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Intro to This Episode

Harry 0:00
Welcome to the after hours podcast your source for all things investments and finance. In this episode, we’ll be diving into the market trends and strategies you need to know about from the rise of ChatGPT. And its impact on the industry to the overall performance of large cap and small cap markets. We’ve got you covered. But we don’t just talk numbers, we bring you real life stories from everyday traders, sharing their experiences and the lessons they’ve learned from the volatility of Bitcoin to the risks and rewards of various assets. We’ll cover it all tune in and join the conversation, let’s navigate the exciting and ever changing world of investing together on the after hours podcast.

James 0:38
What’s going on guys, we’re back with another episode of the after hours Podcast. Today, we have a few new topics. The first of which that we want to cover is AI, it has been a hot kind of commodity going around. And everyone’s talking about this chat GPT. And I know maybe a lot of you don’t know what it is. So Alex, I don’t know if you kind of want to explain a little bit. And we can kind of dive in from there.

Ai’s Technology

Alex 1:00
Yeah, so from what I understand about this whole thing is that the way that AI works is it’s read, I think like 1% of the internet, like something is saying, right? It’s read all the interval 1% or 10% of the internet, something crazy like that. And it takes that information, and understands how to process that information information. So by being able to have that ability, it’s able to process that information faster than any human can. Because for us, it will take us a Platinum to read the Internet, and then process it doesn’t like five seconds. So with this new tool of AI, it makes a lot of things obsolete. You could tell the AI to write you an email, you could tell the AI to write you an email in the tone of Shakespeare, you could tell the AI to pretty much do anything like what I did is I’ve been playing around with it. So I was asking, like, what are the best space movies? Or what are the best science fiction movies. And it gave me a list. It’s a based on the ratings, or based on the critically acclaimed XYZ, these are the top 10 space movies. And I’m like, wait, these are all pretty fucking good space movies that I’ve seen. So it takes all that raw data from the internet, and kind of compiles it into one sentence phrase or whatever. So you could pretty much ask anything. So like, for me, like I could ask it, how to get better sleep at night. How do I get better sleep at night? Well, based on the information that we found, you know, you shouldn’t be drinking at night. You shouldn’t be watching TV past 8pm. You shouldn’t be doing this. You shouldn’t be doing that. Yeah, no, it’ll probably take me 20 minutes to scour blog posts to look around. But this tool now compiles all that information into one place. Now the crazy thing is that this tool can also write algos, for you. So if you have a trading algorithm that you’ve been wanting to create, or you’ve been having, or you’re not really a developer or you don’t know anything about code, the robot will write the code for you, which is the most absolutely insane thing ever. And the scary part is, it’s just getting smarter, and smarter and smarter and smarter. And Microsoft just announced that they’re buying a 50% stake in it for $10 billion, which in my opinion is pretty freakin low. Because this has the opportunity to be probably probably brought in, in and of itself, like a trillion dollar fucking company if they knew it, right? Because now you have to think to yourself with all the information that it gathers, what’s going to happen when it starts to come into businesses. So for example, let’s say someone is curious about joining MICC someone is curious about trading, and they want to kind of get more information on trading NYC. Well, eventually, the robot is going to get so smart that it knows everything about MICC. It knows everything about me, it knows everything about our industry, and the robot will communicate with the potential customer now wants to join MICC now the crazy part is a human could only talk to one person at a time, the robot could probably talk to 250 300 people an hour. So then you think to yourself, how much is this robot really worth if I could pay an employee 1000 hours a month to talk to someone or I could pay a million dollars for a robot that talks to hundreds of people a day. So I think it’s gonna get to the point where instead of putting a mortgage on your house for a million dollars, you’re gonna put a mortgage on an AI that can help improve your business. That’s what I think is gonna happen. I think it’s gonna get so advanced that that’s what’s gonna happen.

James 4:33
Right now. How long does it take to get from like a to z you type in a question? How long until you get less than 10 seconds?

Harry 4:39
Yeah, 10 seconds or less?

