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Bao 0:02
Hey guys, welcome to the very first podcast after hours presented by my investing club.com I am Bao better known as modern rock and my partner here Alex.

Alex 0:14
What’s up guys, Alex? So this is gonna be episode one of the podcasts. We don’t really know what’s going to happen but Bao is going to intro right now so we’ll get into it.

Bao 0:24
Yep. So we are basically trying to dispel what it means to be a day trader. You see online all these guys. Oh, they’re flying private jets are doing all this stuff. So I wanted to create a podcast and I wanted it to be like a day in the life of a day trader. People always want to know what it feels like to be a day trader. Is it glamorous? Or am I fucking popping bottles and models and all these parties every day and money’s raining out of the sky is so easy. I’m driving a Lambo. And so I just want to talk about everything about trading, like the lifestyle the real lifestyle of a day trader. I’ve been trading for men, two decades now. I’ve seen all the ups and downs I’ve been at the beginning of the online internet trading days. So I’ve seen all of the scams I’ve seen all of the big money being made big money being lost all the scammers all these guys so and so Alice, I decided I thought his podcasts we really don’t know what to say. We’re just going to freeform it. And then the other thing say, Alex,

Alex 1:29
yeah, so I mean, what we want to talk about is the first topic that we want to kind of bring on on the podcast is that bow has been around for like 20 years trading. And for most people that don’t know, bow was one of the creators, or is the creator of the first free online chatroom. So I think we’re going to start with how that all started about and how the evolution of this online trading chatroom community has changed over time from, you know, being something that was really unique and helpful to now moderators and members doing these payment schemes behind the behind the scenes.

The Beginning of Online Trading and the Podcast

Bao 2:04
Yeah, that’s a very good point. So let me move some of these screens around because we see there go now I can see my face on there. Ever. It seems like everybody’s doing a podcast, every sort of person. So I talked to Alex today earlier today. I was like, why don’t we do a podcast, Alex was actually his idea. We wanted because people do not relate to these celebrities, people watching these podcasts or listening to these podcasts, from celebrities, which they’re totally different animals. They’re like the Kardashians. It’s like, you watch for entertainment, but we want you guys to be entertained as well as being informed and to learn education, right? I’ve always been the type of person that likes to watch documentaries, as opposed to just fiction. So things that I read and listen to or factual ties, things I can learn from right. So Alex puts a great point. Not many people has been doing this mean this as an online trading since the beginning of online trading. I was there fortunate enough to see the.com I may not look old, but I’m pretty ancient. I’m Asian. I’m Asian guys. So I have that good Asian and I am actually day trading right now as we’re doing the podcast. So this is what I used to be a day trader guide. I live I breathe day trading. It’s for me, I’ve made enough money where I do this. Because I love it. Of course, if it’s not for money, I wouldn’t be doing this right? I’m not trading paper trading just because I love trading. I love trading but the reason I love trading is well of course it’s a reward system to it right? And so that’s what happens when we went online. So the beginning of online training started like this. When I used to trade man, the Commissions were so expensive, my God, I literally spent over six years, which I still do, I spent a quarter of a million dollars before in commissions. That’s not including short selling locates. Back in the day. I could short anything I frickin wanted to man. I was naked shorting it was a wild west. It was just fucking crazy. Nowadays, they create this low key thing where they’re making money left and right of all this right. So back in the day, I could short it anything I fucking wanted. It was that powerful. Where if you knew certain systems, so I don’t know how much I want to expose is the statute of limitations over Alex. What?

Alex 4:30
I don’t know. Let me let me talk to the lawyers next to be standing by.

Bao 4:34
So I may do it. I could. I mean, it was a dawn of the new era. Right. So with the dawn of anything, there was a lot of seedy characters trying to manipulate the system trying to screw everybody. And here comes bulletin boards have always been around guys on bulletin boards mean like a chat room. So before there were visual chat rooms like today, they’re visual You can type etc. Basically, all you see are people’s names and what they type. It’s called, IRC, Internet Relay communication, wherever it’s called, chat or whatever. I don’t know the exact acronym name, but it’s IRC. And it was basically bullied towards system. So we will log in. And I was the member of I was not the Pioneer their other chat was way before us. But I made it popular by creating by being myself. So I’m trying to figure out how you do so the beginning was this. So when I started trading, there was a big, big community called stock Gappers. And so this is where I learned a lot of my penny stock like, just like just the ideas of gapping the ideas of the stocks just running to crazy levels. And so then I’ve created my own call small cap, small cap room, small cap traders. It grew to like a few 100 people. It was literally Wild West when we covered, I see it’s made a few 100 bucks for this webcam, but I’m so okay, I’m just going to get to the tournament dude. It was I created for a reason the reason I pray really because I was bored guys, I was fucking bored out of my fucking mind. I didn’t have any friends trading I was stuck in a little room by myself. And why not create a community of people to trade? And so I’ve created with the right mindset with a lot out but I create with the right idea of helping people. But it started to believe I didn’t realize oh my god do because I am not a scammer guys. I’ve never this type of guy. I am right when I’m playing poker. i  can see other people’s cards next to me. I am the guy that tells him Yo, I can see your cards. I don’t want to look at their cards. I’m telling them because I’m going to win the right way. I don’t want to win by cheating. I I’m the sort of guy that would tell you man hide your fucking card. Everybody can see the cards. And that’s the kind of person I have. When you’re young, you’re like shit man. Nice guys finish last stuff, but I truly believe karma handles everything and so the reason why I’m where I am today because of the integrity the honesty and all this stuff right? And so I created a chat room because I was lonely.

How Did You Get Into Trading Stocks?

Bao 7:18
I wanted to help people learn to trade all that stuff and it helped me to I was still beginner back then. You know I’m still a beginner today I’m looking 20 years ago I’m like oh my god there’s so much I didn’t know back then there’s still so much more I didn’t know today the more you know the more questions you have and that’s the thing so and that Allah everything is became just like Bitcoin right Bitcoin was used to buy drugs through so rode back then now they’re using for the first so ad the internet the beginning the internet was used for porn. So every everything in the beginning is always used for nefarious activities, right? So same thing with charities. And so what they did was they have so the check is fucking safe.

Alex 8:02
You can say from say, be careful, you know?

Bao 8:05
Alright, so I’m just drinking beer. Oh, give me a little liquid courage to tell you what’s how these chat rooms operate. Okay.

Alex 8:12
Careful, bro careful.

Bao 8:15
So what happens is this man, I didn’t know about this. So there would be the guy that creates a room, he picks his moderators. And the moderators are usually his friends. And so what they used to do is this, which they still do today, they find a bunch of low float stocks, cheap stocks, they buy it, they secretly accumulate the shit they call the fucking monitoring which are there in group. So there’s a sequence of guys that they tell they tell the guys that don’t buy much in the beginning but more of their friends in the wait for the big guy like me, so I’ve never was involved in this shit, right. But back then I’ll tell you what I was involved in what I wasn’t. So they would buy secret shit. And then puppet to the members. And there’s just so bad. But that was the norm back that it was the first thing.

