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Welcome to the After Hours Podcast Hosted by Harry Hoss and James Freedlender Presented by My Investing Club



James 0:12
What’s going on guys, we’re back with another episode of the after hours podcast, we have a little bit of a different one today, we’re doing no video because it’s pre market. Like it’s it’s not after hours, but so we’re going to be doing kind of our own work and stuff. But we’re bringing on Tom diesel, one of my favourites, just to kind of have a quick chat in the morning before the market opens for Tom, thank you for coming back on.

Tom 0:33
Thanks for having me.

James 0:35
Of course. So, of course. So we kind of had an interesting thought for a topic today. And we wanted to talk about, you know, MIC now has almost like 3000 members or something like that. And, you know, we’re constantly growing. And we do see a lot of really profitable, like really good traders in the community. And then there’s some that, you know, have been here for some time that are struggling to find that consistency. And I think a lot of the mods have, we always talk and we notice a lot of similarities and what they’re doing wrong. So we kind of wanted to focus on that. So I didn’t know, you know, if someone wanted to lead it off, like Tom, like, if you what are some things or one major thing that you’ve noticed that people are doing that aren’t allowing them to kind of make that jump to the next level of trading?

Tom 1:18
Okay, so I think the, you know, one of the most important thing I noticed, what they done wrong is the stock selection. I think, for me, that’s a key. That’s why, you know, they choose the wrong style, or like, you know, in trying to, you know, to nail the hot chick, right, or like, they’re trying to trade a large caps, or like, you know, anything like that it’s outside of their niche. Right? Yep. And so for me, stock selection was definitely the key. The second one is trading at a zombie, right? We all know that we weren’t like almost every single day. But like, not like not like, really, no one wants to listen anyway. I mean, maybe it’s just because of greed. Maybe just because they think they didn’t make enough. They try to make more. Yes. Right. I mean, that’s happened to a lot of us. But yes, you can make more, but you can also lose more. So. So that’s the second thing. You know, zombie trading. And I think the third eye that would be no hard stops are like more like no mas at last. Yeah. And that’s what’s keeping them at the same level pretty much, right? Yep. They’ve been waiting for days. And then one tray or like one last wipes at all, and they back to where they started. So yeah, that’s exactly the three key things for me.

James 2:50
Yeah, I think something that irritates me like the most is like kind of how you mentioned attraction. So it’s like you and you make a low hanging fruit watches every day, right? And your low hanging fruits are just based off the previous day, or previous two days or whatever, you know, and then Alex, Alex makes it day one. Watch this, which is just stocks moving for that. And then I get these messages from people in numbers that are trading tickers. Like, I don’t know if they’re trying to outsmart the mods or something like, I don’t know. I mean, honestly, I did it in the past too. And I feel like you’re like, Oh, I found a stock. No one’s watching. It’s gonna fade all day. You know, I’m gonna I’m gonna make a shit tonne of money. And then it’s like, that stock wasn’t even on my like, gap scanner. Like, how did you lose on this? And those those low liquidity plays? You see people, honestly, like, I’ve actually taken bigger losses on those random tickers. Because there’s no volume and you think like, oh, this is up, no one sees it. And then next thing you know, you’re underwater. Yeah, sorry.

Things to Look For as a Long-Trader

Harry 3:49
Oh, I was just gonna say to me as a long trader, those are some things that like I honestly have looked for, like, as long as like for actual setups. Where and Tom we talked about this and weekend mentoring last weekend where, you know, that’s, that’s like a, that’s a decent setup to look for as a long trader, because you know, a bunch of people short are thinking that it’s a broken stock, but it’s not a broken stock, it’s a stock that was just low liquidity. And those types of moves can really run and really get going. Because you have so many people who are shorted at the lows thinking all the time, they’d have to they’d, but you almost want to be shorting those low, those high volume tickers that has faded because you know, you can rely on that pre market bag holder and all the volume of people who are stopped, right? And that’s something that can can really help people if they’re trying to get into the, you know, short world and I’ll get into like, why I think like, people are losing as long trader later, but I think as far as like in the short worlds goes like that’s that’s a reason why people would lose.

Why People Choose Stocks to Trade?

