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James 0:12
What’s going on guys, we’re back with another episode of the after hours Podcast. Today we have a very special guest. We have Aloha trader Austin, who is a previous person we’ve had on. He’s one of my favorite mods in the group. So I’m glad to have him back. So thank you for coming back on.

Austin 0:29
Yeah, man. Of course. I didn’t know that I was going to be having a meeting with Tom Holland today.

James 0:37
I wish I was Tom Holland dude. And this was fun. So I guess today, it’s kind of an interesting one, because the market has kind of sucked as far as long bias traders go. I wouldn’t even say it’s been amazing. For shrug. It’s easier for shorts. I would just say it’s been a shit market in general. Yeah. So I kind of Harry had the idea of kind of talking about this and how you’re handling it, because you’re obviously one of the more long bias guys. You mentioned before how hard it is right now mentally, dealing with this, like day to day. So you kind of want to get into that, like how you’re dealing with it. You know, I mean, this is a long drought, I’m sure feels like it. Maybe it’s not, I don’t know, it feels long to me. So, you know, how have you been dealing with all this crap?

Harry 1:23
On Yeah, I mean, I mean, just, I mean, just the blow, blow the door open, it’s pretty, it’s pretty garbage. And I feel like a lot of people are struggling. And just the first thing I wanted to say is, if you if you’re mostly a long biased trader, and you are struggling, um, you like, the reason why I’m so open about it is to let people know that like, you’re not alone, like this is this is a very chip market. And what I mean by shit market is, it’s not that there isn’t opportunities, it’s just that there is a certain lack of the kind of continuation opportunities that day traders tend to have.

How Do You Trade Day One Trades?

Harry 2:03
Adapted towards. Yeah. Yeah, I mean, as far as for me, it’s been. I think that as far as the day ones go, the day ones are like pretty choppy, like untradeable on day ones. And so then that leaves you like, what else are you going to trade and for me, it’s really bad, a lot of these kind of like multi day runners or a lot of bounce setups like that. But if we’re not getting quality day one trades that makes it, it makes it harder, as far as the multi day runners go, because, you know, if we’re not getting good day one trades with a lot of volume. And that, you know, people aren’t kind of buying into it and paying attention to it makes it a lot harder for things to bounce. And like, last week, I believe we got we’re recording this on January 21 2022. And last week, we got like, we got NBEV as a runner, which I got. And that was one that was kind of popped up on day one didn’t really die didn’t really die. And then on Friday, it ran. And then it was TKAT which both just kind of flew out of the gates that was more of a stock that had to do with like NFT’s and stuff like that. But I mean, it’s really been slim pickings. It’s not like there isn’t long, like when you look at the market as a whole there are going to be stocks that went up, you know, on the day, like in the NASDAQ or in wherever. But, you know, as far as the good quality long setups go it’s like, once in a while, at least once a week, we used to get like a day to trap where it would go kind of like red to green and like squeeze early shorts out on like day two, but those it seems that that completely eliminated. And so it’s like okay, what are we really left with the only play that has really been half asking for me and like I don’t know, if you trade these types of setups or setups when we have like a day one and it’s like beaten down and then we get that bounce day. I’ve been trading a little bit of those. And that’s been kind of working out for me a little bit but as far as day one goes, like if you’re trying to trade something like neuro where it we would just kind of like pop out and then just like stuff that completely untradeable like I was looking at that for me and I was like flop back and trade this you know, and as far as the top of the range goes when you have these setups where you know, we go and we kind of make a high and we consolidate underneath that high for a little bit and then we try and break that you know high again, in order to continue to go higher like Austin was talking about the top of the range is almost all gone. So if the top of the range has been put in top has been set, the odds of us breaking that top in this market are like very few to none. So it has been very, very, very difficult as far as those types of trades go as well. And it’s really been just blown Yup, there, it’s been saving shorts to be honest. Like, when we get shit running again, there will be accounts blow like third or there’s been a lot, a lot of bad habits.