Alex 9:02
you’re saying that these chat room owners, these creators, these gurus or buying small cap garbage telling their friends about it aka the moderators and then having the moderators pump it to the chat room members who are paying them to learn. Yep.

Bao 9:21
And even back then remember there wasn’t paid it was three and they had 1000s of members 500 members and they made so that you can make money off two ways, right? You can charge your members and by charging a member or at least you get a fee Right? Or give it give away for free give the service away for free but use the people as sheep make sense. So they’re making their money on the backside the back end by pumping these to their members. Wow. And of course, they would never lose because they got in first you see. So you got these guys I never fucking lose so they would post shit on message boards like investors herb and all that stuff. And they’re like, wow, what they don’t realize they start the pump themselves. Now how legal it is, is not I mean, I’m not the judge do that. And I admit, I seen it. And I’m not the guy that participates, but I track them early, so I get them early. So this is how this is how honest I am guys, which fucking sucks at that time, because I’m like, Man, I was so pissed off these people were making me that I didn’t fucking participate. But there’s a reason why karma fucking helped me. Okay, so I was one of the biggest folding board traders back then pink sheets. And so if I hadn’t mentioned any fucking stock, the stock would fucking spike up. So I didn’t realize that over time, I realized that and then the way I prevented that from happening, guys. Oh, shit. Excellent is thinking. But still fun. 50. Like, but yeah, still from the moment I maybe we start with just this podcast after the after hours.

Alex 10:57
Yeah. And then we actually do an afterhours? Or maybe this is a reason for you not to be trading bro.

Pump Your Own Playbook

Bao 11:05
No, this is, this is why I need to get away and take a beer. But anyways, so what are we talking about? So yeah, I realized that do there are certain people that can move a stock, and I was one of them. And to prevent that, what I used to do is I used to put my list at the close. So when the market closes, then I put on my list. And so which is the same way that we do at MIT? Now I show my trades after I get out so that it doesn’t influence you doesn’t influence the stock make sense? But there are people that cannot trade. So if you take a look at it’s very simple to figure out if someone’s a real trader or not. Okay, why are they posting? are they posting to help people? are they posting to put their own playbook? So you have to take a look at all the shit they’re posting. And when are they posting? They say Oh, I QA this shit yesterday, I accumulate this shit on fucking Sunday. I mean, fucking something’s off the mark isn’t open, right? But do you see what I’m saying is like, are they giving this shit in real time? Or are they only pumping it add the resistance. So there is a whole trick to how people are pumping shit. They Oh, they buy the shit, they alerted to their members, or their close friends. And it moves up the stock, but then the stock will hit a resistance, right? And it will stop. That’s when they tweet it to the public. The public would then break that resistance so that they can fucking get it higher. You see, there’s a different level of fucking is they have their own pumping process. Just like we have a process for shorting stocks and trading stock they have a process for pumping. And usually, it fucking involves one guy who has the power, he accumulates it, but he has to get other people and so it doesn’t look like it’s his fucking pump. Make sense? So he starts to move it out now. And then the ending the end game is when he tweets it or he puts it to a public bulletin board like investors hub. That place is a fucking cesspool of fucking pumpers man, fucking nothing but pumping them. So you take a look at these guys. I tweet. I tweet. When I tweet, I tweet my trades after I’m done to educate people, right? That’s a difference. I don’t fucking pump my own playbook. If I was to alert a play, it should be real time I use alert real time by the way. But then I realized man it doesn’t really help people because it artificially moves the stock up and down and so if any buddy so this is a sign that you know that someone’s a fucking scammer and a pumper they start tweeting plays that they fucking own before and then oh, I’ve been in the stock I held the shift this last week especially that fucking popping Why are you tweeting us now you’re tweeting it so that you can pump it so you can get out your player right so that’s one way they did back I mean those guys most of them have been arrested by now because they get very greedy but you know man there’s always guys there’s always new groups of guys pumping all the time so the chat room was invented most of the time is to pump a stock okay and you have two types of guys you have a guy that’s always fucking so don’t me that’s the thing the free ones are the worst in my opinion, the free discord rooms they are full of pump and dump. And so so there’s a reason why we price what we price is to eliminate a lot of the pumps and dumps do there’s so much more but

Alex 14:41
so that was that was how it was back that right that was how it was back then how is it adjusted to weight the way it is now because it seems like these days, the way they’re doing it now is not only are they getting a subscription fee, but they are also sending out you know, text message alerts, voice alerts screenshare alerts all this stuff so it’s kind of a

Bao 15:04
There are many levels of complexity to trading and pumping right? You got guys like straight up I bought this buy buy buy buy buy the young I’m talking microphone buy buy buy that’s the lowest form of pumping that to me is like those guys really don’t know how to trade they are the level the low level fucking low level pumpers okay they get on the microphone they told me I buy buy buy and then they the moment those guys bite and that’s how it works guys it’s very simple you take a look at the track and how they fucking do this. They buy the they know we’re going to buy they buy the alert already in so the moment they alerted a member the stock pumps go straight up. So there they got the finger on the sell button and moment it starts to slow down, and they don’t see a peak they fucking sell. That’s how they’re always never fucking lose. They’re in and out. The only time they lose it when they buy it. And it doesn’t go up and date themselves cost a tank because they’ve sold themselves. That is the simple way of pumping the master pumpers or this the massive pump or fucking accumulation in private the day before. And they make it seem like the fucking so they are building the chart. They’re using level twos. They are the ones that are bid propping their spoofing. Okay. And you know, I’ve talked a lot of people how spoof I know how to spoof back in the day spoofing is this is basically putting a fake order that you know, you never fucking feel so you put 100,000 shares bid and you show it but you don’t put you’re not the highest bid, you’re like 10 cents below or five cents. And so you’re waiting to fucking cancel any fucking time it comes close. You’re using that to spoof to manipulate to show fake interest. So you you’re building your level to yourself. That’s why I said level two is a manipulation tool guys, I can I have a lot of routes back then I could have fucking stack and build my whole level to myself. You know, there’s a lot of tricks of this shit as well. Level two is a manipulation tool. If you see a guy putting in 90,000 shares. Oh shit. I know. I just took 172 I think I’m good.

Alex 17:09
You’re sure you’re good?

