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Hey, what’s up everyone and Happy New Year in this podcast James and I talk about the overall economy, the Fed, and share some stories about our trading, as well. We also talked about large caps. This was a really great podcast. So listen up, stick around and enjoy. And also let us know in the comments what topics you would like to see covered or how you felt about this one. Another thing is that, in the comments below, there’s a discount, often MIC membership if you’re interested in something like that. So thanks a lot, guys. Happy New Year. And I hope you enjoy this one.



James 0:32
Whats Going on, guys, we’re back with another episode of the afterhours podcast. It seems like every week, there’s some craziness going on in the macro world. And in small cap world nowadays. So we’re going to talk a little bit about everything. So the first thing I wanted to touch on, I think an important announcement came out from the Federal Reserve last week, and that was that they have basically come forward and said they do not plan on lowering rates in 2023. If anything there, they will still increase rates. The you know, the jury’s out on whether it’s a quarter point raises or half a point or whatever. But I think it’s obvious that right now, Jerome Powell feels like we’re losing to inflation, I think he gets very aggravated, and his tone. And you can tell when people get excited when the stock market has good days. He doesn’t want I in my opinion, he doesn’t want the stock market to have good days. He wants wealth to be crushed. And he wants. He said in the beginning, this is going to hurt and people need to feel this. And they will. Yeah. I kind of think that’s where we’re headed. But what do you think right now?

Harry 1:39
I mean, it’s exactly what like a couple of weeks ago on the podcast, I was like, you know, they came out and said, Oh, we might pause. We might do this, we might do that. Now we’re sitting here beginning of 2023. And, yeah, they’re just completely saying the opposite of what they said. And like, November, December, how they might pause, how they might go a little bit easier. How they might, you know, even look at, you know, basically decreasing rates, like they’ve even like talked about that before. And now we’re in a situation where they’re like, Yeah, we’re not going to do any of that. I’m sorry, I’m just coughing, still sick. I got COVID. So bear with me. But yeah, I mean, it’s exactly what they said, you know, that they weren’t going to do? Of course, you can’t trust them. So, to me, it’s like, it’s like, whatever they say you have to take with like a grain of salt, really. And I think a lot of people were really, really optimistic, thinking like, oh, you know, they might even decrease rates, they might pull back, you know, there’s no way that that’s going to happen. So it’s exactly what I would have thought happened.

James 2:56
And what’s kind of crazy, though, is that like the market had, like you said, it’s like a 700 point day today, it’s like, almost like the market took that news and spit it out and didn’t really digest it, I kind of feel like people almost don’t believe it.

The Trickle-Down Effect of the Current Market

James 3:10
I think it’s gonna, I think it’s gonna have a trickle down effect on a lot of people. So anyone who bought a house in 2022, and had an abnormally high interest rate for the time, you know, six 7%. Like, I know, a lot of people who bought houses in that range for interest, I think they had the theory that they would be able to refinance and 23. And that would allow them to maintain their payments and break, maybe bring down the high payments that they thought they could survive on for a while. And now they’re kind of finding out they’re not. So I think it’s going to trickle down into not only the housing market, also business because you can’t refinance debt companies that who have large debt, they’re going to continue with large interest payments, just like our country, for example. And we have large interest payments and with high, we have large debt payments of high interest, it’s not going to be pretty for a lot of people. You know, I think something to remember that is interesting is that we’re probably going to enter if not already entered a time into a severe recession or depression. companies, large caps are everyday announcing layoffs, 10% cuts coming daily. And these are big companies, you know, these are Amazon, Facebook, or meta, you know, Apple and all these companies. And I think that we have to remember that stocks don’t necessarily have to go down in a recession. You know, we might find a bottom and we might have already bought them in a lot of names. I mean, yeah, I don’t know what you think. But man, some of these stocks have been just absolutely murdered and how can you not look at an Amazon that slammed down to 82 today? I mean, I had to take seven my long account and my long term account because I’m in my head. I’m like, it’s it’s Amazon, you know, I mean, the point they’ve been crushed.