Tom 4:54
Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah, Just one thing I want to add, we go into stock selection. And you mentioned that you know why people choose, like the different kinds of stocks to trade is, I think it’s because of the ego, okay, they’re just trying to prove that they’re right. Or like, they just are trying to prove that I can do this myself, right. I don’t need that watch list or, you know, I’m better than this. I’m smarter in this, I can look for something new. So I can do it even better. Right. I mean, that’s usually I think that that would probably explains why because it happens to me before when it first started, right. There’s always some sort of, you know, some kind of plays from, you know, different people mentioning that, but I think now, I don’t trust this guy, or like, you know, I think I can do that better. I think I can find, you know, much better ticker to do that. I mean, so I think that’s the main issue, right? But then you need I mean, in trading, you need to, you know, more like, surrender yourself. Okay. Just accept the fact that, you know, shit, okay. The only one thing you should worry about is your consistency about making money. Right or wrong? Doesn’t matter. Okay. It’s just opinion. Right? Yeah.

Misconceptions About Trading the Same Stocks

James 6:20
It’s funny because like, when I think there’s a misconception, like, you know, like everyone wants to be taught, like, we teach people how to fish, right? So they can like trade by themselves and all that stuff. But something that I this was my misconception, I first started, we all pretty much trade the same tickers, like long or short, most of us are trading, similar tickers on the day, whether it’s like a broken stock or a strong stock, like at some point, like we’re all kind of mixing matching. But it’s like, if you’re trading something that no one’s talking about, then there’s probably a reason for it. Because there are times where a ticker is just a no trade. I mean, there’s times where there’s no volume, no liquidity, it’s not a long, it’s not a short. That’s it. Like, that’s why it’s like to like, I mean, I have volume restrictions, like I know, in the past in the pre market have shorted stocks with really low volume. And that’s gotten me in trouble before. So like, I pretty much don’t touch a stock unless it’s traded over a million volume on the day anymore. But at least that’s the minute like bare bare minimum, that I’m even like looking at it. And these people are shorting stocks with like, 50 to 100k volume, and then asking why there’s like, you know, they’re stuck in between the bid and the ask, and they can’t get in or out. So it’s like, you know, I think that people need to really hyper focus on that. And just write like, this, it, I actually changed, I changed something on my screen, I got rid of like, all of my charts, all I have is to right now, because I found that I was just so spread out attention wise. So now I only look at two, I mean, I have a screen to the right, that has like, charged with a montage. But all I focus on is just two tickers. And that’s it. I want to do those two tickers the best I can. And I’m not like looking at every little thing moving and going. So I think that would really, really help people. But you know, and then kind of the next topic, Tom, and you were talking about the zombie hour, right? So you want to touch a bit on that, like, what what do you notice about trade? Because you’re you stick around more most of the day, but what do you notice about traders during zombie time? And then after that?

What Causes People to Lose Money?

Tom 8:19
Oh, you know, zombie time. Like, I think Joe said in the we can mentoring last last week was like, you know, it’s just like temptation, right? You know, like, you know, bow, okay, you’re not going to be like came on, you can not treat like him. So don’t try to be like him. Right? Yep. But the thing about zombie hour is that, I think is when you know, people were not making enough money in the first hour. That’s why they tend to stay around to make more, right, that’s usually the case. Or if they’re down the first hour, they’re trying to make it back. That’s I think that’s the main thing. But if they are just like, you know, satisfied with with their p&l, like, you know, I make 500 bucks. Yeah, make 1k I’m done for the day, right? They wouldn’t need to be sticking around after zombies. Right. So those usually sticking around for me, those are the ones that you know, down the day, or like, didn’t make enough. So, for me, like, you know, I think the good way is to cut back immediately, right? Yeah, trying to be I don’t know, you know, like, like, I mean, it’s easier said than done, but try to do it like four day, okay? Down, like up or down green or red doesn’t matter. You know, just, you know, shut down your computer and walk away for one day and see how that feels. Right? And then you can move on to the second day or third day. You know, that’s that’s, you know.

James 9:47
Yeah. What do you notice, like what causes people to lose money as a short seller during zombie hour?

