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Hey, what’s up guys, it’s Harry here. In this podcast, we’re going to talk about the general markets world events and also share some trading stories. So I hope you guys listen up. I hope you guys enjoy it, it’s definitely going to be a good one.



James 0:15
Whats going on guys, we’re back with another episode of the after hours podcast, we have recurring guest Alex back on him on much that much. So I guess we’re kind of in fashion that we’ve been doing. We’ve just been discussing the markets overall large caps and small caps. So we’ll kind of just dive into that. So kind of lay the outs, what have you been noticing with the large cap market, overall index and all that stuff?

Alex 0:37
Yeah. So it’s crazy right now, because the market is like, the market is so random, I would say right now. And I think the statistic out there is that this is the, you know, the most drawdown that the market has had in like the last 40 years, right. So essentially, it’s like we’re trading the hardest market in 40 years. So what I’ve noticed about the overall markets is a lot of people are still uncertain, right? So the market moves in, you know, confidence, right? So for example, when COVID happened, it was the most uncertainty ever, because we didn’t know if the entire world was going to end. You know, when the financial crisis happened, it was uncertainty because we didn’t know if the whole financial system was going to end. And whenever the market digested that news, and started to realise that, hey, the world is not ending, there’s going to be a cure, there’s gonna be this, there’s gonna be that the market started shrugging off that news. So what we’ve been seeing in this market is not that right now, we’re not seeing the market shrug off bad news, we’re seeing the market, you know, tank on bad news. So until the market starts to digest this news, whether it be inflation, whether it be interest rates, whether it be war in Ukraine, which is insane, because the United States is pretty much funding it. And, you know, war is its own economy. So as bad as war is for the world, it is great for business, especially from a country like the United States, that loves exporting weapons, right. It’s a great business for them.

How to Make Money in a Bear Market?

Alex 2:14
So it’s kind of a crazy place right now, a lot of stocks are still getting destroyed, a lot of stocks are still getting clobbered. You know, just recently, we had the Bed Bath and Beyond move that went from five to 30. And then back down to eight. The CFO killed himself like, it’s crazy right now, because the market is, even though we’re in a bear market, even though it’s the hardest market, there’s still opportunities to be making money. It’s just not easy.

James 2:43
I feel like the consensus right now is that a lot of there are some major names that have bottomed, and like, but it’s weird, because I think a lot of people feel those names have bottomed, but also like, the index, and like all that stuff, like has not yet or whatever. And so it’s a lot of like, it’s kind of a lot of guessing right now.

Alex 3:01
And in the middle of the rage, we had the all time lows, or the fourth term lows that happen. We had a major major bounce, I think it was like 10, or 20%, in like three weeks. And now we’re back in the middle. So based on where we’re at in the middle, it’s gonna take a catalyst, move it up or down. And that cause is probably going to be the upcoming inflation number, which I think it might be this week, or it might be next week, but there’s an upcoming inflation number coming in. And depending on that data of what’s going to happen, that is going to dictate which side of the range we’re going to go on the top or the bottom. But the reality is guys, like, if you’re staying alive in this market, you’re probably doing pretty good. If you’re making money in this market, you’re doing really good. And if you’re making a lot of money, then there’s really nothing to worry about. Because if you could survive the hardest market in 40 years, you’ll be able to survive the next 40 years trading you know, yeah, that’s why I remind myself.

James 3:59
I think a lot of people right now like I get a lot of questions from like kids who went to like high school with or just grew up with and people asking a lot about like portfolio management and like how to build a portfolio because I feel like for the last couple of years, a lot of people were almost afraid of the market because prices were high. I know that sounds crazy. But like when you looked at Amazon trading at like $2,000, a share apple, a couple 200 or 400 bucks, whatever. I think it’s scary because most people don’t make enough money. They’re like, I’m not gonna buy one share of Apple, one share of Amazon but now that the reverse splits the market has come way down. I think there’s a lot of opportunity. And you know, for you guys like do you find yourself antsy to kind of get in now or more so, like, get ready to get involved or is it hard for you to kind of look at that now while things are so uncertain.

Alex 4:43
So I have a funny story. I’m gonna I’m gonna explain two things real quick. So number one is I want to what I learned very early on is a two ways to make money in America.

Harry 4:58
I don’t know if it’s the same in Canada as with America.