James 5:12
Well dude in this market too. It’s like, well, first, I feel like this drought has been a long time and like, I don’t know, I feel like we’ve been joking about it so long. And like now it’s not a joke anymore. It’s just like so dead every day. And it’s like, lately, I feel like we’re in this market where I’ve been ranting about this a lot is like everyone could short and hold it the open. And most things have been like pretty much fading. It’s almost like an impossible to lose in a short and like, I guess there’s a long bias like, Guys, how do you both like handle seeing shorts make easy money for like these periods of times? Like we all know, eventually we’re going to hit that runner. We think we hope. But how do you deal with that, like seeing people make money, make money make money and like the it’s got to be a mental toll watching your setups not really come? So I guess like Austin, how do you handle that? And like, how do you kind of keep yourself grounded?

The Market Takes Turns and Staying Resilient

Harry 6:01
Yeah, I mean, you know, like, the market takes turns, you know, it’s not like, I mean, you know, we definitely have our fun time. Like, we definitely had our 2020 You know, like 2020, like, I almost felt bad, I felt like I was kind of squeezing everybody. The market takes turns, but I will say this on, on that, like, you just got to remain resilient, you just have to know that you have to have faith in either yourself, like you’re either going to, you know, you’re gonna learn to adapt. And, and I’ll talk about ways that I’ve adapted a little bit, but you’re gonna have to find ways, you’re just gonna have to trust that you’re going to find ways to adapt, or you just have to be patient. So you know, it’s just not good right now. But it will get good. And just, you know, you know, and use humor and, you know, celebrate your friend, whether they’re shorts, or long’s that, you know, they’re making money, you just, you’re just happy for him. And, you know, it’s just, you know, like, you’re just waiting for the clock to, you know, to get your number. And you know, when that clock hits your number, that’s why it’s so important that you don’t just blow off steam, like, you can never ever, ever lose your patients. Like that’s the thing about being a trader, and especially a long trader right now is you have to hold, hold on, hold on to your patients never lose it never just be like, eff it, I’m just gonna, I’m just gonna buy this, I’m not selling it. Like, you can’t, you can’t do that. Like, you can’t have an you know, like Harry had one a long time, but you can’t have an I don’t care moment, right, and we’ve all had them. But that’s, that’s what you really have to focus on. Not letting go is not letting go the patients and it went like, like, we just like we have a 200% runner today, like it will happen.

Harry 7:43
Right? It really will happen. Yeah, and I think as far as that goes, for me. I think for me, as far as like longing goes, and this, this probably can go for a lot of people, but it’s like that first trade really sets the tone, like so if you have a really shitty and patient first trade, that is what can really drive you downhill. So I’ve really been focusing on in this kind of market and just, you know, even see, when when the markets in your favor, and you get a little bit sloppy, that type of that type of you know, situation can really put you in a dark place when the market kind of switches over, right? Like if I if I was sloppy chasing the highs on every long and somehow getting bailed out, I would have blown up in this market. So I think it’s really just saying to yourself, Okay, you know, that first train is going to set the tone for me, so I’m not going to average down on a broken stock, or I’m not going to chase something, you know, after it’s already kind of ran and I’m just pulling it up super, super late. I’m going to be patient and wait for the types of plays that I usually focus on. And that’s what can really kind of help you a lot more and in my opinion, you know, it’s that first trade, you know, like if you’re if your first trade is you chasing into major resistance level, like nine times out of 10, that’s probably going to reject and then if you kind of keep holding that and people we got and then maybe even average down and average them more, like I don’t really average down I just got it but like I know a lot of people take that first straight and then they average down and then they average down a little bit more and then they’re kind of fuck, just, you know, be very, very patient with that first trade and your day can go a lot better than you know, not being patient. And almost once you kind of have that first bad tray and you kind of get in like a drunken state where it’s like, oh, I can do another one. And then that one doesn’t work and then you go down a hole and you go down further and you go down further. And then by the end of the day when the market shuts off and you’re, you know sitting there by yourself You’re like, What the fuck did I do today? You know, and that’s how those types of situations can get started. So, I mean, for me, I try and be proactive and just really, really kind of try and set the tone early.