Tom 9:53
I mean, you know, zombie. It’s like, there’s no like, there’s like, you know, liquidity is really low, right? That’s what Why algos will try to you know, to kind of, you know, trap people, they can manipulate the stock easier, right? That’s usually the case. And basically, it’s like, you know, like, like, it’s really easy for them to manipulate the retail traders. Because the liquidity volume is so low if you put like, I don’t know, like 100k bad right? Or 100k volume, they’re going to panic, right? Because there are no big players so they can easily, you know, move the stock the way they want. Pretty much, you know, like, yeah, INNN yesterday, if you notice the channel was on five to 5.50. Right? Bow was channeling that all day long. But not every scene like not everyone could be like, bow, right? You don’t have that skill? Or like you don’t have that patient, you know, to stick around and try to, you know?

James 10:56
Yeah, Harry, what do you think for Long’s what is the benefit of zombie times? Or what do you notice of people during zombie times as a lot to that make mistakes?

Harry 11:05
I think, probably like at first, I kind of want to go back to your first question about like, what makes people consistent because I know that you’ve touched on it with Tom but like, as long trader I kind of wanted to talk about things like that as well. And so I guess when you’re when you’re longing and when you’re long trader, for you guys, a short you guys know, like, okay, the shits eventually going to go down and may not be today and may not be tomorrow. And yes, you need correct timings. But, you know, you guys pretty well know that the shits gonna go back to where it came from. Right. But when you’re a long trader, right? It’s all about how it gets to that kind of point, right? Does it just kind of like spike up from $1 to five and stayed all day? So the grind up all day? You know, like, are you in a position to kind of get that move. And so, you know, there, there’s a, there’s someone at MIT who, who kind of like, he alerts a lot, I’m not going to say his name, but he alerts a lot. And the problem is, is that yesterday, I was watching aerc, it was kind of like a beaten down chart on the daily and I thought, Okay, today might be the day where this could bounce, right. And so I was watching it. And so I put some into, I believe, like, in around 13, and then I sold into 14, five, like 14, eight, you know, out there. And he alerted it. And, you know, by the time that you are catching these types of alerts on long trades, they’re probably done, right, they’re probably finished by the time they hit your scanner, they’re probably finished. So as a long trader, you need to hunt a lot more. And you can trade the hot chicks, if you want to, right, like, you’re always going to have some volatility. And if you can master the objects that can be about like, I don’t know, like 50% of your income as a long trader just by mastering the logics. But, you know, if you’re also kind of hunting for a couple plays, like maybe something beaten down on a daily, maybe something is, you know, it’s a low float, and it’s been consolidating all day, and we start kind of pushing high into the afternoon, you know, maybe that’s something that you want to look at, as well, right. So you have to be hunting as well. And I think stock selection is, is key, because you, you know, as along, it’s all about how much supplies to the left and the right, do we have bag holders? Do we have people stock from the pre market, you know, were short sellers going to be trapped. And I will tell you from firsthand experience, short sellers are not going to stop out until we are over that top line. So if you are trying to long like three lines down or two lines down, have some support on a broken chart like that is just not going to work. Like that’s, that’s going to be an inconsistent strategy for you. And I think as far as zombie time, so I know zombie time is reserved for long. But you know, we have had market cycles where nothing zombies, we have had market cycles, where things on the a lot, we have had market cycles, where things are saying the same. So I think it’s all going to be relative, I think as a short seller, and as a long trader as a whole. Unless you are really skilled in your consistent making money in the first hour, I don’t think you’re gonna find it in second or third or fourth hour. And the reason being is just as you know, I don’t know many traders who have waited all the way till zombie time as long trader to make money because you have the pre market, right things are running in the pre market, that’s an attempt to do things after the open. That’s an attempt to and the more decisions you make. I like to kind of say the more drunker you get. So like you know, it’s like one beer to beer three beer for beer, you know, you’re on your AC or how are you supposed to make rational decisions, right? You’re not even supposed to drive the car. And so I think by the time zombie time rolls around traders are kind of intoxicated by whatever has happened during the day whether they’ve won whether they’ve lost. They have made so many decisions like to get to that point. That yes decision for T, right? They don’t, they don’t know what they’re doing they and they’re like, they see the stock pop up and they’re like, Man, that’s a great long, it’s like, bro, I can tell you firsthand that the majority of the things that are popping up on your scanner, I don’t even want to go long because either I should have sold it or I am selling by the time it hits your scanner, right? I mean, you just have to really, really hunt as long and long is really coming up with a lot of organic ideas, right? You’re not going to be handed those broken thoughts every day. The hot chick may be there, right? We may have a hot chick, but it might not be a good, you know, setup in play. Right? Like, I mean, if we’re looking right now, you know, you could you could argue a ton of things are the hot chick on a day, right? But unless we’re we have shorts trapped. And unless we have like shorts forced to stop out, and we’re getting that kind of big extended range move higher. Like you’re not going to make money on the hot chick either. So it’s like, yeah, you know,