Harry 4:50
Yeah, no, I think it’s, I think in some names, there has been a bottom, you know, obviously, soft like meta and is very unpredictable, because like, you know, if you look at Netflix like, and I was reading this the other day, like, their earnings were not that bad, you know, like, compared to like, if this had have happened in like a market like two years ago, you know, it probably would have rallied, you know, when it kept going up like, it wasn’t like they got hit that hard. But you know, it’s just the market environment that we’re in a company like meta where they’re trying to like transition into like the metaverse and do all this shit. That’s a little bit more unpredictable. It’s a little bit more like uncharted territory. Obviously, they own Instagram. So like, they’ll be fine. But you know, it’s still very, very uncharted territory, like going into all that, like Metaverse ship, you know. And also you look at Twitter, Elon Musk got his first margin call on his loan, which is like, you know, crazy, but Twitter is also a stock that has gotten murdered as well. And I saw you were talking about it today in chat. And you were like, I love Elon. I love Elon Musk. But as far as Tesla’s stock, it’s like, I don’t know how far you know, this can go up. So there are a lot of things going on right now. It’s definitely like a weird market where it is, you know, you see Google getting hammered Amazon getting hammered all these tickers getting hammered. And it’s like, these are really, really good companies. But and obviously, some of the names have bought them. But I think for the most part, it’s still like super uncharted territory. You know, it’s like, has this really bottomed? You know, everything looks good in hindsight. But when you see companies start to lay people off and start to say that they’re preparing for a recession, you got people like us, who are like, you know, even this summer, we’re talking about it, we’re like, we’re probably in a recession right now. Or like, at least close to one, you know, if they’re predicting for like the almighty recession that like, even when we were talking about like, like the summer, like when we were talking about a recession, if they were predicting something bigger than that, worse than that, and third predicting like a catastrophic tsunami, then I mean, that that would be just insane.

Taking a Look at the Metaverse

James 7:09
Again, I think a couple things I want to touch on that you said so first, like with meta, and Facebook, I think at this point, this is just my opinion, I think meta has taken its medicine, I think they’ve been beaten down so hard. Mark Zuckerberg came out and said that he you know, he made a mistake, he invested capital in the wrong way. I mean, it caused them to have their first layoff and you know, almost, you know, 15 years of being open or whatever, or being established. And I think that the metaverse just didn’t necessary, I think he will be. But I thought a lot about this, and I think it will be successful. I just think he’s a little bit early. I think that he knows it too. That may be trans, you know, transforming Facebook into this Metaverse company was a little too soon, and it’s gonna hurt the shareholders and stock price. But at the end of the day, he’s also Mark Zuckerberg, and he’s not an idiot. And I think that he has vision and he’s very smart. So I think long term I think META might have taken, like I said, taken into medicine that might be it’s a, it’s a, in my opinion, it’s always a long term vibe, but that’s just how I feel.

Harry 8:11
It is the fucking suicide bill.

James 8:13
That’s what it was. They had the cyanide pill, he took it, they murdered the stock. And now you know, it’s time to fix it. And you know what they did, they leaned out, they cut costs, and now they have a new business with a new business model. And I guess we’ll see how smart he really is, you know, so. And then as far as Elon goes, it’s the same thing I was talking in chat, right? It’s like, there comes a point where I love the guy. So I love Elon, and I really support his vision. And again, he’s a product guy. And I think that as long as he focuses on the product, I think Tesla, Twitter, and SpaceX and Solar City will continue to thrive. The issue is, I feel like it’s easy for him to get distracted, I feel like Twitter, he needs to find a CEO that’s going to take over and actually take that responsibility from him, because I think is a business there. And I think he’s smart enough to create a product that will actually make it successful, make it generate revenue, and actually make it something that globally, people will love to use. So again, though, the problem is we’re seeing Tesla touch 100 Today, I mean, once that, once that goes the floodgates open, you know, we’ll see 9080 Possibly, I already know in my head, and maybe I’m shooting myself in the foot I in I’ve said if Tesla goes down to $80 a share I’m going to buy. I’m going to start putting some out there, just because again, I choose to believe in the long term vision of Elon Musk and I like it so and also I’m just a user of all the products I drive a Tesla, I use Twitter. I love SpaceX and what they do so, I mean, I’m not using any rocket ships these days, but other than that, I think recessionary talks like what you were mentioning, I’m noticing it now especially in the labor fields like the cutting hair barbering was tough. I noticed I live in my town both our locations are in wealthy towns. And you know, people are tipping less. You know, they’re still coming in. We offer a cash discount And I’ve noticed like a lot more people doing that it’s only like three bucks. But you know what, it’s three bucks. I’ve started to notice more and more people complaining about the cost of goods, food, gas, everything. And I feel like it’s hitting a tipping point where most of my friends most people I know who just working just average jobs are they’re not even breaking even anymore. They might be actually operating at a negative, a negative or even a lot, you know, some sort of loss at the end of the month after bills.

