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Welcome to the After Hours Podcast Hosted by Harry Hoss and James Freedlender Presented by My Investing Club



James 0:12
What’s going on guys, we’re back with another episode of The After Hours Podcast. Today we have John who is a member of MIC. He’s been a member for a little bit now. And we’ve we’ve all been chatting back and forth for a while. So we’re glad to finally get him on. So thank you for coming on!

John 0:26
Oh, man, thank you guys so much for the opportunity to come on.

James 0:31
Of course do of course, we’re glad to have you. So in classic form, we’ll start off, if you could tell us a little bit about yourself, your background, how you got into trading, and then how you kind of eventually found MIC.

John 0:42
Cool. So I so my background is I got an entrepreneurial background, I first started in the online space of getting into affiliate marketing, I really wanted to build my own business, do something for myself. So back in 2017, or 2016, I should say really kind of I just started looking at different opportunities, different things to do. And I did kind of well, in that, but it just didn’t didn’t give me the traction. It just didn’t give me what I wanted to do. And, and then crypto became really big in 2017. And I remember I was buying Bitcoin at like $1,500, which is I know, right now I’m just sitting I don’t own any of it. So you’re like, wow, um, but I started in 2017, I started getting into more of the crypto. And then, because I had the marketing background, which I was already doing for a couple years, my buddy hooked me up with somebody that was which I didn’t know at the time, but the company that he was running, who’s creating his own coin? I thought it was you know, I thought this was it. I thought man this is make me tick, you know? Yeah, exactly. I’m gonna retire working with this guy. What I didn’t know is that I was operating a back end of a pyramid scheme or a Ponzi hole. So I mean, I had no idea until you know, in the structure of the company was the coin is you buy the coin, and then you reinvest it back into the business, they have somebody on the back end trading it, and then they pay you a dividend. To me, that sounded great. I thought, wow, this is actually really good business model. Yeah. Um, what I didn’t know is that he was going to pump up the coin and then sell off, and then we would never hear from him again. Jesus. Yeah, I know. So it was really bad. I mean, I got caught into it too, because I really believed in, you know, this company is dream. So what that would, how that launched me into my trading careers that I said, you know, what, how do you do this without getting involved in stuff like this? Now, I didn’t know at the time that, you know, there was actually pumping dumps in the stock market. So I really didn’t have any market knowledge besides the crypto market. Um, but it’s what sparked my interest. So once I got done with that, I was I want to say when all that happened is this is when Bitcoin tank this is beginning of 2018 and 2017. So I did like what anybody else does, how do you make How do you make money online? You know, how are you with with with trading, and the first person that came up with Tim Sykes, and of course, his marketing hit me hard, you know, I was getting pop ups here, left, left and right. So I filled out the application for his challenge wanted to see what it was about. And I made the jump, you know, I had I had some money left from, you know, all my other ventures. So I thought, You know what, this is, this is gonna, this is my next My next step. So I got involved with Tim Sykes program. And, you know, I just, it was information overload, I should say, yeah, so I started off, I just, I just hit the books, I started learning everything that I could, um, and that’s when I actually realised what I was in. When I was with that crypto company. I really, he kind of taught me what a pump and dump was because that, you know, that’s what he, you know, he teaches So, I got involved in that. But really, the information was just like information overload. I didn’t know where to go, like, you know, I was like this guy by myself. I thought I was gonna have all this support, you know, but for me, I was so determined that I just thought you know, I’m just gonna keep hammering all this information I’m just gonna do but then when I when it came to actual trading, I had I didn’t know what to do.

James 4:59
Were you executing? Or are you just like nervous to even literally trade?