James 4:41
That’s ridiculous. Now does it cost you any money to use free? It’s free. I wonder how long that’s gonna last for because

Alex 4:47
I want to play with it right now. I’m gonna have it on separate screen and I’m gonna have it. I’m gonna say write a five star review on a barber shop that I went to Today so let me read it to you. I recently visited XYZ barbershop and had an outstanding experience from the moment I walked in. The staff greeted me with warm hospitality and made me feel welcome. The barber who tended to me was professional skilled and listen to my every request, he delivered a precise and expert haircut that exceeded my expectations. The shop itself was clean, well maintained, and had a comfortable atmosphere. I also appreciate the attention to safety protocols with regard to COVID-19. Overall, I highly recommend XYZ barbershop for anyone in need of a great haircut and excellent customer service five stars to get the fuck I’m gonna start look at tell me bro,

James 5:42
I’m gonna go to yo book out and I’m gonna start writing five star reviews. You have

Alex 5:46
the fucking thing, bro. This is just right now, chat. So chat. GPT is part of a company called Open AI. And open AI also has a company called dolly which makes images for you. So what you could do is you could have the chat GPT write like a story and have dolly create the images for that story and compile it together. All of a sudden you have a best selling book.

James 6:08
Yeah. So how long do you guys think until we have novels, we have books, we have movies completely generated by AI and it makes authors almost obsolete,

Alex 6:18
it’s going to make a lot of things obsolete, bro. Because what you have to think as well as I want to get to the point where I know if this book was written by AI or if it was written by like a human. So it might get to the point where like when there’s books, there’s like a little sticker on the book that says human or AI, maybe IRA or like for example, let’s say I’m talking to Citibank, which has like the worst customer service in the world. And they’re all at foreign people. They barely speak English. Well, what if it gets to the point where I call Citibank and I say, you know, I don’t want to talk to a human that doesn’t understand English, just give me an AI, give me the AI. Let me talk to the AI, let it handle my shit. It’s gonna get to that point, bro. And then when that happens, all those cool people are gonna be obsolete as well, because I want something that speaks my language and understands my concerns, that is not shot to hell, that’s gonna happen in terms of sales, it’s gonna happen in a way that, you know, phone sales are going to be obsolete, customer service is going to be obsolete, everything’s gonna be obsolete. Now, what’s going to happen? When it gets so smart, that they then put this AI into Elon Tesla. So now you have your Tesla bot that says, Yo, bot Optimus, go to Zara, and pick out some clothes that you know that I like, because it knows exactly what I wear and knows my personality. After scanning all my wardrobe, it knows exactly what I’m gonna like, go pick out a wardrobe for me, go clean the dishes for me, go make the steak the same way I like eventually it’s gonna get to the point where AI is so complex, and so advanced that it’s going to take over. I don’t want to be one of those guys. It’s like, Yo, like the world is coming to an end. But it’s at that point where it’s so advanced or like, so I just asked Chad GPT write a five star review? What if I asked Chad GPT to create me a trading strategy that has, you know, consistent profitability based on XYZ datasets? You know, it’s probably not going to be perfect, but it could probably be a really good starting point to get a process going. Or what if I tell it, you know, I own a barber shop. And my barber shop down the street is doing more business because of XYZ. What can I do to beat them at their own game? Mentioned AI is gonna get so smart. It’s gonna give you recommendations to how to improve your business. You know,

How long will it take to build another ChatGPT?

James 8:34
Harry, how long do you think until it starts taking like jobs from people? Like because right now like, it’s not there yet? Although I think like

Harry 8:42
two years or less, really, years or less, probably, you know, some people are gonna say five but like, they’re gonna work on this thing. Like, heavily they’ve invested

Alex 8:52
way technology advances, bro, it’s gonna be fucking scary, bro. I think we’re still time away from it kind of being into the optimist his brain. Like that’s definitely like a ways away, but like, it’s in our Platinum, bro. It’s gotta be good.

Harry 9:06
I was just gonna say like, there’s also the other side of the coin here, which like I haven’t heard, like a lot of people talk about. And that’s like, what if they rigged it to basically just like, try and program you to like, basically tell you how to think, you know, like Google, for example, is like you could say pretty left wing, you know, pretty liberal site. Like if I Googled right now like, Is Joe Biden a good president, it would come up and say he’s the best president in the world. And if I Googled, yeah, you can maybe test it out right there. Like, is Trump a good president, it’s probably going to come up with a bunch of negative reviews. So if they re chat GPT to do the same type of thing. And like tell people how to think or do worried about that.

Alex 9:50
Like, for example, like let’s say I’m using the same prompt of how do I get better sleep? What if it tells me that I don’t know. Having some more salt before bed is going to be good for my, like, I’m gonna be how much personal because at that point, you’re supposed to trust the machine. Right? Exactly. giving you all the information like get to the point where it says, Hey, like, maybe just drink some whiskey before bed and like, that’s what’s gonna do it. But drink Jack Daniels whiskey.