Harry 10:25
Yeah, yeah. That’s so funny. How you worded that, I feel bad for your friends. But you’re like, operating at a loss like that’s,

Dealing With a Financial Loss

James 10:37
I know, it’s like wording it really robotically, but it’s like, you know, if you make 500 bucks a week, right, which is like the average, the average person, if you make 1000 56,000 a year, you’re making $1,000, a week after taxes called 600. You know, 18, six or 2400 a month? I mean, after your rent, your car payment, your bills, your food, like you’re probably negative, yeah, we’re dipping into your credit card. I don’t know if you know, people will, most people I know do this. They don’t make enough money in their paycheck. So what they do is they put it on their credit card, then they get paid. So they pay down their credit card, but then they just go back to having to use the credit card. But slowly, that balance creeps up. Because not only are you just putting their their needs on there, they’re putting some of their wants to buy that nice item. And then that adds the balance so that when they get that 500 to put up to pay off the card now it’s only down to 200 bucks. Yeah. You know, so I don’t know if you know, people like that, or what’s your experience right now?

Harry 11:30
my experience is I have a couple of different I have a couple different types of friends. So it’s, it’s interesting like I have you guys are like the fucking normal, like the normal like finance bros. You know, I have other friends that are I know, some of them are still like living at home. Some are definitely doing the good old credit card trick.

Harry 11:55
I know a lot of guys like that. And honestly, one of my friends has gone bankrupt as well. Straight up by age, you know, like 23 22 just because he’s like, there’s no way out of this by got a car too quick.

What Scares Me the Most About the Future

James 12:10
What do you do?

Harry 12:11
I bought a BMW. And just basically like, kind of had a bit of a drinking problem and maxed out like, four $4,000 credit cards or something like that. And so he’s like, fuck, there’s no way out of this. So then he just went bankrupt or whatever. And, yeah, a lot of my friends here have just moved out of where I’m living, because it’s just too expensive. And, yeah, they’re just like, I have friends who are in Ottawa, Toronto, like, all over the place, just not where I am. Just because like, here, it’s just, you know, to the east coast. And there’s a lot of people who, it’s kind of like a spot where, like, a lot of guys get grandfathered into things. Like, you know, like, it’s like, your dad’s an electrician, so you’re going to be one type of deal. Yeah. And if you don’t have that, it can be a little bit difficult. And the majority of people that I graduated with, like, if I just look as a whole are living with their parents, you know, like, there’s not a lot of people here who are moved out like me, you know, when people see me with like, a car moved out, like already, like, people are like, Oh, my God, like, how do you afford that? That’s crazy. Because like, here, everyone’s just living with their parents drink and still just chillin. So I think we’re, I like, where to see where I like different ages, because like, I’m like turning what. I’m turning like, 24 this year. Yeah. And so I’m still at that age where, like, people are still like, living with their parents kind of getting away with it.

Harry 13:49
But I think people are still doing that.

Harry 13:52
Oh, yeah. Well, I mean, that’s just, to me, that’s like, a little bit wild and crazy, but I mean, it’s just the world that we live in. Right? Like, there are a lot of people who are, you know, stuck tough times, and I feel bad for them. Don’t get me wrong, but it’s just like, when I look out and I look around, you know, there are, you know, there’s like a small percentage that are out on their own chilling a large percentage is like still with their parents still, you know, doing that, which is fine, but, ya know, it’s, it’s wild, like when I kind of like Look out, you know, at like, somewhere like my, my friends and ask them how they’re doing because, like, you know, like, I know one guy who I was with, like, a couple months ago. And he’s like, Oh, check out my new place. Check out my place. So I was like, Oh, wow, we got a place like, That’s dope. That’s awesome. And then we started driving and started driving a little bit more and driving a little bit more and I was like, fuck, like, where are we going? And we took this like dirt road and then like it was Like, holy fuckboys. But you know, what can fucking do?