John 5:09
I didn’t really know the process? Yeah, no, they didn’t have a process, I should say. I mean, yeah, they hear the steps of finding pump and dumps. But, I mean, we all know this, they read that it’s a it’s a rarity when you’ve actually get those huge, huge moves that, you know, that that they’re looking for. So for me, I didn’t I wasn’t familiar with it. But I also had to put the time in. So I thought, you know, let me just keep keep at this. And, you know, I wanted to bring this up, because this is a great opportunity. Is that in? I believe it was August or September MIC. Started, yeah, in. And it was 2018. I want to say, you guys were running Platinum for 2500 – 3,000. For the beginning for that initial start. Yeah. It was like as an I kept hearing about IU investors underground. And I just heard a lot of people talk about IU. Well, because of MIC. So I knew I just was like, you know, I’ll go with I’ll go without you. Which honestly, I don’t regret. But I do at the same time, because I really wish I was a founding member. I really wish I was here for the beginning. Because I really think that my career in trading would have been way more accelerated than that it has been. But I trust the journey. And I’m here now. So but yeah, I thought there was a funny story that, you know, I remember seeing that. And I was like, you know, what, am I gonna pay $2,000 for one year? Or should I pay 3000 for a Platinum with these guys?

The Value of Day-To-Day Trading

James 6:51
I forgot. I don’t know what Platinum is now. But it’s like, it’s like what Tosh says right to get stuck. I think it’s like eight to 10k. Now, I know. For I know, I don’t even remember. But it’s true. It’s like I mean, the cool thing about MIC is that there is such a value like day to day. And I’m like you I did try other communities like that it was a very brief period. But like, I don’t know, I tried them. I’m not gonna bash anyone. I mean, that’s whatever. But there was just, it was like, night and day between the way that MIC operates as a community, even just like day to day talking to moderators, like most places, you can’t even talk to, like the mods or like people who run it, like, ignore you tell you, it tell you to watch some, like couple year old video. And it’s like, it’s like, look, it’s just like, unfortunately, like the market doesn’t work like that. Like, like everything going on today. The stuff that Harry was longing yesterday, or, you know, last month, two months ago with the stuff I was shorting things have already changed. That is what happens. Yeah, it’s so it’s cool. So the last one quick, before we keep going, you said you had the entrepreneurial background? Did you? Do you have any family that’s into, like entrepreneurship?

John 7:55
Yeah, cool. Cool, you know? Yeah, it was something new, you know, I, it just intrigued me to work for yourself. Yeah, do for your own. And it’s just been great.

James 8:12
I consider I mean, I consider traders like entrepreneurs too. And, you know, I mean, obviously, for anyone who knows me, like I have a business outside of trading. And it’s like, I think being an entrepreneur, like, I don’t say it’s about myself, because I don’t feel that way. But just from what I recognized, and like seeing other people be doing what we do here, or like operating a business or whatever, it takes a lot of, like, I don’t want to say balls, but it kind of does, it just takes like a lot of like guts to really put yourself out there and like trusting what you’re doing. And I feel like I never recognize the correlation between business ownership and trading and how much you have to trust the process of your, your own business and what you’re operating and, and how it’s gonna spit out profits and stuff like that. So I think it’s pretty cool.

The Importance of Believing in Yourself as an Entrepreneur

Harry 8:55
And I think also, like, you know, if you’re running a business or doing whatever, like, you have to believe in yourself a lot. You know, like, there’s a lot of people who are just like, not confident, like in their own abilities, and, you know, when they’re approached with the challenge, they’re like, oh, man, I can’t do this, or, Oh, man, I can’t do that. But like, you know, I think like, especially with like, anyone who’s into trading or entrepreneurship, you know, you have to really, really believe in yourself in order to kind of, I think, take that leap of faith and just, you know, it’s really a leap of like, kinda like blind faith, you know, like, you don’t know if trainings in a workout, you don’t know if like, your business is going to work out or whatever, but you’re like, Man, I believe in myself. I know, I can do this. I know I can get better. And I think that is really, you know, I guess like for me, like, where that where that comes from? So like, once you joined MIC, what was, you know, maybe some things you learned, or like, wish you had done or like, Are there any things like that or like, how are you doing now? Maybe we could like go back into your trading journey.

