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Chinese Stocks and Potential Trades

Alex 0:14
So let’s talk about the market lately.

Alex 0:17
So we are currently in a Chinese theme. That means that any stock that has any sort of Chinese entity or anything that has to do with China is running up right.

Alex 0:28
So, we have a lot of crazy stocks in play right we have stocks like hollow HOLO is one that started everything and went from $2 to $4 and back down to $22. That ignited HKIT that went from 50 cents and back down. It ignited another which went from $1.80 to four to two the stock hollow started everything so now ended up happening is because all of them went crazy. Everyone is always looking for the next one, right? Because what ends up happening is this is a typical sector play sympathy play that we’ve been teaching for a very, very long time, right. So what ends up happening is people that Miss Harlow are like alright, the Chinese theme is hot Chinese theme is hot Chinese theme is hot, the next Chinese stock that I find, I’m going to look to buy, right? So what ends up happening is that this stock, it shows up and it goes from one to seven, and then it fails. Okay. So as each day passes, guys is a very, very important lessons pay attention. as each day passes, the theme gets weaker and weaker and weaker and weaker. Okay. So because the theme is getting weaker and weaker and weaker. Today’s day three of the day three of the theme, right, so today, we have stocks like top that are going crazy. And as you guys remember, top was previously my biggest losing trade that I’ve ever had. So I’ve already shell shocked from this ticker a little bit. But the point is, guys, the point is that we’re entering day three of these themes. And oftentimes after day three, the theme is not as strong. Notice that on day two, the theme, right, each key it was the day after hollow the day after it failed the same day. So now we’re on day three of the Chinese theme on top. So I have a feeling that this Chinese stock top because it’s day three of the sector theme. Okay, not day three of the stock. But day three of the sector theme, I think that there’s probably going to be a very, very high probability that this stock pulls back at some point today. Does that mean you shorted pre market and hope? No. But what I’m going to wait for is I’m gonna wait for some sort of confirmations, ideally, the full and half dollar marks. So no point in making a plan right now just got to wait and see what it does. But as you can see, each day it failed, the second day of these runners failed. So today is day three of these ones. It’s the same thing as MLG. Oh, right. You guys remember emoji? Oh, from yesterday, emoji, oh ran, because it was a Chinese stock from 60 cents to $1.70. And close back down. So this tells me guys, this tells me that the theme of the Chinese stocks potentially potentially is now starting to change. Right? So I’ll have this drop on radar. I don’t know if and when I’m going to trade it the locates were very, very, very cheap today. So yeah, I mean, that’s kind of where my mindset is for that. Aside from that there’s a lot of stocks. This is a potential death candle now.

Alex 3:43
So I’ll think about it. Maybe that bounces back up. I will take a starter short.

Alex 3:49
But you guys understand what I’m saying right now you guys understand the thought process is that the first day of a sector run is always the strongest the second day of a sector run is weaker than the first day the third day of a sector run is even weaker than the second day which is already weaker than the first thing okay. So because of that, because I am thinking I am anticipating I am assuming that talk if and when it does confirm right it may confirm 650 and may confirm seven I don’t know if and when it does confirm I may have a potential trade off and you can already see that towards the half dollar mark 750s giving it some resistance to it looks like whole and half dollar marks will be very very key on this stock later today. So as something to pay attention to is keep in mind the whole and half dollar points on these stocks. I’m not going to chase this down. I’m not going to try to I’m not going to try to catch the top or catch the bottom is up 115% So I got plenty of room to make money if and when it does. So let me start to make the watchlist so as you guys know the way that I build a watchlist so I always build the previous day’s watchlist first and there was no watchlist yesterday because I was not here. So I’m going to kind of go to Tom’s watch list and I’m going to kind of go through the tickers from yesterday. So HCIT looking for a bounce towards 350 450, this stock has wide range have to use less size looking for a balance or 350 or 450 to short. stock has wide range so must use less size

Alex 5:45
MLGO to bounce towards red to green

Alex 6:01
CCTG as well

Alex 6:05
so I’ll be looking for a bounce towards five

Alex 6:10
I say 5 6 650 Bounce to short

Trading and market analysis

Alex 6:23

SXTC again I’m looking at all the stocks from yesterday SX TC maybe 250 Line 270 Line. Again I’m going to the one by one from yesterday 350 And I will say for today we have top top watch today it is day three of the China theme. Day one was HOLO. Day two was each another one. Three is tough as each day passes as each day passes the theme gets weaker and weaker and weaker top is trading high volume right now so I don’t think it is a short yet but if this stock ends up failing and failing to rebound I can look for a scalp short only because the themes are weaker.