Alex 5:01
There is two ways to make the most amount of money in America is real estate and the stock market. That’s all I learned. It’s very simple real estate and stock market. Okay, so stocks are going down right now valuations are at like historic lows. So I’ve been dipping my toes in long term, you know, equities. And, you know, I’m not buying anything like zoom or moderna or shit that like, made a parabolic move and came back down, I want to buy the biggest companies in the world, the companies I use everyday, like Apple like Amazon, and like, you know, Google stuff like that. So I want to put my money there, it may not grow at 80% a year, you know, five 10% here, okay, no problem. Now, what I’m doing now is the interest rates are up, real estate is starting to come down, it’s starting to be a buyers market seller’s market. So I’m trying to stockpile as much cash as I can to be able to capitalise on the opportunities coming in to real estate in the next, you know, three to six months. Additionally, what I did is this is where the funny story is. Additionally, I put like some money aside, and like venture capital funds, so like, it’s pretty much like the Shark Tank stuff. So you set, let’s say, 100k aside, and they’ll put, you know, 10k, or 5k into 10, or 20 Different businesses 99% of them were going to fail, and the one that doesn’t fail and IPOs and whatever, you get to make all your money back, plus more. So I checked my venture capital account yesterday. And I looked at it, and I almost I almost spit my drink out, because I saw that the profit on that account was $16.5 million on my account, and I was like, What the fuck? Where’s the withdraw button? Take this money gone. I emailed them. I’m like, Hey, I’ve tried to withdraw this body where the fuck is it? And they’re like, oh, sorry, this is an error.

James 6:48
You just invested?

Alex 6:50
UK and retired in reality is nowhere near that. It’s probably nothing. But what I saw was better. She’s the real deal. So I was freaking out yesterday, because I was like, damn, like, that’s it. Bro? I’ll see you guys on an island.

Harry 7:04
Yeah. It’s like Mr. Temiz, as you actually invested in the ring doorbell.

Alex 7:08
Im trying. I’ve tried to hit that withdrawal by email, where the books my money. And sorry, that was like a, like a two second glitch where like, they added like an extra couple of zeros in there, you know.

Harry 7:24
That’s actually have 160,000

Alex 7:27
Yeah there like you made 150 times your money in six months. So it’s a clock is better than Meme stocks.

Advice for People Who Want to Invest Their Money

James 7:35
Any advice for people. So I actually had a client yesterday, he came in, he’s a younger kid. He’s like in his 20s. And he said that he got a little bit of an inheritance or something like that. And he got gifted 70 grand. Right. And, and he asked me kind of what what he’s, what my opinion was, what to do with that money was, you know, but he was very focused on the idea that he’s gonna find the next fucking Amazon. He’s, he’s so focused, that he’s going to find that crazy. The moderna growth, you know, some zoom, everything that went crazy during the pandemic. Do you? How realistic do you even think that is nowadays for someone to like? Do you think that gamble is so hard to find that stock in times like this, especially?

Harry 8:18
I think it doesn’t, I’m saying 0% 0% chance?

Alex 8:21
Yeah, I don’t think it exists for like, dude, the smartest people in the world, right? I’m talking about the hedge fund billionaires, probably trillionaires, the Saudi prince of fucking Morocco, or whatever the hell it is like, these guys. They hire literally the smartest people in the world to do that job. And the smartest people in the world can’t figure it out. So no regular dude is going to be able to figure it out. And if he does, it’s probably going to be a lucky trade, it’s probably going to be a lucky stock. And the next one that he tries to do is where he’s going to lose all his money.

James 8:57
I think the problem is that we became so used to seeing moves like with cryptocurrency, for example, like seeing Bitcoin go from like 2k to 70k. And just thinking that that’s realistic. And you see how many millionaires or even I don’t maybe a few billionaires have been made in the last couple of years just by crazy speculative stocks or crypto.

Alex 9:16
If you don’t celebrate, you can lock it in. That’s a problem. So a lot of these guys they didn’t sell their up. I don’t know from they made, you know, $100,000 investment is now $8 million. And now that 8 million is now you know, 800,000

James 9:32
I mean, how can you sit there with Bitcoin now? I mean, at this point, you’re in at 70k And you didn’t sell people are probably back then they’re just they’re gonna hold it until the day if it hits zero.