James 10:14
I feel like, I feel like for shorts, it’s funny. Like, I feel like short bias guys never really have like droughts, either. It’s like, because there’s always opportunity, like when the market is fucking nuts and shits been blowing up, there’s always chances and like, there’s always plays for us and all that stuff. So it’s like, I guess I’ve never really had to deal with that. And I think that’s just what makes it makes longing that much harder. That’s why I really do think it’s 10 times harder to be successful long bias guy. But yeah, I mean, I’m just waiting for the chair. I’m waiting for the times when like, all these guys were making shit tons of money just kind of shorting low up. Because once things actually start moving, I think people forget how violent like some of these moves will actually be.

Understanding the Cycle of the Market

Harry 10:55
Yeah, that’s something I really want to touch on is that when I first started to become a longer I was like, why would I like when I first started trading the market and this, this should be a really good bit.

Harry 11:06
The market really does go in cycles. And wherever you start to join trading, you’re you don’t know yet. But you’re, you’re joining in a cycle. And that’s why whenever you first start trading, you start making money because it’s so obvious, and you only know that the cycle that you’re in. And once you join us, everything looks like you only see things through one lens, and you look at it, and you say, Dude, I see that stuff is fading. I see that once it’s a VWAP reject. It does this and all of a sudden, it’s just so simple. And you just trade, you execute, and you win, and you win and you win and you win and you win in the beginning. And you’re just like, dude, I’m the best fucking trader ever. Like I just started. I’m just banking money. And but you don’t know that you’re in a cycle. That’s exactly working for what you just learned.

Austin 11:52
And this is and that’s what happened to me and I started and everything I do. It was a lot lower volume, but stuff would pop. It would do like a little like stuffs were kind of new. not new. But like I mean, they were they were they were much more obvious and less frequent. So when a stuff happened, it was a little bit more rare. Now we have stuff every day. Yeah, but we see stuff. Oh, then it would take right. So you short, it make money easy. But then I started looking after after a little bit, I started. Once I started getting squeezed a little bit, I started really focusing on charts. I did some some deep study on some charts. And just on the simplest way I could see this, I would look at a chart. And I would just look at the green candles versus the red candles. Oh, did we lose James? No, I’m still there. Okay, yeah, I’m looking at the green candles. And I would look at the red candles. And I would look at all these charts and the green candles on the chart. Just zoom out and like look at the chart. The green candles, the green movements were so much bigger than the red ones. Yeah. You know, like it would fade fade fade fade, fade, but you know, and so that would be like a loser as a long, but the ones that went up. I mean, we’re talking 2345 $6. Like, I mean, these would really run. And I feel like a lot of people that are coming into trading this year, or even in 2021. They’re looking at charts, and they’re like, Wow, everything just goes down, huh? Right. And that’s the cycle we’re in. Right. And that’s, I guess that’s the warning to new shorts that it’s not always as good. And for Long’s you just got to recognize, you know, take a look at all the charts for the week. And I do that every time I do a webinar. I go through all the charts to see if they’re bullish or bearish. And I really, I feel like that helps me really gain a sense like, what did the charts look like? What did the green tickers look like? What did the red ones look at? And that really gives me an idea of the sentiment.

Short Sellers Making Money in This Market

Harry 13:50
So funny. You just said that some guy just wrote that this is his most profitable month in the last 12 trailing months just in a chat right now. I’m just reading that. And yeah, the market goes in cycles and you do have to be careful. This is a very very I feel like easy time for shorts to make money just like logging we had our fun with COVID It was very easy people were making stupid fucking money laundering like and see your I mean for me I’m not I’m not pissed when I see shorts making money because I’m not blowing up right? So I’m not going to be pissed if I’m not, you know, blowing up or taking some massive losses because as far as what James kind of went back and said, where he’s like, I feel like it’s really hard for lungs to make money. If James it’s like if James just had like the experience longing that like we have someone like James could walk in every single morning and make money right but because James doesn’t necessarily have that longing experience. He’s like, Oh man, it’s so hard like are the fuck these green candles come from you know, but when you have like a couple years under You’re about just looking for the same thing every day in the same match, it does get easier, right. And I think as far as shorter goes, like, every single long trader, the more time you long, the more I think easier, it gets to be come a short as well because you know those trap areas and you know those types of areas where they’re just looking to hunt for Long’s, and they’re just looking to kind of hunt for shortstops or squeeze shorts out. And so as a long trader, you really need to kind of gauge that supply and demand as well. So it’s like, we’re almost like, short traders, but we’re not, you know, where we know, where the best opportunities are to short is. And, you know, for example, we’re both noticing that the top of the ranges is not really working in this market, right?