Paying Attention to What Stocks Are Moving

James 15:55
Harry, you know, you know what I’ve noticed about you. And I want to just interject because it goes along with what you’re saying is that, as a law, I’ve watched you trade now for like three years. And like, it’s something I’ve noticed, especially in the last year is the more active that you are pre market and like at the open, the faster you usually shut it down for the day. And you usually are done around zombie time. And if you don’t trade at all, during pre market or during the open, you kind of stick around and like you might see how zombie our reacts and stuff like that. And even then sometimes you just walk, but it just seems like I mean, that’s exactly what you’re saying. And like, I want everyone listening to know, like he actually does this. Like it’s not like, You’re not just saying this is a good idea, you actually will just walk away if they’re, you know, if he’s had a good morning because decision fatigue is a real thing. You know, he has a great pre market, great open, makes enough money and he says bucket, all the moves are done. I’m not gonna stick around. And just because then you’re right, you get intoxicated, you think the next move is going to do the same thing.

Harry 16:50
Yeah, and I just want to say you have to pay attention to when they are moving stocks, right. So we were in a micro market cycle where everything was fading, and nothing was running, all the spots were being moved at, like 6am 4am in the morning, you know, like that’s not, that’s not no one’s up during them, right? The stock has already moved, it’s gapped up, it’s made its move. Right, the move that you’re looking for at eight o’clock already happened that, you know, six o’clock. And so what are you doing? You know, a stock is only going to make so many moves in a day. And stocks as a whole, like as a basket are only going to move at certain times of the day. Sometimes it’s going to be the afternoon, right? We get faders all day. And then everyone’s like, Oh, man, everything’s moving in the afternoon. Well, nothing moves in the morning, nothing moves after those men. So of course, you know, people are going to be looking for a move in the afternoon, right? But when we get these big hot chicks that move from like, $10 to $20 in the morning, don’t be looking for crazy afternoon moves, the move happened in the morning, right? So you have to be paying attention on the day, when are they moving stocks? Did they move a stock premarket? Are they moving stocks premarket? To 6am? You know, are they moving stocks at 10:30am? And that is something that, you know, I think can can help people out is that pay attention to when things are being moved? Right. I know that if things have moved to premarket and we had a wild free market, like I can I can go for lunch with my girlfriend, because and not worry. You know?

Tom 18:19
Yeah, that’s huge. Okay. Yeah, so, just one thing I want to add about zombie, okay. And I think the most like, the common problem for the most traders is, you know, they, you know, they have like, one day where they make money during the zombie, right. And they use that for the context, you know, for their own one. It’s like, they are confusing with that. Okay, should I, like, you know, I make money today. So zombie is good, right? Or, like, you know, next day, they’re losing on zombie. And then they suddenly feel like, you know, zombies not working for me. So you can now put one day into the perspective, it’s like, you need to think about like, the long term picture. Okay, the majority of the time, if you try after the zombie, you’re gonna lose, right? Trading is the probabilities game, and you have to wait that and I don’t know, how about we do this, you know, try to challenge you know, them. Like, let’s say, if you down the first hour, right, you’re not allowed to trade zombie. Okay, yeah. But if you green, you are allowed to treat zombie, but you can only give back 30% of your winning profits that day. And you can use that up to you, but how about, you know, try to challenge the members to do that and see if that’s, you know, it’s gonna, you know, change their trading or not.

Rules for Short Sellers to Follow

James 19:54
I like that. I do like that. And I think I think people have this weird misconception with zombie like You know, like, we recommend walking away, right? Because it’s like one, I just think you don’t want to be staring at the screens all day. You know, I think we have a life to live, you make a lot of money in the morning, go do it.