Harry 10:15
Yeah, that’s what I mean. Like, they could break this thing however way they want. That’s why I’m super cautious. Very scary, because everyone is going to listen to that, like, and I was thinking about this, like, in the shower this morning. Like, when we were like, I was just thinking about, like, you know, like, just kind of like reflecting on the whole, like, Google versus AI type of thing. And like, even on the podcast here, like sometimes like, gyms, I will say something, and I’ll just be like, fuck, like, always look it up, you know. And now you could potentially be using, you know, chat GPT for that same exact lookup, because you can get an answer a lot quicker. You don’t have to scan blogs, you don’t have to do this or that. And, you know, it’s crazy to me to just think that like, it can be just rigged in a certain way or, you know, like, you can just ask anything, like, type in about climate change, like Super Chat, GBT tells you, you know, it’s crazy to think that like, for me, the best thing that they could do with this is keep it neutral. You know, like, obviously, like, there are a lot of people upset at Google right now and Facebook and Twitter for censorship, I think the best thing that they do is just keep it neutral and let the AI scan the odds of them doing that probably fucking very slim. But I think that would be the best way to build like kind of trust like Elon is doing right now with Twitter, where he’s releasing all the files, he’s open sourcing the code, he’s like, he’s really trying to get that trust and showing how kind of the machines built. And I think if they do that with AI, like a lot of people will definitely trust it. But if you know it starts doing shit like you say, where you know, Jack Daniels whiskey can pay the AI to get good

Alex 11:53
job someone says Is Day Trading gambler kind of make money day trading, and I pay Chat GPT, or whatever Microsoft 10,000 hours a day to say, if you want to learn day trading, My Investing Club is the best place to learn.

The Importance of Honest Media and Reporting

James 12:05
So I, I kind of have this belief that there is a big overwhelming push for, like honest media and honest reporting. I think that’s why Twitter, you’re seeing usage at all time. I think that’s why you’re seeing people kind of lean politically more moderate again, and trying to get away from the extremists on both sides. But I kind of I’m choosing to believe and I’m really hoping that a lot of these new AI companies kind of lean that way. I think it’s a huge challenge. I know, I had a decent an argument with Joe Kelly, one of the moderators, and he were talking about it. And he’s like, Oh, it’s not really a challenge to Google or anything at night. And I disagree. Because I feel when I go to Google and I search something, I get ads, and then I have to decipher whether I believe what I’m reading is true and real. And most of the time, it’s like I have to go to eight different sources. And just to find out or even Twitter, anything, you know, you have to source it yourself and make sure you believe it. But with this, it’s like I’m hoping that these companies see the value in actually reporting and giving real information based off statistics and data, because arguments politically and with everything has gotten to the point where it’s just opinion. So if they’re using it and quoting it the way it should be absolutely with data and everything, I think it has potential to just be

Alex 13:15
the problem also to Broza that she’s gonna get so smart that like, every normal Joe is going to have access to like, a mega brain. And I think that what they’re going to do, bro, is they’re going to make it the barrier to entry. So financially tough that only rich people could afford to use the AI. Like I really think well, it’s going to cause a million dollars for like a subscription to use this stuff. And people are literally going to get a loan to use the AI because the AI will eventually make them more money. I think that’s how it’s going to be because this is too much power. It feels like for the average Joe to have because like, I’m telling you, bro, it actually is gonna get so advanced for like, Bro people can start businesses using this AI and they’ll just keep asking the AI a bunch of shit, right? So I don’t know. I mean, like look, this is definitely something new. It’s definitely as revolutionary as the internet is possibly and we just kind of have to wait and see what’s gonna happen because right now bro I’m scared shitless right now,

What happens when a neural link is equipped with ChatGPT?

James 14:10
but what happens when on must neuro link is equipped with this chat GPT and it’s in your brain.

Alex 14:16
That’s eventually what’s gonna happen, bro. So what’s gonna happen is right now we’re human. And this is the robot. Eventually we’re gonna merge. And we’re gonna we’re gonna have the super intelligence. Yeah,

Harry 14:27
I don’t I don’t like that. You know? I really can’t get behind that. Like I really just like would you put a chip in your brain? Alex? I would.

Alex 14:37
Oh, no, bro. I’m a crazy guy, bro. I’m a crazy guy. I’m a curious guy. I might let him chip me.

James 14:41
Alex would do it together. I’m

Alex 14:44
curious, bro. I’m not gonna

Harry 14:46
watch you, you guys.