James 15:07
It is like the wages aren’t aren’t speeding, speeding up to the point of cost of inflation and like cost of goods, right? Because, again, it’s just it’s really hard that I don’t see that changing in the short term. Right. So like, what actually scares me the most is like, in the short term, yeah, a lot of people are gonna live paycheck to paycheck. Anyone who’s overspent, like even people I know people who make a million dollars a year who live paycheck to paycheck, which is mind blowing. So it’s not only just the people who make less money issue, it’s all people who overspenders My biggest concern, though, is just the the lower and the middle class are going to fall really far behind because they don’t have the money to invest like right now. Like we’re talking about Mehta, Tesla, my Microsoft, Amazon are all beaten down stocks. And right now I’m just scooping up what I can, right. Because long term, it’s great, it’s great. And it’s gonna build Well, the problem is these people don’t have that capability. So they’re just going to continuously fall behind. So the next decade, really, I mean, I don’t see how these people change and get out of this like rut unless they hit the lottery, you know, in any event, and that’s just, that’s the reality. And I think, I think the problem is the economy is not going to change. You know, I think spending is going way down, because people literally can’t afford it.

Harry 16:23
no, I’m like, I don’t mean to laugh. It’s just a funny story where my buddy is, like, I got this new place. It’s fucking awesome. Come see it. And then we go and show up.

This Is the State of the Times

Harry 16:32
And it’s a trailer and I’m like, Oh, shit, like, this is like, really, the state of the times where we’re at, you know? And, you know, it does kind of suck because, like, if he was like, you know, like, he paid I think, like, 60 or 70k for like, it wasn’t cheap. Like, even like, I mean, like, yeah, like, I was kind of like, just like joking. Because like, I mean, to me, it was just like, fuck, like, you don’t expect to, like, you know, go there. But like, it’s like, shit, like, that kind of opened my eyes. Like, this is kind of the state that we’re living in. Like, there are a lot of people in our age group that it’s like, what are they going to do? Like? Often I’m just like, driving and thinking like, shit, like, what if I didn’t have trading? Like, what the fuck would I be doing? I’d be fucked.

James 17:23
I think about that often. Because if I wasn’t trading, I mean, I would have the barbershops and like, I make a good living off of it, but, but in my head, like, I would be stressing, because it’d be really hard to get ahead. Just off of that alone, you know, you almost need multiple incomes, or one really, really good income to be able to get ahead and to push yourself forward. And I almost feel like I almost often wonder if this is what the depression was felt like, were like, just people weren’t able to really like start their lives or move forward, or get caught up or get ahead or any of that. And like I said, it’s like, my friends. I hear them all the time, like people like not just my friend, but people I know, like saying, like, Oh, I wish I could move out of my parents, oh, I wish you can buy a house or I need a car, but I can’t afford it. I mean, we did. I did a bunch of interviews in different barbers over the past week. And half of them don’t have cars right now because they’re broken, and they can’t afford to the cars are broken, and they can’t afford to fix it. Right. So like, there’s more to the economy and more to the stock market than just like, people like us and like the people who are very blessed and lucky to have this. And that’s why long term. I just, I can’t imagine us coming being out of a recession anytime soon. Again, I don’t know what that means for stocks. I still think I mean, I’ve been following a lot of these like chart chart guys. And you we’re actually starting to see a lot of people turn bullish on stocks. So it’s funny, I mean, we’re we have a very good bull and bear battle right now between people who continue up, or if we’re gonna see new lows.