Austin 15:55
No, top of the range.

Harry 15:57
Yeah, like what is what’s stopping us for fucking you know, going short or something like that. Right. And I have, right so I mean, we know where where the areas are and you know, I think just as far as like trading goes, everyone kind of knows the general areas where you can make money but I mean, if you’re not disciplined in order to kind of follow that, that’s where you’re gonna kind of get in trouble.

You Can’t Use Your Big Size

James 16:22
And I think just I think, I guess it’s just like, so I guess it’s just like something that Austin actually told me one time and like I I feel like it’s really true right now too is like there are just some markets where like, you just can’t use your big size you can’t use psi you can’t like push and like you’d like go for it and like this market right now is a long like this has to be it I mean, you try to size on anything No, you’re just fuck you just lose and like for a short like I think it’s I think it’s like a good market. I mean obviously you can size up shorting in this market too because it’s a lot of it’s a lot of things just like fading off and it’s just become a lot easier to identify your risk levels but yeah, I mean I think that’s probably what keeps you guys so like smart is like you said all the time I was just like this isn’t it this isn’t the market don’t want to go in guns blazing because my setups aren’t there and they’re not working. So I think everybody needs to kind of remember that as well. But it’s just you know, sometimes it’s just not there.

Austin 17:19
Well yeah, that’s the thing is like right now as a short you have like you have like if someone’s gonna punch you you have a door behind you. If you’re gonna get punched as a short like in this market you’re going to have a door like there’s going to be selling pressure at your back so even if you do have to cover you’re going to be fine as long it’s like I don’t we don’t have that backdoor right now so like we can’t aggressively size because because then there’s going to be a scramble for who gets to get out when everyone wants to get out at the same time because there’s no there’s no we don’t have that bid behind us because that we have no liquidity to get out. Yeah, yeah, everyone’s too afraid. Right. All of the long liquidity is too afraid. And yeah, and so I wrote some things down because I my my brain is going there’s a lot I want to get off here. But um, yeah, like like James like you’ve only been up short ever. And because innately like when you get into trading it’s a lot easier to be a short just because you because you get to see the first part of the chart happened and then you get to react to the first part of the chart and it’s normally down and so it’s just like oh you just wait for something to pop and then you become a player? Let me tell you this Long’s do that too. No Long’s know if the stocks gonna pop before it pops right so basically every retail long needs to be some form of continuation trader because unless we’re up pumper unless we have inside information which we don’t it’s really hard to know what’s going to pop before it pops so you know Long’s or continuation traders too. You know, we wait for something to pop and then we wait for a bid to hold right? That’s innately what we do something pops and then we wait for support to form and for that support to be stronger than the supply what I’ve noticed the three I’ve made I’ve made three adaptations that I’ve done for myself in this market. The first thing is like Harry said I recognize the day one stocks the day one stocks, they have so much volume, but it doesn’t go anywhere the upper part of the range is kept on those it basically just becomes an algo trap any day one stock that’s the hot chick of the day. That is that is a hot chick just to absorb all of the hopeful Long’s and that’s an algo trap. So I tried to avoid that one. You know, or trade that one small and and I messed up on neuro the other week, you know, like I I just said, You know what, I think this is going to be the day one that works. I was wrong. I tried to guess early, but I’ve normally been avoiding the day ones because those are just straight out of a trap. They’re gonna go they’re gonna be choppy they’re gonna hold up just so that Long’s keep buying and it’s not going anywhere, the upper part of the range, it’s not breaking that I admit, I’ve also changed. The second change I’ve made is I’m not really looking for squeezes anymore. The lungs that I’m looking for are mere kind of just support, like I’ll buy when there is support, but I’m not looking for it to break by a day. I’m just looking, you know, I think it’s going to bounce here. So I’ve kind of eliminated a lot of going for squeezes, which for me, kind of defeats the purpose of logging, which is why I’ve kind of started to short a little bit too. But I go for less squeezes. So I go for more support bias, as opposed to a squeeze based trade. And the third adaptation is I just walk I just walked sooner. I don’t have I don’t press on normally, like if I’m up nice on the day, I might continue to try to trade a little bit in the afternoon, maybe there’s an afternoon squeeze, maybe I can double my money. I don’t even try now. I just I just walk early, I get green on the day.

