble small caps don’t want to do anything people are it’s a it is we’re entering a depressing state but I don’t know, we will figure it out. Not the markets, nothing’s gonna change until we get news. Nothing’s gonna get better until we get a major news like when it’s the war in Ukraine ending or coming to result like a result?

Harry 27:27
Where fucking shits never gonna come to a resolve resolution, bro. I don’t think so we were talking, in my opinion, do not want these. They do not want peace, man, that dude is literally just taking money. I’m sure they could come up with some type of negotiation right now with Russia. They’re just taking money left, right and center, they’re milking the cow for all spoken worth. And, you know, I think we’re in a situation where if we wanted to achieve peace in Ukraine, it could happen. But it starts with the Ukrainians also saying, Okay, I want to achieve peace, which they don’t know. So yeah, I understand the whole situation. I get it. But, you know, for all of us who are kind of living out here. You know, it’s good for us to see some sort of peace resolution. I think, you know, that’s the best. That’s the best case scenario. What I think is to go to the negotiating table, and have a serious fucking talk about peace instead of escalating, escalating, escalating, let’s work on some de escalation. Let’s work on, you know, being diplomatic about this not hurting insults anymore. Let’s talk about, you know, some real peace talks, instead of, you know, nuclear talks. And yeah, and so war talks, escalation everyday, you know, ran now, in my opinion, I think Ukraine has the most power over Russia, the entire world is back in Ukraine. So it’s up to Ukraine to say, Okay, I want peace. You know, let’s start some talks because Russia has already said that they would do some peace talks and Ukraine does not have it at all right. So it is both sides. And you know, I’m I’m not saying the Russians did an amazing fucking job because like what they did with that, but it’s time to get some fucking P stocks going it’s time to add more and it’d be good for the entire world.

James 29:20
Because the market nothing’s gonna change until we get a new something that’s either either it’s either it’s inflation printing really low, like a lot lower than what it is. Or the war ending or something like that. Like we’re just nothing’s gonna change. Not gonna happen. Yeah, everything right now, and that’s kind of and I think that a lot of people are starting to realize that so, you know, it’s gonna be very interesting heading into November and seeing how people vote and all that stuff. So whatever. I know, I know we’ve been doing this for a while. It’s probably a good time to wrap it up. But you know, like, as usual, anything you guys want to hear please message us DM us. I know some people were asking for some talks about like lifestyle and we can always do that. Give us some ideas, and we will be back on Next week.

Harry 30:00
Yep My lifestyle is not too much right now just not the computer chillin. Go out for the occasional DOM Perrin y’all wake up over and do it all over again the next fucking morning.

James 30:11
Not a bad lifestyle man, but thank you guys appreciate it as always.

Harry 30:15

James 30:16
see you guys later


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