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James 0:01
Hey, what’s up guys? We’re back with another episode of the After Hours Podcast. Today we have another special guest, we have another Junior moderator at MIC, two way trader in chat and his first name is Nelly. Right. And he was so thank you for coming on first off. Absolutely. And you know, traditionally we kick this off very similarly to the rest, but you know, how did you get into trading, kind of walk us through the beginning of your journey and how you kind of found MIC how you got there.

Nelly 0:30
So let’s, I got the typical sheep story, right? So I’m an I’m an old fart, I’m like, 47 years old now. But I found trading because of my wife and CNN. So this is back like 2013. And there was an article that I found of like, this big time, multimillion dollar trader that took a student that turned $1,500 into a million bucks. Right? And I was like, trade, it’s easy, right? So, I’ve always had a passion for like the market. But I you know, it was more of the investment side, no anything about day trading until this happened. So, I got into into that room a few months later in, and that was immediately exposed to that jungle. It was chaotic. You don’t know who to follow the people who you’re like trying to learn from, you know, just agitated, that you’re asking questions. So needless to say, I was there for like six months, and I bounced.

James 1:29
yep. Were you losing money?

Nelly 1:31
Absolutely. Cuz, I didn’t know what it was doing. Right. So, it was what this little, small account that thought only need a couple 100 bucks and a few months down the road, you know, be a billionaire. Right? So typical, typical story. So, you know, I got into like Twitter, because the person who was quote unquote, learning from who was my mentor, was really active on Twitter. So I started to see somebody kind of split as baton back at him. And it was Bao modern rock at the time. And they were just going back and forth on these Twitter battles. It was really epic. And at first, you know, I’m a very loyal guy. I’m like, who is this guy talking about, but my mentor who’s the jerk? He doesn’t. But it was really entertaining. So, I’m sitting there read into the things. And I mean, he had so many great things to release mentioned. And then, of course, he had the other twitter handle the trading fish, and I just deep went into that. So, then I really disliked lost focus on the mentor, because it just didn’t make any sense. Anytime we reached out to them, they felt again, they were just ticked off at us, you’re just lost. So, I started following him on Twitter. And then he started posting a couple of pictures of these different chat rooms. It was just a unique looking chat room. I didn’t know who it was. And then eventually I came across another big trader out there. And I found what room that he was in. So this is like years later, they actually found it. And this is now coming into 2017.

James 3:02
Yeah, were you finding consistency in that time? Like, were you?

How Did You Get Started in Trading?

Nelly 3:06
No. So to me, it was more like a hobby. It wasn’t like a real thing. I put like, a lot of attention to it. So, I was working full time that this one I could you know. So it was it was a really no consistency there. And I wouldn’t know how to track that. Right. So once I found this other room, I only went there because I saw Bao was there. Yeah. And I saw everybody I got exposed to some other big traders. And there’s a whole different language there. And it was a good room because they’re teaching you how to do things the right way. However, it felt like best way to explain because I have a sports background is that I came in with his high school basketball ability trying to play the NBA level with these guys. Big tools bigger accounts, right. So, when I look at their watch this what they’re looking for, they like fifty things on watch. It was ETFS, big cat small caps, you name it. And there’s probably the one thing I could trade. And it was the scaling aspect. Did it make sense to me? So, I didn’t really connect with anybody. It was with everyone for like two years. And I left. And I really stepped away from trading for a long time. I focused on my job, which was sales. And that’s what I did for good, good amount of time. And I just always stepped away from trading. So, it wasn’t until like late 2019 I decided to get back in because I saw Bao started over at MIC. I see. Yeah, yeah. And so, I was like, oh my gosh, is finally going to have a room. And so, Alex was there as well. I didn’t know too much about Tosh at the time. But this is the person I really wanted to learn from right. So again, I didn’t want to go in headfirst into this. So, I just stayed from afar. So, it wasn’t until like bum March timeframe is really where things a lot of my personal side coming into play my job with my previous company was a telemarketing company, big one was merging with another one. So, my job was on the fringes of being let go. So I decided to take a leap of faith. And I just went all in and committed to MIC and went to a Platinum membership. I put all my poor my money into that, and basically just putting a bet on myself. Because I tell you guys like I’m a man of faith. And I had abilities to try to get back into corporate America. And I had all these different opportunities that popped up. But it kept closing the doors over and over and over again. Yeah. And then my wife is like, Listen, this has been your passion for so many years. And this is now the key time for you to be able to really take advantage of it. And do it. That’s what I’ve been doing.