James 21:03
How do you determine like when that market cycle changes, like, because like, I was curious, cuz like, I see a runner, and then I’m like, Oh, I wonder if this is going to change sentiment, like, how many days or how many times you need to see something happen before you’re like, alright, the market sentiments changed. Now it’s okay to chase a little bit more. Now it’s okay to go for the squeeze trades. Like how do you even figure that out, because I still don’t know how to do that.

Austin 21:26
So think of it as a bucket of strength. I just want the bucket to be full. It could happen from one runner, it could be one runner that goes 2,000% or, or it could be 10 runners that go 200% You know what I’m saying? Or it could be you know, or it could be five runners that go four and a percent right, just do the math on like, the bucket is 200% of strength, or some and it’s not like I don’t have a bucket. I don’t keep track. It’s just I need to see enough strength in the market. And ideally, it’s more than one like 10 200% runners is a lot better than one 2,000% runner, obviously, you know, but I just want to see an amount of strength and there really is no gauge but the second account start blowing up the second the second as a short if I would be fearful of a stock breaking high a day, that’s when I know it’s time to press right now. Like if if something breaks high a day as a short I’m still like Yeah, but it’ll probably stuff. But yeah, but as a short if a stock was up the highest day and I’m like maybe like I’m not sure actually like this one actually kind of looks scary. I already know it’s time to press the second there’s the fear. I know it’s time to press because that’s for a short you know, as a short the scariest thing is holding through.

How Do You Track the Market?

Harry 22:46
A high a day push that can hold up. Yep, I think as far as that goes for me too. The way I like to kind of do it is I kind of do it in like two parts but it’s all in my head like I don’t track market strike, you know, on like Excel or anything like that. Number one is like our stops giving back their games at the end of the day. That is a big kind of tell for me. Is is the market like we look at that. That shit was at 3.7 and it went to $3 at the afternoon that tells you what type of market we’re in. Yeah, that was that was insanely weak when it when it gave everything back that that showed such weakness. Oh, yeah, that that I think that really showed a lot of kind of like holes in the market. And I think another thing that I look for is like Okay, so let’s say we get that first runner, we get that that runner that everyone is like we’re gonna line it up the next day. Is it only that runner that people are still paying attention to? Or is it like other runners that people are now saying wow, this is strong? Wow, this is strong. You know, and you’re gonna have that you’re gonna have some new work guys like an MI see you like oh man, like we’re back into a strong market, but everyone’s trying to kind of anticipate it was that day that we got? What was that sock it was like pH un or something like that or not pH un but it started with a pee or something like that. And it went from like $2 to like 14 bucks or whatever, like and we like after D whack like after D whack went like and all the stocks were really really really strong. Right? And you know, you woke up after that D lat move happened and every single stock was strong. You could take a broken stock and make money as a long trader you could take a hot chick stock and make money as long tenor That to me is a really really strong market when everything is just going up and people are like wow, we had that debt stack or that stock that those Twitter guys were in that was going up we had that. You know I remember that day so completely where I had missed kind of like the big hot chick because I had been so trained to say, Okay, I’m avoiding this, I’d gotten in the habit of saying I’m avoiding this one because like, I was expecting that kind of, we weren’t going to be able to break the top of the range. These algos are shit type of movements. But you know, when we do get a kind of strong market, or a strong stock that kind of lights it back up again, don’t be afraid to go back and press those objects, don’t be afraid to go back and and press those broken stocks a bit more than you usually would. Don’t be afraid to write, don’t be afraid to go in heavy and going hard, because we don’t know how long we’re going to have for this type of shit. So it’s like, we’re so conditioned right now to not trading the day ones as a long trader, right? Like you like you try to narrow didn’t really work out like today, if we see a day one runner, there’s no way we’re gonna fucking touch it. Right. But if let’s say this afternoon, we get this 1,000% runner. And the next day we see a bunch of stocks up, we see a bunch of kind of things that are up, do not be fucking afraid to take those trades, because those trades are what is going to at least help make make back whatever you’ve lost. And it’s going to really be able to fuckin, you know, be a confidence booster for the next couple of weeks as we get stronger again, right? So, I mean, that would be my advice to anyone who’s struggling right now. And who’s like, I’m not touching the day ones. I’m not touching anything. I’m just gonna sit sit it out and wait it out. The minute we see strength again, go balls, fucking deep balls to the fucking wall. Because every other long trader is going to be like, I don’t know. I don’t know, man. But you wake up that morning, you see a bunch of stocks up fucking 100% Everyone is saying that’s crazy. We had other stocks that were running after DWAC when? Right? Like the fucking take the trade? You know? Don’t be Don’t you know? Don’t I don’t even know what to say on this podcast. And you know what I’m thinking? Don’t be. Don’t be a pansy.