Alex 9:42
Same thing as the regular market for the regular it needs a catalyst right? It needs some sort of reason to keep going up. And in the past, it was the inflation hedge or one but I thought that it was the inflation which I thought was the inflation edge until inflation came in crazy and they should start thinking right there needs to be a reason there needs to be a catalyst, there needs to be something that says, All right, like the United States is now going to accept Bitcoin as legal tender to pay your taxes or some stupid shit. They do that that gives it a catalyst. Okay, now there’s actual value. But the reality is that like, I don’t really know what’s going to happen with these crypto stuffs, because right now, the government is doing everything that they can to keep the dollar strong. And because they’re doing that, it might not be so good for some of these cryptos. You know, yeah, it’s hard. I agree.

Take the Rest of the Money and Invest

Harry 10:39
I agree. And I think also with your friend who like had the money, what I would recommend my friends do and this happened, like a couple times where they got inheritance and stuff like that. I said, Take five or 6k, and go on a really nice fucking vacation and take the rest of the money and just invest it, you know, and like s&p 500, or wherever. Just stuff like that. Because like, if you don’t take a little bit of that money, and like, use it on yourself a little bit, I feel because like, all the time, I feel like the regular advice is just invest every cent invest 100%, invest 100%. But then, like, I find, like a lot of my friends, like, they’ll end up like taking money, like out of the investments, or they’ll do stuff because they need it or they want it. So I was like, take like five or six grand, go on a nice vacation and just invest the rest of the money. That way you actually kind of like use the money for something like, you know, that like benefited you like it helps like your mental health. You went on a vacation, you had some fun. And then you can say, Okay, I went on a vacation with this money, and now I’m not going to touch it. And that way it doesn’t like tempt you to like go in and be like, Oh, well, it’s been invested for two years. Now I’m going to take it out, and I’m going to do something with it, you know, at least you felt a little bit of money. And now you’re able to kind of I find like, it’s a lot easier to let it sit if you’ve kind of like used it for fun miniature like that. Yeah, that makes sense.

Investing in Indices vs Individual Stock Picking

James 11:59
Did it? Whenever people ask me a question like that, to be honest, I always send them that does like an article about remember the whole Warren Buffett that with hedge funds where he was like, you know, the s&p index will make more money long term than you guys individual stock picking. Yeah, we send people that shit because I’m like, the reality is 99% of people. It’s all guessing. You know, a lot of people seeing stuff like this, and it’s, you know, if you can get involved in the, I mean, Alex told me story. Long time ago, there was a trader, he knew invested a lot of money just in the indexes. And then that’s all it takes, you know, and people get greedy, you know, they think making, you know, 5% on the index a year, or even the good years, 10% or even a bad year for down 1%. They’re just greedy. And they don’t understand like, oh, I want that. 100x. And it’s very hard to do that. In today’s world. It’s the same thing with trading. What we do small caps, like, homerun trades don’t happen every day. It might happen once a month or once every six months. I don’t know. And it’s just really thing. It’s not very easy. Yeah, yeah.

Alex 12:53
I mean, I wish it was there every day, man to make money like that every single day. But the problem is, it’s like you’re going fishing, bro? Not every day. Are you gonna catch a shark? You know, some days you’re gonna catch a guppy some days, you’re gonna catch a boot, you know?

Harry 13:08
Some days you’re gonna see weed.

Alex 13:09
Some days, the shark is gonna pull you into the water and chop off your arm.

James 13:14
Do you guys think all this southern Europe, obviously what’s going on in Europe right now with the energy crisis is a serious deal. And I think a lot of people don’t even recognise what’s really happening over there. How do you guys think it’s gonna affect over here? Or do you think it really will affect over here? And if so kind of why not?