James 5:45
Now many people like wives and like, you know, families are supportive, especially with trading, like most people, like we’ve talked with in the past, but most people, you tell them, you’re going to get the trading, they’re like, you’re going to gamble, you’re going to lose all this money, and you don’t know what you’re doing. And so it’s really like refreshing to hear that your wife was like, for it. I think that’s cool. That’s badass. Yeah.

Nelly 6:06
So yeah, it was it’s cool. I’m blessed to have her I’m telling you right now, basically, I have her, I hear a lot of horror stories that people like, you know, what you’re doing is ridiculous. Like you said, his gambling and even heard from some of the podcasts you’ve done in the past, and people kind of get on that. I have a very tight circle. You know, I’m very introverted, you know, so I have a very small group of friends. So, I’ve always been mindful who I’m going to keep around with around me who support him who’s not because he’s not going to cut you off. And it’s yeah, some of them. But my brothers and I don’t talk about anything like that. So yeah, I’ve been very lucky when it comes to that. And I’ll tell you what, I mean, I come from a military background as well. And this is one of the things I love about MIC is the TAB program, because I had a tight knit brotherhood with my guys up in the military in the army. Yeah, I would literally lay my life in front of them. Because I’m not so much I love them. This is the first time since the military, that my tab group, which is the zipper gang, just wanted to give a shout out to my top group, but then Mr. De Pere gang. These were such a tight knit group, I talk to him every day, I talk to them more, and I spend more time with them than I do my wife and kids. But this, I never felt that brotherhood like I’ve had with anybody else. So, I will do anything for these guys. I will drive all over do whatever it is to help my guys. So it’s all because of MIC.

The Importance of Having a Mentor

James 7:30
That’s amazing. No, go ahead.

Harry 7:34
was just going to say like, you know, I love that love the kind of like, that type of brotherhood and kind of, you know, just, I guess just like, almost like friendship every day. Because it’s like, they’re almost like your coworkers every single day that your kind of getting off talking to, and kind of like discussing plans with, um, I think like, as far as kind of like, getting into like a bit of like consistency kind of drilling down and some of the stuff like that. What would you say? Like, I don’t know, like, things that MIC helped you kind of get better? For sure. Was it kind of like Alex’s watch list? Was it kind of videos, stuff like that? What do you think, like, was a fantasy orders? You know, price action? What did you kind of do to kind of, you know, get you on the right path?

Nelly 8:20
I think for me, in my mind, for me, it was more about the engagement that the moderators, the mentors have within the community, right? Because typically, they most of their services, they do all type of like, they put a lot of energy to bring you into the room. But once you’re in the room, they kind of forget about you. And mi See, that’s the beginning of the relationship, not the end, not the end of it. So kudos to you, Harry, and you, James and everybody else in MIC how you’re constantly chirping on a chat room, like, hey, open up a, you know, my DMs are open or I’m going to have a trade a call, doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, you guys are so engaged. And that’s what was different. This different for me from any of the services because there’s a lot of questions I had, there’s a lot of things that didn’t know and sometimes, you know, talking to bow or Alex can be intimidating because you know where they’re at. And you’re right here. And you guys are kind of like almost like the middle ground. Right? So and that’s what I love. It’s like I can say I know that’s why I told you James like you are my favorite trader. And then that’s why I always I look at your charts every single day. It might I told you before in my journal I have just charged for you and Alex alone. Right? And this is not told you what I did to, and it was just like, my background from my sales background really have to humble myself. Because I’m older gentleman right. And sometimes you may think oh, you know, I know everything. I know everything. I don’t need to learn it from some 20-year-old punk kid. That’s I’ve experienced in that in the past that you need to be open to people who are smarter than you in the subject. So,I really had to humble myself. It took about a year after joining MIC to really open it up, because I went through James, I went through your charts, and I went through your Alex’s charts, because I’m more of a kinesthetic learner. Yeah. Okay, cool. I learned by training or by doing it, just like in Barber, barbershop school, like you learn cutting hair by doing it, not the advice here and ever seen it. So I went through all your charts, and actually how to do stats, every single one of your charts to really identify, like, you know, why do you get into trade? And when did you ask? Because I’ll tell you right now, my struggle for a long time was not necessarily how to build a plan, like I was able to pick good stocks, I was able to, you know, do the due diligence, I was able to do that. But executing, once the market Bell opens, and I call it like an audible if my plan A doesn’t work. What happens if Plan B comes out of nowhere? How are you going to change the audible right there in a spot? Yeah. So, I was I didn’t know how to do that I didn’t know how to execute on my plan. So, I went through it. And this is where my confidence came in. And cool to enter a trade. And then not only that, but how to add to a winner with confidence and just looking at the stats. And I went through each of your trades. And I literally just sound silly. But I pulled up the chart. And I went to the chart, and I was pretending I was clicking the buttons and placing orders. Because it was the only way I can learn because I was doing motion like that.