James 14:48
There was no health risk. Like if Elon messaged me and was like, Hey, would you put this neural link in your head? And I would be like, Absolutely, dude, please and then send me to Mars because I’m

Alex 14:56
either going to short circuit or becoming truly.

Harry 14:59
Yeah. I just pictured like Alex like some steam coming out of his brain I was like Alright, we gotta get this fuck it off

Alex 15:05
all the time I started a little long stocks is what I started doing

James 15:09
I think it’s gonna happen to those I think the market is gonna get like we’ve seen this like massive like on the money from like private equity and people with like large amounts of money trying to invest now in these companies. So I think it’s going to be like any sort of new company where we’re going to find out if it’s like a boom or if it’s a bust kind of asset.

Alex 15:27
Price Brahms prize we’re not having like aI sector plays. I

James 15:31
mean, I saw when chat GPT I tweeted that, yeah, we’re gonna get like news, like, you know, every small cap for anyone doesn’t know, they live off hype. So they use whatever’s in the media, and they usually their shit company will use whatever is the new pumpable news. And they’ll throw out a news article about it and try to pump up their own company. So I’m shocked too, but maybe it’s just not big enough yet. Because like when I bring it up to my parents, for example, like they still don’t really know what chat GBT is, most, most people who aren’t really actively online searching news and all that don’t really know too much yet. So it could just be too new and too

Alex 16:05
early. It makes sense, though. It makes sense though, because every year there’s like some sort of theme, right? Whether it be memes, stocks, whether it be oil stocks, because of the war, whether it be security, whatever it is, I think and like bro like, I wish I was like a guy that had a crystal ball. But I really think that the next sector that’s going to have a lot of legs, bro is going to be this AI shit.

Harry 16:26
That’s I think, too,

James 16:27
I agree seems to kind of be the consensus on Twitter to a lot. But I

The Difference Between the News in Canada and US

Harry 16:31
think I think what’s crazy is like the, the difference in news. And for in the US and Canada, for example, because here there are some people who don’t know who Elon Musk is, like, I’m straight up being completely serious. Like, like, if you come here and watch the news, like at least the local news, which a lot of people watch, but even the national news on here, it’s so bare bones like, liberal, not a lot going on not really showing anything. Like it’s it’s utterly insane when you read the Canadian news where like, if I didn’t have Twitter, or like, talk to you guys, or, you know, pay attention with my own kind of like news sources, I would have no fucking idea what’s going on in the world. Not Not a clue. Like all you hear about is yeah, we’re helping out Ukraine and COVID-19 is bad. And that’s literally the news here. Yeah, did

James 17:21
I mean what I found was bro,

Harry 17:23
come to Canada, it sounds

James 17:27
like 90% of people. And this is gonna sound extremely mean. But I think 90% of people are better off that way. Kind of just like going with the flow of their own life. Because then most people it sounds awful, shouldn’t have these crazy opinions. And they get too much into like the news. And I think that’s what’s happening in America in particular is that people are getting show over over obsessed with news. I mean, I go home, I see my parents watching the same news station 24/7. And I’m like,

Harry 17:50
is it CNN?

James 17:51
I’m not gonna describe that Clinton News Network. Yeah, exactly. Not not. But it’s just that’s the thing and it’s but it’s on both sides. You can go to you can go CNN, you can go Fox, you know, Newsmax, and you can even go to Twitter, and you can say, Oh my God, these people are obsessed. And that’s why I love this idea of AI, hopefully taking the right path and being like the overall end all be all new sources. So we will say it’s going to be really interesting. And I think that people are starting to really understand the power of technology. And I also think it’s awesome because there’s some Lazy, Lazy freakin people going around right now not not going to work, or they’re capable of work and they just choose not to, because they feel like oh, like they’ll always be jobs available. Nothing more would excite me for some of this technology to take people’s jobs who are being lazy about it, then who won’t accept it? So I think that’s what’s going to happen next. Makes sense. Yeah. But in right now, I mean, I don’t know things in the country are changing like markets definitely heating up a little bit. Markets way better. Markets are way better now than than previous podcasts. We’ve talked about. I don’t know. What do you guys think is going on with the large cap market we’ve bounced pretty big from the lows. You know, how do you guys see things shaping up going forward?

Alex 19:08
You go for her?