How to Take Advantage of the Hot and Slow Times

Austin 27:05
Bro. Pay because those times pay for this time, right? Those calves are gonna pay for this this patient time. Like this is why you’re being patient. Yes. Right.

Harry 27:16
Exactly. That’s what we’re waiting for. So it’s kind of like as far as like long traders go like know what your know what your fucking waiting for? You know?

Austin 27:24

James 27:25
I think I mean, as we’re coming up on kind of like the 30 minute mark. I mean, I think I think you guys kind of gave like a really good kind of basis of like, as a long like, what you need to be doing and like the slow times and like in markets like this? And I guess like, I mean, I guess we don’t? I’m trying to think of like a good ending question. Because I guess I guess what I’m wondering for the last kind of bit here is like, you know, how do you know to take advantage or like when things happen, you take advantage of the hot times, but you put yourself in a position where it’s so important that when your markets in your, in your right like zone, that’s when you’re pressing, that’s when you’re pushing stuff down? And have you guys like over the years, been able to recognize that more and more and like actually been able to press the gas? Or have you missed it because like for years, like I kind of missed like a lot of big opportunities like that I missed first red days, I missed like strong like, like good shorting opportunities, because I was afraid like, Did you were you guys able to do that right away? Or was it hard for you to kind of do that?

Harry 28:31
I think I’ll be with awesome.

Austin 28:33
Yeah, anyway. Yeah. So do that every single year, because the life market goes in cycle, it’s like every year, you get one or two chances. And it really just takes that much time, right? Because cycles lasts a few months at a time. And so you’re you know, there’s, after every cycle, you can always do something better. And you’re always going to be like, I didn’t do that perfectly. I could have done this, I could have did this on this player, man, you look back and I’m just like, Oh dude, on RKDA I could have went this much size or I could have added here or on DWAC I could have done this, you know, it’s like or I should have not been afraid to to just buy into that strength or attempt to get that Black Swan you know, just you don’t I’m saying just shit like that. You’re always going to have after every cycle, you’re going to look back and see like what you could have done and you’re probably going to get better on the next cycle. Like you’re probably going to get a little bit better and make a little bit of those changes, but you can only improve so much at a time. But yeah, when it does hit that time, I’d have gotten better. I have gotten better. I I am almost to the point of being recklessly sometimes into strength. And you guys have probably seen those charts of mine. I’ve you know, like what, and when they work they pay for all the times they don’t. So that I mean I’ve gotten really aggressive on adding strength I’ve gotten you know, I’ve gotten aggressive on rolling more sighs I’ve got aggressive buy, but like not just selling on the first pop like Ain’t got you know, when that Hallmark gets here, you know, work on really letting that extend like, you know, I mean, if I’ve got, like, if I got like 10,000 shares every 50 cents I every 50 cents I wait is another five grand? Right? Wait, if I get one more halt up, you know, it’s, you know, like there’s just different ways that you can improve each time whether it’s being a little bit more patient on the exit being a little bit more aggressive with the size maybe adding. Right, right as that that stuff that you know, it might stuff and then hold. And then you know, holding through that one extra and being able or bailing it and having the guts to be like, No, this is the hot market, it’s stuff me but then it helped I’m gonna get back in. It’s all that stuff, you know that you know, each. That’s what being aggressive is all about? And like, you just, you just get better. You just work on it.