John 10:00
Yeah, no, of course. Yeah. So, um, I joined MIC, at the beginning of 2020, made the leap. And from the start, I mean, I already knew that MIC was different from all the other communities just because of, you know, that support aspect, you know, you came in, and the first thing that they say is, you know, we talked about, I should say, is the process, you know, what is your process? Are you going inside the market, and you know, what you’re going to be doing every single day? You know, and I kind of wrote it down, you know, because of the fact that, you know, yeah, I have to just so, I mean, it’s, it’s becoming, you’re almost becoming a robot, you’re almost becoming a robot to the process. And, and, and that’s what MIC taught me, they taught me, you know, sizing incorrectly, they saw me that the right stocks to look at, you know, and I kind of had the price action and knew, you know, how to read price action, but I wouldn’t want to say MIC molded me to learn how to actually trade it by by what you got, but by what MIC teaches, you know, the 30% rule sizing incorrectly knowing when to go short, you know, waiting for under VWAP. Looking at the the the runners on the day, you know, stocks with falling, having your risk. I mean, the major thing is risk management. I mean, that’s the biggest thing. I before Nic, I think I was I blew up three accounts. And I don’t think I traded longer than two weeks in each of those accounts. i Yeah. Oh, yeah. Because I was just emotional. I was sizing in too big. I didn’t have this the support of the community to kind of just bring me back down to say, you know, it, you know, this is a this is a journey.

James 12:01
What’s the word? Marathon? not a sprint.

Marathon Not a Sprint

John 12:03
Yeah, marathon, not a sprint. And, yeah, I just, you just didn’t have that kind of support in other places. So when I joined them, I see it totally changed my trading completely. Now, I started back up trading in beginning of November, in my account still alive.

James 12:24
Yeah, you go there you guys. I did. I think it’s funny. Like, I’ve been around for a long time. It’s so so it’s hairy now. And it’s like, honest to God until MIC started, like, I never saw people on like Twitter or anything like that. Talking about, like, Max daily losses, hard stops, like, I see people make fun of that. So risk meant, yeah, risk management in general. Like if they, they would just say, oh, like, you know, stop out quickly. Basically, it was like the the thing and it’s like, but how, like, What do you mean? Like how, you know, how do you know when enough is enough? And, and it was really until I see that I had the same problem. Initially, I just, I wouldn’t know how to take a loss. Like I just I wouldn’t know where to size, it wouldn’t know where to do that. So it’s like, I think it’s a testament to where you’re at now. It’s cool to see because clearly, it’s night and day, right? Before you didn’t have that risk management aspect of like, I need to protect my account, I need to protect myself. And now you kind of do. So where would Where are you now? Like, how was your trading going? You know, what are your best kind of setups and you know, what’s kind of what’s what is it going to be for you going forward?

John 13:23
So my my setups now i I’m sure short, biased trader. And I’ve gained consistency in my trading to the point where I’m, I don’t think I don’t want to say that I can go full time yet because I’m just not there. I mean, do I think that I will one day, of course. But right now, it’s just getting those small gains. I’m not really worried about the gains, I’m just worried about the trading. Even though I’ve been here, you know, been doing this, you know, now about going into four years. You know, I’m not even thinking about that I’m just focused on trading Well, you know, just trading my setups and refining those. And right now, I’m only focused on, you know, one or two setups. I like the first red day setup when they do come back. But since that’s not an all the time, I’m mostly shorting into resistance. So I’m shorting the open, I’m waiting for, you know, the big top out moves away for the slams. And then, you know, once it gets under VWAP. You know, then I’m starting in a position, you know, risking over VWAP. And then once the trade starts working, you know, then I’ll start adding into the position start going full size, you know, waiting for those confirmation type setups, rather than anticipation.

Harry 14:49
I think that’s super key. Like there’s a podcast coming out today where we talked about, you know, with Trev where you know, if you You’re trading, like, let’s say, you know, 100 shares, like there’s you could do, like you could fill like, you know, 20 or 30 shares on the front side and then add all that in on the I’m not saying that, you know, that’s what you’re trying to throw. Yeah. But, you know, if you’re, let’s say, like, keep it simple, you know, oh, I guess it came out it literally just came out right now. Anyway, you know, so let’s say you like you size in super, super small and then you just add the rest on the confirmation, you know, that’s really all you need. And, you know, I think that that is really kind of super, super important to, to recognize and to do, you know.