Tom 20:09
But to I know, it’s easier said than done. Sometimes he asked me as well. But you know, we have to come up with some sort of rules, right? You know, like, say, with maths the last no matter what you do, no matter what you try the moment that hit you done for the day on? Okay, no questions asked. That should be, you know, like the old teammate role. And so try to do that for the zombie as well. Because, yes, sometimes you could see opportunity during the zombie, sometimes you could make money from that sometimes you lose money from that. So it’s hard for them to kind of wait it out a little bit. Right? Yeah. But if you come up with a rule, like, you know, stop, if you trade in the first hour, I mean, that’s easy thing to do. I mean, if you if you read and you still continue to tray, that that means you know, like, already, right? You won’t get in.

James 21:01
I think I think rules could be in place to like something I’ve noticed about now. And like this is probably more of like an advanced strategy or some not strategy, but just an advanced ideas that, you know, if you’re going to stick around, you need to make rules in place where like, you’re not just going to start shorting, especially as a short seller. You can’t just short every little bounce on a stock that is broken, because eventually what happens and this is what I used to do, is you add, add, add, and then you end up stopping out at the top of a big bounce. I think as a short seller, you Oh, you actually want to see the stocks zombie. You want to see them zombie back to the outer line. Like that needs to be your kind of end all be all is like I’m not shorting this unless it retests either like you can call it v whap. You can call it you know, a certain level on the chart that you shorted previously a previous resistance. But like you can’t just be like hitting bounce after bounce after bounce. But how many times has it happened? Where that one that one time you do it? It just blows up your whole day? So it’s wait for your perfect entry? Or that’s it?

Harry 22:01
I really think so as well. Like the game you have to remember. Yes, the game is right. You know, towards Long’s like, yes, we have like that kind of rigging towards Long’s as well. But I’d say the game is more reg towards stopping out shorts now. Like, you know, how often do we see that stock just breaks high day by like 10 cents, they stopped out every single short, and then they just tank it? Right? How often do we see, and they stop on for long as well. But, I mean, recently, I’ve seen it like, for every one long stop on, there’s probably 10 Stop ons for shorts. So as a short seller, you need to be putting yourself into a position where you’re going short into areas where you know that you’ll find like liquidity as far as Long’s chasing and shorts being forced to cover. But you know, around the line as well. And where do we see that the most we always see Long’s chasing for that V whap. Reclaim, we always see shorts out overview app, right, we always get those kinds of us, we’re out higher days and other big one, right? You know, if you’re shorting a bit above high day with a tight stop, you know, as long as it’s not a crazy low float or anything like that, you know, how often do we see them? Push it up, and then just the bid and every short is going man, I shouldn’t have stopped out and every long is saying to themselves, man, I shouldn’t have chased, right? And so you have to be paying attention. It’s like the whole game is it just the liquidity on you know, it’s literally just liquidity on like, which stop which side is going to kind of cave first. And that’s kind of what I see every single day and we the majority of the runners are always going to be low floats, right? Because they’re easy to move, it doesn’t take much money to move a low float company around as far as like, like, what I kind of find is that they’re either going to move stocks kind of under 10 mil or it’s going to be over you know 2530 mil because for the higher float, the institutions are kind of you know, buying it up to be able to control and for the lower floats you know, it’s easy for three guys to have you know, two or $3 million each and an account and just manipulate them stocks themselves and just split it amongst like two three guys and say, Okay, well we’re gonna do this we’re gonna control supply we’re gonna move it around and they have their own kind of agenda towards that right. But I mean what I see is that these stop on are, you know where you should be looking to get short right? Not until it’s not until it’s kind of crazy or you want to just, you know, short the broken stocks and make it easier. I mean, I’m not saying I’m not condoning trading a hot chick, but if you are going to trade a hot chick, it better be in situations like that, or else you will lose like on the inner lines you’re going to lose, right because there’s no edge underlines on object bro. There’s no edge They’re so and that’s what I was trying to tell other people like, what are you doing? You know, how often do we see that kind of like fake death candle? Three candles later, we reclaim and trap and everyone’s like what are shorter to death candle? It’s like no, bro, what you did is that you FOMO it in and you traded on the fly, you had no plan, you know. And so it’s just a broken record repeating itself. And so if you had shorted that kind of area where, you know, maybe we have a seller at seven, and that seller at seven lifts, and we rip to 757 50 times a day, every single long It’s chasing, everyone’s like, man, that’s the move. And then we kind of start stalling over that high day and we stall and stall and stall, and then you notice that acceleration starts to, you know, flip and we get that kind of pause, and then it starts going in the other direction. That’s going to be your edge is short seller, if you can just wait for moments like that those kind of liquidity hunts and those like stuff. That’s how you’re going to make a lot of money as a short seller. But the problem is that 99% of people can’t wait for their lines, and someone messaged me this morning, how do I deal with FOMO it’s like, bro, how you’re going to deal with FOMO is when you’re sick and tired of fucking losing, and you say to yourself, I want to become a profitable trader now, and I’m not I’m gonna follow my plan. And when following your plan becomes, like, more insane than making money every day. That’s when you’re gonna have a shot. But if you are just focusing on p&l and trading after zombie, and you’re not gonna listen to the March and you’re not going to, you know, follow literally what you’re paying for at MIC, then, I mean, you probably don’t have a hope, right? If you’re still trying to reinvent the wheel every single day, you know, and you’re at MIT and you’re not watching videos, then there is no hope for you.

