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James 0:01
Hey what’s up guys what’s going on? We are back with another episode of the after hours podcast. This one’s a little funky because I am driving but we wanted to make sure we still got you some fire content. So we are joined by special guests we are stepping he is one of the newest Junior mods at MIC and he has been absolutely crushing it for the last I don’t know few months that we’ve been watching So Stefan thank you for coming on brother!

Stefan 0:31
Thank you for having me guys yeah, thanks man.

Harry 0:37
Yeah, no it’s super good James is like lagging a little bit I guess all kind of like started off because James is just like kind of lagging so I guess like just start from the beginning like how did you kind of find trading and you know what kind of led you to MIC and then once you got to MIC just maybe go and talk a little bit about your journey. I know that you have been to some MIC meetups as well so maybe you can kind of get into that as well.

Stefan 1:07
Yeah, definitely yeah so I’ve been trading lighting like five seven years from now something like that first for literally like three four I was like inconsistent all the way I didn’t

Harry 1:21
We just cannot hear him at all

Stefan 1:25
Yeah, James He has to play well come on.

James 1:29
Can you can you guys hear me right now?

Harry 1:31
Not really well.

Harry 1:43
Okay hes gone okay, you can just keep going he’s just gonna come in!

Stefan 1:47
Yeah, so I’ve been trading like I said oh no, like five years something like that and three years I was pretty much inconsistent you know, we are losing all the time. We try many different chatrooms with Sykes and all that you know before I was talking shit about size but actually I’m thankful you know that I met him because you know he was the one who actually show us that you don’t have to be super smart super rich you know to be to enter the stock market and you know try to find a way you know find a way to make some money you know from the stock market I didn’t find consistency besides that and I was looking around many different judgments here and they’re just about to give up MIC show up you know, Bao was talking about how he wants to you know, change the whole situation about trading in order to show the right way how to make money you know, use risk management and all the other stuff and he was actually talking the real thing you know, real trading where to sell buy whatever, you know, no matter you know, it just lines you know, so I said I tried it a couple of times a couple of weeks I find some consistency there but I was really low in the money back then. So I needed to go back do my job you know, whatever I was doing I was driving traffic back there and I was studying a lot when I was when I was driving I save pretty much you know at least two years you know like I said two years for paying bills and all the other shit you know that you don’t have to be like worry about and yeah I started with a really like 100 shares man like 100 shares 500 shares dollar or something and you know slowly I was like pushing size and trying to make more of here and there and having also losing but you know, as long as you have your risk management intact, you know, and if you know how much you’re going to lose and you’re fine you don’t like you’re literally fine.

The Process of Evaluating a Stock

Harry 3:44

So okay, we have gone over like a lot of things so far. I guess like because like you are like you’re killing it right now. You know you have some great charts in the room. Yeah, yeah. So I mean, maybe you can kind of go a bit into kind of like I know you do use them I see process but I guess like you see a stock kind of get on your scanner, it kind of pops up what’s your kind of process to kind of like evaluate something like that and then how do you kind of go about like selecting lines and stuff like that? Because I know that’s going to be what people want to know because you know, you post your charts in the room people love them. You know people are going to be really interested I think in your kind of process and kind of your mindset towards kind of you know, maybe you see like a you know, a hot chick kind of pop up on your screen you want to take some short you feel it’s a bit overextended or something like that. I don’t want to put words in your mouth, but just kind of you’re processed, you know, geared towards that type of stuff.

Stefan 4:48
I mean, I have many different strategies that I use, like I use at least seven eight, I will say you know, strategies that I call you know, whatever you call it, but so for example, first of all, I don’t have any scanner, So I don’t do none on the scanner zero scanner is whatever you guys there in the morning. Like Tom or either guys, you know, Joe or something they’re posting it. And then I kind of figure out what is hot, you know, what is like what is up, you know what is 20 30 50% up, then I put a ticker on my main screen, spread it out, you know, I put it like, timeframe, sometimes three days, sometimes five days, sometimes six months, a year, two years. And I see where it’s like a good resistant point, you know, yeah, I don’t do nothing crazy. Nothing like Everything MIC teaches just pretty much you know, like Bao, whatever, everything is trading fish videos, and Bao golden nuggets. Those are my favorite two, I watch them almost every day even, you know, like, every day or pretty much all the time. And so what I do, you know, I, for example, have specific share amount that I want to use for that day for a ticker, I know, max loss and that he can I’m going to use on that, like, specific loss and that they get they’re going to use and I see the lines were like good resistance points from the previous one, you know, and people see, you know, like, on the front side, many people asked me, like, how you sore front side. First of all, I don’t use like big size on the front side, you know, it’s only like, 30 40% If I see big resistance that I might use a little bit more, but I will have tighter risk. But I usually you know, end up really bad when you find a trend, you know, so you don’t want to do that you always want to like, you know, use Okay, size that you’re going to be able to add more do other stuff. And he’s a lot of these channeling, you know, so I get a little bit. I mean, I don’t use crazy size, it’s like 4000 to 10,000 shares, you know, that’s and that 1000 shares, usually is when I’m done, you know, when I’m averaging up to kind of get my position better you’re trying to like, but so. And with that amount, you can make it not easy, but you can make pretty much 1000 to 3000 bucks.