Bao 17:12
No, I covered down. So. But anyway, so you see how that works, Alex, so they built so they pump their members in. they’ve accumulated already right? They accumulate it and then they what they do is they now they start to put bids in. So they create an artificial market for it. They are basically manipulating the stock. So it seems like there’s artificial demand when it’s just them and their group of people. So you always have to be fucking careful. Okay, how are these guys getting so low? You will never know they’re in the day before radio dude. So that is the more intelligent pumper. Intelligent pumper is a guy that accumulates and starts to build that stock chart themselves. They are fucking walking the stock up because lo wrecks and and then what happens as they put in the bids? How many times have you seen the bids being being drawn? Alex, right. You see, like 50,000 shares, 10,000 shares, it does not take many fucking side to move a stock nowadays. It was a thin stock.

Alex 18:15
Yeah, it’s true. It’s true. That’s just crazy how that’s the shit they’re doing behind the scenes. And I mean, we’ve been at this for so long. And I’ve been doing this for six years, we’ve been doing it for almost 20 years that we noticed these things, but to the brand-new trader to the brand-new investor to the brand-new person getting into the market. When they see you know, all you have to do is follow this email, all you have to do is follow this text. What they don’t realize is that without them buying the stocks without them pushing the stocks higher, these gurus and foods and all of them have absolutely no opportunity to make money because realistically they do not know how to trade. They only know how to pump their place.

Bao 18:56
Yep, yep. So they’re using manipulation through spoofing, which is which the the algos?

How Do You Know if You’ve Got Enough Money?

Bao 19:02
Do you see all these big ass sizes never get hit? You know, it’s like if you see so, so think about this, if you really wanted to buy 100,000 shares, will you show 100,000 shares? No, you would fucking try to hide it and make. So if you want to buy 100,000 shares, what you do is you fucking you know, you would fucking secretly hide and put your 500 shares and fucking keep refreshing when they hit you. You don’t put 90,200 1000 you put that so that you can push it up, you push it up so you can sell the stock. So when you see a giant bid like that doesn’t mean it will tank right away. It just means that some guy is trying to push the stock up artificially. So you just watch him walk it up the moment that he sells out and you see all the selling weed being refreshed. Right and so he will walk it up to a point where he sells all the stock and and it’s like damn, there’s a big demand and then when he sells out the stock, it fucking collapses you see his business fucking disappear. Same thing on the offer. If you see 100,000 shares on the offer, he’s He is trying to manipulate the stock. He is either trying to cover the bid or to walk it down or something like that. But usually, it is the opposite of what the intention is.

Alex 20:11
Yeah, that’s crazy. This fucking it just, it’s like, it’s crazy. Because these things happen every single day, it happens no matter what, regardless. And it’s not just one person doing it, it’s 1020 30 of these people doing it over and over again and trying to find the lowest volume, garbage and pump it themselves. And it’s just crazy, man. It’s crazy. And that’s why at MIC, what we try to do to separate ourselves for that is we put out our game plan beforehand, and we show our trades after the fact as an educational tool rather than just following someone because if you follow someone, what happens when a me or bow one day die, and you can’t follow us again? Or be what happens when these pumps that these guys are doing, they eventually go to jail for that stuff. You know what I’m saying? So you have to learn the proper process of trading. So that’s why we kind of created this podcast to educate the world on all the frauds and all the scams that are out.

Bao 21:06
Take a look at all the people that traded bulletin boards successfully for as long as I did, they all get arrested. Or they all get arrested.

Bao 21:21
I I’m clean. And thank God that I’m clean. And that’s why I’m around because you don’t man, I am the type of guy like I said, Man, if I don’t even look at your fucking cards, if you show me the cards when you’re playing poker with me, I don’t want to look at it. And so that’s the everyone’s always trying to find like one up on one another and that’s the wrong way to fucking do life and to trade men you want to learn to trade properly, not to find some sort of fucking scammy loophole that you can make money that’d be nice too. If you can find a loophole and manipulate and make money and it’s legal do it but but that only goes so far in life so far in trading. And so the chatroom what the chatroom does is dude it’s fucking open a new round of fucking scamming man is and that all these fucking chat rooms? So we’re using slack, Alex? What slack is it? Slack is a public chat, right? So we can manipulate the software? Oh, yeah. Yeah, she’s motherfuckers are writing software where they can read your private messages, bro. Yeah, imagine all these fucking chat rooms, all these fucking chat rooms. I’m not gonna name any fucking names. All of them that write their own code has a backdoor. They can read the fucking net private messages they have to because the SEC is gonna come in and audit them. And they’re gonna go show me your private messages. Yeah, fucking no choice. But if you’re running a Slack, public slack, the guys like me and Alex cannot look into your private messages, because we own it. But if I was the owner of fucking my own chat service, I can fucking read your private messages. Because I it’s like having a backdoor to a poker website, guys. They can read your fucking messages, man. Imagine they can see your whole cards and poker and how many of those poker websites went down? Because some guy got the back end door key right there watching your whole cards. So same thing in fucking trading chat rooms, man. Don’t fucking trust these chat rooms that have their own private fucking service. You are sending a private message. It’s not fucking private. The fucking owner can read it.

Alex 23:32
Sketchy too, because they don’t disclose that stuff. When you sign up.

Bao 23:36
They why would they disclose it? Yeah. And you know what, man, I’m probably gonna get a ton of grief from these guys that do it. But once again, I didn’t name anybody. And so if you if you see them pissed off, it’s because they must do it. It’s not my fault. So when we started MIT, I made sure that we use a public so that we don’t have to have we don’t run into this fucking issue of anybody manipulating. And like if we paid a guy to program, our chat room, you don’t think that guy can read a private message to put it put his own backdoor in. That’s very dangerous, right? So it’s very good that we use Slack men. Slack may not do everything we wanted to do, but at the same time, it gives the users a level of confidence, guys, so that’s another thing too, man, you got to be careful about these fucking services. I write their own fucking code, man. I’m not saying every one of them is reading your private messages, but I’m saying they can if they wanted to, doesn’t mean they will. But but you see what I’m saying? That the fact that you you have this option. It could fucking fall into the wrong hands. Guys. Who knows what the developer is doing, dude, you know, so you got to be careful. Private Message is not fucking private. Okay, just like anything else in life. Right? So that’s one thing you gotta work. Be on the lookout for. So let me talk about something that’s very interesting that I think the statute of limitations is over. I’ll talk about karma real quick guys. I have a lot of friends for when I say friends, I mean, people I know online doesn’t mean I met them in person or anything, right? That I started treating a long time ago. So there was one really famous company bumper guy, which I didn’t even know was a pumping number, right? So he became a very big, good trader. But then he started to look at promotions and he’s like, Holy fuck, why the fuck am i trading making little money when I could just fucking run my own scam? And make 10s of millions? So he actually came up to me because I taught him how to trade penny stocks and he got so into the penny stocks he goes bow Why don’t we do a promotion together? I fucking keep I can buy a company. And I can fucking puppet. We can make mailers we can do all this shit. It’s only what the fuck, right? And so I’m like, Nah, dude, I’m not into that shit. So so at that time, I saw this guy do it and he ran one biggest promotion in the fucking world. I’m not gonna name whoever it is. The the stock made $50 million. He made him like 50 mil. You sold the stock and made 50 million. And at that time, this was like man decades ago, right when it was like Wild Wild West. It was like, so I’m like, Holy fuck. Why did I become Why didn’t I work with him? You know? So after he ran his first promotion, I never heard from him again. Because you’re like, fly doesn’t fucking need me anymore. He needed me because I taught him how to trade properly. And so this guy was fucking dangerous, because you know why? Not only he was a good trader, but he was also a fucking thief. And so you imagine most of these scammers they don’t really know how to trade so they’re just the first level. scammer, right? This guy was a good trader and he had tons of money. And he was a fucking bad guy. So he knew exactly where the lines were the support the resistance, he knew exactly all this fluffy shit. And he controlled the stop. So he made the stop fucking very natural looking, was fucking like right on the money but I didn’t know it was fucking a scam. Years later, I would get FBI calls, which I still fucking do from time to time because of that path. I’ve never been fucking arrested about that shit. They always asked me the one question they always ask me is why are you in every single one of those stocks? I’m like, why the fuck not? You say? It’s like I figured out the system.