Alex 8:43
okay yeah, maybe towards $2.

Alex 9:06
Yup TCBP pop towards VWAP should be good

Alex 9:13
so a lot on radar today guys a lot on radar pretty much one of those days where just set your fantasy orders and weights right. lots on radar today!

Alex 9:40
the watchlist right now is key and then just focus. So TOP I don’t know if I’m gonna take any trades right out of the open just because it’s just a little bit sketchy and I have a little bit of PTSD from it. So I’ll kind of just wait till I see some sort of confirmations ideally

Alex 9:54
A reminder guys next week is Valentine’s Day so if you haven’t gotten your girl your side chick your significant other something do something about that

Alex 10:16
what am I doing flowers as usual right?

Alex 10:21
Well my big thing is guys I write like cards.

Alex 10:24
I write her like a lot of cards a little bit more personal. So I get a nice flowers and I write her like nice part. You are lucky Carlos, you are lucky like my friends.

Alex 10:38
And all these like florist they jack up the prices during Valentine’s Day normally, let’s say a rose is three hours then they charge $7! Then maybe you guys watch the Tucker Carlson, Vladimir Putin have not watched yet who is more sensible than the mainstream media makes him out to be? Of course.

Trading Stocks With a Focus on Technical Analysis

Alex 11:07
So coming into today, guys, we got about 12 minutes the market opens mind everyone that I’m not a financial advisor. It’s not meant to be financial advice. Everything I say are used for entertainment and educational purposes only. Trading is risky. You have to be prepared to lose your mind trading is not meant to copy or replicate any of my traits. It’s more meant to look over the shoulders as I trade every single day. Yeah, 100 million views in seven hours probably going to be like most watched interview in history. A couple questions. What is the lowest float that you’d ever trade? What is the ideal flow? Well, ideally looking for floats that are above 10 million. I do sometimes trade lower floats under 10 million. And if I do trade those lower floats under 10 million, it’s with significantly less size. So now that holo was broken on day three with tons of meat on the bone, why aren’t you interested in shorting it? It’s because if you look at Harlow yesterday guys, it ran from 19 to 35 in like five minutes 1015 minutes, so chances are that it could easily easily easily run back to 30 or 35. So it’s not enough high probability if they gapped up and had like some resistance yeah but like the stock trades though so thin that I could turn around and be 15 I could turn around and be 35

Alex 12:43
I’d rather be late than early you know 720 had a little bit of a seller there

Alex 12:59
I took a small 1000 shares starter on top again I’m not gonna go heavy yet heavy for me 20 30,000 shares I’m just gonna look to scalp it for now. I saw that seller at 720

Alex 13:12
So I just jumped in front of him. But again, I’m not trying to be here with a partial position.

Alex 13:20
Im trying to wait and get a better entry cover this on scalp have to assume that is going to bounce at some point but for now I’ve just covered half here.

Alex 13:33
so I just took that 1000 shares I covered it just to kind of reset a little bit so it’s 720 sellers so I’ve jumped in front of him

Alex 13:41
But I’m still kind of waiting I’d rather be a little bit late to the party than early

Alex 13:48
so it takes a lot but I’ll be looking out for a bounce

Alex 13:55
so far failing that a cover the last bit I have to cover the last bit maybe a little bit too early that’s fine to top we’ll be watching a bounce to short we’ll be watching Top for a bounce to short slowly. I got short there 70 So I got that short towards VWAP. Just a little bit but it looks like it’s failing already so we’ll see if I can get out or something doesn’t look like it’s failing but I don’t have too big of a position yet. I don’t want to get like so insanely aggressive like so early you know I don’t know yet. I don’t want to get too heavy in case it bounces.