Investing Your Money

Harry 18:50
It’s very, very hard for me, like, I’m not I’m not investing any money right now. Like, I’m just I’m just waiting because it’s like, it’s too uncertain. You know, I’d rather just be able to be one of those kind of, like, add to the dip, guys, you know, like, you know, like I had some money invested like before COVID And like, I have done like a couple different things like that. But for me right now, it’s like, fuck, like, I just picture myself like losing with that, like hide the pain Herald because it’s like shit, you know, eventually I do want to buy a house like in the next like two years. So you know, I mean, it’s just like for me, it’s like shit, do I want to put that money at risk? Like yeah, no, not not really and then I have to pay tax on it again and then like I have to be I’m paying tax on the money that I’ve been taxed on before. So it’s like fuck

James 19:52
I mean, like some people value value where they live some people value their their future and their like their stock portfolio. Do so people value stop, right? And I always tell people like you can’t invest money like I know you can afford to lose it. I’m not saying I, but you, but I tell people all the time, you can’t buy Amazon at 80 bucks, if you’re afraid it’s gonna go to 75. You know, so and that’s it. And it’s like, you know, most people you’re saving for a house, you’re saving for your future. You don’t want to invest that money. Like he bought, he bought apple at 130. And then he sold it at like, 125 Because he was stressed out and he’s like, oh, I need the cash. And I’m like, Well, you know, why the hell are you investing money you don’t have, you know, it’s like, you just, it’s like I said, everyone has a priority.

Harry 20:35
yeah, and with me, like, I can buy a house right now. But like, I want to buy like, you know, a decent like fucking place where I don’t have to put down like 10% or 5%. And worry about these big ass fucking payments. Like, for me, I just want to have a nice snug place. And for here, that’s going to be probably close to like, a million bucks, you know? Because, I mean, anything else like is like fucking shit. So that’s why I’m like, Shit, I want to take this money and invested in fucking meta, and Amazon and this shit, or should I just fucking put this here and ride it the fuck out? You know,

James 21:10
when you’re trying to buy another kind of asset, which is, I think fantastic. You know, but what kind of transition actually now that we’re getting into ourselves, but how is small caps bee n for you to end 2022 and started 2023.

Harry 21:23
Pretty good. Like, around I’d say like the end of like November, I started kind of like transitioning to like the multi day runner type video. And I’ve been having like, huge success with that. But yeah, like the day ones. I mean, like, don’t get me wrong. I used to be a day one person for a long time, used to love day ones. But to me the multi day runners like, I don’t know what it is, but they just like kind of like speak to me where I’m just like, fuck, like, I understand this, I get this setup. I see it. And then I just, you know, trade them and do pretty well. And so, it’s been difficult for me to say, Okay, do I want to go back to day ones, like the day ones are just very choppy. They’re hard. You know, if you don’t have a pre market short, like you guys like you and bear and like the fucking boys. You know? I mean, like, imagine if you were only able to trade at the open, you know, and you didn’t have a pre market chore, you know, it’d be very difficult, because it’s like shit. You know, if you trade ugly, short, middle of the range, you’re gonna get fucked. If you trade long middle of the range. It’s 5050 coin flip right there. Right? Yeah, your short edge is really underlines your long edge is really underlines to kind of the bottom bottom of the range. By the time it gets there. I’m like, shit, you know, and I get the market conditions, I understand it. But it’s been choppy for so long. And when I have these multi day runners that I can really attack and like make a lot of money on I’m like, shit, like, Why do I even bother with the day ones anymore? Like, just leave it to the shorts. And then I’ll just, you know, take these multiday runners and fucking nail them, you know, like, and there’s been a lot like, you know, some socks that bought it, like, you know, four bucks, three bucks, sold them at five, you know, so it’s like, if I can just keep doing this and this game, like, keep working. I’ll probably just not trade the day ones anymore, because the multi day has just been so much better.

The Day-To-Day Volatility

James 23:23
Yep. I mean, I feel like you have a real edge there. And you kind of took we were talking about that actually funny enough, like six months ago that you were starting to dabble in that. And it’s nice that you found like a real nice, and you always have the day ones to fall back on. Yeah, but I almost feel like with day one Long’s like sometimes it’s like an adrenaline junkie thing. Because it’s like, you need that like, boom, boom, like action. And like, I feel like a lot of people are looking for and I think it, I think it’s hard because the market still has a lot of enough participants that I think it makes it harder for long traders. You’re dealing with amateur selling and like stuff like that. So I think it’s pretty good that you found this like new new niche that like really works, you know. Yeah,

