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The Most Famous Penny Stock Trade Ever

James 0:01
All right, so this is part 2 3 4. I don’t even know where we are anymore but Bao is going to narrate the Fannie Mae trade, the most famous trade I think in all of penny stocks. Everything OTC is a thing. So he got us. We’re kind of ready to go. So Bao Go ahead. Perfect.

Harry 0:18

Bao 0:19
Alright guys. So I’ve never ever talked about this in detail like this. I’ve actually never really shown anybody. This I you see on some of the MIC ask as luck when we’re trying to get people to join and they see this because it’s real. I really don’t like to talk and brag about this. Other people have actually done the bragging in public for me, but this is Harry, this is the first time and Jay live showing you guys. I mean, that’s the thing. I mean, if I mean take a look at that do so I was trading Fannie Mae with four accounts. I wish I had more data than this. But so these are the four accounts each one of them is so there’s two Sterling as long as there are four different accounts. And they’re all trading Fannie Mae, you see like geez, added up, man 400 This is all mine you and maybe four hours of trading some more fucking hours of trading bro. He’s not swinging scalping. So when you say that you can’t scalp definition, scalping varies from one person to another person, right? So I was just so if you add that up, man. So first accouunt was 460 600 554 and 200. So that adds up to one 202. It should be like once. 1.42. So I think I should ask you 1.4 1.4 2 million in four hours in four fucking hours. This is on 5.9. And my knew I was making money on that week. So it’s not like, Oh, he got lucky on one fucking trade. Yeah. So I’m going to tell you something, man. It’s this is the culmination of everything I’ve learned. And I just woke up one day having I call it luck. But luck is because of preparation. Right? I mean, you’re in luck, right? So opportunity, and you’re in luck is when preparation meets opportunity. And so people have lucky you make your own luck. So it just so happens that I just did it. I don’t know, I this is probably one of the billion that if I can go back to that day that I could do this. Because it’s a combination of getting the feels I wanted to do exactly what I wanted to do, right. And so when people see this, it’s like, I don’t want to really talk about this because it’s not very realistic. It’s just like the crowning achievement of my career up to that point, right? My basically the p&l. I don’t look at this as like, No, this was basically like, the my crowning achievement is helping people to be honest.

The Three-Day Rule

Bao 2:58
Yeah. So that’s the thing. So someone narrate how that happens. So during the week, you take a look at the stock. I have a three day rule. I made the three day rule kind of famous on Twitter. Yeah. And so So before the 3day, three days is actually day zero, I call it the day zero when it’s happening. The volume is a sneaky little fucking day, right? Where they’re getting their insider scan, and then the next day they blow it out, right? So you count the days. So the days zero or 522 and 523 Yeah, I could tell Yeah, it’s basically barely moved right? Like 20 cents. Yeah, just slowly creeps. is creating two days 40 cents a day. Which aren’t a penny stock is nothing,

Harry 3:41
Yeah, exactly.

Bao 3:42
And then all sudden, boom, volume comes down on 5/24 Out of nowhere, so technically that is they you know, you could call that day, day two or day one it’s, it’s up to you to decide. So that was a so so what happens is on the 3d rules disguise the day zero if you’re lucky to spot day zero. Okay, sometimes they do the feature and naked things right so a lot of people try to like anticipating you die too. So you can size in so where I’m sizing in is on 5.4 So 5.4 happens on day trading everything and the end of day like this is still day one. Yep. Okay, I gave zero day one. So I am in massive size overnight maybe 40,000 shares for penny stocks. That’s a massive size. Yeah. You get 40,000 shares or something like that. And then HOLY FUCK IT gaps up some instantly I’m up like a buck or no fucking That’s right. Yeah, I’m up like day like I said I was making 50 100 grand a day leading up to the big day. Right? So and then on 5.8 I’m like, Dude, this is scary. This is scary territory. $4 is scary fucking territory, right? Is because it came from $2 irrelevant and this is day two or day three, right depending on which way you go. And I’m like, so 5.28 I was actually trying to short some to. So midday you see, like a lot of people try to short at $4 line and then held it right but but I knew I had a secret rule that for everybody, these stocks will not go down unless they want it to go down and is usually triggered by the stock going red on the day. And that’s how we get to the first red day rule that we use for for every stock. Now, right? Doesn’t matter if it’s an OTC small cap or large cap, day runner. So in MIC we call the FRD, first red day. And this is where that comes from. First Red Day, so So these guys are geniuses, whatever on Twitter, I’ll give a damn they’re shorting this shit too early. Understand cuz I’m a day trader, right? They’re fundamentalist. They’re looking at filings as worthless and I’ll even say bullshit so I’m not gonna get to the accounts or one of the there’s a bunch of accounts that that drove this up like this, but I’m just talking about pure technical stuff. You don’t have to do any fundamentals. I didn’t do any fundamentals I just looked at the news the pumpers is popping up and i That’s why I’m using my fucking rules, which is the three day rule and the first red day rule.