Alex 13:32
I mean, honestly, bro, I think it’s really messed up. I think it’s crazy. But the reason why this is happening is like, it’s pretty much all it’s, it’s not Russia. It’s okay. How do I so this is all happening because of the war on Russia and Ukraine. It’s all happening the war on Russia in Ukraine, because when Russia invaded Ukraine, all the countries United States, Europe, whatever, are all like, alright, we’re not buying Russian oil anymore. We’re not buying Russian energy anymore. Fuck you guys. You guys are terrorists, we’re not going to help you out. Russia is like, Okay, fuck you. I’m just gonna raise the prices sell everyone else. And you guys are all duck. So what Russia is doing is they’re selling their oil to China. They’re selling their oil to India. And then India and China are marking it up, and they’re selling it back to the US and Europe. So technically, it’s our fault that we sanction Russia. I’m not saying if it’s good or bad decision, it was the decision that the administration made to try to combat you know, the war. Who in very smart guy to fuck you. I’m just gonna raise the prices and destroy your economies. And whether you like it or not, you’re gonna deal with it. So I think this whole Russia and Ukraine thing is pretty much meant to destabilise you know, the western economies. Yeah. And I think he’s working because China and Russia are partnered up. They’re buying, buying, buying all the oil. They’re selling it back to us. For a premium, they’re selling it back to everyone else for premium and now everyone’s destroyed. So the war, I think, is actually a war between the US and Russia to try to get that energy back. And they’re using Ukraine as a scapegoat. Because there’s no other reason to be sending 10s of billions of dollars to Ukraine, unless it’s our war. I think it’s our war against Russia, to try to help stabilise the energy. But, you know, there’s rumours that Vladimir Putin has cancer and like, he just doesn’t give a fuck. So like, the reality is that, like, whether it be or war, whether it be Putin evil plan, I think the administration has no clue what they’re doing. I think that they’re shocked at how and you know, no matter what they do, I think this one’s going to go to a winner for Russia, because, you know, our administration is incompetent, they would rather raise taxes and send that money to Ukraine, and help cover student debt, then fix a lot of the problems that are happening with supply chains. And don’t get me wrong, fixing student debt is fine, but not if you’re going to have to print money to cause more inflation to do it. Not if you’re going to have to take the money out of the people that worked hard that actually paid back their debts to pay for other people’s debts. It’s just, I think this administration is so out of touch with reality. And to be honest, bro, whether you’re left right up, down, this guy is not fit to run to be president. And, you know, we’re seeing it happen in just two years, of how much this country has been destroyed. And the worst part is, we still got about two years.

Do Your Own Research on Student Loans

James 16:34
Yeah, I, I always recommend people do like a lot of like, I don’t want to say their own research, but kind of I mean, like really look into some of this stuff. Because especially with like the student loan forgiveness, it was like, I had a lot of friends telling me like, Oh, I’m gonna get this money. And I’m like, you do know, like, some not all some states are taxed on it. Like that is income to you, you know, they’re gonna that his income tax and all that. And I feel like people in nowadays, they really look in the short term, and they don’t look at like the long term effects. Like everyone loves free money, Dude, fuck someone wants to send me a check of stimulus check for like, 10 grand, I’ll take it.

Alex 17:05
But yeah bro my stimulus check was lost in the mail.

James 17:08
Oh god, that’s exactly right. But you know, someone cool if I had it sweet. But at the end of the day, I know long term, it’s just gonna affect us, like tomorrow. And I think people kind of forget, like, debt matters. The debt of our country matters. And it’s really hard for us to like, continue to do all this stuff for people while printing money and without actually putting like, actual, like, things in place to help us going forward.

Alex 17:33
Yeah, the problem, it’s just a whole big problem, bro. Because like, the reality is that like, two more years of a bad administration is really, really bad. Because you don’t know when the bleeding is going to end, right? Everyone is dealing with higher gas prices, everyone is dealing with higher grocery prices, everyone is dealing with supply chain issues. Everyone is dealing with all the same common problems. And instead of trying to fix these problems, the administration is focused on the wrong things. They’re trying to buy votes through, you know, student loan forgiveness. They’re trying to buy votes by being the heroes of the world by you know, fighting the war in Ukraine, or we got our own war here in America, bro. It’s the war of poverty, and they should be fighting that and printing money for that, instead of printing money to send missiles to Ukraine. And that’s just my opinion, maybe people have other opinions. I think what was happening Ukraine is horrible things terrible. But we’re doing pretty horrible. Pretty bad here to man. So I think we need help as well.

How He Got Lost in the Mail

Harry 18:41
Yeah. I agree with that. I remember my stimulus check. It’s just when you said that it was funny. We got lost in the mail, because, and ever since then, I never I never fucking got anything from Canada. At least I didn’t apply for it anyway, because like, everyone I know now is having to pay it back. So all my friends, like on their taxes had to pay it back. So I was just like, you know, I thought that I knew that. That’s what they were going to do. So I was like, do I want to take a loan out for like, $2,500 from the government? Not really, so I never fucking did it. Now remember, I went for a walk. Like it was just like with my mom during COVID Like, we just wanted to kind of get out of the house because like everything was buttoned closed in Canada. Like everything was closed. So I was like, You know what, let’s go for a walk like training day was done. And we go for a walk and everyone on my street. That’s my age. I’m not even fucking getting is at the mailbox. And I was like, Yo, what like, why is everyone at the mailbox? Like what the folks like? I’ve never seen you guys ever check the mail in my fucking life. And the mailbox is like two doors up like I would fucking like see them checking them out. And they’re like, our stimulus checks are coming in and I was like, What the fuck? I was like, holy shit and the male lady came I shit you not and just handed them their fucking checks right fucking that in their eye.

