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Bio: Nancy is a day trader based in New York, who began her trading journey in 2019, with a primary focus on scalping large cap stocks using stocks and options. Balancing her passion for trading with a career as a full-time college professor, Nancy demonstrates an impressive ability to excel in multiple fields. In her free time, Nancy delights in cooking up delicious meals and exploring the outdoors on her bike. Her love for teaching and sharing knowledge extends beyond academia, as she leads an 8-week Trading Basics Guided Learning series for new traders and a 3-week Options Basics Guided Learning series for experienced traders in My Investing Club. Nancy's expertise in statistical analysis has made her a valuable asset to the trading community, as she is responsible for analyzing the MIC monthly watch lists. Her commitment to helping others succeed in their trading endeavors, along with her own accomplishments, has made her a respected figure in the world of day trading. With a unique blend of intellectual curiosity, dedication, and a love for teaching, Nancy continues to make a positive impact on her students and fellow traders alike, both in the classroom and the trading world.

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