Harry 19:10
Well, to me, it’s like kind of a coin flip. You know, we have earnings season coming up and how are those earnings going to play out? I’ve heard a lot of reports that people went out and spent a lot of money this Christmas. Me personally, I didn’t see that where I live. It was pretty bare where I was like, I went to you know, I got my parents some nice gifts and shit like that. Like I got my dad like a shirt from LL Bean, which they just opened one up here where I live. So I went in there and that’s like, kind of an overpriced store. Like, I paid I think like $139 for one shirt. And there was no one in line. I just walked right through. I couldn’t believe it. Oh, my Christmas shopping. No one wasn’t lying. There were no lineups this year where I live. So to me that tells me that a lot of people were either spending a lot of money online, or they didn’t really have a lot of money to who kind of work with or spend because it is, you know, it costs a lot to live right now, it costs a lot to drive a car right now, like everything I feel is just like overpriced. Like, when’s the last time you went to the grocery store? And you’re like, wow, I got a deal on this. Like, never. I’ve never felt that way. And like, since before COVID, where something’s on sale, and I’m like, fuck, that was regular price, like a year and a half ago. You know, like, every time I go out, I just feel like I’m getting like ripped off. You know, I don’t know why, but it’s just, you know, like, for here for blocker cheese. It’s like 12 bucks. And it’s just, it’s like, insane. You know, so, every time I like get cheese, I’m like, fuck, I’m getting ripped off. Every time I buy any produce. I’m like, fuck, I’m getting ripped off. Anytime I bought any bread. Fuck, you know, like, you go over to the meat section. Okay, the chicken here is $35 for two chicken breasts. So it is insane. You know, like, it’s at actually insane. And there was one lady who, like, I’d already like checked out and I was walking away. And like, she got there and half her cart was like, full. And she was like, Yeah, I can’t afford the rest. And I was just crazy. You know, it’s that’s like what I see like, every day going to the store, you know, just like a lot of people really struggling here. So yeah, I didn’t see many people shopping here. Maybe it’s different in the States. But that’s kind of my perspective.

The Problem With Rich People

James 21:23
The problem is the rich people are still doing just fine. I mean, their 401 K’s might be a little lower than they have been in the past. But like, at least where I am with the wealthy in the top 10% of people are doing just fine. The people, the middle class are the ones who are struggling, like I don’t hear wealthy people complaining about the price of eggs right now. That’s just kind of how it is like they talk about it. But no, it’s not going to change someone’s view. But when the markets rebounding, you know, people seem to be in higher spirits. And I see it I mean, especially had like the shops and stuff, you know, when the markets doing better, people definitely are spending more, they’re tipping more, they’re happier than when things are in the shitter. You know, I think though, that I still am a higher believer that all these like market rallies that we’re experiencing right now we’re just going to be the kind of up and down cycle for a while until we have like a direct news, something headline that’s going to change the direction, you know, more permanently.

Harry 22:15
I also think for me, like I don’t care how much money I have, if I’m, if I have to pay $20 for a fucking block of cheese, I’m trying to say I’m getting ripped off. You know, like, no matter how much money I have, if I have to pay $20 for a block of cheese, like, it may not change, like I’m still eating cheese, obviously, I’m still eating eggs and driving a car and shit. But I’m still going to be like, wow, like I’m getting ripped off here. You know, I hate getting like ripped off like that. Like, to me, it’s just like a lot of people here are definitely getting taken advantage of. And what they did is they raised all the prices. And then they were like the first winter month is going to be a price lock. We’re not going to raise any prices. We’re here for you guys, you know, because there’s where I live, there’s two main grocery stores. That’s it. And both of them did this kind of like price lock thing. So they just jack up the prices two times in December said oh, we’re not going to raise the prices, price lock, blowout deals, and then you go there and it’s just like bruh like, you know, like a lot of my girlfriend’s friends are struggling really hard. A lot of my friends are struggling really hard because like you get a paycheck. It’s spent on food. That’s it.

The Long-term Effect of Inflation on the Market

James 23:24
Yeah, I mean, Alex, do you think do you think that this like prolonged inflation and now like with the Fed coming out saying obviously they’re not going to lower rates and 23 for anything they’re going to continue to raise? What kind of effect do you think that’s gonna have on like the overall market even though we are rebounding right now? What’s kind of your like, oh, look long term.