Harry 24:00
exactly. And, and I just was gonna add one more thing is that when I started trading these and the market opened, I was like, What the fuck, but like, I didn’t have any day ones on my screen, I just took the day ones off, because I knew that I’d be distracted by it. And so I open it up and I’m looking around here and I’m like, What the fuck? You know? What’s going on? You know, like, like, kind of like slamming the table. Like, let’s go let’s go, you know, gotta be something but you realize, like, as a long trader, like, how kind of stuff is supposed to be you know, like, don’t get me wrong made a lot of money day ones, but it’s not the most like especially long two. I feel like you’re like two times as stress. Because you’re always worried if you’re gonna get dumped on you know, you’re always gonna have that in like shorting yes, you’re worried about getting squeezed like 100% Like that’s that’s an issue. I’ll agree with that. But you know, As far as long goes, like, it’s kind of like a bit more exaggerated of a fear because I’ve done both. And for me, it was just like, you know, I wasn’t that worried about getting dumped on on these. It wasn’t that like adrenaline at all, like, it’s very, very, like peaceful type of setup. And, you know, every day, this week of, there’s been one that has ran so and that’s why I said, like, HKD I had on my watch list at fucking 10 bucks before this whole run, the day before the shit ran, I had it on my watch list. And then obviously went crazy went to like, 60 pre market today when not. But when it was like, it’s becoming like a theme, and like, my watches were like, the stocks that I’m watching are turning into these runners are turning into these stocks that are like, the masses are trading, that’s when I was like, Okay, I know that I do have an edge here, for sure. Because like, like, the majority of stocks on my watch list will go up. But it all comes down to as well like what’s going to get the volume, what’s going to happen, that, you know, chart pattern and stuff like that. So for me, it’s like, you gotta, you’re gonna have like six on your watch list, one of those, one of them is going to work, it’s going to fucking blow it out of the park. So you just have to be patient enough and wait for that. And that’s what I mean, like when the market opened, and I was looking around here and I was like, What the fuck? Like, do I do this? Do I do that. And then I just kind of sat back I waited, waited for like my lines to hit, you know, ticker just keeps going up, you know, and that was like, great for me. And I was talking to a couple other long traders that I know and I’m I see. And I was like, fuck, it feels like I’m retired. You know, like, the shit just works. I’m not stressed. It’s consistent. You know, I’m not worried about fucking this day one runner, you know, stuffing I there’s like no adrenaline in the morning at all. You know, it’s very, very calm, it’s very less stressful. And I think for me, it’s just my girlfriend’s like, wow, you’re not really that angry often, like, haven’t been drinking that much. You’ve just been like, just so chill. And I was like, fuck, it’s just the multi day runners like I’m making more money, but I’m just less stressed. I’m just chilling. And that is been the key. For me. That was the biggest lesson that I think of last year. And like this year, like this last six months biggest lesson for me has been just, if you can find a strategy where you’re not stressed, and you’re not like that adrenaline of like shorting high day, or like longing or stock hoping that you’re right, and you can just chill and sit back. That’s the best thing that you can do.

The Grind of Trading in 2020

James 27:43
Great, bro. Great. I mean, 2022 for me was fucking brutal. I mean, it was fine trading wise, but it was just a mental battle. It was a such a grind every single day. I mean, there were we went through three to four months where like, the strategy that had worked for years was not working at all, like it was just a headache, or it would work. But by time at work, you got caught up so many times that it wasn’t even worth it. And it was tough man. And like, you know, the group of guys I trade with, we tried different strategies that were a little crazy. We tried to over perfecting a system sometimes to make it almost too perfect to the point where it wouldn’t work. And then we did everything wrong. We dealt with some really low lows. And I it was the first time I left to be honest, that I was like Dude, I’m so sick of trading. I got so mad at it like so many times. But like it’s such a obviously a passion. So I always came back and and then it’s like a click like, I don’t know, the the last three months 2022 Things were really working really well. There wasn’t still a great amount of range, but like the the setups were working. And then I came into this week, right to 2023. And just like, every single day executed the shit out of everything I wanted to. And it paid really it paid really well. And it worked. And it’s like, it felt like a year of stress and trial really came to like, I don’t know how it came to, like, be worth at all for even just just one week, right? Just like, financially it was like, wow, you know, so So I’m happy to see where 2023 is going. And I feel like given the this new volatility and range that we have, I think it’s you know, I’m conservative, but I like to think that we’re in for a good year. You know, I think I think we’re getting there, but I know we’re coming up kind of on that like 3040 minutes, but I kind of want it before we go actually I wanted to ask what do you have any new year’s resolutions this year?