How He Learned to Trade

James 11:33
I mean, that’s how I learned from Alex because I got to do the same shit. Like I remember even before MIC, I would take his charters on Twitter, whatever, and pull it up and like almost like put myself in the seat like that. And I’m like, Okay, why didn’t he do this, like, give me a play by play. And I recorded my screen. And I try to watch it like real time and, and all that. And I think one of the coolest things about trading is like you said, you have a military background and like a financial background. But it doesn’t matter. Like what kind of background, you’ve had, like we all at some point long or short, have struggled with the same concepts, like adding to a winner, you know, actually executing the plan when it comes into like to actually live trading. And I think that’s cool. And I think it’s cool that you’re a part of a group like MIC, where you said you’re introverted, but like, You’re your own personality. And I might see like, you provide so much the community with the fundamentals, all that stuff. And like, it’s just cool to see that no matter what your background, you came to a group. And you found that kind of like this home within MIC, and I’d love to see it.

Nelly 12:30
Yeah. And that’s the thing is like you, everybody was so inviting, like, even like when the little Greek comes up and says, Hey, so and so as join. I didn’t know any better at the time, but just that that first impression was like, whoa, yeah, like, this is so different, right? And then be able to, again, ping anybody I wanted to and not only would they respond, but they generally come from a good place of the heart to really help. And that even through text that translates, right, for sure. So that now doubts had really made me to really say I’m in the right place. And it’s now up to me to engage everything that MIC has to offer. There are so many people who just kind of come into my sea and expect like a simple watch list to follow alerts, and don’t really take the benefits of it. And then the takeoff, right? Yeah, it’s a very different committee here. And this is why I’m committed to it. And I went, like I said, headfirst into it.

James 13:27
That’s cool. I guess for you now because you’ve been at this now what almost, we’ve took a little time off like seven years, right?

Nelly 13:36
Seems like it but if you put screen time it’s like feels like two years really.

James 13:40
Exactly. And wasted time too because I feel like we got so much time but like for something for you now like where you’re at what is something that you would tell yourself when you first started out? Like what would you change about your career when you first started to kind of get you to where you are faster?

A Simple Approach to Trading

Nelly 13:55
Yeah, it really and you’ve mentioned this so many times just and we say it so many times and MIC keep it simple. You know have a just a simple approach to when it comes to trading, I can be my own worst enemy and overanalyze things and make up different things in my head that keep the fair became making the trade prime example was on eyes yesterday right, so I wanted to fundamentals I saw that they had a pipe around six bucks and my thought process okay, cool. They’re just going to freakin create a liquidity trap a bunch of shorts. Harry’s going to love it you know just wanted it to the top right and then eventually we’re going to get that little top and then come down the backside well, it didn’t do what I thought it was going to do. I thought I was going to rip up the open trap some Long’s and then have that def candle dump it didn’t it just kind of going to kind of, you know, drop there at the open but Alex had the lines already drawn, and he put that on the watch list. And knowing the pipe knowing what the potential the big picture agenda had there kept me from taking the trade. And then I see you, as you start hitting those same lines, Alex had the same lines, bow hit the same lines. I’m like, I’m a freaking idiot. I’m a friggin idiot. So, I reached out to Alex as they. And I told him my situation is like you’re putting too much trust in the filings and not enough in the process. Like, it’s good to know that like, yeah, it’s good to know, the filings and what the big picture ideas, but you know, we focus really, truly the first hour of the day, primarily, the first 30 minutes is user that the user setups are at. And I just need to trust the process. Trust the lines, yes, I get it. But honestly, that that eventually did do what I thought, but it was later down in the day, and I got it later on, but as a much difficult trade than it was at the open. Sure.

James 15:50
How many times do we talked about this? We talked about people who are just so heavy on fundamentals, or the fact that the stock needs to, like fade all day or whatever. And you always told me like, you’re like, Dude, it’s like, it’s price action in lines at the end of the day. That’s all it is.