Shorting the Pre-market

Bao 6:21
So I got so I got so each day that goes up. I got much less. I think I’m in 15 15,000 shares only somebody like that on on 528 overnight gapping and during pre market I was I thought that was a properly they, they they kind of gapped down or you know it’s all funky shit right? Yeah. So so I tried to short some intellectual loss I was actually read at the start and I was like, fuck, right. Imagine losing $1 $1 or 100,000 I’m so pissed down like 4000 but I was up like 100 grand a day before right? Doesn’t matter but I knew like okay, pre market. So this stock will used to be a New York Stock Exchange stocks large cap if at all, and so that’s why I traded pre market. Pure OTC they’ll usually trade pre market is because there are algos left over from New York Stock Exchange. All the way up there used to be Citadel, Arca showing size of 100,000 200,000 300,000 Share bids and offers because it’s still using the same algo from New York Stock Exchange. And so pre market I had to get up early, and I was actually read and so when it opened up and started running other book, yes. So remember our the notoriously big time long back then. And so, so I started piling in on this spot. And I was in 200000 shares long at the open issues. Right. And so this was at $4.38 were $4 and one on the right. So again, look at the time 939 30 That was that was when OTC opens, there was no supposedly no pre market. And that’s why there’s so this chart, right? There’s a bunch of funky action on the pre market. So I was in 2000 shares that four counts. And I was not on board. I was trading with maybe three or $4 million in these across these accounts, right? So I got a shitload of buying power left. And so I had probably a million dollars of open orders and a million dollars of stock that I already own, but right and so when I started running up, I was like trying to stair step myself. I wanted to feel more but I couldn’t after some point. I was like, I’m not gonna fill Yeah, and so but this is the genius part I didn’t cancel my father orders. My dumb assreally fucks right up in the thinking is the million dollar bid behind the scene. This is the same thing as an algo putting a fucking million dollar bid. But it was legal because like I wanted to feel that he could have saved me but you didn’t send me so normally fucking squeeze a foot Oh shorts, the shorts are blown out of the water and I have very good time and so at the very top when I wanted to sell my 200,000 Share long I fucking what I did was I did a fucking sell order but I oversold I think I’ve sold like 500,000 shares at the top. So I fucking know how I sold it. I was able to sell that liquidity is because I didn’t go through night. I fucking slam the Arca that night I send every round I had and Citadel had showing like to 200000 shares myself. I swiped every single mother fucker on the bed. So you imagine buying 1000 shares a five Something that’s like $2.5 million on a penny stock and then all of the ECN got wiped and I was scared bro they still be shitting your pants I was shitting my pants they killed me they filled me in like 10 seconds so because this is running up bro this is running up so in order for me to exit I’ll give you I’ll give you a tip in order you playing Five the only way to exit a stock when you’re playing size is to be ahead of the curve to sell when there are people still buying if this they have reverse game the book over I sold this shit on the way up. I happen to nail it right at the fucking top and when I nailed it i shorted it I was like this motherfucker is gonna go down when I wanted to go down. So I shorted the fucking Shitload three 1000 shares or something at the very top I pulled all my fucking buys all of a sudden market makers were short 500,000 shares at the top everyone’s you imagine you’re stuck out of pocket 1000 shares not only me but they’re all the guys are like me and now there’s some millions of shares on the top because I want one of the guys who shorted the same publisher I did so we play short of 8000 shares of this $1 million right so that we stopped so now you take a look at the top their stock now with 500,000 shares at five somebody at the very top and I’m sitting here with a massive fucking 200,000 shares I’m already up like a quarter million realised at the top right because it ran for four bucks or five bucks or something like that. So I was like fuck, dude, it was great. I thought I was like happy and fun, but that’s always and so but when I shorted it, I rebid the bid but mostly was all the which is the archives and the city all that shit so I was and then I saw this stuff night two nights like stuck in front of my shorts who I kept on shorting this shit. I was scared because it filled me so fast. But then it stalled out and you imagine I’m stuck with 30,000 shirts and every fucking penny goes up three G’s or something

Shorts and Short Sellers

James 12:27
what was the biggest size you had on on it? The goal was like the biggest you got ?