Harry 29:31
Not really, to be honest. I mean, my New Year’s resolutions has always been like, just try and be the best that you can be, you know, like, for me if I’m like if I set goals, like especially if it’s like oh like I you know, I want to lose weight or I want to do this or I want to do that like for me it just like they never happen. So I think like I you know, you always need that kind of like internal push. I feel like you know, instead of just sitting down or saying oh well I’m gonna do Dry January, you know, like, I mean, that’s all well and good, but it’s like, to me, that just puts too much pressure on myself where it’s like, like, the last time I drank was like, before I had COVID, you know, which is crazy to me, because like, I mean, like, I used to drink all the time, but like, now I’m just, like, chilling. And I’m like, shit. It’s been like, you know, since like, two weeks now, or, like, close to him. So it’s like, it’s always those type of deals, where it’s like, if you’re not, if I don’t force myself to do something, then all like, I’ll do it. And if I have to force myself then like, I’m gonna have a lot more resentment. So, you know, I always try and like, I don’t know, it sounds weird. I like I don’t set the goal in stone, but I’m like, Okay, I’m gonna, like work towards this. And like, if I fail, I can always restart. So that way, I’m not like, yeah, I feel like like, you know, if you’re like, I’m quitting drinking, I’m quitting drinking today. Oh, you’re gonna think about fucking drinking, you know, you’re gonna like, whether you’re an alcoholic or not, you’re gonna be like, Oh, I could be drinking right now. Or like, whatever, you know, like junk food, or whatever. But if I said, like, kind of, like half ago, and I work towards it, I always have a lot more like better success, like doing that. So like, you know, that’s what I guess I’ve been trying to do. Just like three, it’s always been like, just like drink as less as I can, and just try and be as healthy as I can. And like, that’s all I can really do.

James 31:30
Like them. And yeah, I mean, I agree, actually, I really like that because I feel like if you make it too much of a goal, it becomes too much of a focus. And for some people that actually leads them down the wrong path. You know, for me this year, like my goal I want to be like the healthiest person that I can’t like I’m that’s a big focus of mine is overall health. My diet, everything’s always been pretty good. But I definitely want to make sure I’m exercising the four to five days. I’ve tried to invest in some some sort of technology things to kind of help me track my health overall.

Harry 32:02
So you’re looking at the cock ring.

James 32:04
Yeah, like I you know, so like steps to just make myself better overall, and like how I can like incrementally like work on that. I am trying to drink way less than this year. I want to have like, I was working into a friend today that I want to have like a healthier relationship with alcohol meaning like, I want to like drink to enjoy. Like, I like buying like fun bottles of wine, like something intricate and cool to try. And that’s like what I’ll do but I’m much good to drink, you know, and then Monday through Friday, absolutely not are Monday through Thursday, I’ll say I won’t, I won’t drink at all. Because I want to also on trading, I want to come to the trading desk every day fully ready and execute at the highest level. So that’s my goal, man. And I feel like I feel like we’re both on the path of you know.

Harry 32:51
i feel like we both have the same goals like we both talked about it and an awful lot just like overtaxed where it’s just like, I don’t want to be coming to the fucking setup hungover. I don’t want to be coming, you know, with like, lack of sleep, or, you know, whatever. I just want to be just focused and ready to attack and just put myself in the best position to do that. And like, I feel like, we’ve we’ve been talking like an awful lot about that, you know, recently, like, over the past couple of months. And I feel like, you know, for both of us, it’s really just, you know, just working hard for the, you know, just to do that every day and just put us in the best position to kind of like execute and stuff like that, you know?

James 33:28
Yeah , Absolutley man. I think that’s great. I’m excited to see where we take 2023 Yeah, bro. Me too. Oh, yeah, but I mean, yeah, I think we can kind of wrap it up.

Harry 33:38
All right. Nice podcast James and yes, we’ll see everyone for the next one.


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