Trading Every Stock on the Market

Bao 27:28
So you know. Here’s some fucking funny as SEC stories man. I traded every fucking bulletin board because that’s what I did. I found a niche people made fun of me I had friends that were trading big cap stocks IBM Apple back then Right? And they’re like laughing at me because I’m trading like 30 cent stocks 50 cent $2 cent stock they’re laughing at me but then at the end of year I always made a lot more money than not going with you because I figure out the scam. The scam was they prop it up they take it down and I created a three-day rule about that because they use those type of technical analysis stuff and you know to talk and think that pump it up the triples quadruples and fucking three days it pair bombs up and then fucking dies is same fucking pattern over and over back then Right? And so I would trade them all and so I will be sitting on funny stories I was sitting on the toilet I was literally on the fucking toilet and then had a call from the SEC. Sir excuse me Why don’t you trade so much of this stock GMGMQ GM GM qu traded 10% of the entire volume that day. Why are you running that stock? And literally I go Thank you ma’am. You know what that stock is that stock is General Motors. General Motors went bankrupt that year. And so he so General Motors was listed stock on New York Stock Exchange and then it moved over to the Bolton board the pink sheets, so they renamed a GM GM Q and like Do you realize this is fucking General Motors is a billion-dollar company and you and I’m literally sitting on the fucking toilet I told you that I’m sitting on the fucking toilet right now. And you’re I go thank you for thinking that I could run a fucking scam such as big as a General Motors scam and then this one I realized that SEC guys don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about. Sorry guys. Have you read this? I know fancy guys but so that chick you know what you told me? Oh my god. I know I know you’re not the guy running it but I have but my boss told me I had to call you because you’re on the fucking list all the time. And you’re off the record. How the fuck do you do it? How do you do it off the record can you fucking show me how

Alex 29:29
the SEC person off the record want to learn how to trade?

Bao 29:34
seriously dude Not on one not just one occasion multiple occasions they have fucking told me who the fuck how the fuck you do it. And I keep telling you this is a scam. The moment I received the fucking stock move. I load the fuck out of it on day one. I sell it on day three as simple as fucking that and so I was literally 10% of most of these volumes I’m trading in and out of the fucking stock because you know I’m saying oh fucking Did it was that fucking lucrative back then? Dude man, it was so insane back then guys, it was just a wild wild west. We didn’t fucking know anything but I knew a little bit about technical analysis I knew a little bit about their fucking scam so the SEC has me on fucking redial guys. And I never rat. That’s the one thing I do right I mean, I know so much fucking dirt and oh shit that’s one of the furu websites I follow. Let me let me so another strategy that I like to trade guys is I like to I like a big part of my Hiccup is training against pumpers there’s always room for all sorts of types of people, right? So I hated bumpers, I’ve never wanted to be a pumper, but I’m like, why not fucking take advantage of the pokers

Alex 30:57
Yeah, and these are setups that we talked about in MIC as well. So we won’t get into too much details about that. But I mean, there’s always ways to make money if someone is doing something wrong. There’s always ways to profit on the opposite side of that trade. So that’s crazy. That’s crazy story.

Bao 31:12
Yeah, so just want to realise due to so so I actually hired SEC as my lawyer he was on TB TV Cheers guys. He was on CNBC I see him all the time. I finally decided to hire him I was like fuck why not fucking hire the best right so I literally did this I basically he told me this he told me they don’t know shit. Is the guys coming out college they use the SEC your work for that as a resume builder so that they can enter private companies like Goldman Sachs or the fuck it is right going to private practice right? And so so that’s why they don’t understand how it works. It’s actually not in their best interest to stop these fucking pumpers they that’s why they only attack these small companies and they arrest the small guys this scam happens on the biggest fucking platform in the fucking world large cap stocks guys doing upgrades downgrades come on man fucking these targets are so insane you think these things these stocks ever reach anybody’s target? There might be one out of 100 stocks right now like that reaches anybody’s fucking target.

Alex 32:28
If any, if any one out of 1000 Maybe.

