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About: Harry Hoss

Bio: Harry Hoss is a dedicated day trader from Halifax, Canada, who began his trading career in 2016. Specializing in buying penny stocks, Harry has developed a strong expertise in long-biased scalping, tape reading, and momentum trading strategies. His passion for the financial markets is evident in his countless hours refining his skills and staying up-to-date with the latest trends. As a committed moderator of My Investing Club, Harry devotes his free time to mentoring and assisting fellow club members, helping them navigate the complexities of the trading world. His genuine desire to see others succeed has earned him a reputation as a trusted mentor and knowledgeable resource within the trading community. In addition to his mentoring efforts, Harry serves as the co-host of The After Hours Podcast, where he shares insights, tips, and strategies with a wider audience. Moreover, he conducts monthly mentoring sessions for all My Investing Club members, ensuring they receive the guidance and support necessary to excel in their trading endeavors. Harry Hoss's unwavering dedication to the trading community, his extensive knowledge, and his commitment to helping others achieve success make him a valuable resource and a respected figure in the world of day trading.

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