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Stock Market Analysis and Trading Strategies

Alex 0:00
10.50 There we go when he sends instantaneously cover 24 covered a bunch of adds and 24 Guys, let’s keep it going can we get lower? Come on give me lower oh my god it’s added up cover more maybe 1020 cover more 1015 cover more 1006 cover more title to cover more 998 Running out of shares!

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So I tried to LUNR on his bounce here after the death candle just a small starter because it looks like it just failed ideally I can maybe get some more towards 1140 But this is just a stock that’s just been kind of weak premarket and tried to push at the open and the opening drive failed. So I’m just looking to get in maybe a potential scalper this as ASTI ramps up as well is not a size trade for me yet

Stock Market Movements and Potential Buy/Sell Opportunities

Alex 0:55
So LUNR failing for now so I got a little bit of an ad there yet I’m not being aggressive yet. I see this very key support area 1040s. But this is regardless guys regardless is not a trade that I want to get very heavy on because I feel like it’s a little bit crowded. My thought process on this is definitley nail and Bill mentality, a scalp mentality. I’m just gonna look to scalp on the dips, AXTIi a good squeeze. So normally a stock like this that’s failing, I would keep adding into this. But because I feel like the stock is already a little bit crowded and because I feel like this stock might not hold back as heavy as I want simply because it’s extremely crowded. I want to save my socks what’s the lows of this candle 71 Let’s see if it is gonna break or bought a big squeeze up. So this thing just wicked under 80 and came back. Pretty impressive squeeze on Carvana. So because this thing wicked under 80 and came back, I’m going to look for a small dip to see if I can cover some but looks like a wall of sellers is approaching. So let me see. I might be looking for a dip to cover some if at reclaims again to watch it to see if at reclaims again. But right now it kind of looks a little bit weak. Actually looks weak. I’m going to add let’s see if I could add that a little bit add there. There was a stacked offer on lunar in the 1080s. So I’m trying to piggy back that let’s see. Watching the tape here. Was lows of this candle 71. Come on. Break 71 Test 70 65 63 60. Cover some 60 to cover some 58. What’s the next support? What’s the next support draw support 53 is the next support. Let’s see. So again, guys, I’m not using too heavy size here, but still it’s adding up. Do you guys understand that trade idea the trade idea was I was not interested in trading it until I saw it his major monumental debt candle. And what I do I just shorted the bounce. I literally shorted the bounce. This is pretty textbook MIC trading. And now it looks like 1050 line is going to break remember this key area here 1040s 1040s With the key area. If that breaks, it could wash out heavier. But I’m not trying to be here all day looking for a move to 876. I’m here it’s Friday, I’m gonna take my money and runs let’s get a break of 1050 You guys saw those sellers on level two at 1080s. And that’s why I piggyback them Carvana insane move. So I have two potential things here guys, I covered down to 90% of my size. I’m either going to cover more on the dip, or we’ll look for a bounce to add. I’m gonna slowly see if I can add back some short x t eyes continues to take the money flow. looter looks very weak actually chase it with Chase a little bit. If it reclaims, you know 10 Seven days, I’ll cover that chase it looks like it’s reclaiming. So I might just cover up that case. I covered up that chase for what is that a bad 10 cent loss? No big deal. Are we for a better entry and look like he was going to fail 1050 But a double bottom there at 1050 instead so I’m adjusting. Maybe around 1080 I could get a better add on All right here guys right here I’ve already locked in nearly 70 cents a share in profit on small size

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so watching 1050 To see if 1050 fails maybe I could get a position of add again if not I’ll wait for a bounce to add but I locked in 90% of my profits on this dip I’m getting a little bit greedy looking for this 1050 break but because I’ve locked in profits that allows me to be a little bit greedy today rescale on the bounces slowly

Trading Stock With Technical Analysis

Alex 5:46
where the more bounces on litter keep shorter the bounces hey good fail there looter. You see that guys good failed. Watching for 1050 Break look good shorts on bounces I covered down here to get a better entry. Watching 1050 Break watching 1050 Break lunar adding lunar lunar is failing let me focus on lunar here so watching lunar here guys, if 1050 breaks I’ll try to get another ad if I can. It’s SSR so it’ll be very very tough to fill. Once the 1050 break why this was a support guys you guys remember the support line I drew premarket and 50 added 1050 There we go when he sends instantaneously cover 24 covered a bunch of ads and 24 guys pretty sick trade let’s keep Let’s keep it going can we get lower? Come on give me lower oh my god has added up. Cover more maybe 1020 cover more 1015 cover more 1006 cover more title to cover more 998 Broad Run now shares so do you guys see that 1050 line oh my god all our 82 that’s it I’m done. What a trade so let’s just review that guy. Let’s review that Where’d I get the 1050 line? Where’d I get the 1050 line you guys see that 1050 line when it broke the oh my god I’m gonna try quick long there 950 I will try and long is pretty ridiculous 970 Sold it all right, man. That’s pretty I think that’s it guys. I think I think I should call it here. But you guys see that 1050 broke and nearly $1 a share of downside in two minutes $1 share of downside two minutes so unless this thing kind of sets up again up dark for the day baby this was a very very very simple trade and we didn’t even have to do anything crazy. All we had to do was wait for the taken short the belts pretty good. And I even cut along I got a log on that 950 I sold it too soon. All right, let’s focus up guys. Let’s focus on see if we get a bounce towards you know 1020 To read short. But does everyone understand this trade here? Does everyone understand this trade when 1050 broke and instantaneously went down? It was instantaneously in my favor so I just took some money off the table so yes, I thought the stock was short crowded but I waited and let the price action tell me otherwise to pretty sick and staying weak in hindsight maybe I shouldn’t have covered as much but again guys I went in I went in with the mindset of this being a nail in build trade I went in with the mindset of this being a little bit crowded so yes, it worked in my favor once the confirmation was in but I stuck to my process my process tells me to take the money and run if I feel uncomfortable I will say that today was a sell the new setup potentially

Trading Strategies and Profits

Alex 9:34
Yeah, I could have made more money but like God damn That was relatively simple. So in the past guys, what I would do is I’d be like, Oh my god, I missed the trade. I’m gonna size up on my size. I’m a size up and I ended up getting my profits back. This is a very simple ad cover, get a better average and then when 1050 broke, boom, hit it.

Alex 19:59
And then when this stock went down instantaneously. 25 cents instantaneously.

Alex 10:04
I took some off. Today made $11,700 Which brings me to 11,000 765. Already to 107 on the month you hit the goal you hit the goal. 107 with no red day so far. No red days so far, baby. Let’s go. So that’s it guys. That’s it with about 1015 2030 minutes of training, whatever able to make, you know 11,000. And if I stick to $11,000, that’s about $2.5 million dollars a year. And you guys saw no stress, relatively simple. Showing up every day, sticking to the same strategy that we teach all of you. I am not doing anything different than I am teaching you. New people should be paying 500 Here. I definitely agree. So that’s it for me guys. Call it a day here. Very happy. All Green Week. Very good week for me. And the profits out it up. Thanks, everyone, and I’ll see you back at it Monday.


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