John 15:45
Oh, definitely. And then also to even even executions, and then for covering, you know, that’s also a big thing too, because, you know, we’re, I might see Tommy, it, especially bow, I mean, listen to him about the, you know, the 20, you know, you make three trades, you make 20 cents apiece, that’s 60 cents, you’re doing that with 1000 shares, you know, you’re, oh, it adds a heads up so quick. Um, so not only does it help me with my entries, but now my exits, I’m covering in support, I’m keeping some for lower. And it really just depends, I mean, if the range on the stock isn’t there, I’m not going to hold for lower, you know, if we’re already getting down to the bottom of the range, you know, what it now now you’re just trying to get the little meat, you know, that’s, you know, that’s where you get into trouble. Because, you know, volume, volume starts drying up, short start to cover, you know, once that volume comes in next to you know, that winning trade that you could have made that 2030 cents on Well, now you’re underwater, and now you’re thinking okay, well, it worked once, you know, so it should go back down. And then next thing you know, you’re putting yourself into an emotional roller coaster.

The Importance of Having a Process

John 17:05
And then all of a sudden, your process goes out the window. So I definitely think that your entries and your exits are their most either just as important to one another.

James 17:16
You know, what I like to hear is that? So I know we’ve talked in the past a little bit. And I’d like to hear like, you definitely have like a new level of competence like you don’t you actually like sound like you have like a process that makes sense. You sound like you know, what you’re actually looking for you sound like you have a sizing plan. You have all of this and like, did that come naturally to you? Like as you were in MIC? Or did it take this kind of last like, year or so? Or like really since you’ve been in to? To really get yourself there? Like it? Was that something that you know, to you? Did you have to did you make all the mistakes first and do those stupid things like Chase lows, add to stupid things and stuff like that? Or

John 17:56
No, definitely. I think it’s I think it’s both because, you know, as I’m learning it, um, I think with trading though, everyone’s going to it. I think it’s a very rare thing for someone not to experience it themselves. Because it’s kind of like, oh, that plates, you know, it’s about the kid. Oh, the stove is hot. But then your mind? Oh, is it? How hot is it? You know? Yeah. And then you touch it. It’s like, oh, wow, it is hot. Um, there is things in MIC that I don’t do, specifically because we are told not to do them in our process. But there is definitely things that I learned indeed. And I don’t want to say that I was trying to break rules, but you know, you sometimes your emotions get the best of you. And you make decisions based off of your emotions, you don’t realise you’re actually making them. So that’s why when I you know, that’s what I say it’s like a one on one thing, because I have done things differently because of them. I see. But then I’ve also done things differently because of them. I see and then making those mistakes on my own, not realising that I’m actually making them you know, there’s times where, you know, I wasn’t covering into support and we’re, you’re we’re bound to the range. But like, I was so wrapped up in the trade that I thought okay, you know, and next, you know, we’re so close, we’re almost to red, green, or we’re on spring red. And and I’m and I’m not covering and now I’m yeah, yes, sir. In swear, it’s just little, little things that, you know, I knew not to do, but because I was, you know, kind of in the moment maybe I was just sighs did a little bit too much. Maybe I thought that the trick, maybe I was anticipating, um, and then from there, I would go back and say, Okay, what’s our process? And then what did I do wrong? And then I would fix it for next time.

Harry 19:56
Like that. No. I’m Do you think like, you know, as far as like, there were like any like key videos or anything that you watched? Or do you think it was more so just like, you know, just watching videos consistently or like, is there anything like for someone who just joined up Mike so you’d like is there any like favourites that you would tell people to go back and watch? Like if you’d like to design a curriculum?

John 20:22
So the way I did it when I first joined is I filed MIC to the to the tee with you know, going into will now we have Nancy’s intro video. Yeah. So we have Nancy’s intro video. See, I actually see here are you proud I wrote it down all the all my boys. So I definitely recommend Nancy’s intro video. Face study guide. Um, you know, if you’re an MIC everyone should know who phase Yeah, exactly. As she’s the word that goes.

John 21:08
So, the accelerator program. I’ve watched that three times, you know, just to eat? Yeah, I’ve watched it about three times I continue to watch it because, um, you know, there’s always things you know, if you watch a movie, more than more than once, yes. are finding things that you didn’t see before. And it’s the same thing in trading. The more you watch, the more you’re gonna be like, Wow, I didn’t see that last time. Are you because just different your mind is not going to work in your mind is that information pick up? Exactly. It’s not gonna pick up everything you’re if you’re focused on okay, I want to be short, biased trader, you’re gonna start figuring out things about being short, but then when you re-watch it, you’re gonna say, Okay, well, I was so focused on that. Well, now I’m learning this and, you know, re-watching the videos. I know, some people are gonna be like, Oh, wait, that’s, that’s a waste of time.

