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Stock Market Trends and Manipulation

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Alright guys, good morning. So, main thing that I want to talk about is I’ve been kind of away for the last couple of days, went on a trip with my friends. And the hardest thing is kind of coming back to a market that you are not aware of. Right. So just as a recap, guys, last month of January, I ended $35,000 with one red day and 12345678 no trade days, so not too bad at all. Basically, I kind of want to when I come back after not trading for a few days, right, the biggest thing that I have to do is understand what type of market cycle we are in. Right. So the main thing that I want to talk about is, at least from what I’ve been seeing that has been working. So first things first is this TNXP is SSR and low float. Okay, so we have been seeing a lot of these SSR stocks has gone absolutely bonkers, right? We’ve been seeing all these stocks just go nuts. And for me, guys, for me, SSR scares a living hell out of you. Right? It scares the living hell out of me, because I know that it can be manipulated, right? It’s all these pumpers all these manipulators in love SSR, right, because, contrary to popular belief, people think that if a stock is unnecessary, you can’t short it. That’s not true. You have to short an uptick, right? You have to short an uptick. You have to short it when it goes up. And what ends up happening is when a stock is on reverse split, most of the long participants, right? Most of the long participants don’t want to sell So oftentimes, it’s just short sellers that are getting involved in these SSR stocks, especially that are low floats and ending up pushing them higher. I mean, think about it, the stock went from nine to 19 with no pullback, wouldn’t this be a good short, boom it goes 17 to 22 and if you look at the daily chart guys, if you look at the daily chart, I mean what’s stopping this from going to 30 so as the SAR stocks have always been scaring me that we’ve kind of been in a market cycle where it’s low float and SSR that has the money flow. Now what has been working in this market side right what has been working anything that has to do with AI has been working so PLTR are just released earnings they’re up 20% Some sort of AI company, any type of AI catalyst is going to go nuts. So that’s number one. That’s kind of what I’ve been seeing is AI has been kind of going crazy low floats have been crazy. Now what is working on the short side right? So more often than not what’s been working on the short side lately has been forgotten stocks side stocks and stocks that people just really aren’t too aware of where people don’t really care about too much anymore right so that leads to stocks like TNXP just got smoked in it right your TNXP smoked, but you could see that when it had its move yesterday, it faded down, bounce to VWAP.

Stock Market Analysis and Trading Strategies

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And failed. Well we have to find is we have to find stocks are topping out pre market and failing. Okay, so as of this morning, as of this morning, I’m not really seeing anything too crazy yet in terms of that, but we’ll get into it. So first things first is TNXP is a do not short, aside from that guys. Aside from that I see a bunch of other stocks moving today, but mainly my focus today is to understand alright, I haven’t been here for a few days. I haven’t traded for a few days. I’m kind of rusty, because I’m kind of rusty. I gotta make sure that I’m at least taking it slow get a little bit of confidence back and coming back to normal because if not, if not, I’m gonna be my own worst enemy. Right so coming into today I’m just taking slow I’m waiting to see what happens. I’m not going to be too aggressive and I want to attack the Forgotten stocks rather than trying to find the top on the hot stuff. Does that make sense? Does that make sense? I’m not looking to find the top on the hot stock of the day. So as you guys know the way that I build watches is I always look at the previous day’s watchlist and since I was not here I have to look at Tom’s watchlist so let me go through Tom’s watchlist and RRBO will flow it’s kind of pulled back not really interested I MBS in this had an offerings not really interested CDIO CBIO kind of looks like the volume has done the range has done nothing there. So it looks like all the stocks are moving yesterday at least in Tom’s watch this that we posted. We’re nothing that is kind of too ideal today. So we can look at now what’s moving today AGFY AGFY I really don’t like Penny Stocks guys, but you can see that the last time was AGFY why Ran is sold off all day. It looks like the top of this candle was 125 and it looks at the top of this candle is 130. So assume 121 30s as a top, but maybe if we get a bounce towards and one 110 One 20 I’ll look to short but it looks like it’s failing right now. So Egypt looks at FY EGFR last time that it ran it fitted all day looks like it’s fading really markets already ideally a bounced or one on 10 Once way too short with a 140 The hot stock of the day avoiding short at all costs. TNXP low floats SSR hot stock of the day.

Stock Market Potential and Trading Strategies

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Even if this stock fails, I still think it will trap so I will not look to short it at all. There was CHEA from yesterday CHEA so I would say CHEA pop towards 10 or 11

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former runner to potential trades for when it’s read an add on the heartbreak or let it continue breakouts pre market highs and video SMCI extended large caps monitoring monitoring for a potential fade They soon but this is non niche and this is outside of my playbook. So mostly watch and learn the PLTR I mean I don’t know maybe a push towards 2050 or 21 for shorts I think that’s it guys I mean that’s I’m not not really seeing anything too crazy today. Again like I said a lot of money flow so I’m expecting TENX to just be the crazy one

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my highest probability ideas PLTR are but I’m not really to a lower die yet.

Alex 7:26
As you guys see 2050 is a resistance from the daily chart just trying to look to pay back that resistance if it pops up there

Trading Stocks With Resistance Levels

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a small star there that 2050 line ish small guys this is not in my wheelhouse. I don’t wanna get too aggressive. So if I see some sort of bounce that fails Maybe I’ll add a little bit but again now we could get to a recipe is now looking to get too aggressive on a non niche stock as I mentioned 2050 Guys was the line from 2015 was a line from the daily chart hit 2050 had failed. Now 20 is testing I’ll try small out there at 21 Once again I’m not being too aggressive not being too aggressive draw some support resistance I do is bounce fails go back under 20 and I’ll look for some commerce. Got another out there 2002 is gonna be my final add if it reclaims over 2030 I’ll just stop out but I think that this is going to fail so far so good when he always is resilience maybe has to do some of the options you shall see

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so it’s a really tough one to short because of the spread I don’t know if I want to do it let’s see so PLTR are good cover on half I’m just gonna look to cover the other half on a dip if I can get it and videos kind of weak today. So I’m just going to try get SMCI I just took a very small star short appeal to a pretty large bounce. I’m glad I locked in someone that dip just looking for another dip. Just take the rest off. SMCI is working but I’m not getting aggressive there because not usually in my wheelhouse. reduced a little bit of PLTR are on this dip, reduce some more 20 bucks I’m protecting myself here guys protecting myself it fails it fails let’s I just don’t want to get too crazy so SMCI this was small size just in case of a large rebound as SMCI not a trade for most new traders some see I’m not gonna get aggressive here guys. It’s gonna take easy money if it comes to me. PLTR is a little bit too strong for my liking. So as you see I covered most of my position there. It’s literally extremely tired. I like 50 shares left which I don’t really care about. Y’all, it’s your arms gonna take the rest off. Look here. Out of the recipe ltr the 50 shares still pretty green trade

Alex 10:56
PLTR are very, very good colors are very good colors. Maybe we tried at 21 Maybe we tried at 21


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