Harry 7:02
Yeah, that’s yeah, I do as well.

Stefan 7:06
And after me for now, you know, like, I find some persistence, you’re not gonna vote and I’m gonna just push it go slowly, don’t raise much. And you know, I’m fine losing two 3000 bucks in a day, even five, no big deal, you know, because I know, I gotta make it in a day or two days, three days a week, no matter. So. Yeah, man. I mean, that’s like a short, you know, way. Oh, yeah.

Harry 7:30
I noticed that you did talk about kind of the resistance from like, either the previous day or off a daily chart when it’s on the front side. Yeah, I think that’s also important to know, because like, when you kind of get that front side move before the top is set, the only lines that you really have to work with are off the daily chart and are off those kind of previous levels, you know, but once the top is set, then you have those other types of levels that have been kind of drawn out for you that you’re able to kind of take a trade off of. Okay, James is back now what’s up talking about the beginning of his journey, and just stuff like that. And just like kind of like picking lines off to the top of set, that’s what I’m kind of talking about right now. And so, you know, so is so that kind of your process as well because that’s kind of what I do is like if if we don’t have kind of clear edge lines from like a top being set, then I’m going to look at 10 of the daily chart and things before that’s kind of what you do as well.

Stefan 8:29
Actually that I use a lot like a float you know, you don’t want to mess with a low float with a size so the smaller float the last size you have to use because low Florida jumpy is crazy, you know, can go dollars like nothing, you know, go through all the lines, even if there is a big resistance line on the left or year or whatever, when it’s slow close, that thing can rip like nothing. So they have to be really careful like watching the float and I also like don’t like high institutional ownership, you know, I really don’t like that I usually lose on that kind of setups. So I trade them too. But I look out outer lines, like all the way like you know, like fantasy on top of diversity you know like you don’t ask me that, so it showed a lot of first resistance you know I figured out this like really good strategy for shorting you know like when the top and stuff like if this is like

Harry 9:33
Yeah, yeah

Stefan 9:35
Second time you’re sure you have predefined risk you know like so yeah, just play sword I know it’s scary for most people like hey this mean like how you doing you know, here and there. You always predefine your risk, you know, food, whatever share size, you’re fine and add like 234 ads. I like to have more ads because I don’t want to miss more, you know, so I have all the way down and all the way up, you know, and, for example, I’m going to Share this one I might help someone I use. So the bottom the bottom shorts are like smaller size and then I kind of doubling up, you know, not all the time, but for example, I use 500,000 I use 1000 It was like 3000 If I have 5000 Max position, or whatever six 7000 shares, you know, but it’s like I said, you know, I don’t go full size immediately. I always like, you know, making 50 bucks 100 bucks suited to kind of bugs over and over all the time adds up. I mean, I made like, I’m going to share I don’t care. I made like, what is today? One? What is the one it kind of fucked me up a little bit? But I made like 1500 today and I’m good man. You know, it’s it’s not been crazy day. Nothing but pays the bills and you know, yeah, good day. Sometimes it’s much better. Sometimes it’s less, but the green is green.

How Long Did It Take Him to Build Confidence to Size Into Trades?

Harry 10:48
No, I do. I like that idea of like okay. Yo, James. Good. You’re good. Okay, no, no, no, we’re talking. Your kind of like lagging a little bit.

James 11:06
I was. Is it fine now?

Harry 11:10
Yeah, keep on you can talk now. Yeah, sorry. I

James 11:13
I don’t know why it’s; I mean, I have pulled over. I guess my biggest question for you is like I everyone that messages me like about questions about your chart stuff. And pretty much everyone wants to know like, how you’re so confident because sometimes it even looks like there’s no clear resistance level or you know, sometimes you’re like you’re hitting tops of things consistently that the chart is even formed. Like I know you’re going back and seeing that but how long did it take you to get that confidence to like size into those trades and actually take them as they came because you’re matching Baos trades.