Why I Trade Small Caps

Bao 32:31
So that’s the fucking scam. The scam is still going on. Okay, but it’s legal because they create the rules to help them so what they do is this man, they put a big ass price target a stock is trading at $2 They put a $12 price target. In the meantime, they have an ATM a shelf an offering. Well you name it they do they lose their shit. They’re fucking selling all the way up. And they’re like, Hey, as long as this close is legal, right? As long as I’m telling you I’m scamming. I am scamming this stock I am putting a price target at 12 because the stock is at two and I need to get rid of shares so that I can raise cash for this piece of shit company but it’s legal because I just closed everything the reason why these scammers back in the day got busted because they didn’t disclose I think you stupid just fine disclose if you just disclose you had fucking 2 million shares that you can flip you put that in the smallest print that’s what they do all these companies the legal scams they have these pages and pages of disclosures and that was fucking lie down in the fucking middle or the bottom there’s like we own 2 million shares right and that’s how they’re getting away with it then the scans are still happening this is why I trade small caps the reason I trade small caps is this because I know the end game if you know the fucking end game you know it’s a scam you know it’s gonna go up it’s gonna go down but a stock like apple you don’t fucking know it’s a real company dude. The real companies have their own different kinds of skin okay, it’s like the the funds hold most of it 80% Is all funds so you can you know the big money moves that shit so so that’s why I trade small cap I don’t trade small caps because it’s cheap. That’s not the fucking reason why is your I trade small cast because it moves a lot and I know the end game if you know the fucking end game is a matter of patience and timing. Trading is all about timing right? And so So smoke test is great but if you have bad timing and you will go broke so it’s okay if you trade in large cap I’m not bashing anybody. Large Cap small cap, but I’m just trying to let you know that the same games happen over and over and no one talks about it because it’s not in their best interest to fucking do it. The stock market is the the the economic engine of America. It’s the symbol of capitalism. And I’m telling you right now, do you play by the rules? Stop fighting the fucking rules. The moment I became rich was I realised every fucking stock is a scam man. You just have to fucking play in their own paradigm of the scam. Right? scam is relative in my opinion there’s a lot of things which are legal which in my opinion is a scam. So is it legally scam? Or if it’s like wasn’t like like like like like mentally a scam or is it like really criminal scam right? Putting a price target of 12 when a stock is that to knowing very damn well that you have 2 million shares to dump to me is a fucking scam. It may be illegal, but it’s still a scam. But if you know that in mind, I love it. I don’t want any of these scams to go away. That’s how we make money man, we they run the stocks up so that they can raise funds for these piece of shit companies right? It’s like that’s why I trade stocks under five bucks. Stocks under five bucks. Most of these funds are not in it. They’re not fucking margin he can’t fucking Hold these. There’s rules. Regulation hold these fucking pieces of shit. But at the same time, they will blow you away if you fucking think you’re gonna short early. Knowing the end game helps us significantly Okay, knowing the fucking end game helps us with a startling Apple Fuck, man. i What the fuck chance I have they have analysts in there. Figure out exactly how many iPhone orders were fucking built in China. They got geison in China fucking counting that shit. counting how many trucks are coming out from factories, right? Things like that. It’s so fucking crazy, do they? They used to have consulting firms that are almost illegal but it was on the news CBS had fucking 60 minutes had this shit. They these plugins so bad. So I don’t know your round Alex. But back then. The Chinese stocks were running like crazy. And so these guys like Sichuan. All those guys made a name for themselves shorting these Chinese stocks. Because you know what, man, they went to China, they are consulting companies in China to sit outside the fucking factory to count how many fucking trucks are going in and out with these companies. Because Chinese people, they have two books, okay. They have the real book, which is like the real numbers and then they have the fake made up shit that they show to the public. And so these Chinese got cracked when these companies like the short seller guys went to China to actually start counting all these things. They said they went over there to check the factories out they fucking pretended all this shit that did undercover work. And so that’s how they fucking bust all this shit. And, and it’s crazy. It’s the same shifts going on here in America, but no one talks about it. But dude, I don’t want to bust this shit. either. I want to make money off this shit is not my rich fucking responsibility to bust these markets. I’m not paid to be the regulator. You know, as a stock trader. We just have to take advantage of this shit. Right, Alex? So yeah, exactly what we do, man.

A Day in the Life of a Day Trader

Alex 37:56
That’s awesome. That’s crazy story. And that I know. That’s just the beginning of it all. I want to save some of these stories for next time. But I kind of want to talk about like some fun topics now like you remember last week when you went to ups you are talking about that story.

Bao 38:08
So so this whole podcast I mean, we really don’t have any thought about but with podcasts meant to be a day in the life of a normal day trader. This is what I fucking do. Man. I wake up at four o’clock. I go to the bathroom. I brush my teeth. I take a dump a breakfast. I’m just a fucking normal guy. Right? And so last week, that day was fucking funny because so I made like four grand that day. 4000 bucks within like, less than an hour. So I, we we Alice and I bought one of the members in a laptop because he helped us a lot. Okay, so shout out to I don’t want to say the name but shout out to whoever he knows. So I bought this fucking we bought this laptop at Costco and it was a 17 inch laptop. So the box was kind of long in weird shape. So I didn’t know it was like, I’m like, Okay, I’m gonna splurge because usually man, I’m a very frugal guy who doesn’t mean cheap. It’s like, if I can save money, I’ll fucking save money that regardless of how much money I have in my pocket, right. So I went to the fucking UPS Store first actually went I went to the post office, because I’m like, Okay, I’m gonna ship this shit. But they didn’t have a box was so long and weird. And I went to a UPS store where they did boxes for you. And they’re like, Fuck, this box is too big. They charged me $140 Just a box to ship and mail it 150 bucks. I only know that

Alex 39:30
I’m moving a moving box like a giant fucking box massive box, you know?

Bao 39:35
So it’s funny, so I’m not gonna pay $150 So I decided to go Office Depot. So I’ve been driving around at this point. I drove out to locations ready Office Depot is about calls

Alex 39:44
right now calls but he’s at the UPS store. He’s like, Yo, I’m at the store and they want you know, $100 to box it and they want $50 to ship it. And I’m like 150 That seems like too much at most. It should be like 50 bucks, you know? 2030 bucks the box that maybe 23 Big bucks so

Bao 40:00
yep, I was wondering why the fuck they charging me $150 Because they told me oh it’s a lot of packaging all that I don’t believe I’m gonna fucking do myself so then I fucking go cross town to Office Depot so now already two hours deep into this fucking thing right to try to save money and and remember this is like I’ve already made $4,000 within the first hour of trading right so here I am trying to say fuck and $50 And so I go to Office Depot I end up buying a giant as plug in boss and it was like throwing a hotdog in the hallway dude this this fucking small I knew the wrap this fucker up it was like having sex with a porn star. I’ve had to like, like double up on the condom try to close the column. I kept wrapping the shit in bubble wrap popcorn whatever. I finally stuffed the box the box would end up being huge. And I was like motherfucker a fucking worth it. So after two and a half fucking hours or three hours, right? I finally finished taping the fucking box up. I was in the store for over half an hour. plucking my back hurt. I was bending over wrapping I was walking around the store. So after almost three hours do five and finally milled it. And yeah, I did save how much? How much was the bill Bill came out to be what like, like you said

Alex 41:14
you saved I think it was like 70 bucks. But then right after you went to go fill up your gas tank for everything

Bao 41:21
funny party. So three hours of driving around and boxing and all this shit. I was like fuck to save 70 fucking dollars but I felt vindicated. I was like, Yeah, bitch. So I wonder now understand why they’re charging me so much. And they’re like, fuck now the gas. Because I know that the funny stupid shit. This is how you I fucking spent so much to try and save all that. And then I fucking like my gas was more than the fucking shit. I spent three hours half my tech was gone.

Alex 41:52
it was gone, your time was gone. Everything was gone.

Bao 41:54
So the moral of the story, guys, this is something I have to get through my head. The moral of the story is this time is more valuable sometimes than just fucking money. The three hours that I could have done could have been used for so much more than try save 70 bucks. In the end, I didn’t save shit. I fucking lost money. And she’s just fucking did it and gone and done other things in my life. I’m fucking tired. My backers have ran out of gas, all that shit.

Alex 42:19
So. So that’s basically a day in the life. I mean, like that’s Baos day in the life. I have a story too, because

Bao 42:25
alex the the opposite. So I am Ultra frugal. And Alex is like, Yo, the longer you have fun, I’m gonna buy a fucking $500 brick that says supreme on it. Right?