Making Money in the Hardest Market in Our Platinum

James 19:57
So I did a quick funny story. I Got a check in the mail and it was for like $2,000 or something like that during the COVID pandemic, I was like, fuck, I was like, Well, I’m not gonna complain about it. So I go cash it and like, I go blow it on some dumb shit. I’m like, you know, thank God, I don’t really need the money or anything. But I’m like, I forget what I bought, I think I went to the mall and bought some like shoes.

Harry 20:16
clothe and then loan payment for his eye.

James 20:20
And then three weeks later, I got a notice in the mail. And it was just an accident. It wasn’t supposed to come to me. And they basically were like, it’s on your tax return. It just came off my taxes, and I had to pay it back. And I was like, Man, I thought I got like a quick little break. They’re so excited.

Harry 20:35
That’s where that opus one came from?

James 20:38
in the the past. I was like, Oh, that’s great. But no, I mean, you know, thank God, I do encourage people to really like, educate themselves on the stock market. And like, that’s why I love like my investment club in general, because we were lucky on a knock on wood here. And thank God everything like we are able to, it’s basically like an ATM machine to make our own paycheck. While there are people out there who are struggling to figure out how they’re going to afford their houses, cars, everything like we are able to come to market and make money.

Alex 21:08
The thing about someone like Steven, or trial mob, bro, he’s been killing it, dude. Yeah, killing it.

Harry 21:13
He really is just fucking floating around. Everywhere.

James 21:17
This dude travels all over the world. And he just bangs out trades during the day, and his trades are so clean, and his risk management is really, really good. And it’s like, dude, this guy’s just like, floating around life, like loving it, you know? And it’s, it’s cool, man. I mean, we’re very blessed to be able to do what we do. And, you know, I know you guys have already been killing it. And I know Alex had some pretty massive trades recently. And it’s like, to be able to have this opportunity. It really is crazy. So I do think we’re very lucky.

Alex 21:44
And its good to make money in a bear market in the hardest market in almost existence, right? It’s the hardest market in our Platinum. And we’re making money. So if we can make money in the hardest market in our Platinum, then that’s a really good side. Also, one more thing that reminds me of this, like passion is like, some like most people in whatever industry you were in, in 2021. It was a record year, whether it be in real estate, stocks, manufacturing, sales, whatever, it’s point one one was an amazing year, lobbying bid a lot of tax and 2021 2022. A lot of people have no fucking money, so And no, people are not making money. So you have to assume that the tax revenue that’s coming in and pointing to as well is going to be way lower than last year. Right. And the United States they spent way over their budget, so it’s not looking good, bro. It’s really not looking good for us. Yeah.

Harry 22:37
Yeah, that’s a good point.

Alex 22:39
America is the worst money manager in like the universe.

Harry 22:42
Yeah, and then after that, it’s fucking Canada. I mean, Canada is pretty fucking bad. I mean, it’s not it’s I mean, it is just the the economy here like, like, if you guys go to Burger King, like, like, do you like is no one working there? So yeah, yeah, it’s not it’s not what it used to be. Yeah. Cuz like when I if I like I don’t even go to like McDonald’s or anything, because I have to wait in line, like 2030 minutes, because they have no fucking employees. Like they have no one working. And the people that they do have working are high as shit behind the grill like I buddy, look at me, it’s like.

James 23:21
So I went to a Dunkin Donuts. It opens at 8am, which it used to open at 6am. Now it opens at 8pm. So I walk over there. And it’s just pitch black. And then I’m like, What the fuck, and I just I wanted to see how long it took for someone to show up. 30 minutes later, someone shows up. Like you said, he’s in shit walks into Dunkin. And I’m like, I’ll take a coffee and like six munchkins, or whatever he gave me 40 This dude was lost. And I’m like, this is the workforce right now. But if you see in California, they just put they’re gonna pay these people 22 bucks an hour. And I’m like, What are we doing? You know, it drives me insane. It’s like, everywhere man everywhere is looking for help. We need it. We’re busy as hell at the barber shops. We need help. But no one wants to work.

Harry 24:09
Everyones just chill and what are they fucking doing? That’s what I don’t understand. Like, where do people fucking go?