Stefan 11:46
Like I said, I don’t use crazy sorry, on the front side, you know, when you see me like catching up, it’s like, you know, I don’t use I use 1000 shares the most like three, three bullets, 300 shares, and I find that stocks go down 10 20 cents, I’m taking off like 50 bucks, 100 bucks. I mean, sometimes I go with bigger size, but most of the time is like 1000 to 3000 shares the most you know that I’m using one frontside or something, you know, so, I mean, I’m pushing myself trying to figure out you know, the ways how I’m going to expand my team, you know, I know my setups where I make the most money that that can go like through with up and then pushing like, when they’re when the stocks it’s like my favorite setup is so that death candle when they go through without him then when the when, and the stock go up, I short every pop because you have predefined risk, and there is a lot of Long’s stuck on top. So there is a lot of people who wants to get out, you know, for small loss or breakeven, you know, so I’m, yeah, I’ve been paid.

James 12:46
the biggest thing with you that motivates you is like, I think the biggest lesson that I think all traders should take is that one, you aren’t trying to hammer size every single trade right and that allows you to be comfortable, right? Like you’re if you have wiggle room, you’re not so nervous that the stock goes against you because what I love about your charts, is they never seem uncontrolled, but you always seem to be on top of the trade and like always in the driver’s seat. And I think that’s where newer traders really struggle is they get so spooked, and the stock goes against them, but you’ve learned to size so comfortably that you don’t ever seem to panic when it goes against you!

Stefan 13:22
For that but you know the last time you use that I mean for some people 10,000 shares is like nothing you know for some people you just have to find sweet spot where it’s good for you what makes you money you know like I don’t compete with no one I really liked when people say it’s all him telling me that you know like you have similar charts with Bao and it is it is like that you know but like I said I find my sweet spot shortening our outer lines middle less sighs and even we let sighs man you can like get and make like nice money you know 100 To 300 bucks in a trade and a clip over and over. I mean come on like you know it’s not that bad and adds up in overtime over I don’t do nothing than trading I only trade, so I have all day for myself. So yeah, I’ll just wait.

James 14:10
Yeah, how did you find your sweet spot was sighs like how did you get to like to understand like, okay, these are the levels I’m comfortable using this size that did you ever have a moment where you oversized? Or like you got screwed up for that?

Stefan 14:24
Yeah, I mean before like I was really pushing size that you know, I had money backing out since I was driving that truck and I was willing to lose 10 Even 15,000 In a day you know I wouldn’t it will be a lot, but you know I will be I still had some money in a bank. I’ll be okay you know, but yeah, I did couple of times last like 15 20 30k man even more you know, I don’t want to talk but yeah, he was really bad you might cost me like a lot. You know, at some point I actually needed to go back again, and drive truck again clear my mind and that was the hardest part. I’d actually I lost 180,000 In three days last year. Wow. So, yeah, and I was really kind of fucked up because I was almost 90 80 90% of what I made a whole year. So, I lost it in three days. That was really hard for me, I was like, locked in a room, you know, I was like, it was really hard, you know, too, for me to go again, you know, and I was like, fuck this shit, you know, I’m going to go back check again, make some money clear my mind, I know what I’m doing. I know that I can make money, you know. So, I was like, I’m going to clear my mind a little bit when trucking again, or month, two, three, I don’t know how long it was. And when it came back, I was like, okay, you know, you don’t want to play with more size that you know you are comfortable to do. So, I put myself Max daily was 10k. And that’s all like, if I lose 10k that’s done no more you finish I can enter the trade and you know, and I will be able to make the money back. So that’s most important thing to lock yourself a certain amount that you will be able to make that in a week or two weeks or something like that, you know, you don’t hurt that much.

James 16:10
So, how did you get back from that? Because that’s like, a lot of money for some people. Right?

Stefan 16:16
It was that’s honestly, I came from Serbia, man. Like, all of that money. It’s like, a lot. You know, I never had you know, like, you are just a lot of money, you know? And I was like, it was so hard for me. Like I said, you know, I didn’t talk no one pretty much. You know, I didn’t say no one. When that happened, I was really quiet with myself, you know, trying to figure out what I’m going to do how I’m going to get out of the hole. So yeah, I went tracking all by myself, it was so fucking hard, you know. But yeah, I was like, I want to do this shit. And I want to trade a lot of trading gives him a lot of freedom and gives me stuff that I want. So, you know, making 1000 bucks doing pretty much nothing. I mean, not nothing. But what we do we click buttons. And I’ll say here. Yeah, it’s not that, you know. That is?