Alex 14:53
With another add there in the 70s but I want to be extra cautious, not heavy, not heavy. yeah I still think that this could easily ramp back up and easily ramp up to 80s 90s

Alex 15:21
Little add there 6.80 so it looks like it’s fairly weak. trying to get some more added on top because it looks like it’s failing there definitely looks like a fail

Alex 15:43
out the rest of my fill 688 I’m going about half size right now still don’t trust it still don’t trust it want to see some sort of death candle ideally with single I would need is I would need it to be under 650s sevens now waiting see if seven rejects

Alex 16:11
out here that death candle

Alex 16:16
so far potential stuff came up but it’s not failing as fast as I thought it would.

Alex 16:28
So if we break out here right if we break the 720s I’ll just probably trim some that way I could reassess, but I don’t want to see I don’t want to see a death panel on a reclaim right that’s kind of strong here. So I might just cover my add

Alex 16:57
looks a little bit strong here guys. So I covered out some of the ad that I had just in case it likes to ramp if it fails which it looks like it’s failing I’ll add it back this could easily keep going I just want to protect myself a little bit, it’s a good cover on some. Again that 740 line now to react a little bit to react on that resistance now better entry. Looks like a fail to be honest so wrapping up might have to cover that ad again now let’s fail our exam fail to me so added on that fail added

Trading Stocks Using Technical Analysis

Alex 18:08
That is a high of the day fail right now money flow into INDS or sorry to get a new stock taking money flow which is good, so I see a death candle here guys I see a death candle so I’m reacting off that death candle, so I need to see at least a 676 confirmation. Right now, we have INBS taking the money flows so that’s going to help our trade so top IMDs money flow money flow INDS is going to help our trade added more top into this weakness 650 We’ll confirm it. looking for these 650 melts here guys who put a 650 Melt reminding myself this is deep read the China place INBS is the new money flow. So hopefully INBS takes money out of this once again 650 confirmation is what I’m looking for. It’s looking like it’s going to come watching see if I could get in at 650 breaks the watch that 650 break for an ad. So for double top at the high of the day death candle so it has all the signals and on top of that there’s a new hot stock moving so that new hot stock should take attention off of this 650 is my hotspot So just as a recap, I took it Add here at the 750 line when it death candled I added an add on the death candle confirmation now I’m just looking for the 650 half dollar confirmation to add and then we should see a move towards low the day remember this stock trades full and half dollars very well so we got to watch seven 650 Etc. but as of now I’m looking to add on the 650 line if I get it. 650 Watching and on the trigger, add a 650.

Alex 20:48
Low of day is 6.30. Come on 630 Come on HALT DOWN. That is what I call a home run.

Alex 21:14
That is what I am talking about baby let’s go that is all about you guys but as picture perfect to me I don’t know what else to say all now guys 599 indication 599 indication let’s draw our support lines for trades not over guys a trade is not over draw our support lines 585 80s to next cover zone is 580s.

Alex 22:06
All right still got some man I wish I had more! damn Okay, no problem. No problem. Why am I complaining?

Alex 22:32
I remember when I started this guys remember when I started this. I was like, the only thing that’s kind of sketching me out about this is that there’s no other money flow on a stock. Well, INBS the moment IINBS came and took money flow right that was what candles at 9:40am 9:40am Do you see a coincidence here? Do you see a coincidence here? The moment that INBS God money flow money flow Excellent. Money Flow. Excellent so let’s just recap this chart real quick guys, I took a starter 1000 shares cover the dip, looking for that VWAP rejection when it didn’t reject us and ended up breaking the high of the day I covered out start to restore at the resistance of 750 when we got the higher the day rejection death candle added added added on 650 Half Dollar fail and boom cover some on the way. So now again, the support is in the 580s $6 area. So I’m going to look to cover some support and then look to reshot it on a bounce. Does that make sense? Does that make sense so far? So, I want to lock in some gains on the dip and then reshot it risking those gains on a bounce. Does that make sense? And as I mentioned at the beginning of this of this live trade guys, what day of the sector move are we on? as each day passes? The sector’s get weaker and weaker and weaker today was day three the sector right day three of the sector This is textbook guys the textbook Am I see strategy Excellent. So, I’m going to be on the dip to cover some support. Okay, open holding converts up on the dip. I was not expecting that 580s Hit 580s Hit. I covered some I was 603 I got he said 5.8 line. I have pretty good cover there. Sixes okay. 93 covered more.