When You Know You’re Starting to Pick up the Pace

Harry 30:54
Yeah, I think I just kind of like finish off here. I think I really kind of like hit on this question. Like before James kind of asked it. But I think also, you know, when you when you see, you’re going to realize a shift, and you’re going to feel it, that’s the thing, you’re going to feel it. And if you can just wait for that kind of shift when everyone’s like that oh, shit moment of we’re starting to pick back up. And I feel like, you know, when we had like big and a couple other things like Austin and I were saying things like, well, we’re starting to kind of pick up a bit we’re starting, we’re starting right, the key word is starving. And it’s really just Austin and I hoping and anticipating for things to continue. It’s not actually really starting, it’s just Austin and I just fucking pray that we’re actually starting. It’s like, when we get this hot chick runner, and every single short is like, well, it’s gonna break down this time, it’s gonna break down this time, right? They don’t really know, it’s gonna fucking break down, they’re just anticipating to try and do that guy who’s the hero and calls the top. And it’s the same thing with this kind of situation here. And so I think that, you know, when you’re, when you kind of feel it in your bones, and when you’re, when you’re gonna know you’re going to wake up in chat, it’s going to feel like it’s Christmas morning, even though it’s a random fucking day. And it would be like, Wow, that’s amazing. Like, everything’s up, everything’s strong. And like, you can actually see that everything’s up and everything’s strong, and you’re not just making this shit up. That’s the day for you to be really aggressive. That’s the day where you can take some long off that first candle to see if we can break the range on that object. That’s the day where you can really get aggressive buying that dip on the hatchet. And the other broken ones, that’s the day where you can add some sides there. The next fucking time that this happens, I’m loading the boat on every single fucking stop. And a couple may not work. That’s okay, but I am loading the fucking boat on the first candle of every goddamn fucking stock. I’m going along and on that day too. I’m going along it on the day ones I’m going along fucking broken stocks, everything’s going to hold up and it’s going to be a fucking miracle. I’m buying all fucking for all fucking five. And that’s how I’m gonna do it. Because after D whap, I only bought one or two. And I was like, Man, I missed a lot of money. So if you can study that day after the whack and what ran and what did it and I’m sure that we have a runner somewhere we have like an after hours runners calendar if you want to fucking go through and see what ran. And if you can study that and how those moves kind of were made, then you’re going to be able to because we had DWAC that was a halt up the other P stock was a halt. The broken ones started running after that momentum continued by fucking death by it off.

Austin 33:50
I have one more thing that I do want to add one last thing when you when when the day comes and Harry’s talking about that day where like you just know today’s the act of your venue and you feel a little hesitation that the best thing that you can do to quell that hesitation is to get in is to get in 100 chairs just get like put that put that fun ticker, you know in your position column, whether it’s 100 shares, 500 shares want that just get in because it’s a lot easier. Like when you know that you have to act. The first the first act is always the toughest. So just get in the trade. It almost doesn’t matter what price as long as you’re not full size, just and then you can add to it. It’s a lot easier to add positions than it is to start a position psychologically.

James 34:41
A really good tip. I like that. That’s funny. Okay, perfect. That was a good ended.

Harry 34:47
That’s a good day.


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