James 17:05
That is crazy. Did you have friends and family? Did they know? Like, how much of a loss you took? Or did you kind of keep that private for a while? I can’t.

Stefan 17:12
I told I told everyone after that happened. So, you know, they’re like, you’re a gambler. You’re here. And there, you know, we used to do here and there. But I always believed myself. And even right now, I mean, it’s hard, man. It’s freaking hard. We all know that this shit is not easy now. But if we have a good rest-based management, if you follow the rules that MIC creates, there’s so many rules, man, and you have to you have to trade after 1030. I mean, he might trade but he never posts a chart or something, probably he doesn’t trade in hand, like, you know, and that’s one of the biggest rules for a short selling, you know, don’t short off the 1030 Wait, 2pm it’s like, you know, reversal hours here and there. For me, it’s still hard to, to get away from the desk, you know, after 11 or something, but I do when I make very make money that I want. I leave the house and I’m done. I turn off, you know, and it’s really hard because it’s never not you know, no matter how much you make, it will be always Oh, man, I want to love you more, I want a little bit more. And then after 20 minutes, you’re like, zero or minus, whatever, you know. So yeah, it’s always been.

What Was Your Mindset Leading Up to Your Losses?

Harry 18:23
I just have one quick question. And it has to do with the kind of losses that you just talked about? Because like, I mean, there’s a lot of things that definitely can be learned. I mean, I just I just have like a couple questions. I don’t mean to hammer you on the topic.

James 18:40
But maybe you want to dig into that loss.

Harry 18:45
know from me personally as a trader, I mean, maybe you could talk about maybe your mindset, like leading up to those days like did it did you did you feel like any pressure to make money or did they just come out of the blue? Or like maybe there was just something going on that you didn’t realise? Because like I mean, I find like like if I look back at my trading career like and I have one big big loss that was accidental that I didn’t mean to lose that much money at all I didn’t mean to be that oversized in the fucking trade like that was that was bullshit. But um, like as far as my other like, kind of like big ish losses go. They always came around like if there was like an issue and like relationships or just like if I wasn’t really taking my health seriously, and I was just like drinking and on Iran or if there was just shit like that going on or I had a bill or something like that. But was there anything kind of leading up in your like life or lifestyle that kind of maybe triggered you to go into that zone or anything like that? Maybe?

Stefan 19:55
Honestly, my life was pretty much okay, but then I didn’t have anything crazy about it. You know, like I was just fighting the trend you know trying to I was actually longing for this time when I lost 60k I was longing man like and I tried to catch the top we went all the way under we woke up and I was like man, this sheet has to bounce I started with like, stock was $19 and I started with 500 1000 2000 shares, I think like 4000 shares or something and then my Max Max whatever I add, he was like, I like around around 350,000 You know $350,000 with margin and 40,000 that then that that that day and went a little bit more down and I started like but like covering like, selling the selling my position. And all this stuff was still going down in July so everything stock bounced like after our bounce all the way up. He was some bullshit. The Bill Gates companies something Bill Gates was pumping that sheet or something I don’t know. Like, oh,

Harry 21:03
That was a COVID one wasn’t it? Yeah.

Stefan 21:07
So first day, I lost 60k Then second day, I was like, Man, that’s a that’s a lot. That’s why I’m going to make it back here. Bomb again. Like slamming the sides didn’t even know 100% All emotional 100% or emotional trading. I was down again. Thank you. I was like no American take that loss bomb again. 50k like that. I was shorting it went against me like nothing. Yeah. And then Thursday, I was down like, I mean, I think 100 under 100k or 9k or something like that. And then Thursday, I was like fuck it, this is the day I’m going to get back and then again, you know, like, messing around doing crazy shit. And I was like, sitting here in the room like that. And I was like, Man, I saw my accommodate so everything I was like man had the fog does happen. You know, it was so bad. Like four days i i have a roommate, you know, he didn’t even like he didn’t realize he just figured out that I was quiet. But you know, I still go out play tennis do my shit playing basketball you know? But he was so bad like hard in my mind to Berea high cardio like I said, I don’t want to talk about that it’s done. It’s over. I don’t want to put myself in that position like that no more. I have my risk. I have like manage daily on a on a broker level. I have my daily on a ticker I have many other like stuff around you know, so they wouldn’t have been no more. I just want to look for the better trade good shade and making money.