Shorting Low Float Companies and Short Sellers

James 26:45
That’s it. Yeah, I agree, dude. And I think like too many guys now. Like, they’re so focused on doing like, they just need to trade I think new, like newer traders or people who’ve been doing like, they feel everything like like you said, you brought a plan to target. Everyone’s been messaging me Hey, bro, I see a Deaf candle and it freakin reclaims. It’s because dude, every single person in their mother is now shorting this move. That just happened. And I think like, of course, it’s gonna bounce, of course, the stocks gonna reclaim because all everyone is doing now is they’re like, they miss the actual trade, whether they’re long or short, they missed the actual entry of the actual trade, and then they chase everything. And that’s what’s causing these, like, stupid issue. And it’s like, I don’t really understand, like, you know, like, we talked about this daily, like, you know, you kind of want to be your trading. Again, we do it all the time, we’re trading against pumpers, the short sellers, especially, you know, it’s like you’re trading against what the mass is doing. So I always have this mentality of like, if I get into a position, I think way too many people are on the same side of what I’m doing, then I usually don’t like it. And I’m actually really uncomfortable. That’s like, when I usually get bounced and stuff like that. And it’s like, it’s kind of true, it’s like, when are you going to like these newer guys gonna realise like, the sooner you stop, kind of like FOMO going in, you know, trading without a plan trading on the fly. I mean, you might not become profitable, but you’ll at least become more breakeven, you’ll stop kind of losing. You know, it’s a weird thing between that. And sizing, those are the biggest things that I really noticed. But the newer guys,

Managing Your Risk and Letting Your Winners Run

Tom 28:11
Yeah,, I think it’s like this, you know, I’m not going to talk about strategies here. That’s what the videos are for, right? But I’m just gonna keep it really simple, okay, what it really comes down to, and, you know, at the end of the day, we all raise managers, right? In trading, you want to, you know, lose, like, you know, just a small part of your p&l, and then trying to make more money on that, right, basically, taking a small loss, and then aim for a bigger win. That’s how you’re going to grow your tap, like, you know, like, pretty easy. If you think about that, if you manage the risk well, and you let your winners run, right, you got to be profitable, you’re gonna need to be able to grow that account, but how can you do that you have FOMO. And if you don’t have a plan, it’s impossible. Okay? So you FOMO in and you don’t have, you know, a proper risk reward, you’re not going to be able to make money, right? It’s same, exactly like Harry’s that, you know, good entries. Right? And then you’re going to have a good risk reward trade. I mean, you know, I’m not going to touch on that. But the key thing here I think, is you need to more like you know, surrender yourself. Accept the fact that you know, shit, okay? Know, nothing. All I know is how much I’m risking. That’s it. I’m risking 50 cents here to make $1 dollar 50 accept that surrender yourself, whatever. Okay. I mean, I don’t even care what the stock is going to do. Okay, I’m going to take a last year, I’m going to take multiple loss. And then if I’m right, I’m going to make back on that loss. And, you know, there’s that, right. Yeah, I mean, you can tweak it out whatever you want. And treat whatever you want, you can have far more units zombie, you can do whatever you want, like I said, you know, but have some sort of rule, right? If you down the first hour, don’t try after a zombie. If you opt in the first hour, you know, okay, you can go ahead and trade it but only risk like 20 to 30% of your winning profits, right? In that case, you can use that to make more worst case scenario, okay, you know, I’m, I’m up the grand now. Okay, I’m gonna lose that. 300 bucks. Okay, yeah, I can trade all day, I can FOMO I can change. I can do whatever the fuck I want. But within that frame, 300 bucks. And that’s it. And, you know, to me, that’s been kind of my aha moment. You could say, at the moment, I managed my rest. Right? And I kind of let my winners run, you know, like, the sky’s the limit. Right? You know, when when I try to, you know, like, blow it out, right? You know, you can go to million, whatever you want. But if I’m wrong, I’m going to cut it in, and we’re going to get the stock out right away. Yeah. Yeah, that’s how it goes there.