The Importance of Watching the Accelerator

James 22:01
You know, you know, people watch the accelerator as I think so many people try to watch it as fast as possible to originally because they’re just like, oh, I want to get through it. I want to get through and get to the next thing. Now you hear John saying, like, he watched it three fucking times in the accelerator is, what seven hours, eight hours. Like, it’s not short. And it’s like it that’s what pisses me off the most in my my DMs lately have been filled with like, newer guys. So for anyone who doesn’t know MIC got rid of monthly memberships, you only have annual or Platinum now. So you if you join, you’re serious. So why not take that first class, like the most serious like, it’s like driving school, it’s like, your first driving class is like how you learn how to fucking dry. It’s how you learn the basic operations of your motor vehicle. It’s like people bust through that fucking video and think, Oh, I’m gonna be a millionaire tomorrow. It’s like, no, like, you’re hearing it from someone who’s now being consistent and doing well. You have to take it slow and actually pay attention to these watch these things multiple times. Because you are like you said, you’re gonna pick up nuances. I still go back I’d bet areas do I still go back and watch the trading fish stuff. Like when I’m fucking working out? When I’m taking a shit when I’m doing anything? Like I listen to that thing over and over. And you know what, I hear new things when boughs talking all the fucking time. So I really liked they said that. I think that’s a huge point.

The Similarities Between Trading and Driving a Car

Harry 23:23
Yeah. And I think also, like, you know, when you’re learning how to drive a car, first of all, you know, everyone gets in that car, right? You know, when your bubble trading, like a lot of people are afraid to even step in the car, you know, and then you have to press the gas and the brake and, you know, similar to trading, you know, like covering and, and buying and shorting and whatever, you know, some people are afraid to do that so far. And then you get to an intersection and so on. And it gets more complicated when you’re driving, you know, but I think about you know, I think there are some similarities there as well. And I also think that like, you know, when you’re driving, everyone’s cheering you on right, everyone’s like, Oh, man, you’re doing such a great job. Driving. I’m so proud of you.

John 24:06
And the other two people

Harry 24:09
That I was like, Oh, you’re a DJ, you’re a fucking gambler, bro. Gonna get a 9-5 You know, like, it’s crazy. You know? If you get in a car accident everyone’s like, Oh, it’s okay. It happens blow up your account and everyone’s like, you fucking idiot You’re such work, you know?

John 24:33
That’s literally it!

Harry 24:34
Human nature. Right? How did you get? Did you did you have any like, kind of, like family like kind of that were a little hesitant or that like so supportive?

John 24:51
You know, as I got into this, my my dad, my dad. Well, my grandfather, his brother was really It’s a stocks I mean, to the point where they he would I remember being a kid and he’d be like, Get off my papers, John, get off my papers. And I’m thinking like, this guy is crazy papers everywhere, like, but then my mom’s told me that those papers were the business section of of all the stocks, they were he would still stay up all night he will do all of his research. And I mean, we’re talking, we’re talking 1970s 1960s 1980. So they didn’t have the technology that we have today.

James 25:39
So what was he actually trading? Or was he just like, he was I have a family that was like that, too. They’d be like, it’d be like looking at like, Microsoft said this today. I’m looking over their fucking trading.

John 25:50
No, no, he Yeah, he was a big investor. They both had successful careers. My grandfather was a civil engineer. So yeah, so they had a successful career. So, you know, they were really smart, really analytical. So yeah, they were so it’s, it’s awesome to kind of see, you know, that I picked this up and to see that, you know, my family has been involved in the markets before. But nothing when I first started this, yeah, they they didn’t. They, nobody really understands it until you do it. Kind of thing. You know, they knew exactly what Jerry said, you know, if you’re trying to trade go get a nine to five, start taking the easy way. This is the best part. Start. Don’t take the easy way. Don’t try to make the easy money. This is the hardest thing. I called it. This is the biggest self discovery journey you will ever take a new learn about yourself. There’s discovery or disruptive. Oh, seriously. Ill so you’ll you’ll think like Man, I’ve made strides. And let me tell you, the market will humble you back down in a good way. Because it’s just it’s a it’s a big growth experience. And I think when people actually take it serious, and they don’t go, where’s Lambo, and they actually look at his as as trading as a as a real journey. And I think I think it goes to a different level. Yeah, I think we are all you know, we all are on that level when somebody comes in. And they assume that because you can just open up a brokerage account, and you can click a click of a mouse, that makes it easy. And I think that’s where it comes from. Because that’s all you need to do. You know, you don’t have to go go to school, you don’t all you do. But in the more general populace, they think that you don’t have you know, you just go there you click a button. And that’s it. They don’t understand the nuances of actual trading. And they don’t put the time in to actually learn it. And then when they lose, well, it’s never their fault. It’s the markets fault. Yeah, yeah. You know.