Biggest Long and Short Losses

Harry 22:31
Longs that you lost on or we’re a couple of them.

Stefan 22:34
It was one long into shorts. One long into shorts.

Harry 22:39
A year ago, like that whole like a year and a half. However, long ago, market was crazy. We had extreme volatility to the upside, extreme volatility to the downside, I remember a ton of those stocks would just go up have a ton of chasers and then they just wouldn’t bounce. Because we have so many people who bought at the highs and more stock that every single Prop would just get sold off and sold off and sold off. And everyone’s like, oh, why is first bounce, not working. And I’m like, bro, we have so many people who are longing at prices like 1920 bucks, that by the time it even reaches 16 and $15. And they’re underwater. You think there’s anyone buying there’s not even shorts underwater, because they’ve all got squeezed on the front side because the moves were so fucking insane. And that’s why I was like, like boys like you need to be shorting or you need to be longing first bounces on tickers that no one knows not on like the 18th day of friggin CCIV, or whatever, these friggin crazy Kodak are these crazy stocks that like we have players all over, you know. And that that was what was most insane to me is the amount of volatility to the upside and the lack of bounces on the downside and just the lack of follow through on just kind of like just for any type of bounce on the on the upside really

Stefan 24:01
Is that they want to happen, you know, my biggest loss, I never long I do from time to time, you know, like from time to time along here and there. But you know, because I have zero long strategies, you know, like literally zero. So, I would love to have at least one or two, you know, to kind of figure out some stuff, you know, you know, I’m pretty good with covers. So, I was thinking, you know, why you don’t go long, you know, when you cover, you know, your short position, you know.

Harry 24:28
But a lot of our covers do seem to match up when they when it bounces you know, I mean I’m sure if you double long.

Stefan 24:36
I love your commentary, you know, you’re really helpful in a room, you know, like when people are saying when you’re saying like, hey, you know, this is nobody like, you know, I’m like, Okay, what is the line that I want? If the car doesn’t want, you know, honestly, like, I know you put so much time you know, in tape reading and do other shit, you know, and it’s just, it’s like when you’re alert. I mean alert when you say hey This is not what I am looking for something, bro. I’m there you know, I’m like waiting for the pop.

Harry 25:04
Well, we haven’t. We haven’t paid teams a lot bro like I don’t know if that’s the right word to fucking say but a lot of instances we’re both in and like well even today I was like I wouldn’t want to short under five on PRPO oh that I literally tagged you on short we ended up going to 30 I don’t know if you shorted when it got above highs. But I remember I messaged you and I was like bro like I just tagged you in the chat. I was like bro I wouldn’t want to there be another time on PRPO to where it was trading at like six bucks. And I was like I’m not longing this breakout or whatever I’d rather just short it and I believe we both nailed the short I just didn’t post it but we both nailed the fucking short on it. And oh, I mean it’s dope cuz like I just I love those like I really love those like in the moment plays where you have a good read on something and you’re able to share it like because our our time right?

Stefan 26:11
Comes with screen time a lot. You know, honestly that that comes a lot with screen time. Yeah, there is a line here and there, but you know sometimes just feeling you know, like it is like a little bit of feeling in a trade you know, it’s not all the time like a black and white there is many things in between purple, yellow, green, all around, you know, and it’s up to you. What is your risk in a moment and yeah, man, I love trading honestly, like trading is so freaking because it’s so hard to kind of figure out you know, the way how to you know.

Harry 26:45
I think because like your size also like the sizing that you talked about. A lot of it for me at least comes on when I can get a good read. Like if there if I have a really good read on like, I think this stuff is coming or I think whatever is coming, I’m okay with taking some short you know, I’m okay with that. If I really think a bounce is coming, I’m okay with sizing and a little bit larger because I just have that extra conviction in my gut and that’s what really comes with experience.

Stefan 27:15
I will support it 100% To be honest Yeah 100%

James 27:20
I think of something somebody I’m super interested in it’s like Stefan, you have such a clear appetite for risk. Right like I don’t know many people who can throw on size like that early on, and like not being terrified right and so like how you have conviction now but how do you keep yourself from like diving back into that level of like risk and like not being afraid Yeah.