Harry 31:14
Oh, no, I was just gonna say like, I think that some people, some people, there are going to be some people who are able to trade Don’t be right. Like, I agree with Tom’s rule. 100%. Like, let’s say, if you’re up in the morning, there’s no reason to go back. You know? And then the problem is, is that like, you’re never going to be up enough. Right? You’re, and you’re never going to be like it becomes his balance of like, am I trading zombie? Because I have an edge? Or am I trading zombie? Because, you know, of something that happened before. And also, like, a lot of people are just not disciplined. You know, like, they’re gonna be like, all like, you know, I may be down a little bit, but I can make it back zombie, you know, I can do it. I’m just splintered off. It’s like now about your stats, show me that you are undisciplined, after 1030. Right. If you got one of us to look at your stats, and we see on that little time graph that after 1030, you lose money, we’re going to tell you to never trade zombie again, right. And a lot of people know that they shouldn’t be trading zombie. And a lot of people know that they shouldn’t be doing things and they still do right there on this one. So I think I think a big thing for me was creating rules around my trading. Like, like recently, I hadn’t been trading, you know, recently, I haven’t been trading premarket. And the reason reason why is just because I found that in pre market, you know, I’m still groggy, right, I’m not always making the best decisions, I’m not always doing what’s best for myself. So I said myself, you know, I’m just not gonna trade pre market anymore. Like, you know, outs doesn’t trade pre market. You know, no one’s really trading pre market. So, I’ve been spending pre market just really getting super, super prepared for the open. And I’ve been making more money at the open now, because I’m so so prepared. And I’m not like scatterbrained at open, like, Oh, what if I forgot about this, or what if I forgot about this, right, I have a solid concrete plan in place with absolutely no emotion. So I absolutely kill the open. And then we go into zombie. And then we go into the afternoon, and I’m still, you know, using that momentum to kind of push me through, that’s what’s kind of been doing. So for me, like, the money that I’m going to make after the open is not even going to be close to premarket, just due to the liquidity and due to the sizing. So have just said myself, alright, I’ll trade after the open. Okay, I’ll turn that to noon. And after that, and that has what has really propelled me and really, you know, allowed me to capitalise on the opportunities in the past, like month or so, you know, that’s, that’s helped me a lot. So I think like, you have to find what works for you. And if you find that you’re undisciplined after 1030, and if you find that you’re undisciplined, you know, in premarket, or you take a loss in pre market or pre market sapio, I honestly recommend that, you know, 100% of traders should probably not trade pre market, stick to a solid plan, you know, use that plan at open, then you’re set, then you know what you’re doing, you you you really understand, right? And then maybe if you have such a solid plan, it’s open and you prove to yourself that you’re disciplined enough to not try premarket, then you can maybe trade zombie, right. You know, obviously, if you’re in a bad mindset, don’t do that. But, you know, have a concrete plan in place when you’re training don’t just trade zombie to trade zombie, you know, have a concrete plan in place and really use that to your advantage and really kind of exploit that. And you know, that’s what will kind of take you to the next level in my opinion.

James 34:37
I think we should I think we should end there. That was really good. Yeah,



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