Bao 12:32
300,000 shares or some children Jesus Christ so that’s why it’s so every penny on a 3000 share is that it’s three grand right? Yeah. You imagine every $3,000 And so that’s why cratered down like this. It creditor down because they were stuck so much of this shit. And it parabolic It was day three every busking rule everything I learned up to that point if they used to do this trade first red day and then I what I did was this I covered at the bottom wait wait, I waited I didn’t fucking scalp this shit. Because bulletin boards like this is much easier to time they had the level two to level twos worked great on that I can read the book the level twos I knew exactly what I was trying to ship for so long. I knew exactly one night and everybody was doing and so at the very bottom guess why did I cover my shit when fucking long is the same exact shit. So I bought all the motherfucking shit that only motherfuckers dumped and brought it all the way back and boom I was up I was about 1.8 million at that point. And I was like yeah, I’m gonna go for 2 million

James 13:49
2 million that day.

Bao 13:51
I always made I would go for 2 million. So what happened was what happened was I saw I was I was up to like 1.8 mil bro that was like that 1.6 to 1.8 and so I there was a 50 cent slippage so if you take a look at also i shorted so I went long and I still have four bucks right and then if you take a look down to on the way down and take a look at that I covered on the bottom Monday wouldn’t fucking fill me or some shit. And so during that 50 cent of that consolidation of depth that was where I lost like two to four on the slippage I said yesterday I did the last few times and as I’ve done the share close up shot at 1.4 I was up to like what I was up at 1.81 Point and then due to the huge slippage of fucking news like fuck I was used to me screaming cursing breaking shit. You know so after since that day, I really feel sorry, ever since that day, the very next day cereal night All these mail suckers turned off their algo Did you know you would never see another 100,000 bid on that shit ever again? Everybody cheated. They turned down their auto to show only 2500 shares so then we got wiped out

The Most Emotional Day of His Life

James 15:17
How did you even like what did you how did you even like that like live the next day like how did you even like just go about your life after like that has to be the most emotional like

Bao 15:27
Bro to be honest I didn’t know how much I was making so the way I trade is the same way I do now I don’t look at the p&l until I’m done with that so I want to tell you how I why I fucking sold because I looked at the p&l and like most most welcome up a quarter million dollars all the damn thing man so when I saw a lot of times like because this was at the time this thing was epic bro. It was one hour of fame from $5 down to 231 continuous hour without an uptick.

Harry 16:06
What do you do during that time?

James 16:08
I know

Bao 16:11
three fingers on the Mouse

Bao 16:13
bI didn’t take it I didn’t take it I was almost pit in my stomach in my pants my office my chair that I’m gonna buy a new fucking house sit on the floor

Bao 16:36
Fuck it going to have a day

Bao 16:55
I was ready to like shit on the floor buy a new house

Bao 16:58
this was all live I saved the the chat logs from this other carriers in right so it was all alive man. And I’m like shaking. So I’m posting this. I’m always helping people calling the top of mind so we will say your topic Monday I was picking a topic in one city. And so so no one knew until it happened. And you have no right and so it was like holy shit. I was pretty much numb. I didn’t know what to say what to do. It was just a surreal It was basically a that was like I’m done now. And so I want to tell you something, man, it went from the happiest day of my life to probably one of the saddest days of my life. That was the day that I was like what now? What now? I’m not happy? I thought that by doing this I will be the happiest motherfucker on earth. What happened was it changed the people around me. I was like no longer than normal guys. I wouldn’t make any money before today. It was they just didn’t know it. The moment they found out like okay, they thought it was making money maybe $10,000 Right. But when they saw millions in like four hours that was never the same my friends were were not never the same I had to find new friends if you know that they’re like wow go for it that would pay like why the fuck and sometimes she’ll like that it’s just they treat you very differently because like I knew these people were making 50 grand a year and then you fucking say my Commission’s that they were their fucking salary bro.