Harry 16:05
For Me, like, I pretty much stopped reading the entire fundamentals altogether. Because, you know, I mean, it’s easy for me to just say, okay, like, I’m not going along any stuff, because there’s dilution or because of whatever. But for me, I just take into account that, okay, I just paint them all with the same brush, I’m like, okay, they all have dilution, they all have dirty, they all have whatever. But that doesn’t mean that they’re not going to use shorts and get in early to trap higher to dilute. And I think that once you kind of understand that type of agenda, then it really becomes a lot clearer. And or at least it did for me,

James 16:41
Right? No, no, no, for you, for someone who struggles with like, battling themselves, like mentally and like getting in trades and like taking the trade that kind of what you’re saying, what is something that you’re working on? Or that you do to kind of combat that to keep you in the driver’s seat?

Nelly 16:57
Yeah. To me, it also stems to your learning style, you know, learning, you know, are you a visual audio or kinesthetic learner. In for me, like I said, I’m more kinesthetic. So, I changed everything, how I learn into the really falls into how I learn as a individual. So keep in writing down, you know, keeping a track of all the different charts, every single charts that you post, and I’ll expose, I go through that, I recorded a good chunk of any openers that kind of had a stuffed candle at the open, I recorded those put them into a big file, which I have not shared with MIC yet the tape replay, but I kept it there on YouTube for me, but it shows you every single stuff candles and just replaying it watching the tape over and over and over again. So, it’s like, to me it’s like, it’s almost like an athlete, like we’ve always mentioned before going to the gym on those off times that you’re not trading, you’re still trading in some way or another by training. So, learning really how you identify as a adult learner then doubles up on that I know face she’s more like a visual learner. So, she had read something and get it like that. That’s what she’s been amazing. I’m the idiot that needs to go through all the mistakes and learn from doing it. And then so that’s how I pick progressive so really identify like, what kind of learner or what kind of adult learner you are. Yeah, and then if you don’t know what your niche is, and what kind of trader you are, you are obviously you know, paper trade or trade extremely small but trade everything, trade every setup, and find to see like what is your niche where you’re comfortable, comfortable with, I come to find out that I’m very similar to you James and how I approach things and how to add things. So that’s where every time your videos come out, come out. I love it. I save it. And I repeat it over and over time.

James 18:47
That makes me happy man. It’s funny, like Harry just told me this this morning that we were on the phone, like premarket and he was saying like someone was asking you like about if you had a crystal ball or whatever, like I forget what you How do you even worded it.

Harry 19:01
Someone who was like, oh, Henry, like get your crystal ball out. You know? I mean, for me, like I don’t really picture it like that because it’s like if I had been waking up every single day, for like the past four years, I’d say now, like four years probably every single day I’ve literally just woken up and watched everything just from the start to the beginning or from the start to the end from start to end from start to end. Like after the third or fourth year if I’m not picking up that the same things are happening really over and over and over again then there’s probably something wrong with me in my opinion. You know, like I literally have spent so much time just watching them watching and watching even on the weekends I go over the recordings I go over that it’s not even like I’m looking for stuff where I’m trying to get better but like you know actually look at if you look at like Floyd Mayweather, like, like he got good by working hard but he also spent a lot of time in the gym. And when you see his interviews, like the other people he boxes with call him like a gym rat. Like he never leaves the gym. Like he’s always, that’s kind of like me with this sort of shit is that like, I’m always here, like, I’m always around, you know, I’m always working on something to get better. And it’s not even because I really need it, or I really like, you know, knock on wood, like, I mean, I could take the next like, probably two months off, and you know, I’d probably still be okay, but I just love it. And I love always kind of working and I’m very, very competitive as to where I’m always going to be in that kind of sort of space. So, I mean, for me, I guess like the crystal ball thing. It’s like, I don’t really think that anything like that. It’s just I’ve just seen the same stuff happen over and over and over again that I know that okay, it was like on PRPO that day where it wasn’t breaking over that six level and I was like, Alright boys like this is not working. This is not working. Everyone nails, the PRP is short. I’m like boys, like, this just happens over and over and over again. You just need to keep seeing it over and over and over again. And then you’ll kind of see I believe that you took that trend as well then yep. Because there were people who were just tagging me after that, like, hey, girl, I got that one too. Long traders who are like, bro, you just saved my ass, bro. Or just messaging me like, hey, are you bro, I would have been stopped out at five too. But that’s just an example of just seeing the same stuff over and over again, and just really just getting better. You know.