The Technical Side of the Trading

James 28:10
It’s true, man. It’s true. It’s I think people don’t understand that, like, part of this journey is I think more of it is the technical side of it. I honestly think you can teach anybody I really do. I think anybody can learn like, because you can make it so black and white for people. Like you can say, hey, if a stock after 930 is under VWAP, it’s a you can short it with risk overview like you could make it so technical, doesn’t mean it’s gonna work as often as the way we trade but you could, like I like to keep you guys updated. Like I’m helping that the guy who wants like the store next to my business, and dude, he’s killing it. He’s killing it. He’s really good. He’s making like between like two to 500 a day this guy started trading a month and a half ago right? Perfect. And it is right but again, it’s because he’s so technical, but he had his first red day. I mean, his first red day or he had like a $300 loss and then like a $50 loss which in my opinion, great losses is still within his like range is like not his Max daily all that shit. But the emotional downs I could see it in and like the days that he’s making money. It’s such a happy like, This is amazing. This is such a cool thing. Everything is your learning than the down days. Even if it’s a down day. That’s like reasonable even if it’s such $1 Bro. It is it’s just this odd feeling of like, oh my god, I’m a piece of shit. Scumbag moron like Why the fuck did I do that? Like, I can’t You can’t explain that to people who haven’t done it unless like maybe I hate to compare it maybe someone who goes to a casino can kind of relate because it’s like that person that stays a little too long at like the blackjack table like they’re like one more hand one more hand that you get fucked and you’re

Harry 29:45
Still feel like a fucking casino though. Like everyone’s like like you almost expect to lose I think the majority Yeah, unless you’re like a fucking professional gambler. You almost like expect shows. But with trading you do not expect to lose like you’re going into the A confident you’re like, Alright bro i back tested all this shit last night yeah!

John 30:06
90% success rate on it!

Harry 30:09
Your like your I don’t know if I’m allowed to say that’s your we’ll we’ll cut it out if I can’t hear like a fucking psych student you’re like You’re like I studied the supernovas bro like, yeah, stupid Oh Was she fucking 1999 man like Microsoft was the shit. And like, you’re all like getting ready to like fire up. And the there’s not a supernova today and you’re like, Oh shucks, man, I’m just gonna short this NASDAQ low float that’s up like 500% and Seo I do.

John 30:39
Because it’s bound like supernova thing.

James 30:43
I think the thing with trading, which is tough is like, you’re right. It’s like, you know, we do all this work and all this preparation for years and years and years. And like, still, realistically, one trade can blow you up. And like, you don’t have to Ness, you won’t necessarily win on every trade. It’s like me going to work doing a haircut, like and 9% of the time, I’m getting paid, but like, one time I’m not gonna get maybe I don’t get paid. Maybe they don’t like their cut. Maybe something happens.

John 31:07
And it feels like shit, bro.

The Growth of the Trading Business

James 31:12
I know, I honestly I’m too fucking fat and lazy and let them go.

Harry 31:17
It’s free haircuts,

James 31:20
Or whatever.

John 31:21
Im going to do my hair cut, and I’m starting my business next door.

James 31:27
No, it’s true. It’s your it’s just, I don’t know, it’s cool. But I really do like seeing you progress the way you have. And it’s cool to watch. Because I’ve noticed like, you know, Harry, and I’ve been here, like, as long as MIC has been around. So it’s like, you see people come and go and originally and now it’s like, you see people come and now they’re actually like, growing into profitable traders. And it’s like, we got fucking 2400 people or whatever it is 2417 It’s like, the amount of profitable guys and people that even just talking to you can tell understand what we’re teaching. And what Alex and Bao and Tosh teach. It’s fucking really cool to see so So I give you a lot of props, man, I like to see it.