James 18:43
family didn’t treat you different family too or just

Bao 18:45
No one knew my family we really didn’t know. So what I did was I took care of my family for this happened. So the way I am is I paid off my family’s debts my sister’s debts I bought my mom when she said buy a house or buy a house my sister bought my house with my mom this is before this trade. I was already like doing well. And so my family didn’t really think about it. They didn’t know because I never lived a flashy lifestyle. So I was driving a huge fucking BMW you know? T shirt. Yeah, dude. That’s the way I bought my Ferrari right the proper baggy shirts and shorts and and the reason why this was became the Saturday because it shut down my account and and the abundance of Ferrari is because do they shut me down and that no broker would open me up because not they’re like do I heard about you there’s no way because night would forbid so I was I couldn’t even open a trading account some of these places. So that then I had all this fucking money wired into my checking account. And I was like fuck so I went to the mall to buy 50% off. Slacks at Banana Republic shoe store in the next week or two I always put the money millions onto my counter they shut down like I went to the mall and on the way to Ferrari dealership Okay, well that was a Ferrari

Harry 20:22
That’s crazy.

James 20:24
So, so you have I mean that is literally the highest highest trading rate for like a retail trader that’s that’s gotta be it like that’s

Bao 20:32
that was basically the monetary because it kind of made me sad because I’m like what next bro? I thought that I thought that it would change my life in terms of making me happy but it made me miserable bro they shut me down. Friends kind of like treat me differently. They thought I was an asshole. You kind of thing so it was basically like, like, what the fuck man my relationship went down the hill, you know shit like that. So here I am just uh, no one’s the same. I’m the same motherfucker, right?

Harry 21:00
Yeah, so it was the highest high in terms of monetary but emotionally, you know? Probably. That started me on a spiral. Suicide spiralled down.

Going off the Grid

Bao 21:13
I’m not joking. That was when I I went offline for three to four years. I was going dark no one knew what I was doing. I was sporadically trading once or twice a week and drunk the rest of the time. Because I didn’t need to work anymore. And so and then I met that’s when I was trading with Alex Alex was basically because after this I traded with this guy for maybe five years and he that day I made one for for him at 1 million the only reason I didn’t make 3 million because he stole all my prints by the way. That slippage slippage figure myself, we train them same exact way and I was very happy that he made that noise. So after he made a million he disappeared he quit he retired trading because I’m like, Fuck, no one else is there. Right? And then right after that The Wolf of Wall Street movie came that shouldn’t shut down OTC FBI SEC startup beyond my ass, because that movie shows like that. And so it was a very dark time of my life. And I was like, do I? So I met Alex. And Alex. I’m like, do so great. Yeah, I felt like, like, like how I felt like I found a passion for trading because I was teaching Alex you know, mentoring him. It was just fun to have someone to trade with. He’s a fucking super bright kids super humble, super smart. He taught me a lot of things, too. It was just it was not a one way thing. It’s something. It was a true friendship that was building. And so it kind of saved my life. Now, I’m telling you, man, it’s like, because I found passion again, because I was like, fuck, man. I was drinking heavily drinking every day to numb everything. It’s just you imagine that you have nothing to live for? And you know, like what the fuck man will come back and do what make $10,000

Harry 22:54
There’s no motivation to keep going really after so yeah,

Bao 22:57
so the motivation was was helping a friend and having someone I’m telling you, man, it’s like you have to have fun after a while if you’re doing the show by so it’s no fun. That’s what I was not really, you know, chat remain thing. I was like, fuck this shit. So I’ll train with myself. And so having having like, you know, this is why guys on Wall Street work together. That’s why I keep the motor is a friendly competition. Yeah, man. And you always have to have like, you know, something fun, like friendly competition to keep motivate you. The reason I made this much money. And the reason I took the size is I’m like, What the fuck mother fucker. I didn’t know you were trained this much. You stole my principles. You want to be better. So it was me my friend competing with one another pushing each other up. And so you know. And so when he left when he retired? I had nothing left to live for.

Harry 23:44
Was that the guy who came to the MIC meetup?

Bao 23:46
Yeah. David coaster. The German guy that lives in the islands. Yeah. Yeah, I met her. And then then he left me. So Alex came

James 24:01
So how did you? How did you like come to even get to MIC? Like, were you at a point where like, you were gonna was trading even great? Like, were you even happy with that? Or is it just like, I need to start MIC without to like, find a part.