Getting a Haircut in the City

Alex 42:34
Yeah. So that’s, that’s the funny thing about me is that we’re so similar but so different. And like so many other ways. So like, for example, like bow went to go save $50 and drove around town, he did this and that. But a funny story is this. I think it was this Saturday, or this past Friday or something like that. I was with my brother and my brother is dating this girl from New York City. Some like really, really wit like rich, pretty girl, this and that. So he’s like, Yo, come to the city with me. Let’s go get drinks. You know, we don’t really hang out too much anymore. Like, Let’s just hang out together. And I think it was Friday or Saturday, whatever day it was. And I was like, Yeah, dude, I miss you. I love you. Like, let’s hang out. Let’s do something. He’s like, Alright, before we do, though, I have to go get a haircut and Soho. Come with me. So we could skip the traffic on my hair cut in Soho. Like you’re kidding me. Right, like, so for Soho for people that don’t know, it’s like a upper class is in New York City in New York City. So I go and I’m like, alright, you know, while we’re there. I mean, rather than me sitting down and watching you get a haircut for an hour, if I’m going to be there for an hour waiting anyway, why don’t I go get a haircut there too. So we walk into this place, right? glass doors everywhere. Every single person working in there men, women, and even the customers are good looking people, I felt very out of place. So we’re walking in and Alan is getting his hair cut my brother and I asked like the very nice lady at the desk, and I say Hey, like, you know, can I get a haircut today? Do you guys have time for me? My brother’s getting a haircut today? Like, if it’s cool, like I’d love to do it. And like yeah, sure, no problem. So before I walked in, I made the mistake of not asking Alan how much this haircut wouldn’t be. I said how much can a haircut be the most I paid right now I pay $30 With tip for my haircut and beard. The most expensive place I went to before that was $70 in Hawaii because I just really needed a haircut. So I said at most is probably gonna be 70 bucks. It’s probably not going to be more than 50. So I go with the place and immediately when I walk in, someone comes out and takes my jacket. They hand me a robe. I put on a rope. I’m like, Oh, this is kind of nice. And then I get introduced to this very beautiful blonde girl Olivia, who then goes and washes my hair. So here I am in a robe, being escorted by a beautiful woman to get my hair wash. We’re talking about some bullshit. And then after I get my hair washed I get escorted by her to a different guy John, who then combs my hair right after I get combs. I I then go to the barber, right? The barber sits me down. He says, What do you want this and that? I tell them whenever I’m telling him how I like my hair cut done. We’re talking about stuff. And he told me that he used to work at a different barber shop. And I said, Why did you come here? Like why you started working here? He’s like, bro, the women here are so beautiful. I hit on every single one of them all day. He’s like, I get into trouble sometimes, but it’s all worth it. So we’re talking, we’re bullshitting midway through. After he’s done cutting the side of my hair. I go, my hair gets washed again. I come back does the top it gets washed again. I come back, he does my beard, and then they do like a final clean. So overall, is like a very luxurious, beautiful experience. I go with a desk and I’m like, thank you. This was amazing. I’m like, How much do I owe? Like, that’s gonna be $110 And I’m like I’m like thinking to myself, I’m talking in Armenian to Allah. And I’m like, Bro, are you fucking kidding me, bro? Like, where the fuck did you bring me like, What are they? What’s next? Like, am I gonna get an iPhone? Are they gonna give me a pair of air pods? Like what’s going on? He’s like, No, he’s speaking to me in Armenian again, he’s like, don’t forget to tip them. I’m like, How much should I tip them? You know five bucks. He’s like, Nah, bro. Give them 20 bucks. I’m like, Are you fucking kidding me bro. So overall, I went I got this haircut that honestly like, as wonderful and as amazing as the experience was as beautiful as the people were there and as nice as they were.

Alex 46:25
I could get fucking five haircuts and my Turkish guy down the street for that same price. But instead the reason why Allen goes to that barbershop is because the guy cutting his hair is the guy that cuts Scott discs hair was like one of the Kardashians or like, those are the Kardashians. Like, baby baby daddy to one the Kardashians. So because that guy cuts Allen’s hair out and goes to him and goes to that barber shop. So now I know not to ever go the fucking barber shop with Alan again because the guy’s completely lost. Like I explained to him that like this tattoo that I have here. Over here. It looks like a prison tattoo. But that was $1,000 And the reason why is because again, my brother fooled me into going to a celebrity tattoo artist so maybe bow maybe what I have to do is start hanging out less with my brother I start hanging out more with you.

Bao 47:15
how old is your brother is.

Alex 47:16
like 22 hours 22 Yeah, at this point.

Bao 47:19
He is the perfect guy that is falling for all crap he’s the guy that bought the freakin supreme brick right?

Alex 47:26
he bought the supreme brick. i He has these pair of red October easy’s let me show you. I don’t know if you know these. But these red Octobers. You see it on the screen about these go for 10 to 20k. And he’s never worn them on them once.

Bao 47:42
Geez. Oh, it’s kind of ugly.

Alex 47:47
Dude. It’s funny, man. It’s funny. So the reason why I bring up the tattoo story is because allons allons guy his celebrity tattoo artist. Did you know Kylie Jenner Justin Bieber show like that charge. $1,000 I went to some guy on the street like some normal guy for this tattoo, which means family and Armenian. And this was $65 So it’s just two different worlds out there. Man. It’s two different worlds.

Bao 48:10
I had the same haircut, fucking story. But this happened when I was dude. This was like 25 years ago when I was barely in college. Had no fucking money. So I decided like I was desperate for a haircut. I had a date with some girl I was stuck in San Francisco. And I was like, fuck, I’m gonna go get his haircut. How expensive can it be right? Remember this way five years ago? Do shit you weren’t even born.

Alex 48:34
I was I was probably in my I was was called on your your mom was pregnant.