Alex 23:42
So here’s the thing, brothers couple things. Number one is earnings season is gonna be very important to see what happens is not really the numbers, it’s going to be the reaction. So for example, like let’s say, a company like Tesla is now 70% This year, chances are broke, as long as their earnings aren’t dogshit probably going to go up because the price like it’s a lot of bad news already priced in is what I feel like to me. I think there’s the most bearish people have been I think people don’t have any hope. I think I read somewhere that all like retail investors like dumped all their stocks and stuff like that. So it for me, I think that at least in the short term, we’ve probably have a bottom I think it’s gonna depend on earnings. What happened after the fact do stocks go up on bad earnings? That’s a signal that things are starting to get better. But overall, bro, I think we have probably about one more year 2023 of just being dogshit. And and I think next year is when it’s probably going to start to really take a course and rebound because the reality is this bro like eventually the Federal Reserve is going to drop rates, eventually they’re going to print money again. And eventually inflation is going to be an issue in the next 10 years is the same cycle that always repeats because Americans are stupid. We waste all of our money. Americans don’t have any money. We spend it all and the government bails us out and gives us more money which creates more inflation than ever To stop inflation, and then they’re gonna print money, and then inflation is gonna start again. That’s all that’s gonna happen. It’s just a matter of when is it gonna happen?

James 25:07
Yeah, I think too, like we’re kind of at this point like, I actually ran through a checklist like this was a couple of weeks ago, or when Amazon was at, like 80 bucks a share there. And I was like, thinking to myself, like, Why the hell am I not buying Amazon at 800? It’s Amazon. And I kind of ran through a checklist on my own head. I’m like, when you look at the news, right now, we know everything that’s coming up, they’ve the Fed has told us what they’re going to do for the next year, companies have told us the outlook of a bear market and that they’re doing layoffs, there has yet to be news, and I can’t predict any news, it’s actually gonna come and be like, holy shit, the markets going to zero. I mean, unless a nuclear war breaks out. And other than that, nothing’s going to change. So I kind of feel like we’re on the path of just we’re gonna bounce for a while or just bounce around, we’ll have these up and down days, just how the market usually is. Until we kind of come out of this, like I know from everyone I listen to people say be kind of cashflow positive and be really ready until 2025. Like it, which sounds like really, yeah, and well, you gotta

Alex 26:01
remember bros, even a company like Amazon when the 2000 crash happened, the stock went to like $8 or some shit, right? He thought split it just like split adjusted eight hours, like literally that $1 Right, because Amazon did like a 25 split. So it went to like one fucking Dollar Bank of America went to like, $2 you know what I’m saying? So like, when these things happen, like, in the short term, even I think Warren Buffett said, he’s like Berkshire Hathaway stock went minus 50% three times, three times is what he said that happened.

Positioning Your Money Properly

Alex 26:28
So like, look, these stocks are gonna go down 50% But probably when the rebound happens, they’re gonna rebound 500% So it’s just about being positioned in properly. And for me, I think that you know, I’m not investment advice, but like to be honest, like, you got to park some money on the side somewhere Park some money in investments Park some money in cash, but this year is going to, I think last year was the year that everything crashed. This year is the year that things are gonna get fixed. And then next year is the year where things are going to improve.

James 27:02
Yeah, I mean, you’re seeing it actually would like risk assets, right? Like we were talking about, like you’re seeing Bitcoin now bounced, like, Why do you think that’s happening now? All of a sudden, yeah,

Alex 27:10
bitcoins bouncing 30%. Guys. So as we’re recording this, Bitcoin went from 16,000 to 23,000. And I think that that signals because usually what happens is the market goes down, because people pull out money and put it into safer things, whether it be bonds, or whatever it is, because they’re paying such a high interest rate. So speculative assets, like stocks and Bitcoin go down when there’s a safer asset, like let’s say, the bank is paying you a high interest rate or Treasury bills are paying you right? What that’s telling me what the stock market bouncing and with Bitcoin balancing is that people are now speculating that risk assets are the best place to park your money, which is now going to restart that cycle of kind of bidding things higher. Yeah, and I also think,

Harry 27:55
like after Christmas, like, you know, like, people may have some extra cash on the side or whatever.

Alex 28:01
And don’t forget, bro, by the end of the year, everyone had to sell their stocks for losses for tax loss harvesting. So the last December was all tax loss harvesting, where people dump their stocks to save on taxes. So like, I’m sure that has like an effect on it as well. No. 100%.

James 28:15
And I guess one of the interesting things now we’re seeing is like, with all these risks, assets going back up like we’re seeing the small cap market, absolutely, like heat up. I mean, we haven’t, I don’t know knock on wood, like eight times, but we’ve had almost a runner every day since January 1. So I’ve seen you guys been doing really well. And now it’s I don’t know if you wanted to kind of before we wrap up touch on your trading a little bit because you’ve been you’ve been crushing it,

Alex 28:38
bro, I want to actually ask you about your ring, bro, I want to ask you about that sleep ring that you have, dude, because I haven’t been really getting too much sleep lately. So once that should actually work. So I want to ask you about that.