Bao 24:15
I was basically like, I love trading, but there’s just no passion for me.

Transition From Penny Stocks to Small Cap Stocks

Bao 24:20
It’s like the same old funky shit. So it goes back to Harry’s question like how you transition right? So I was like, Yo, man, I want to go cold turkey and OTC I can still trade it and make a shitload of money on it. But for me, it was never about the money anymore. So saying what the fuck it was me trying to like trying to get rid of this image of being a penny stock scalper and getting fucking FBI calls and shit like that and so thing and I was like, Okay, I’m gonna find a new challenge. And so I’m gonna fucking pick Well, I know what to do small caps. And to be honest, it was very rough in the beginning, because it’s very different in the way things are filled. So in penny stocks, it was very difficult to get a fill So a lot of times stop goes like you couldn’t fill. And so you just stuck with what you got stuck with NASDAQ, I could feel a limited amount of size within a second. So so it got, you have to get used to the fact that bro, you can fill the million dollar position in like five seconds, you know? Yeah. So so that was getting something new and start and realising it’s a different type of manipulation that these girls are doing. You know, and the gapping thing didn’t really work when these things opened pre market at 4am. And you have huge wealth in there are dour doing what I used to do the Fannie Mae. Exactly. And so you have to develop a solid process. But what translated well, was the process. So the secret all these years, guys, people using moving averages, all the Fibonacci bullshit, line lines, motherfucker, take a look at that chart that you see there lies, your pivot lies, those 290 342 And look how awesome they are. A lot of it matches.

James 26:14
So amazing, so amazing.

Bao 26:16
And you combine this with the normal support and resistance. So the same process that teach MIC how you start with the year remember, I go to big charts and do the year yeah. So let me repeat that, I’m going to tell you how you do so. So this is why I taught everybody that got me the only bugs out to everybody. Okay, so you start with a year, because what happens like, there’s lines everywhere, there’s lines everywhere, you have to know which line to use. So I started with it the widest, which is a year. But if you can’t find it, you go two years. So go expand it.

The Secret of Top-Tier Trading

Bao 26:48
So you see a line, right, that’s like a major major line. And then I’ll tell you the secret of top ticket month again. So you can’t just stare at level two and take me all day, what you do is when when these things start to parabolic, I’ve made five bucks, I knew what around there because then you pull up by historical chart, the historical chart has lines on it. And then when it comes to your that’s why called the areas of interest when it comes to areas of interest, then you zoom in you look. And so I’m going to walk around picking my app until it got to my areas of interest. And so that’s how I knew what she was bouncing. So take a look at the bottom now the 255 29 we’ve drawn line, it’s not the kind of matches fortunately for the beginning. So around 250, I knew as close, so then I then I spoke it when it got around. So thank each major line and it broke. So every time it came to an area of interest, I would focus and then when it broke under it, I can just kind of chill. So say, and so the new guys keep staring at it all day long. They’re gonna they don’t know what the fuck they’re doing. I’m focusing on the major lines, which is the IRS interest. And then I zoom in on level two, and the tape and all that. Okay, so there’s ample tape reading. But I hate to talk about tape reading because the moment that you understand tape reading you, you should know how to trade arrays and you develop your own I don’t need to teach a beginning how the mystery tape because you have to understand charting and all this shit beforehand.

Harry 28:14
Exactly. 100% Completely agree. That’s the most asked question that we get in weekend mentoring. Every single, you know, me and Tosh are just like, they’re like, oh, you know, you can predict a squeeze you can predict or whatever you can predict that it’s like no, you know, like, everyone is just people people want, you know, holder Grace are a holy grail. And they’re like, Oh, well, you know, if I just watched the tape, you know, all the time. That’s how I’m going to that’s how it should line up with your plan. It should line up with your lines. You know, it’s a confirmation of what you’re seeing on the chart. Yep. Yeah, exactly