Bao 48:41
You’re in the womb? Yeah, I’m in the womb. Okay, so I walk in and of course you know like most of the hair cutters are like Europeans right and they’re like blonde tall long girls. So as how much is fishy fishy? Fishy something 15 bucks not fucking bad. Oh, okay, I’ll find out remember this was a day I my hair cutter was $8 at the time $8 would like pay for my haircut so I like I’ll splurge where San Francisco fucking nice area Elsewheres up paid double 15 bucks so I walk in exactly they didn’t really took my shirt off they put a nice for the robot me and they like would you like champagne? Free I’m like these women are like fucking iced out nice bags drinking champagne while Gail fucking haircut right now like what give me all the fucking free champagne you can get thank you so the do oldest fucking shit to me. And as you know Asian heritage you know every ethnicity has a different type of hair like mine is harder or more coarse right so you have to cut certain stuff and they use shears most of the guys I pay a lot for they use shears right like like a the bus cut right? But this guy was using fucking scissors. Oh no. He is fucking, like, What the fuck? I’m like, Yeah, we like to do things by hand. I was like, you gotta take fucking an hour. And so in the end when the bill came, it was like fucking 65 bucks, bro. And I’m just like about the member. I’m like, That 25 years ago, man, that thing was more than your haircut. So 65 bucks, it probably like inflation like three times now. It was like $200 haircut. And so I learned really quickly, to always figure out, it’s like, well, it’s there. It’s like, you always have to fucking ask what you get yourself into. But but just be smart, right? Man, when you sit down with this fucking be smart. Like, you know, you know what you’re getting yourself into. It’s like, am I better like more money doesn’t necessarily mean better men

Where We Should Be In Our Trading

Bao 50:47
You know, it was like, that’s the thing. I realised longer life was like, so I’m the complete opposite which somewhere in the middle Alice is me and do is where we should be the balance. I’m the kind of guy that likes to go fucking mind clear and shit. And I end up buying 10 These Clarence shirts which I never wear underwear, one shirt I like over and over it. So now buy one shit that you’d like to wear. And you know, stop being too cheap. So I’m too frugal, and you’re too extravagant. And so somewhere in the middle is the fucking bottom line.

Alex 51:15
Exactly. Exactly. So I mean, this is again, this is like a day in the life of like, what me

Bao 51:20
this is what day traders do, man. Seriously. I mean, fuck. I mean, the story of like, that store is perfect example fucking made $4,000 and fucking lasts an hour. And here. I’m promised a fucking $70 How stupid is that? I got stuck around, did some other shit. And where as Alex on the other hand, it’s like luck and making raisins.

Alex 51:40
I was like I was like Bao while you’re at UPS, just pay the money and walk away. You’re gonna have to drive as well. But like that’s the thing too. There has to be a middle ground is well, it can’t just be always pay the top price or do it yourself. There has to be somewhere in the middle.

Bao 51:54
I do it because I think I do it to remind myself how lucky and blessed I am Alex. Of course I can walk in and buy any fucking shit. Once I do that. Alex told me to bail. Just fucking pay 250 bucks. Remember you told me Yeah. And and, and this is a valuable lesson that I came out of it. It was like, Dude, it was so awesome to be able to to go at 11 o’clock in the morning at noon, and be a normal guy. I fucking drove around. I dressed like this. No one knew what I did. I have box in this shit at Office Depot. I’m literally go off and around the sport fighting tape. Fight all the shit. I’m fucking making the box right at Office Depot do and at the end. I’m like, fuck, it felt great. It felt like fuck what accomplishment? It made me value and appreciate what I do for a living. Right? We are so blessed Alex man, well, we can sit here and click a fucking button and make more in one hour than most people make a month. You know, wearing underwear. And so sometimes when you when you are that privileged, you forget. And so that’s why you fuck up your trading. Because you’re like, oh, it’s easy. It’s easy. It’s like, nothing is easy. And so you have to remain humble. And I think I do it. I’m telling you, it was the best fuel my life. I drove around all day. It fucking felt great.

Alex 53:11
Yeah, they reminds you to that, like shit, you’re it’s 11am Your time. Most people are at work or they’re getting lunch or they’re doing whatever. But not only are you done with your workday, you are now doing something for fun or just doing something because you have the time most people wish they had the time to drive around, even go get Starbucks or get Chipotle or whatever it is in the afternoon, but they have to work. That scenario reminds you that shit. I am so lucky that I sit down and I am done trading before people even come home from work

Tip the Bouncer and the Hot Chicks

Bao 53:43
That’s that’s the attitude that I’ve always had since I was little, you know, we don’t realise how blessed we are like, I grew up in Vietnam. So when I visit Vietnam, I’m like, holy crap, dude. It’s like I should never ever complain about my life ever again. I would gladly drive for three hours to save 70 bucks because that’s a week of pay for most of the people in Asia. Yep, their average incomes $300 A fucking month. I talked to him as Susan was Susan was making two to 300 bucks. And I go home. So do you get the weekends off? She goes. Yeah, I get one weekend off a month. I’m not joking. It’s so fucking sad. They come from the village somewhere and we say Fuck, man, we work too hard. We get two days off a week but they get one weekend off a month. I’m like dude is persuasive. It’s so fucking crazy. And they’re making $300 Man and so those are the types of people want to go tipping. I tip those. So when I go to clubs, and I thought Wait stupid money, you know who I tip a tip the guy in the bathroom? I don’t take those checks. Those chicks already rich. The chicks are rich. And so because the clubs that it comes with a tip, but these guys are trying to press the hot chicks that they’re trying to overtake and these hot chicks got all these rich guys, so you’re not gonna fucking ladies hot rich. These chicks Do they’re richer than you? The ticks had the fucking clubs I work in the clubs. They’re richer than you. So save your fucking money if you want to tip someone you know I tip I took the bouncer because at the end of the day the bouncer is guys gonna fuck up protect you when the fights happen and all that shit. So I the first thing I do is I come and hit the bouncer the bouncer is gonna fucking protect me. Anything that happened. And the best thing is, the bouncer bringing the chicks is like, why am I spending and tipping the chick which I can never get the number from, which is the hostess saying what I can just give fucking the bouncer who’s gonna save my life and give me girls. So those are the things in life that you know what man, you have to think about different perspective. And that has actually helped me a lot, right? It helped me to not, I’m still greedy and you know, sometimes get arrogant and stuff, but it keeps me humble. And I think that helps me with trading. That’s why we’re doing the podcast, we want everybody to realise that. This is the normal daily life and fucking trader dude. This is. I mean, there was a point in my life where I made knock on wood, so much money I couldn’t fucking spend. And it was the most miserable experience when you have, like, no reason to actually wake up besides money. It’s fucking it’s a miserable feeling, Alex, I mean, I’m not joking us. To them. There was a span of a few years I was making leg booking like half a million every month dude was fucking crazy. It is a statue over. But it was fun. It was insane. No one would fucking believe it. And people will think that you need to make a shitload of money every day. No do just being consistent. I was so consistent where it added up to $2 a day guys is is 50,000 a year. That’s putting shit in perspective. $200 a day is $50,000 a year. I mean, that’s what it is, man. It doesn’t take much. So to think to make a million a year, guys is 4000. That’s it. 4000 a day. It’s not That’s it? But but that puts in perspective, if you think so when when you think about a million dollar income, you’re like, oh, wow, you must be making 1020 $50,000 a day. No, dude. 4000 consistently average a day makes you a million bucks a year. That’s, that’s what it takes. And so I had that mindset a long time ago. And so that’s, that’s why I was able to just kind of chug along. Whereas I had other friends who were swinging up and down. 30 50,000 same thing you you can be is a testament to that right? Average, you usually swing up enough 30,000

The Turning Point in Alex’s Trading

Alex 57:30
Yeah, man even more, even more it was it was up 50,000, Monday minus 20,000. Tuesday up 30,000, Wednesday, minus 80,000, Thursday, or whatever it is. And it yielded to, let’s say, a 15,000 hour week or whatever it was. But now, if I’m just trading less, I’m making $3,000 a day. I’m still yielding to that. $15,000 a week with less stress and more happiness in my life.