Stefan 27:48
Again, we probably talking about my loss you know that I have crazy loss, honestly, like I was 100% sure that this thing is going to bounce and I use sounds that I was like you know not comfortable at all, you know, like I use like it was I think 17 or 18 or $18 and I put like it is like 18,000 bucks and then went down and I was down like 4000 bucks or something and I was like you know what I’m going to this is this is that bottle has to be been double size. Whatever amount of money bomb down I had more bomb down. I was like, fuck, like I couldn’t get a bounce to get like at least smaller loss or breakeven that I was hoping you know, never get that loss. That’s why it’s short Allah that kind of thing because I know the feeling how it is when I was like praying, please backing bounce. Bounce please.

The Importance of Longing Before Shorting

James 28:45
Praying the gods you don’t know.

Harry 28:48
I know but I think that that’s a good lesson because when you have longed before shorting you understand so much and if you’ve shorted before long and you also understand so much because I remember when I first started shorting, I was slamming the lows I saw a little bit of a red ticker on like this comp or you know red candle. I was like this company is a piece of shit, it’s going down I’m slamming the lows, it doesn’t matter what price I get in that it’s still going lower I can slam it lower I don’t need to short pops and that’s the same thing as when you’re longing at the highs really I mean when we all clown people who are longing at the highs but if you’re shorting the lows you’re doing the exact same thing you know exact same thing.

Stefan 29:32
I also want to also say about what really helps me a lot with my short game is I stopped chasing I stopped chasing low I do want in 20 trades that I that I go chase you know yeah, I’ll go chase but don’t you don’t want to share like stock is like going down you don’t want to short wait for a pop. Wait for a pop and saw that pop, you know?

Harry 29:59
Yeah, I agree. It completely I agree. 100% Yeah, you got to be shorting the Pops and you got to be willing to long the depths and it is a bit scary it is yeah, I mean, if you’re not comfortable, but the more you do it and the more experience you gain, that’s how you really grow and account and get consistency and that’s how you really get the best risk reward for your trades.

James 30:19
Absolutely the biggest thing that like Stefan I think shows like traders like newer guys didn’t MIC is that once you reach that level of confidence in yourself and in your setups, like attacking things aren’t scary anymore and you like developed almost like your own sizing system that allows you to kind of do anything and I mean, I see you trading like Penny Stocks for like $10 stocks to $20 stocks and you kind of trade the exact same way every time.

Stefan 30:50
I mean, come on every single thing I learn every single thing what I learned is from bow if you look at his charts and he’s just freaking art in my mind man like Yeah, that guy is just amazing what he does it is and you know, but we can do to command like practice to the small size go Why would you short low if you can wait for if you can wait for a pop and short the first resistance for example you know what like, if you miss that’s fine you miss then wait for other setup maybe that candle and then show the book. So, there is 1 1 stock in a day there is at least five setups or five different ways how you can trade you know it’s up to you would you got to go when you’re going to go along short, what is the risk? How much you’re going to raise? Well, you know, but there’s so many opportunities all around you know, like to, to train? Absolutely. Again, you don’t have to use Squeezy sides. I never had like, Alex like Alex days or bow days 50 100,000 bucks in a day. hope one day, you know, when the market and everything goes crazy, you know, but again, but you know, making again, like 500 bucks, 1000 3000 bucks, man.

James 32:10
What’s amazing about you is like you’ve been to the highest, like you’ve had the lowest lows. And like you already know. Yeah. I don’t know how many trainers who can rewire their brain to like, accept like a $1,500 day, which is an amazing day. But like, I seriously, like commend you. I think it’s like fucking insane. And seeing you do it at a consistent level. Like I’m telling you, many people would take those losses and quit, and they’d be done. I mean, I can’t say I’d stomach it. So, it’s impressive.

Stefan 32:43
That money when I lost it was all my fault, bro. It was emotional trading. It was not planning trading. It was random bullshit trading. You have your own plan, you know, please ordered and have a stop, you know, and you’re fine. If you lose 100 bucks, you’re fine. You pre plan that that trade and you’re good. You can think like, you can’t be mad at yourself because you lost it’s just the setup didn’t work, you know, find a better setup. You know?

James 33:12
That’s awesome.

Harry 33:14
Kind of ended on as well because it’s kind of been I think, like 3040 minutes or something like that. I don’t know something like that. So

James 33:21
Thats good. Yeah, are you going to wrap it up?

Harry 33:26
Yeah, no, I mean, I just thought it was a really good chat. And yeah, thanks for coming on.

Stefan 33:34
Man, when it comes to blessing.



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