Bao 28:53
right, man, because I dont want to look at tape for five hours. Exactly. You should look you like watching someone fucking sign language and looking for one sign. Wow. So that’s one of the problems we talked about and MIC and I make so many of those training fish Academy videos on it right, you start with the the line from the one year you zoom in areas of interest. And this is exactly the same process. So I look at a chart so so another skill we have and you can think we’re going to target and kind of sense the trend. Right? You know, when a stock is changing trends, and things like that, so So those are the things I moved over to small caps very well. And people with small caps are using such such advanced complicated bullshit. Fibonacci. I mean, it worked for them. All this stupid shit, right? For me, I call it like, No man, unless you really know what the fuck you’re doing. And you’re using it correctly. You can misuse a fucking indicator and from the book. So it’s So when I moved over, I was like, fuck, man, it’s the same fucking shit. It’s a bunch of fucking lines is a bunch of resistance support and picket lines. And no one knew about the picket lines. I knew my artillery lines because my platform had you I didn’t know what they were for all these years, I thought was a magical line support. But that turned out to be pivot lines. So that’s why I told you guys put it into your thing. This is an additional line that will work all the time. No, no lines work all the time. But if you take a look at $2.90 cent pivot line, take a look at 529 Sounds right on the spot in mind. Is that I mean,

James 30:33
More often than not, the lines match up and they work. I mean, it’s more it’s probability. But again, the probability says if you draw the correct line, who learn the correct line? Yeah,

Bao 30:43
it’s all the self fullfilling prophecy if enough people crossed the line, but we get some policy.

Harry 30:49
Yeah, exactly. So I guess,

James 30:51
I mean, I guess our kind of like, our last question, right would be like, how did you guys even like, how did you announce even start MIC like you had this process. At this point, you like, had this idea of lines and like, pivot points.

Bao 31:05
The reason the reason all these years were, I did not want to teach people is because I couldn’t get the exact process to teach a beginner. The way I was training before, was so complex, it needed to have a systematic approach to day trading. So until I figured out the secret sauce, okay, so I’ll tell you what the secret sauce was. So I did the low hanging fruit strategy for so long. That was my bread and butter. No one knew about that shit. I called it the low hanging fruit because I named something so obscure that even if people heard about it, and what the fuck it is, right? I’ve taught this to Alex and I met Tosh. And then toss three years ago on my birthday, he came over and he brought me yep, and so it’s fucking awesome. So we spent all night drinking and getting fucking pumped up drinking and talking and that hasn’t taught or to teach you something. We’ll teach you the spoken strategy. I’ve never taught anybody learn this shit. Only trade this ship for a year and then tell me how you do. It changed his life before he became a consistent trader training that low hanging fruit strategy. That was when I knew it worked. That was when so he was kind of a test case. So so a year later I was like so so before we launched so I needed to take the circle I was like, How the fuck cuz I’m a short trader, how do you find you please complete the survey.

The Zombie Rule

Bao 32:26
That’s when I discovered the zombie rule. During those years, I discovered the zombie rule me and Alex worked together and we noticed a pattern, the zombie rules and all that shit. So what will what will this bring the consistency from a small cap? Short perspective short traders perspective is the fact that the algos are fucking using the zombie rule which is basically when they run out of volume to manipulate Yep, and and they’re able to do that because of the flip side. Then they run it Yup. So we correlated all this together because you know it does so we correlate the low low float rotation all that and so we That’s why Alex has a rule and he just starts from and it works that way you can make some money a promise that you make money some days you can make money four days out five trading shorting during zombie hours if the problem is the one time you lose it, it teleports just I missed today. Yeah, unfortunately point to point You’re fucking dead. You basically turn the big green day into a big red day instantly. Yeah. So Alex has this shit. I’m gonna make man I make money every day before zombie pretty much like all the time. The problem is I stick around to help you guys. And that’s like, I lose my money man. But I just don’t think about yesterday. So if you if you if you want to make a specific day trader you can totally have a day job. And this is why we started MIC to help people to realise Hey man, you need to be a fucking big swing and get motherfuckers waiting hundreds of 1000s of shares to make money all day long. You just didn’t work out the first hour nail and bail and get the fuck out. So we started MIT for the little people because every chatroom out there is always trying to brag about being the best trader right? I’m the best trader but I have no ego because I’ve been there these guys will keep bragging about their $100,000 day, that was like my commission back then right

Bao 34:29
so for me it was I don’t need a fucking shoe. So that’s the man the people that bragged on oh shit you know that there has this sort of insecurity about some shit. Yeah, right. So so as a publisher, so I created a fucking environment to teach a normal pocket underprivileged people, bro. These are the guys that no one wants to teach. Everybody wants to teach a bunch of people with money that we’re big, big traders that only cool who’s gonna help a guy that has that has no spirits is going to ask you a question like What the fuck is the line?