James 28:49
Insurance. So I’m the biggest skeptic of things, right? Like, I mean, I’m like one of those idiots that will buy like my girlfriend says I fall into gimmicks because I always buy shit but then I just need to test.

Alex 29:00
I am bro I just buy Showtime. Yeah. And,

James 29:03
and you know, I saw this and I saw a bunch of guys like really high level like traders and like smart people that I really respect like trying this thing out. And I’m like, like, Alright, I gotta do this because I’m one of those people. I’m anxious. I struggle with sleep. I’m very stressed all the time. So I’m like, you know, I need to start starting in 2023 focusing on my health. So I bought this thing man and I can’t believe how accurate and efficient the reporting of it is. I’ll show you guys kind of what it looks like. It’s just like this little ring and it has the sensors like if you can see that in there. And you wear it 24/7 I mean you don’t you can wear it in the shower like I don’t but dude, it is insane. Like the first night I wore it like it was a good quick story. First night I wore it I slept incredible I got like a great sleep score. And it said like you’re ready for the day and like you know you’re energetic and I it was weird. I felt amazing all that. The next night I went out with a friend for dinner that hadn’t seen in a while I had a drink, just like one alcoholic drink but I was out late and Then when I got home, I hit an exercise and like, I slept like shit and I woke up and it was like awful sleep score, you know you are, you need to like, watch out for this today try drinking water ticket, blah, blah, blah. The trade when I started trading that morning, I actually made two mistakes, which I never like I never do. And like when you think about it, like those days where you’re just kind of out of it and not good, it kind of gives you that and it’s like a tool for you to be Hey, I suck like shit last night, before I get to the desk, maybe I need to do something to wake myself up. So from here on out, if I get shitty sleep. I do like a quick exercise in the morning to kind of get my brain fluid and clear the brain fog. I tried to drink more water, and stuff like that. So it’s it’s actually amazing. And I know Alex, you were talking about it. And we’ve talked about this, since I’ve met you just sleeping, I highly recommend giving it a shot. And there’s also a Gucci version if you’re really interested in that. So it’s but it’s cool, man, it’s definitely cool. So highly recommended. It’s called Aura ring.

Do You Have to Wear a Heart Rate Monitor All the Time

Alex 30:58
You have to wear 24/7

James 31:01
You You don’t have to I choose to because I like to know throughout the day, like I always again, I’m an anxious person. So sometimes if I’m getting anxious, I checked my like heart rate. And it just says your heart rate is actually really low. And like there’s nothing there’s nothing going on. So it’s like it gives me that kind of clarity. And also it’s like something interest. I use it as a tool in trading. Like if I’m going to trade like sometimes I just look at it. And same if I’m like getting anxious for whatever reason, like it kind of helps center me back down and just to like, reset and same thing throughout the day. So yeah, it’s nice. And it’s nice to see that if you have a health goal, you’re heading towards that path. Like I attracts calories. The only thing is like I know people are gonna say an Apple Watch does a lot of the similar things. I have both one I can’t wear an Apple Watch when I sleep. I don’t know why I’m asleep zombie. I rip it off. It’s just a weird thing. And I also hate working out with an Apple watch because I feel like I’m being in on weights and shit. So I’ve come to really enjoy it and you know, you can only wear it if you want when you sleep for like that actual like data, but I don’t know, I found it’s very interesting. And I really care about health and fitness this year. It’s like a big focus. So yeah, highly recommend that they should sponsor me and I can you know, maybe get some free NYC

Harry 32:06
referral code, bro. Yeah, look at it.

James 32:09
Seriously, but yeah, man, it’s it’s helped. Like I said, it’s helped my trading a lot like I knock on wood, always. But trading has been awesome. In January, things have been going really well. Great start to the year. So I kind of am trying to assimilate body mind and health with performance. So yeah. Love it, bro. Love it. Great job. Good. But yeah, I mean, you guys have been crushing it too. So I’m really proud of you guys. Seriously.