Alex 25:03
This is support guys this is support I should be covering more here at support I’m going to try and cover some more support when the support comes I want to cover it is what I’m doing I’ll be back on a bounce wow I got a pretty good cover there 601 Holy I didn’t even notice that cover there wow great fantastic as we short this 622 reshoring amazing cover so far so the 627 cover coming short more clips 630 shorted more.

Alex 25:54
Reshorting the bounce guys when I covered that six I’m re shorting it that’s why I covered that six to resort the pop resort the pump.

Alex 26:16
keep reshorting the pop.

Alex 26:30
now I’m playing with the house’s money. INBS continues to take money flow and feel more confident.

Alex 26:44
I want INBS to keep going as high as possible to take as much money flow as possible.

Alex 26:55
This is why we always lock in gains on dip to lock in gains on dips in case something goes wrong covered some of that had 618 So just trim some of those ads to be able to maybe get a better entry I’m ultimately looking for a low of the day we test so I have locked in gains on the dips and now I’m just kind of pressing for more if I can get it I’m pressing for more if I can get it you avoid INBS from the watchlist be honest guys if the top wasn’t moving I would have traded I just want to focus all my attention on top and it kind of saved me kind of saved me

Alex 27:50
now I’ve locked in gains guys and I’m just risking some of my locked in gains to push this trade even bigger. the key area I see guys is 380s for a fade.

Trading Strategies

Alex 28:13

covered some more 610 see what I’m doing guys you see what I’m doing I’m covering the depths to react the bounce of covering the dips to react the bounces six or seven covered more 603 calm and more please see what I did there guys you see what I did? I covered the dip to reshort the bounce. And now I covered those now what do you think I’m going to do again? If it bounces, What do you think I’m going to do again? I’m going to reshort the bounce.

Alex 29:11
now I’m just adding gains and adding gains and adding gains now and because I locked in gains on the dip, it allows me to be significantly more patient I just got another 20 add.

Alex 30:41
remember to cover some cover some cover some I covered some to protect myself why the same thing that happened here guys can happen there those same things I protect myself protect myself.

Alex 30:56
I am protecting myself yeah what’s going to happen right I’m going to cover and the bottom is going to fall out.

Alex 31:07
that’s what’s going to happen right that’s what’s going to happen that’s the textbook Alex indicator.

Alex 31:17
so, like I said, guys, I covered someone to dip at five seven years and once again I’m going to do the same thing over we get about. INBS continuing up that’s helping we want INBS to bounce as much as possible guys to take the money flow away.

Alex 32:08
that’s why I locked in the most of it.

Alex 32:14
now anyone that didn’t lock in on the dip is now covering into this bounce.

Alex 32:26
INBS continues keep going please keep going please keep going this is a perfect setup guys because INBS is taking the money flow if TARP was the singular stock movement today, we have a lot tougher to trade of because INBS is taking the money flow it is helping a lot so I’m looking for another dip to cover it out of some of this TOP.

Alex 33:04
Hey guys I’m pretty much all out here on top on this dip to six I’m going to take the money and run I’m going to take the money and run here so let me see locked in a second, we just take a screenshot walkthrough $22,700 daily let’s go last go today 22,000 so much out there. It’s nice to Oh my God. I’m telling you guys the Alex indicators real. Those are on so forth for the month guys. $32,000. So, pretty solid trading today. I mean, like, I would say I did everything right sizing with the patients, or anything I did wrong naming. Not being a little bit more patient right. So that’s it for me guys. Dog Training in about 30 minutes today is a textbook MIC trade. And this is a very good lesson on the sympathy plays and the days of the sector. This was the final day of the sector. So, I went in a little bit heavier. Right. Notice on day one of the sector I’m not really doing that. I’m waiting for the sector to weaken up and then I’m doing it. That’s it guys. Call it a day here. Really appreciate you. And thanks


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