The Value of Being Humble and Helping Others

Bao 34:59
What’s the chart what does this mean? What’s SSR means you’ll say those and so it’s very hard to find a group of people that that share the same human like like fucking societal they want to help people like you guys are good men hairy man. I love you James. That’s why it’s like when I met Harry he was fucking helping people with nothing. And then James I basically make your mock game I’ll tell right now because I you gave away the fucking monitors man. Remember that story? If you didn’t know how to you didn’t know how to trade well back then. It doesn’t matter to me. I knew that you are humble hard working. Yeah, that exactly means that to me I’m telling everybody out there guys is not how smart rich you look even though we are

Harry 35:53
like farmer Jr.

Bao 35:58
is I’m telling you man is your passion is your Yeah. Your humility, your discipline. Your lack of ego, man. I hate the ego game. Because what happens if you have ego you’ll never learn you’re never gonna think you’re wrong.

Bao 36:12
That’s why MICworks. That’s why MIC works. No one has ego like I did. Alex is one of the most like, you’d think mean the kid that’s like 25 or 26 or whatever he is now. Oh, no, no, he’s my age. He’s my think he’s 25 I’m 26

Bao 36:32
twenty five bro. I think he’s 25 Whatever.

James 36:34
I just like to think that he’s my internal feeling. But it’s I mean, you’ve never met someone so like, humble and like, that’s how MIC works, but people won’t teach someone else who like has no experience if you’re making $100,000 in a day 10,000 5000 You don’t want to teach someone that’s making no money but am I like my like that’s what we teach is the new guys who have no shot yet and they’re

Bao 37:00
That’s the one thing man and because I told myself when I made a quarter for me I really don’t think I made it but you’re saying like when I get to a point where I can help someone that’s why make it when you get to the point where you help someone help someone. That’s how I saw you James and Harry. I was like, I want to you guys be a part of this? Because I know you guys are the same spirit to help with people online you know I come to here all the time. People down he cried a lot you know that’s sort of people like me I like I like people that I cried in front of people I forget to tell you guys I’m upset to the day you

James 37:32
Guys want me to cry right now

Bao 37:44
mirror naked I cry every night

James 37:53
That is the point of this, like this podcast was made because we’re all human. Like we all have like emotions like trading is like yes, it’s robotic. There’s numbers on the screen. Like you have green days, red days, whatever. But we are all human. We’re all here. And like That’s why MIC is so I think successful like what it does, because we all just aren’t actual people. It’s not some some robotic pay me. $100 a month. It’s exactly. Yeah,

Bao 38:17
and that’s why we weed out. That’s why you notice man, we don’t allow the fucking guys that boast and brag and all that shit. It’s fucking awesome. You lead by example, guys, you guys, Harry and James and all the moderators. You guys are the slug and next generation man. I’m fucking very proud to be your friend. And very proud to have a part in your, your journey. And that’s what it is, man.

James 38:38
I love this man. I love that.

Harry 38:39
I’m gonna get modern rock tattooed right here with a little heart

Harry 38:48
Okay, one last question, though. For real. Okay, you mentioned this. You mentioned this. This is a little weird question, but it’s something that you did mention today. Okay, so during a trip during the trading day, do you actually hide your p&l for the entire day?

Bao 39:00
Oh, I know. That’s the dumbest shit. You’re gonna say? No. I was like, people had to imagine funny shit because I see a famous chat room group streamer. pumper guy, if you wouldn’t mind my p&l, but what happened the closer the trading was, I think 2000 shares made 10 cents. I think I made this much like shit up. I was like there’s

Harry 39:27
no way

Bao 39:31
people that have told this is a trick though. I don’t look at my p&l because I’m too focused on the chart. And the prints all that right. When I’m finished, I look. Yeah, you know, and to be honest, like, I’m downloading if I’m down. I feel down I look to like fuck, because we have this maximum nearly lost shit. And to be honest, in a theoretical universe if you had all the fucking money in the world, you don’t give a fuck Don’t look but you know what man I’m teaching guys are starting off they don’t have much money if you Don’t fucking look and you turn around you’re happier

Bao 40:18
oh you know what No, no means I’m gonna take a shit a callback, you have an obligation it happens that’s why I will never we will do my 123 trading.

James 40:35
Oh my god. I have loved this. I think this was like the greatest blessing. It’s definitely really good. We all need to do this more often. We all need to get together even over zoom, FaceTime, whatever.



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