Alex 32:33
Let’s keep it up, bro. Let’s keep it up. Like I was telling you, bro, before we started this podcast is we’ve been in a drought for a really long time. And this month may be a month to just clean up and make five month’s salary in one month. Yeah, so we got to stay focused. We got to be prepared. Yeah, what the opportunity is there, we got to capitalize

James 32:53
100% I think I had one question before we wrap up here. Because we’re coming up on that 45 minute mark. But Alex as a as a trader who has made so much money in your career, and then going to 2022 where you still made a lot of money, but not as much money as like previous years, like any trader in the world, the fact that you’re green is even insane to me and awesome. How do you How did you come to this year with the clear and ready mindset to perform and like not think I need to make more than I did in 21 to make up for having a maybe a lower year in 22 or not as much action and 22

Alex 33:29
You know, it is real for me, I just want to be able to show up. And if there’s an opportunity, I want to be able to capitalize on it. That’s the way my brain works based on opportunity. It’s if I see an opportunity, and I take advantage of it, that makes me happy. If I see an opportunity and I don’t take management, that makes me really upset. So seeing the lack of opportunity. Last year was definitely a mind game. It really definitely played with my mind a lot. But what I tried to remind myself, bro is just try to stay patient. You know, I’m trying to remind myself that, you know, trading is cyclical, you know, there are certain areas where there are certain time periods where you can make a lot of money and there’s certain time periods where it’s very slow. What I also tell people is let’s say you made $10,000 in 2020 But you made $0 in 2021 You know, you could just say that you know in 2020 made 5022 I want to make 5000 You know I’m saying that way you can kind of trick your brain into saying Yup, you made two year salary in one year you know trading is not very linear it doesn’t follow like a clear path so coming into this year as you guys know I reset my account. I did that kind of as like a test of myself to see how much more disciplined that could be because we were coming into the year with like not really much opportunity. We’re coming into the year with like nothing moving so I said this is the perfect chance to improve on my discipline and improve on my process by trading with a smaller account and you can’t make this shit up bro. Everything just went crazy. Everything you can make it up. So I came in expecting to have a slow start to the year expecting for everything to be shitty expecting to be everything horrible. And all of a sudden, bro, we had a first red day setup within the first two weeks and we’ve had markets going crazy the last time we had a first read they said it was Bed Bath and Beyond on so this is being recorded on January 21. The last time we had a first red day setup was recorded on August 17. Yeah. August September, October, November, December just five months ago, five months ago was the last time we had an opportunity like that. Yeah,

James 35:36
that well then it’s it’s good to see that you and it’s actually amazing because I feel like lowering your account made you better and you’ve kind of been like that for as long as it’s like you You almost perform better with this like

Alex 35:46
I do, bro I really do think I perform with less and like bro it’s it also comes down to like yeah, I perform really good with less but like bro like the bias comes in it says Like if I just had like a little bit more money to trade with I could have gone a little bigger and made a lot more money. So like, it’s it’s good, bro. It’s good to just country with a small account, take the money and run because I bro like, even with a small copper I’m putting up for five $6,000 days it’s million $2 million a year if I do that, which is great, but great fucking money. But then there’s like that competitive view that says, motherfucker, you bitch as PCs, fucking loser, you can do so much better. So like, that’s the battle that I fight with every single day is the battle of do I take the easy, predictable money and go enjoy my life? Or do I, you know, push and get more. And I’ve decided that this year is a year for me just to like focus on that consistency. Focus on making that easy, predictable money. And, you know, I’m not the type of trader where like brah it’s, do I like the money more? Or do I like the stress free more. And I’ve realized that being more stressed and making more money doesn’t make me happier. Yeah, so I have to make less money, be less stressed to be happier. That’s the scale that I’m focusing on right now. So I want to be able to make less money with less stress that leads to more happiness, rather than adding an extra zero being more stressed and being more unhappy for something that I don’t really fucking need, bro, I don’t really need that extra financial money if it means that’s going to make me unhappy. So I know a lot of people bro that make a metric shitload of money 1020 30 million, but their entire life 18 hours a day is the market bro. And like, for me, that’s just, I’m not willing to sacrifice that for money. So I’m just trying to focus on making less being happier and enjoying my life because towards the end of last year, I felt really frustrated that like you know, business was slow that trading was slow like everything was dead and made me very upset. So like, because I was upset towards the end of last year. I want to focus on this year more on like happiness and

James 38:18
all that. I’m really proud of you both. I think you guys are crushing it and

Harry 38:23
Thanks, bro. You too.

Alex 38:24
Yeah, bro. You’re killing it, bro. You’re fucking crushing.

Harry 38:27
Yeah, James do so all of us keep up the good work and yeah, probably good time to end it. So thanks, everyone for watching. Thanks, Alex for coming on. Thanks, James. And we’ll see everyone for the next one.


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