Nelly 21:29
Bro, you’re just like preaching. And I got to tell like I I’m jealous of you too. Like, I don’t think you both are either married or have kids that I know of right? That’s it, but you know, I do. And I have, you know, a lot of commitments. And I wish like, my wife is in the background. But I wish that I was single sometimes. And that’s all I would do, I would literally be a hermit and be here all the weekends, every single day and just do that because it takes me twice as longer than anybody else. Because I had to find that time, either wake up early in the morning, like a 430 to find that study time. Because once everybody is up and running, I have to be the data and I have to put the data out and take care of that. But no, it’s like, I’m to the point where like, I’m just like you I’m starting to see those patterns over and over against I saw it on PRPO. I saw it today on our on our e li. I took that short there. So it’s like now I’m starting to see that it was a funny conversation on my tab. It was like dude, like we started this maybe seven months ago, where were the idiots sell it like covering into that move. And now we’re like we’re anticipating that and taken advantage of but still staying small until it confirms because we don’t know if truly it’s going to happen. You have that idea. But once it confirms, then you take advantage because you’ve seen it so many different times.

Harry 22:48
Yeah. And I think also with that that’s a perfect example of today on what happened there. And PRPO Mirror I example out on what kind of happened there. But it’s insane how and like, you know, let’s say go back to that seven months ago, go back to that six months ago, where you guys would be covering there? Seven, six months ago, stocks wouldn’t, or they would get there. But it would be okay to cover there because they would keep running. Right? Right now, we’re in this sort of situation, that sort of market cycle where things are trying to break out, but they’re just pulling back so much. So, I think it’s like, you know, you really have to say like, Okay, six, seven months ago, yeah, we would have been the idiots covering their but six, seven months ago, it would have kept fucking running. Now, we’re in that market condition where it’s like, okay, things are trying to pull up, but they’re not doing what they did six, seven months ago. So, I don’t think you’re, you know, wrong for covering there or doing whatever, six months ago, because things were just so fucking crazy. But now we’re at that kind of market cycle market condition where things have been rewarding the shorts a little bit more, where people like me have been putting on their preset cells, anticipating those levels to fail and not be able to break and not go higher. But I mean, as things start kind of changing and changing again, I’m going to be like a chameleon, I’m going to adapt. And that’s exactly kind of my mentality going forward. You know?

Nelly 24:13
No, I mean, that’s a great point. Because I mean, like, I have not seen all those different market cycles. And last year was different with the whole Corona threw everything out of whack, right. But I haven’t seen that cycle like you and Austin, everybody else has seen that. Like, sometimes he’s set up to work now, but doesn’t make doesn’t necessarily the next cycle, it’s going to work the same. So that’s something that that’s for me next level that I’m looking to keep track of that. So next time it comes around, I can spot that earlier. Versus at the end of the cycle. I’m like, Okay, now I’m ready. And then a new cycle comes in, you’re like, Oh, crap. Now what?

Harry 24:48
Usually by the time you think that you’re ready, something around the corner. Seriously.

The Lines Still Work No Matter What Market Cycle

James 24:54
The nice thing about the nice thing about the way MIC teaches I think is that it no matter what market cycle, the lines still work. It’s just what happens from there. That changes, right? And like, like Harry’s very talented at identifying that early. So, like, you know he doesn’t get like fuck when long start kind of going underwater he just takes his foot off the gas. And that’s it, you know, but at the end of the day, he’s still going to the sit like today for example, I forget whatever stock was running, not a POI. Yeah, POI. He’s like I had same line as the whatever, something 30 cents and he’s like looking down there for like potential support. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. And it’s like, that’s it, the lines are still going to be there. But just because the market sentiment changes don’t mean you have to trade, change your actual trading style, it just changes the way that you actually trade during the day. Yeah, which setups you take.

Harry 25:48
For me, it really affects like my targets for me as like a long trader, it’s really going to affect my targets. Like, if I was a short seller, I’d definitely be taking, I wouldn’t necessarily be looking for those outer lines, I’d be taking those like kind of like inner lines or even lines a little bit below. If I was a long trader, I’d be definitely looking for either outer lines, and I’d be looking to sell into and not necessarily outer lines or inner lines, but I think definitely the inner lines, but I’d be looking to sell it that first resistance. So I’d be looking to sell at that first view app test. Because in this market, we will literally touch VWAP and stuff. It doesn’t even give you time to recognize it. So you have to preset like no matter how much time you spent watching the price action, no matter how much time we’re going to print, like VWAP, like a couple times, and then we’re just going lower. And so, I think that is something that, you know, I’ve just been really implementing and applying as those presets else.