James 24:14
I think people just lowered their standard of living because of COVID Like, I have friends that just got so comfortable sitting at home playing video games. They’ll work the bare minimum and several quiet quitting concept. That’s like very new. But yeah, do the bare minimum to stay at your job and not get fired. And then after that, it’s like, bucket like I maybe I have $100 in my checking, but I don’t have to work.

The Best Time to Work Right Now

Alex 24:35
And the hing is, bro, like, they always want you yesterday is like, if people don’t want to work, it almost gives the people that do want to work an edge. Because all you have to do is the standard right? If you just do the standard of the standard has now become like overdoing your job because no one else is doing anything. So to be honest, to be honest, I think that for hardware Working people, this is the best time to work, because the competition is so small. And if you just do a little bit to stand out, you’re going to be moving up the ladder very fast.

James 25:11
Yeah, agreed. I think so too. And I think that, I think through this at the end of the day, like as crappy as it is right now, through this, the economy will eventually rebound. And all those lazy people will kind of be left in the dust. And they’ll, you know, it’s like, you know, in 2008, there was opportunity everywhere to get real estate stocks, everything. The people that were lazy, they didn’t get involved, and they’re probably still in the same position. They weren’t back then. So this is your chance.

Alex 25:37
But yeah I mean stockpile cash flow. So I’ve been telling everyone is stockpile cash, get some money ready. You don’t know what the hell is gonna happen. Maybe we’re gonna go into a world war. Who knows what’s going to happen?

Harry 25:49
But yeah I don’t mean to cut you off. Did you see what Elon Musk said about Twitter? Like, I don’t want to move like Twitter into a world war at some crazy shit bro.

James 25:57
I think Musk is gonna be on the hook for this shit. To be honest with you.

Alex 26:04
I really think it’s gonna happen, bro. I think what’s gonna happen is they’re gonna go to court, they’re gonna reveal that the bots are not 5% It’s probably like fucking 45% Like the and to make sure that Twitter doesn’t get fined up the ass from irregular improper SEC filings. He’s probably instead of paying 40 billion, he’s probably going to pay like 28 billion and get the deal at a cheaper price. Because if Twitter’s caught with their pants down that their bought number is not actually 5% Then They’re fun. They’re fun, and the stock is going to zero. So now your take that money or the stock is going to zero.

James 26:41
That’s it. I can’t wait. I can’t wait for the day Twitter. You on buys Twitter. I think I’m not dumb.

Alex 26:47
bro. Guys, man, the smartest man in the world for a reason. And I think that going to court is the only way that Twitter will legally show how many bots are actually there because dude, to be honest. I used Twitter. I’ve been using Twitter for years. And there’s bots everywhere dude, yeah, everywhere. Yeah, bots everywhere.

James 27:07
Twitter. Twitter’s brutal. Did I have like 6000 followers or something? Right. And I remember one time, I made a post about masks, or something like that. I had like 900 comments flooded in my tank. And I’m like, they’re all like, liberal liberal, like yelling at me or something.

Alex 27:24
most of these of these accounts are not real people. There’s a robot. So all these got one of these guys smoking.

James 27:33
It’s true,

Harry 27:34
and on YouTube, too. I mean, like, and on YouTube. It’s the worst because I always see them in the MIC comments and it’s like,

Alex 27:41
like, like sex robots.

Harry 27:43
are fuckin sexual. Like calling.

Alex 27:45
Baos algo or some shit.

James 27:47
Just asking for a friend. What videos?

Harry 27:51
Am I see fuckin viewership half the guy. They know. They know bows gonna.

James 27:57
Yeah, Jesus. Well, I know we’re kind of coming up on like the half hour mark around there a little longer. But is there anything you guys kind of want to close with? You know.

Alex 28:08
I think that’s it. And then that’s it. I mean, to be honest, these podcasts are pretty good. They’re pretty fun. And we want we should probably ask the honest what more what topics do you guys want to hear more about you guys want to hear more about overall markets? You guys want to hear more about TV shows? You guys want to hear more about like, you know, training. What do you guys want to hear about? We kind of want to have it as a, you know, not so. Not so concrete, straight line type thing. We just want to have it so that it’s the most entertaining for you guys. Maybe you guys learned something. So may leave a comment and let us know what type of topics you want us to talk about or maybe come up with a topic that you want us to talk about. That way we could kind of go off what you guys want to see. Perfect. Yeah.

James 28:49
I agree, man. Yeah,

Harry 28:51
that’s awesome. Well, thanks, everyone for watching, and we’ll see you for the next one.


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