John 32:05
I appreciate that. I really appreciate that changed. Because I started, I started as a monthly so you know, just to go back kind of like, you know, when I started in MIC’s, I started as a monthly. And I mean, I took the full ride. Because accelerator I was there when the accelerator was just It would didn’t just come out, but it was like brand new still. Yeah. So they weren’t just offering it inside the programme. Yeah, it was. And you know, I wanted to have money in my trading account, you know, I just didn’t have you know, expendable to $2,500 at the time to do the accelerator plus the yearly. So I thought, well, what if by 2000, so I thought you know what, let me do because I really wanted to do the accelerator programme. I did the three month. That is it. That was a four month or is it three or four months? Or is it three months? Yeah, I think plus the accelerator. So I did the monthly plus the three month of the accelerator, but then rates were going to go up for the yearly, like two months later. And I just thought, Man, I’m putting it on a credit card. I got it. I gotta get it. And you know, and I it because I you know, I had the cash but I want to you know, I like credit. So, you know, but anyways, I yeah, I just was like, you know, like so I went from monthly to the three one plus accelerator to a yearly because of I saw the value of what MIC offered. And then, you know, in the future, I’ll go.

James 33:38
We’re not we’re not snake oil salesmen. Right. Like, I never People ask me all the time, they’ll DM me, like, should I upgrade? Should I upgrade? And like I would never be like, yeah, because you know, if you don’t, you’re never gonna make money. Like, I just believe like investing in yourself and investing in education. Like, like, dude, especially like, like barbers do, they go to shows, like monthly, they pay for that shit. Like, I’m a wine. Like, I like wine a lot. I pay to go to like, wine tasting wine classes, like all that stuff. And I don’t even get anything back for that except just drinking some wine. Like, I don’t get shit. You know, but But you guys here, it’s like you guys have the opportunity to pay for something that in the short term might sting just because like, obviously buying something that like you don’t get that instant gratification for does hurt. But think about the potential. Like, I mean, you know, listen, me and Harry talked about like, money and stuff all the time. But like, I don’t want I don’t want to put anyone on blast, like how much they make or anything like that. But like, you can make that back like so fucking fast and funny. Like, just stick to the basic process. Like you see newer members making between like 102 100 a day, these are just new guys who just like are like, just getting into it. And it’s like, again, think about that, like long term, if that’s the most you ever make today, which is not realistic, probably gonna make more. But think about how fast you make that back. Rest of your fucking 50 years to do whatever you want.

John 34:54
Yeah, and when you pause sorry, I don’t know.

Harry 34:58
I was gonna say I think that that is you You know, like a good place to kind of like start maybe like winding down a little bit? Because

James 35:05
yeah, did you see the time?

Harry 35:07
I mean, we have been, you know, at our work, we are coming up on our kind of, like, 30 minute mark, I agree with what James said, where, you know, we’re not, we’re not like, it’s not like out is like, try and get as many of these people to upgrade as you like, like people ask us like literally everyday like, should we upgrade? Should we do this? Should we do that? And like, you know, none of us are are saying like, Oh, you must do that. But like all of us are saying like, it’s probably like the best idea to you know, invest in yourself and, and it’s literally like university, you know, like, your university is not free, you have to pay way more than MIC for just one year. You know, it’s it’s fucking insane. So, you know, yeah, that’s all I have to say where it’s like, you know, like, none of us are, like, you know, train salesmen or anything like that.

James 36:01
You know, get all their money’s doesn’t work like that, you know, just genuinely care and want to see people succeed. So, yeah, but I guess we are coming up on the time, and it is pre market. So we should probably start focusing on this. So John, thank you for coming on. Man. You did awesome. And I appreciate it. And I know we’d love to have you back in the future and just to kind of document your progress.

John 36:25
Yeah. Thanks, James. Harry, I really appreciate this opportunity.

James 36:29
Of course, then, of course, we will talk in chat!

John 36:32
Will do!


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