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  • How to Navigate Short Reports and Short Squeezes in the Stock Market

Are you aware of how short reports can impact a stock’s price? If not, then read on to learn from a trading expert’s recent experience with AI stocks.

Key Takeaways

  • Short reports and short squeezes can have a significant impact on a stock’s performance, causing volatility in the market.
  • It’s essential to be aware of the trends and understand the reasons behind the short reports to navigate them successfully, and look for low long setups to avoid chasing the weakness.

Miami Meetup Recap: Great Experience with Tim Sykes and SMB Capital Traders

Before delving into the topic of short reports and short squeezes, let’s quickly recap the recent Miami Meetup, which was a huge success. The event attracted over 20 traders, including Tim Sykes, traders from SMB Capital, and Lucas (@theShortBear), from Twitter. The Miami trading crew proved to be exceptional, and the group plans to organize more meetups soon.



Why AI Stocks Experienced Volatility in the Market

In recent times, AI stocks have been a hot topic in the stock market due to Microsoft’s acquisition of a 50% stake in OpenAI for $10 billion. As expected, this caused significant volatility in the sector, with AI’s stock price rising to $31 before crashing back down to $20. This pattern is common with hyped-up stocks that experience a surge and then fall back down.

Understanding Short Reports and Short Squeezes

Short reports are issued by big firms, funds, or people with significant followings on Twitter, who have a short bias towards a stock. They release a report exposing any shortcomings of the company and accumulate a short position before doing so. When the retail stock trader short-sells the stock, they use it as a liquidity event to cover their shares and exit the stock, which results in a significant decline in the stock price.

Why Short Reports Failed to Kill AI Stock

Spruce Point Capital initiated a short on $AI when it was trading at around $20. When they released their short report, it created panic among retail traders, causing the stock to dip. However, as expected, Spruce Point Capital covered their position and exited the stock, causing it to rebound. On the same day, Kerrisdale Capital released another short report, causing the stock to dip from $29 to $27. However, the dip was short-lived, and the stock quickly rebounded, trapping the shorts in the process. With everyone on the same side of the trade, the stock went on a sustained upward trend.

How to Navigate Short Reports and Short Squeezes

As a trader, it’s essential to be aware of short reports and their impact on a stock’s price. Be cautious when trading in such circumstances as you might end up chasing the weakness. Instead, look for a low long setup and be aware that a firm like Spruce Point and Kerrisdale often releases a short report to cover their position. To learn more about navigating short reports and short squeezes, check out a free mentorship course on My Investing Club website.


Short reports and short squeezes are common in the stock market. As shown by the example of AI stock, short reports can cause volatility in the market, but if you’re aware of the trends, you can navigate them successfully. So next time you encounter a short report, be cautious, look for a low-risk, long setup, and be aware of the reasons behind the short report. Happy trading!

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