James 26:41
Yeah, I think I think the best thing about this episode to kind of like wrap up all of these points is that what’s cool about you like watching, you grow as a trader, it’s now knowing like, everyone is different, right? And trading, like everyone has a different learning style, different learning curves. Some people take the year, some people take six months, like a day or a week or whatever the fuck she made her money. And some people take eight years like Nico, like who was in the works at SMB number seven, you know that. And it’s just cool to see that everyone is so different, and you can’t beat yourself up. Because oh, I see Alex has banking today. And I’m not there yet. Or I see Harry’s banking or James whatever. And I think that’s cool that we’re in a community that basically fits to whatever, wherever you are in your journey, wherever you are on the trajectory to become a successful and profitable trader. It’s okay, wherever you’re at, but you’re in a good community to kind of guide you the whole way. Right? Yeah, no, and it’s okay. It’s okay to be slow learning, like I you know, I’m not the quickest learner, you know, like, I feel like I’m just coming into my own as a trader, three years in.

The Importance of the Chart and the Tape

Nelly 27:51
Yeah. Listen, I’m the same. That’s a great point, because, you know, it’s unfortunate, I still have a couple of people in my tab group who see the big p&l See the big everything that’s happened in there. And I’m like, Why can’t that be me? And it’s right. And but you know, for me, it’s I pulled away the p&l Altogether, even my own p&l out of going to look at an unrealized and it’s more about the chart, and then that tell you like one quick example of how it really changed my mindset. It was I can’t remember the ticker. But this is a couple of months ago, but it was a ticker that it looked like it was bagging all the shorts. And we were all all my tabs are trading this I started trade chasing the lows instead of waiting for the Pops. And I got a little bit too heavy than I should have. What out confirmation? Thankfully, they came out with a midday offering and they get I got saved. And I was pissed at myself. You don’t want to have just like, do you like the biggest sore winner that ever heard? Because I was so mad not because you know or not. I was so mad more about how I traded when back broken. Trust me like man, you’re greedy, man. You like green is good. That’s one of my pet peeves saying green is good. No. Because how did I get to that green point that I freakin fight all day was I down and got chopped off and just work tooth and nail to get to it? Or they take those easy line to line trade stress free trades and got my money. So for me it’s more about the trades, not about the p&l.

James 29:24
Yeah, I love that.

Harry 29:25
Completely agree. I mean, I think just kind of add this because like we are coming up on the 30-minute mark. You know, you post a lot about kind of like, like, I guess like one big thing that you’ve really contributed is a lot of likes, kind of like the tape replays. Like, do you want too maybe Sure. Share, like what you’ve kind of like learned from it at all, or like how that’s kind of helped you at all, or maybe it hasn’t helped you that much. Maybe it’s kind of hurt you because I’ve talked to people who say I put too much emphasis on the price action, and I ended up not sticking to the fantasy orders and I got screwed so maybe you can kind of go over how that journey been as well?

Nelly 30:01
Yeah, yeah. Because I’ve gone through those emotions to just like anybody else. Right. But it’s it to me is I think you met as mentioned to us before we had a conversation. It’s the tape replay or at the end of the tape only plays important key levels right when it’s important. So, if there’s an idea that I have a trade thesis that I have in a tape confirms that, that’s when I can use it. But if it’s a chop, and I see a big, big seller here, a big sell better here, I see them soaking the bed here, but it’s a chop, like, who cares? Who really cares. So there’s a time and place just like anything else, just a tiny place in trading. And there’s time in place when it comes to tape reading. So that’s really, really focused on I record the whole thing, but I go to those exact moments where I saw the tight turn, and why did it turn? But anything beyond that, before that I just ignore?

Harry 30:54
Yep. Perfect. Perfect. Yeah, I think that’s good to kind of ended on and yeah. Yeah, man.

James 31:02
Thank you for coming on. I think there’s a ton that people can learn from you. And you know, you ever want to reach out to these two way trader and chat. And yeah, man. Thanks for coming on.

Nelly 31:10
Cool. Appreciate it, guys. Thank you.



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