Bao 57:57
Yeah, cuz I remember what you said, man, you’re like, so the evolution of your trading was? I think the turning point was when I wouldn’t? Well, you started using hard stops, which is good. So hard stops stopped you from fucking blowing up. But you were always stopping out and for when you stopped out, it was like always $30,000 loss, right? It was 15,030. So I said, why the fuck do you always have to take your max loss? Because you were getting into because you’re like, so you’re very proud of taking the the hard stops. But then you didn’t realise that? fuck dude, you didn’t. Most of those losses were preventable. So now what I love about your trading, Alex is you are patient, you’re not trading every single stock that moves. You You are not always thinking about like, like, being proud that you’re fucking taking these losses. I mean, you don’t have to take the loss. That’s the thing. And you’re sizing accordingly. Because you use the size the same giant size for every setup. That’s correct. Correct. Yep. So talk about that. I think that that might help people to man is about sizing is very important. Talk about your rule. I love your sizing rule, man.

Alex 59:05
something again, you have to make mistakes before you learn what to do, right? So I had to keep making those mistakes until something clicked in my head and how do I fix it. So I created something called the 30% rule. So the way it works for me is if the stock is on the front side of the move, if the stock is above V whap. If the stock is trending up, I’m only allowed to use 30% of my max size on the setup. So for example, if my max size 1000 shares, I’m only allowed to use 300 shares while the stock is going up, because when the stock does turn one backside is in when the confirmation is in, then that gives me the ability to size them more. And if I am wrong with 30% of my size on the front side, it is much easier to take a loss on small size than it is to take a loss. larger size. So that’s something that we’ve been talking to the members about. That’s something that’s been helping James is trading a lot and the sooner that people implement that into their trading the sooner they will see better results. Yep.

Bao 1:00:05
So we want to end the podcast by by saying this. What do you do this week? It Alex Day in the Life what would it be this weekend?

Alex 1:00:13
What was this weekend? Let me think I was actually said raised normal a century. I was actually sick this week. And so I was actually so for example, my friends went out on Saturday night, they went to New York City. My friend Pete has an apartment there. So they all went there. I kind of just stayed home and I was actually believe it or not, I was working on some advertising stuff, or I might see like some marketing stuff. But other than that, I mean, I was sick in bed, watching TV and answering questions all day. Nothing, nothing really glamorous this week. What about you?

Bao 1:00:44
So we had a little health party for one of our family members is a birthday of rice

Alex 1:00:49
all five bottles of casos. I saw eight bottles of Don Julio like I saw everything. What kind of party you guys throwing a pizza party was that?

Bao 1:00:59
Yeah, so this so this is this is? I mean, this is what normal thing is we I mean, it’s not popping bottles like club is basically, man, it doesn’t take much money to change your life. And so I’m trying to say right, so I splurged. By buying the top liquor I like we spent like four to $5 on liquor to throw the party. But in, in retrospect, right, that sounds like a lot of money. But if you can just change and supplement your income guys, my $100 $2 a day. And on top of your job, dude. $5 is a fucking life changing. You don’t have to waste it on. But the thing is, we wasted ourselves. We’re not showing off. We’re not doing this. So I think I like to show it this podcast to let everybody know what a normal fucking trader does, like a real successful guy that makes money and all this shit is not popping bottles, and not none of this shit, man. And that’s, I think that is the fallacy that makes people lose. People think that that’s the lifestyle. And so, you know, like, look at Alex man, he’s a simple normal guy. And that’s what it is, is humble. The key is stay humble and, and your man, let other people do the talking for you. And that’s what it is, man. You know, every time I get it, same thing with every member I talked to, the biggest loss has always come from having a great streak where you get arrogant and you break your rules, and you think you could do no harm. And then boom, the mother losses come right. And you forget and so. So these activities that we do on the weekends, guys, helps us a lot. So guys out there, guys. Sure. There’s a lot of guys that make money and pop bottles, but those guys are in fucking prison. I know a lot of those guys.

Alex 1:02:40
That’s great. I think what we should do is maybe at the end of the podcast every time we should talk about what we did over the weekend, just to get some perspective on what our real life is about. But I mean, I guess the last thing I want to do before we end this is, I want to say that this is our first podcast. So if you guys can leave us a review, or leave us a comment or leave us feedback, what you thought of it, or how you think we could improve or just any general like any general feedback, just so that we know what we’re doing. And if we’re on the right track.

Bao 1:03:10
Well I want to do for the next podcast, Alex is to talk about how you got to where you got and how I got to where I got so that maybe it’ll inspire and motivate people on how you do it. Alex and I are very typical, normal guys that resembles all of you.

Alex 1:03:28
Yeah, I mean, I used to work at Starbucks. I never I’ll never forget working at Starbucks every single time I walk in there. I always remember because at Starbucks what they did is before like, while you’re in the process of like working there being hired, they make you try every single drink that they have, just in case a customer asks, What does this taste like? You could tell them in detail what it tastes like. So I still remember what everything tastes like I still remember how to make everything so just stories like that and then Europe so

Bao 1:03:54
I think that there’ll be the next good one. Because I mean we we do this to to open the curtain to review the veil right to move up the veil and fucking show you what the reality of trading is a fucking lonely existence why we’re doing this podcast because fuck man we want to reach out and let people know because man I’ve never been happier since I started my see it’s not the mind of the shit is the fact that finally meet normal people because I was always thinking you have to make money you have to be the best you have to do all this to be happy and that’s not the fucking reality of it. Do you know so? So it’s always a good thing that we’re doing this because the next the next episode guys we’re gonna talk about how Alex did it the roadmap and all this stuff? Because to be honest, man, we are not Ivy League guys. We are the people that we’d never thought would be fucking doing this shit successfully. Right? marginalised like Alex work at Starbucks. We are bullied going to young all this stuff, man. We had a lot of adversity. We are just one of you guys. And so if we can help one of you guys get to where we are and we in turn you help Someone else I call it paid for it. That’s fucking phenomenal man. So that’s I think that’d be the next good topic and then from then on out, leave us a message and let us know. Maybe we’ll bring you on a podcast right? Well, yeah,

Alex 1:05:11
that’d be cool. Last thing before I end it is that if you are not an MIC member we have a free two hour course. Just to kind of introduce you into trading in the trading world. You could reserve your spot at my investing club.co

Bao 1:05:26
more stories next time guys, this is just the beginning. Thanks for tuning in.



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